Sunday, August 29, 2010

Photo... Val, me, Mom, here, couple of years ago....

I am feeling very restless these last few days, a week even....

We, well I, am coming up to the six months since my Mom passed away, on the 4th of September, so less than a weeks time now, not sure if I will Blog again between then and now and then. Been checking out the Google Map thing on Mom's place too much again, not actually stopped but had forced myself not to look every day! Then played all the music from Mom's service... So I turned into a complete bubbling mess, again...

Cannot believe where the time is going, never looked back through my own Blog so much before either, had a few times before, just to check out dates or something, but now I keep looking what I was doing this time last year, especially as so much was about our Paris trip and what it involved.

The Belgium Grand Prix is on... I am also reading a new book I just downloaded, the 4th in the Dean Koontz series about Odd Thomas, this one called "Odd Hours", I like the beginning very much, always some anecdote [is that the right word?] or other, "It's only life. We all get through it" was how this book began... perfect!

On here... I have both my TweetDeck and Facebook pages open, this new updated version of TD means that wherever I am on here, the newest update pops up and I can read it without having to leave wherever I am! I still get the little Tweet noise, but also the pop up which I like!

But trying to read a book, and watch TV, and have pop ups popping up all the time probably isn't the best way to relax and read... well with Dean Koontz I guess relax also, probably, isn't the word one would use is it!!!

But I am trying desperately to keep my mind busy, block out what's going on in my head, I seem to be also telling myself Mom's still here, she's not gone, then I feel sick because I haven't phoned her today, yesterday, any day recently.... And stupidly telling myself the above isn't healthy, I don't need telling... I know. But I don't want to believe it.

It's too hot, and this year I'm not coping with the heat, it's a few degrees hotter than normal, a heat wave, but it's always been hot here... This year is different, I am hotter, and I cant cope with it. I feel almost panicky, well not almost, I am panicking... I hate the nights, laying there trying to sleep, both fans going so hard and so fast Franco Pippa and I have to be tied down to avoid being blown out of the window! It's like a hurricane! But still I am hot, and can do nothing about it, cold wet towels, cold spray stuff from England someone left here, years ago.... And I have to get up and get off the material, even a cushion here on the sofa annoys me if it touches me! My heart races and I have no escape....

[glad you all know Pippa is our dog, because looking back up to previous paragraph that looks strange... Franco Pippa and I...... ] Now this sounds weird too! Oh heck you know what I mean!

Well I have washing to do now, or when I finish this, that'll be dry in half hour, especially if I stand right next to it!

Franco has tomorrow off and we are going to Fuengirola, few bits to do, food shopping etc, have a coffee somewhere, and try not to think Mom has been there, or think how Mom has been there and try to make it a good memory instead of a sad memory, but I'm still too sad for that I think.

Adío amigos...

T*ime* and T*ide*FN

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Picture of my boys.... a while ago I must add, I suppose! Feels like five minutes...

100 in the shade right now, 3:30pm... what heat, says on here its 70% humidity here too, feels like it, this heat is so heavy, no breeze just here either, I have the windows closed the persianas drawn down, feels like its dark outside we're so dark in here, but with the fans going at least there is a coolish breeze every now and again!

The best to be out is very early before sun up when its lovely and cool, just a case of dodging the nocturnal insects!

Yesterday morning I went into the bank to pay the IBI etc, there were the two desks both with customers, 1 person sat down [near the door] waiting, both were chatting to their customers, after 20 minutes I got my turn, it was at the *sit down desk*, so I did, and as usual I was polite, hola, etc, smiles... and what I got back was such disgusting customer service I am going to change the bank, its ridiculous to be served in such a way, no hola back, no smile, not a single word, banging his fingers on the keyboard, moaning out loud, or should I say grunting! I was looking for the sign saying about the complaints book, had I seen it I think I was in such a mood I would have asked for it, although I have heard, that writing in them means nothing and nothing is done about what you say in them at all... that's hearsay though.... This man may have been having a bad day, at only 9:15am? Or a bad hair day??? But he was fine with the man before so I am taking this personally!

If I had ever behaved in such a way to a customer I would have been fired.

