Monday, April 27, 2020

Talking to a friend this morning about dreams..

"My dreams are always very vivid very real to me at the time.. I never have lucid dreams Where I can control anything..

But sometimes like last night it was in a house I visit now only in my dreams.. it's weird.. like I have another life there!!"

It's true, I have visited this house in my dreams for more than twenty years in my dreams..

It is more or less the same house, in the same street.

Except there is a massive sun room at the front and a long, very long corridor upstairs.

In last night's dream there was a huge crack in the upstairs wall, and I was showing it to people who were there... The house slightly rocked and the crack opened more..

Some water was coming down from the ceiling above the crack.

*Walls represent keeping people out of your heart. This is usually due to some early childhood conditioning. In regression I have noticed that this wall is usually fully built by the age three. As a child we cannot reason and live through expressing our feelings as we experience them. We are also highly tuned into the feelings of those charged with our care. Being in a position where you feel you are in the way or unloved starts this process off. The first two years are spent in emotional confusion and then the wall building starts.*

Can't seem to find info on cracked walls..

*Crack. To dream of a crack represents a flaw or imperfection in some area of your life. Once stable beliefs or relationships are beginning reveal problems. Cracks may also reflect situations that were perceived to be safe or balanced and are now unable to maintain composure or “keep it together.*

But putting these together..

I suppose is most definitely me.. I know walls in dreams tell me of the walls I build around myself..

But the crack wasn't a good sign..

Actually on reflection most of the dreams in that house usually are me trying to rebuild my walls.. or hiding from people..

I'm glad I remember my dreams, I just have to grab the memory of them quickly when I wake up or they fade away like wisps of mist.. sometimes something triggers them during the day.. and it comes back.


Saturday, April 25, 2020

So today purely about me moaning!!

I am, as I'm sure you are also, now used to seeing people wearing masks!

The World Health Organisation... Say.. please read

As someone who uses masks and gloves, everyone should know a little bit more on the subject now it seems.

Gloves: You know in any one day I can go through litteraly dozens and dozens, to stop cross contamination, from the person to me and visa versa, and I'm not working with people with Covid19.

Why wear in a supermarket touching everything others have touched, then get in your car keeping the gloves on, and or, as I saw yesterday more than once.. TOUCHING YOUR FACE!!

That's what people were doing yesterday, hands in gloves, picking off the shelves, into carts,  touching their faces back to pushing the carts!?!

What's the point?

Just keep washing your hands, keep NOT touching your faces.

And social distancing.. yesterday, again, the shop had taken precautions yellow taping distance markers, I'm trying to keep within limits and then bam.. a couple.. who must have walked in seperately and another man had pushed through into my area! I'm afraid I told them.. what's happening here, we're supposed to be social distancing!!! They just didn't care.

Masks: By all means at home if you're with someone with symptoms, wear a mask, both of you! All of you!!

And twenty minutes for most lightweight masks, is their effectiveness, and although it was a joke on a certain site.. but think about this, if you.. sorry someone else breaks wind, and it makes its way out of their pants and jeans and you can still smell it! What's a piece of scrap material going to do wrapped around your face? Just saying...

What's the point?

Okay rant over.
On with our day!


Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Who knew!

It's the phrase of the year, phrase of the decade?

A year ago today, I took this photograph coming home from East Midlands airport probably.. didn't open to read.

But seriously, who knew when I took this picture and posted it, that seven months later I'd have not only visited Naples but fallen in love with it.. with a passion!

I had planned on returning in June, Google helping with flight tracking info.. seeing the prices drop lower and higher and lower again.. looking great went down to only €64 for a return trip!

I have moved the tracker to September now.. we'll see.. the constant reminders are nice to see.. along with prospective trips, I may never ever take.. but dreaming is good, and these days with fantasy food shopping, fantasy travel is always a good thing! And less hunger pangs!

Maybe wait until towards Christmas..


Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Walks out are proving either relaxing or frantic!

Yesterday granddaughter and I out, deliveries due, so went out on a rota..

She's on her bike I'm sort of walking fast or jogging..!?!

Met either people who moved for us nicely, we moved nicely for some of course.

But then there were the single male walkers who had been who knows where, going who knows where.. and literally made us get off the pavement onto the road because they just walked straight at us.

Maybe the way I was brought up, but two of us, one a small child.. me.. mm the elder!!!

One bloke really caused me to refrain from shouting out loud at him in his ignorance, if he could have read my mind! And I did comment loudly at his back!

And to rub it in he was munching on a bloody bar of chocolate?!

Not had a bar of chocolate for so long now I've gone through rehab and out the other side!

Wouldn't have been so bad only I was fantasy food shoppers before we came out and the daydreams of chocolate and sweet foods were still high on my mind..

Lol.. yes fantasy food shopping!

I ordered a couple of painting by numbers for when I'm on a placement, one came, all good.