Its taken years for this bank, well actually they never did, get the direct debits sorted, I did, and I suppose this will happen again when we leave it to go to another, but I really don't care, they move they're staff about every two years or so, I think a few of the banks here do that, I don't know why? If its a trust thing, that's crazy, if someone is going to rob the bank from inside why would it matter how long someone has been there? Maybe there is a different reason that none of us has come up with.

But its nice to see the same faces in the bank, year after year, and in England that's what we have.

We did have a really nice person working in this bank, always polite, always spoke to me by name.... come back!!!!!

Well that's not really got that off my mind, but at least I have shared it with you! And this morning I had coffee with a friend up the top road, inside, but no air con! Crawled back down home... and, nada mas!

Tomorrow I am relaxing during the day, apart from normal house worky stuff as I am going to the airport in the evening to help a friend.... hold that thought...


Monday, August 23, 2010

Above - My brother Mike and I...

I don't seem to be in a very talkative mood the last few weeks... I think of things I must tell you, then forget, I asked Franco the same question 3 times in five minutes yesterday! Not intentionally, just forgot I had asked each time!

Other things on my mind... bad dreams, and so tired, so hot, and achy without my anti inflamatories etc, a real pain!

Still no word from Lawyer on the death duties that needs paying, will six months in less than two weeks.

Last week I went to pay the bill that was brought to us on the Friday before, for lay payment of the water bill! Hadn't had the original... that I can find, I thought it must be a recent one, but when I went to pay it, I couldn't!?! Man in bank... he say NO!

So the next day I paid a visit to the office of bills.... Not where you pay them, but where you can get a copy or updated version and then go to a bank and pay it! I said I had never had the original, but he didn't care, and printed out a payable version the bank man would take! It turned out to be from January, but still one we didn't have originally!

So I paid that straight away, before it had the chance to go up in price again!

I also asked the man if we had any other outstanding bills, and of course, yes we did! The IBI, I call it the e-be-geebies! House tax to the rest of the world, and also the Basura, rubbish!!!! and the sewerage!

They all have different *pay by dates*, but I think the latest is October, so will get them paid this week, maybe tomorrow! As, as you know, bill pay days are only Tuesday through to and including Thursdays, from 8:30am to 10:30am....

Nothing else!

Saturday Franco and I went down to Fuengirola and the huge car boot sale, flea market, second hand, thingy do dah!

There is a car park for the purpose of the feria ground and whatever is going on there, we drove in, drove around, and drove out again, apart from double parking which some people had done, there was nothing, even all the non parking spaces with white *don't park* signs had been filled, and others had parked down the middle of the single road only allowing the smallest of vehicles to even manage to get through!

So back onto the road... and we parked miles away [well felt like it], and walked back to the feria ground, we coffee on the way! We also had a coffee and bite to eat where Mom and I used to go, near to c/April, which is where the first property was we looked at nearly 8 years ago...

We bought a kilo of plums, and later I made a strange concoction of a biscuit base, the pre cooked plums and a meringue topping! [said it was strange.....]

We also popped into Lidl on the Mijas road, on the way home, they're really starting the works there now, opening up the road, going to make it a dual carriage way, don't they get it? Don't they understand? The only reason this road is so busy is because the Alhaurín to Fuengirola is closed, [since April 2009], and that once that road is finished, well if ever this road is finished I should say, then the Mijas road, will go back to usual traffic!!!

I also was thinking *well how can they afford to do the Mijas road, if the other road, has been stopped due to funds???*, turns out Hipercor are paying for it, Hipercor is, I believe, part of the El Corte Inglés group. So they're the supporters of that cause... and when that road closes, a detour will take people... where? down the toll road briefly I guess and enter Fuengirola from that direction.

Planning? what a nightmare eh!

Lots of people are now using the rubble and rocky road directly down to the coast, good for flattening it down, not great the cars though eh? No barriers, and when crossing the river bed I think paddles will probably be needed in rainy weather!

Yesterday Franco finished off the painting in the living room, he started it Saturday afternoon, so now, I cant smell the gloss any more, just the rest of it! Its quite strong, and its anti humido and something else, not just the normal paint... I have been burning smelly [nice] candle while I'v been at home today and you know I think it helps actually.

We have a bit of a problem, someone is allowing they're dog to foul right outside out here, literally up against the wall really, I have cleared it up the last two mornings, but not sure what to put down to put it off? I am thinking something Pippa doesn't like, like pepper? Or garlic? Or chillies!!! Just something to make the dog avoid the same spot! Maybe leave a doggie bag there and then the human can get the hint??? Yeah right!

Ummm don't want to leave there on such a foul subject [!]... Arh today, I met up with friends who picked me up from the crossroads! And we went into town for coffee and a bite to eat! Was so hot we ended up going inside for the air-conditioning!

Now I cannot type much more, I was searching through records in a few of the normal places, and came up with newspaper announcements which I hadn't seen before, and there was the one placed after my Dad died... March 8th, 1970... Was a bit of a shock really... I mean, I know that's what I was searching for, something with my Dads name, but I guess I wasn't expecting that!


Thursday, August 19, 2010

That photo above looks a bit big and creepy! I have at last found out what this bug is, we had thousands of them last year in July I think? Its here somewhere anyway, but it was the summer, they were falling from the wall or the trees above our house, not sure exactly, but you could hear them falling, click click click... I asked the neighbours what they were but they hadn't seen them before! I emailed a few places I found on line, but not a reply back!

Well the other day I was surfing about, as you do! And came across someone to ask, and I got a reply the next day! Above mis amigos is the shield or stink bug! Remember it has a very strong chemical smell about it, left alone, or when stamped on! Ugh, well I didn't actually do that to kill them, but I did have to... so many and going nowhere but hanging around by our back door with no chance to escape anywhere else for them!

They're Latin name is Chlorochroa Sayi! And they come in many shapes, sizes and colors!

So question answered move on....

Thursday already today, week flying past on wings of heat and thunderstorms!

We have been lucky here, only a few spits and spots of rain, over night, when I didn't even hear it, and the other morning just a few drops almost not even making it to the ground before drying!

But in and around Andalucia there have been some awful floods, four or five people killed, cars swept down roads that had turned into rivers... walls collapsing, it was a red alert in those areas, and orange here, but as I say nothing bad here at all.

[Pippa is waiting for her dinner, its only 15:18 and far too early, but if she keeps up this staring thing I may have to give in, she is only inches from me and just waiting.....]

Haven't done much this week, but walking down into town, networking, [great name for just sitting and talking with friends!] Then home, house work, bit of painting here and there, on the walls that is!

Read a bit on line, baked another crumb cake, this time with half a tin of peaches inside, no wise cracks please!

Above photo I took when friend was driving us through Ashridge forest, [England], I think we were just entering the college there...

Made and we have eaten another batch of my home made peaches and yoghurt and lollies!

Ok, OK Pippa I give up, dinner time it is then honey!

Right she is eating now..

I have had two nights in a row of dreaming about Mom, I expect, that is to be expected.

The first dream Mom was with some guy and we were walking around an art gallery and they kept disappearing, I couldn't find them, then I would, and so on, but the dream seemed to be all about the man who was taking away my Mom...

... now this was the sort of dream I used to have when I was small and Mom was dating, I had a reoccurring dream [nightmare], where she and some guy would walk me to the top of a hill, through a door/gate thing, then walk off hand in hand down the hill, leaving me holding on to the bars of the gate watching them leave me...

I suppose this is the BIG leave now! But still the dream of abandonment? At my age??

Then the next dream Mom was just there, I knew she shouldn't have been, but she was just hanging around...


Monday, August 16, 2010

Just thinking about an artical in recent papers about not feeding strays in Mijas... is that Mijas pueblo or Mijas Costa? I have to imagine it means Mijas village itself, because there are a helluva lot of people who feed, vaccinate, care for in general the thousands of stray cats and dogs down on the coast.

I think, could be wrong? But the vast majority of people who do do that are foreigners here, not so many local people care about animals who are homeless...

And now with a 700€ plus fine for doing so... What will the animals do...

Everyone is also still in shock at the roadworks stoppage on the Fuengirola road, its a, sorry make that its THE main road down to the coast for us lot! Incredible that they are stopping the works! They say its the crisis, but making all those workers out of works is surely adding to the crisis!

There was some rain early Saturday morning in the Alhaurín golf and Finca la Mota areas, maybe some more, but didn't see it here, or it had completely dried up by 6:30am when I was about earlier than normal to give Pip her walk before the painter came.

Pippa did about about 8 hours decide he was a friend now and it was not necessary to keep up the bark alarm! And then she was at him all the time he was inside for him to give her attention! Laying on her back for a tummy rub! She is such a hussy!

Once the inside of the front had been done you could really see how dull our paintwork is inside, again, and with the now dry, signs of the damp we had, ugh! So yesterday Franco painted the wall with the front door and window, and I have, as requested cleaned up the area above the marble skirting for when Franco comes home and he is going to paint the wall behind our sofa.. I also painted all that area too, so he can just roller up and down without having to worry about the edging.

Feeling a bit strange today[!] So hoping its just the humidity and not a migraine... And I have been busy, after this morning *networking*, I came home, and have been cleaning up all the mess from Saturday, so much dust! Mostly from where the painter had so much rubbing down to do on the front door, we had it completely surrounded by that spongy tape to stop the draft... in the winter... now, with that gone [for now?] there is such a gap all the way round that when you walk into the living room at first glance it looks like the door is open!!!!

We are thinking though of leaving it like it is, and getting a big heavy curtain to hang there during the evening, and then leaving it pulled back to allow air into the house... we will see...

I always forget to check my lottery tickets on the day, or even for a few days, then I remember and think well maybe I have been carrying around THE wining ticket... Till I have it checked and find its not in my purse!

Back to my strange feeling, I am probably just tired, still too hot for me to sleep, so my usually bad sleep is till worse than ever... Instead of going out this morning I could have just gone back to bed... Where I would probably have been too hot to sleep!

The many strange roads we love to roam, the road we love best is the road to home...


Saturday, August 14, 2010

I took this back last year when Mom and I were in Winchester, this is in the Cathedral there, and when we got back I had it blown up, Mom framed it, and it was one of her favourite things to look at... to feel, calmer maybe?

It was a year ago today Mom was given six months to live... Well she beat that given date, not by much, but she did, she told them they would not be telling her her end date! And they didn't!

It was a year ago I lay up here under this wide and stary sky and wished that my Mom wouldn't suffer. I think my wish came true, to a degree, she, very very luckily was not in bad pain until the last few weeks, it was then I knew it was serious, well I always knew it was serious, but, well you know what I mean. Moms pain threshold was way above the norm, lucky girl!

So when she said she hurt, I knew it had to be very very bad...

We fitted a lot in didn't we, those last six months, lots of places,lots of ticks on Mom's bucket list and a great deal of memories...

I was up on the terrace again last night, still our procession went through town, and so again, much local heavy smokey ground cover, so not sure if it was me in the cloud or the town later on, I could see the sky right up above but not over in the direction the meteor shower should have been coming from... so, gave up... bit cooler last night, probably about only 30 up there last night! And a little brisa.... lovely!

This morning I was up even earlier... it was nearer 6am than 7am! And walking Pip in the pitch dark was a little spooky, specially as we seemed to be being followed by a black cat some of the way....!

Now the painter is here, Pippa is not happy, introduced to him, several times, but there is a constant low growling noise going on, she wont rest, but then, a man on a ladder by the windows? This is the reason we got her, to let us know this is wrong if someone is doing this manoeuvre!

I have already, washed the floors, the terrace, done washing, washed my hair.... and that was by 8am! So now I am very hot and very bothered, and I guess pretty much prisoner here now for the day, he is off at ten for breakfast, but wont be gone long enough for me to get far... so I think it will be just down time for Pip to relax a bit!

Oh and we have no TV, Franco, bless him, switched on the light in the cave, which is tripping the system still, so everything went off, including of course sky, and so is taking longer than it should to come back, not sure why I am bothered Saturdays is rubbish on tv, so I have radio One going on on here behind my blog, while I am typing away!

I could probably just ramble away on here all day, and thereby make this one of the longest blogs recorded in the history of the world... So not one to make records[!]...

I will leave you with another photo I had printed out for Mom while she was going through the chemo, she said as the drug was entering her system she thought of this picture and felt the drug a beam of healing light clearing out the bad and bringing goldenness and health back into her...

Yes definitely going now...

The end quote here today, is from last years entry for this day too...

Life was meant to be lived, and curiosity must be kept alive. One must never, for whatever reason, turn his back on life.



Friday, August 13, 2010

Few photos taken last Sunday up at El Chorro and the lakes... above near the [now closed and up for sale] restaurant at the top of the mountain overlooking the El Chorro railway station!

Had to pop by our secret picnic area... no one there, that's good, I would have had to collect rental!!

And by the Kiosko restaurant... how deep the water, trees still well under the water... fish as big as... Well big fish! They look healthy enough too, not like the bilge fish down at the ports! Ugh!

........ And now....

Down town this morning, very early, in bank by 9:am, down to Mercadona by quarter past, had to sit and wait for the doors to open! Had tried to get my Euromillons lottery on way down too, but the ol gal that sits there doing her crochet in front of the tv wasn't in sight, so I waited, then I left...

After supermarket I had a cup of té at Bar Cruz, read my paper, then friends joined me, its getting a bad habit, all this *networking* every day, well almost! Although more embarrassing is actually gong from table to table as friends come and go!!! We all do it, we do! And why not? Better than sitting back at home on your lonesome. And talking to people? Well that's something I can do! Its just the getting up that can be a bit painful after a looooong sit down!

Brilliant this morning... the prickly pear man is back [not to be confused with the Mercadona man girls!] The prickly pear man, actually does look a bit like one of his pears... pitted skin, slightly rounded! But quite harmless! And those pears and great, I bought a euros worth, got them home and into the refrigerator, eaten one already and trying not to go eat the lot in one go! But then six for a euro... not bad is it!

Weather bit strange today... not as bad as above the other morning.... We awoke with our heads in the clouds, couldn't see las Delicias at all! Nor them us of course!

Today, cloud, but hot, its 100 up on the terrace now, in the shade, so a bit cooler than this time yesterday, but now even the locals are complaining how hot it is, and without reprise...

Last night I was up on the terrace, after the Virgin de la Gracia had passed by... Video last night, I think I should get a better camera for these videos I do, they're terrible quality... Sorry ;-)

So, afterwards... I opened up a beach chair and laid back! on and off from about 11pm to 1am... no sign of the meteor shower, but then the air was full of rocket smoke, still going off and hanging around in the heavy heat... loads of bats about catching my eye all the time, and the tiniest aircraft so far up, looking like slow moving stars! with red flashing lights!!!

So I gave up, came down and Franco and Pip were fast asleep... In this heat! All the fans going top speed I nearly got blown over trying to lay down!

Couldn't open the window, behind the closed persiana, we were having a street party for the honour of having La Senora de Gracia, She does not visit very often, must take years for her to get around the whole town! They were on chairs at tables that stretched between 3 or 4 houses, the whole [ten foot] width of the street, music and food and drink... should have joined them, but they didn't go to bed much before we were getting up!

Yesterday I decided I would try and find an Avon representative! I have emailed them and now am awaiting them! I give up trying to find things I need here, which I could beam myself into a Boots chemist! Its a nightmare, with cosmetics and stuff for the discerning female in this country! Well when your used to having the huge choice I am used to... So, I have made my choice from the Avon book on line and when she comes, the order is ready amiga!

Tomorrow morning I was meeting a friend at hers and coming into town with her, I was, well am taking a brick with me! She has lost the lid off her water tank once already so we have one to spare(!), I'll probably drop it into her place this evening, I would say when it cools down, but it wont, I shall just have to do it! The best thing to do is wire the lid on the water tanks, but if the holes aren't there already you don't want to be drilling into a possible 50 litre fibreglass tank and see it split open on your roof terrace! So a brick is the answer, and if they both blow off the roof onto the street below? Well buen suerte!

Reason I am not taking it tomorrow now is we need to have the front of our house fixed up, before the rain comes again, its so badly damaged by last winter, rejas are rusty and the house is crumbling in places, Franco saw a local man doing a house up the street about a month ago and brought him back to give us an estimate... He dropped by last evening along with the passing crowds and said he will be here tomorrow morning at 7:am! I said fine, he didn't seem to believe me when I said I am always up at that time, Pippa walked by then too!

Today I got home from town, and did what just about everyone I know does at this time of the year, and that's get into the least amount of clothing you can, allowing for people passing in the street and unsuspecting or should that be unsuspected? callers... Then I had two! First the gas man, thought we don't have a spare at the moment, so get one... Then a knock at the door and its a council man with a water bill? Would have been nice to have got the original water bill of 14.64€ and not the one with the fine which pushed it up to 19.10€, he had dozens, so i suspect its an all round bonus they were after this month!

These things happen more with the new street which came with the new number, we didn't move, just our numbers.... I still wonder when they take the reading whose in all honesty, water supply we are actually paying for?

I was more than a little sad last night laying up there watching for the shooting stars... tomorrow I will tell you more, today for now, no... I am hungry and all typed out!

Fingers crossed for a shooting star tonight... Like last year, lots of wishes to make!

quote from Jades book forever in my Heart "Call to me and I will answer you... I will tell you wonderful memories, things you know nothing about."


Thursday, August 12, 2010

Festividad de la Patrona Nuestra Senora de Gracia

Thursday? What happened to the rest of the week amigos....?

back tracking to Sunday, Franco and I went up to the Ardales lakes and to El Chorro... we also climbed up to the restaurant that sits above the reservoir above Bobastro... The restaurant was closed and is up for sale, if any one is interested!

We stopped for a coffee at the little El Chorro railway station, lots of building works going on there, but the bar itself is ok, the birds next has been taken down... danger to those below I guess, in some ways!

Then we went back to the lakes and had a great lunch at the Kisko restaurant, where I had the murluza a la basque, or hake basque style! Won-der-ful....

A nice man gave us some free grapes on the way in, but were all gone when we came out when we went to buy some!

The day was a bit cloudy, so very humid, but without the beating sun a little cooler I guess than it can be in August. It was very very busy and in the restaurant we were lucky to get a table when we did as it filled up soon afterwards!

Monday.... I met up with a friend and her two boys and we went for a drink in town, then to Mercadona for some groceries...

... not sure what else I did, because when I woke up Tuesday I had a migraine! A bad one, and in this heat... its too much, I would rather be cold and then wrap up warm, when your hot, there is nothing you can do, to cool down!

So yesterday, I wobbled down town, got to Bar Cruz, had a té with friends and home again...

Today, well today isn't too good! We are sending emails back and fro to the man who owes Franco money... For some strange reason his daughter seems to be answering all the mail, or interfering you could say!

Franco met with him and her, and a church councillor, [the man isn't religious, so seemed a bit strange?] So again, maybe the daughters interferance? And on hearing what had been going she wasn't very pleased.

The plan was set for the money to be paid to Franco, and its not appeared and doesn't seem it ever will. He had the money, but spent it elsewhere and this is the point which seems to have been overlooked by each of their emails... and ours now, its turned into useless bickering.

Where do we go from here about it? Debt collection? Lawyers?

How can someone who said he was a good friend, who said to Franco he was like a Son to him, pull the wool over our eyes for so long, and the rest of his family? And then just walk away...

His daughter has tried to give us help, [?????] When we said about the huge funeral bill for my Mom, I have checked this out and it seems we are correct in the fact you can only get English benefit for a funeral if your on income support and of course are the deceased wife or husband, or partner of course. Oh and the obvious living in England!!!!

And another piece of information she gave us... is even worse and I wont go into details on here, because believe you me they would be in serious trouble if I did! Well if they are doing what she is suggesting!

Now we don't know if she was just being *thoughtful*, or trying to get us into serious trouble....

Talking of Mom, well kind of... I had a wonderful dream just before I awoke this morning, I was somewhere [I don't know], talking to a woman [I also didn't know!], and writing down my thoughts and feelings for the place I was in, when last there, with my Mom, and in this dream Mom was there by my side, I knew she had passed away, and I was writing how she had loved this place and what we had done there etc...

I kind of thought when I woke up, that one of my fears is being in all the places we used to go, without her, that's one of things really tearing me up... but now, hopefully, if I can, remember this dream and when in one of *our* places I will remember the good things of us being there together, even if its just shopping in Aylesbury, or Hemel, or the many many years in Berkhamsted from me being small to ... to now...

because she will always be by my side....

(wish she was beside the man above just for a minute and give him a what-for, and a signal to pay up!) But I think he is too deaf to hear if you know what I mean.


Saturday, August 07, 2010

Thursday I was having a day off from town, but the evening before when I went to feed Pippa I found we had run out of dog food! Poor dog had to eat leftovers from the cannelloni we had the night before... hellish for her! She was in heaven!

... So it was just a quick trip, I left at 9:10 and was back home at 9:39!

Yesterday, yes into town, Bar Cruz and lots of friends to chat to, we are all getting up with the imprint of the chairs on our legs... a kind of lattice work! So attractive! NOT!

I heard of another friend who had her purse snatched while down in Fuengirola about to get the bus back up here... I think I am going to take the minimum amount of things I need out with me in future, if I wont need it, don't take it!

I am reading a good book about Angels at the moment, and strangely on Twitter a lady started following me who is an Angel lady! Very strange... or not depending on how you see things! By the way I hadn't mentioned anything to do with what I am reading, so...

I got a late birthday card yesterday when I was down town, the postage seemed alot for Spain from UK, but said insufficient and was sent by other means??? Wonder what they were? Donkey? Carrier pigeon? Can't have been by boat, it would still be on its way!!!

Not feeling very chatty today, too hot, and in a strop! Was getting stropy in the bank again yesterday! And as I stropped away from the bank I was laughing at myself feeling that way! Mmmm very interesting, just checking out *strop* the word doesn't look correct, especially with that little red wriggly line underneath... but I think most of you know what I mean, although it seems if your Polish you will have read the word *ceiling* or Romanian then the word *drop*!!!! Now I will remember those meanings when I still am having trouble remembering anything in Spanish!

ok, just rambeling on for no reason at all now, so adio amigos..


Wednesday, August 04, 2010

John Denver - Country Roads

Mom being caught being silly... as was I, which was why the camera was at an angle!

Mom passed away 5 months ago today, will I ever stop crying every day? Still thinking of her last few months, cannot get the images out of my mind.

And keep thinking about being back in the places we would go without her... just doing normal Mom daughter things... I feel like I am mourning her passing and mourning the loss of things we wont be doing anymore.... Everyday should be grabbed by the horns and held onto fast... Even the small things of life, I have a friend here who misses all the mess her husband made around the house, now he is not here to mess it up....

... So can I cheer up now, nope... what's to tell, Tuesday friend and I were supposed to meet up at Bar Cruz, she stood me up! Well we arranged it two weeks for the following week, but she couldn't make it, so we said the week after, wait till I catch up with her! While I was at the bar though some friends I hadn't seen for well over a year came by and sat down and joined me for coffee [tea for me!], and then I got up and moved over to another table where another friend was sitting!

.................... this morning I almost did the same, I sat and had a té, then was on my way to the shop to see a mate when someone came along and I retraced my steps, back to Bar Cruz and another té!

Then to the shop! And home! Too hot to be out too long....

No poem today, but this YouTube of John Denver Take me home, Country Roads


Monday, August 02, 2010

Luny lunes here again, where are the weeks going to...

I met a friend this morning, we were going to Coín she wanted some bits from Lidl there, we were nearly quarter hour early for the bus which was 10 minutes early and left the stop as soon as we were on, thank goodness we're early birds!

Then when we had shopped the bar over the road was closed, for holidays one of the girls in Lidl told us, handy time for your holidays, the hight of tourist season don't you think?

We had to hike my friends trolley, well a bag on wheels really, not a solid thing, so it had a life of its own! Another bar was also shut, so it was up the hill towards the social security offices and the bar there!

We came back down half hour before bus was due, just in case, next bus wouldn't be for another 2 and half hours! Anyway got to talking to a woman there, she has been told it will be a further 2 years before the Fuengirola road opens!!!! I hope they meant it will be 2 years... period! So that would be next April... I cannot believe it could take two more years on top of that!!!

It was supposed to be open this month, as far as the La Cala turn off, then closed again till Christmas and finally opened down to the coast... who knows, too many rumours going around, but this woman today, sounded like she knew forsure....

So, the bus came, we went back to Alhaurin and stopped with friends for a refreshing drink, was joined by more friends, one of which offered to take my mate to the poligio Rosa! She needs a new top for her water tank!

But first he and I wanted to see inside the new library in Alhaurín el Grande, WOW, I had wanted to go to the opening, obviously didn't see that it was opening on Friday 31st July, but it was ok, a couple of thousand other people did!

Its an amazing looking place from outside and very beautiful inside also, we tried to get library cards, but were told to come back when it was quieter... yes you can guess, lines of people to check out books and only one girl working!

I am looking forward to going back, because I saw the art gallery, which had a pond in the corner! Well I am sorry, I know its not a pond, but in the far corner, the floor is cut away at an angle and there was about a ten inch drop down, and the area was full of water, so it looked like a small pond, not a fountain... So not sure what it was!

Then there was a huge area on the first floor full of computers, all free to use, so many I couldn't count them! The room high high ceiling and lots of light from the tall windows taking up the whole of the wall on one side...

Then 2nd floor was the library, lots of seating, some sofa chairs, tables, reading stations, I actually also didn't see as many books as I would have expected to, but maybe I didn't look properly, so maybe tomorrow...

From there it was off to the industrial estate and the big ferreteria [hardware] there, and we were taken to the warehouse, and we picked the water tank lid!

Back, [all of this by car] to the store and then tried to buy it! I guess it should have been part of the whole, the tank the lid, so it took a while to get the price... but job done! Now my friend can have a tapa to her tank! There were loads of people I knew in the store! I had never even been in it before, it is very popular, more so I think as a girl working in there is English! Some friends I saw in there I had previously seen in town and not seen before since last year! So we have lots to catch up on and they are going to pick me up and take me to they're home in the next week or so, and we can relax and have a good talk...

... y al final, the passport photos I had done last week are too small, so I must have them done again tomorrow...

I thought of you and how you love this beauty,
And walking up the long beach all alone
I heard the waves breaking in measured thunder
As you and I once heard their monotone.

Around me were the echoing dunes, beyond me
The cold and sparkling silver of the sea --
We two will pass through death and ages lengthen
Before you hear that sound again with me.

Sarah Teasdale


Sunday, August 01, 2010

Yet another shot of the El Dorado soap set! After lunch today with friends at the Moreno restaurant, near Alhaurín golf, we drove off to the El Cine for a cool drink and an ice cream while watching the people enjoying themselves in the swimming pools, we four sat on a wall, in the shade and listened to the music and the crickets and the cicadas...

This one above wont make much sense, I took it through the rejas to the side of the 'Church' in El Dorado, as you can see, nothing inside at all! A string hanging down there for the bell, and that's it!

I should have zoomed in on these two above and below and then up loaded them, so my mistake but you can zoom in, have to make this slightly interactive here for once! Above is a firing range of some sort....

and here... while waiting outside the vets while Franco bought Pip some doggie ice cream... men pulled up in that van there, did at least open the rear doors and when you zoom in there are two little Podenco dogs like Pippa, hope they behave themselves... hate knowing what happens to them when they are no longer needed here....

And briefly back to Pippa's ice cream, some landed on his hand and he licked it off without thinking... it was awful he said! So your all right Pip we wont be wanting your ice cream....

Now its not quite so bright out in the mornings, days drawing in already!!!! I am about the right height for the bats line of flight, a few times over the last few days I have had to duck my head quickly, I know they shouldn't hit me... but don't want one stuck in my hair!!!!