Another came today.. no paint!! Mmm not much good really! Wrote a complaint, offered 50% off, but really! What could I even do with it! So told him that, and that I can't actually get anywhere to post it back to him.

So I'm getting a complete refund.
Of course!

Hope every one is staying safe, and well.
And for goodness sake when we can get out more freely.. still take things easy!

Or we'll be shut in for another two months if there's an upsurge again!


Friday, April 10, 2020

A Facebook post about getting all the grounded time I never got as a teenager raised some smiles from friends..

It's true, my mom never grounded me, ever, she very probably should have, but she was brought up so strictly, she gave me free reign.. such a long rope it's a wonder I didn't trip over it! Every day!?!

But the responses made me smile thinking how my friends know me..

But how much? That's the impression I give isn't it? An open book, and yes I am very open, my life on these pages, over the years.. all here? You think? No..

I still have so much I keep hidden...  all my blogging all my talk.. yet still only the rare people I let in to my heart and soul..

I am writing in my book again just now, sun pouring through the window, listening to my Spotify playlist, writing these words, feeling very relaxed and thoughts drifting through my mind, good and bad.. happy and sad.. but not lingering..

It's nice, it's good.


Thursday, April 09, 2020

You know, it's like life has been hit with a giant pause button..

But only some life.

And hearing the trams, planes.. cars..
As if controlled by robots.

We're suspended in a different time, a different situation, as if by extraordinary means.

I'm watching Netflix and it seems strange to me to see people living 'normal' lives.

The beautiful book above, a gift.. thank you.

I am filling with my saved sayings from my Pinterest board.

Purple ink! Of course!

Take care, stay safe.


Wednesday, April 08, 2020

Walked past this railing in the past, many times, but never noticed it until today.. my granddaughter pointed something's out there..

Steps down and all overgrown.. good photo opportunity!

Another good walk.. another beautiful day..
In this strange dystopian world we now live in.

Where today's highlight was me watching the progress of an Amazon driver nine deliveries away, but also only four streets away!

I was, much to the annoyance of my son, giving a running commentary of his immentent arrival!

And just before he arrived I went outside to wait! Telling him when we came that that was the excitement for the day watching the route on my phone!!


Tuesday, April 07, 2020

Today some industrial photographs taken yesterday and today, as I walked around staying safe and far from others..

Yesterday I was on my own, today we all went out together, such beautiful weather, nature has a great sense of humour! When we're all penned in.

Not much to report! Deliveries from eBay and Amazon.. these companies must be some of the few at least still keeping very much head above water...

I came last month with my tiny bag, expecting a two week trip here!

I've 'had' to purchase a few extra items for my now extended trip.. another three months plus, to go now!

So I have also had to acquire a small overhead locker cabin bag, which meant a new handbag!! Lols..

There is logic here, somewhere.

I am praying also that the four placements ahead of me stay in place.. fingers crossed!

I'm a bit of a numbers freak, when it comes to certain things, meaningful dates, numerology, and now and again I check random stuff.

When working at Mercedes, I always noticed 13:13 every single day.. I didn't check the meaning out then, but for some reason a couple of years back I did, on line, and found something called angel numbers when I did so.

And believe you me, I am not clock watching here, but for some reason looked at the time today at 11:11, 12:12, 17:17 and 19:19..

Yes, too much time on my hands! But all very meaningful!


Sunday, April 05, 2020

Some photography from my last walk around home before leaving for work..

I walked in the afternoon, and it was already too warm to be walking anywhere at two in the afternoon!!

So above a very dead snake! I'm guessing it lost a fight against a car!

The bridge by the ancient water mill..


There is an old abandoned house near this tree on the way into town.. love eucalyptus trees... Amongst my many other favourites!

And so to now...
My much needed medication! Thankfully a wonderful friend back home has gone to my farmacy there, and posted me some! But whilst I wait for work to forward on to me.. I have run out!! Two days ago I signed in as a temporary patient.. accomplished over their website and a couple of phone calls.. at my family's doctors surgery. They sorted me both my meds and told me a prescription was taken to a local farmacy.. It's about ten minutes from here, I could see a crowd of people gathered together, way too close together! In a long line, and shaking hands.. close as close!!

I was luckily on the other side of the road to them.. the line went around the front of a building to a side door!!

After visiting the farmacy, where I didn't even go in, we talked and I was given my meds through a hatch.. keeping distance and safety measures.

Returning home I crossed over well before the growing line, by the church!! I just couldn't believe it!! There wasn't even a foot between people, never mind six!!

Everybody passing by staring in disbelief at them!! Not sure if it could have been a service? Or food bank.. but people not staying safe!!! ?? What is that all about!!

Oh and no cost for meds!!

Today I visited a local store for food supplies; was handed gloves as I entered, he said for my health and theirs.. He helped me and others.. people kept their distance well, all being very self aware.

As I was going through paying, I noticed it was cash only.. he said don't worry, either pay afterwards, using the cash point outside or pay when I could.. wow! I couldn't believe the compassion.. the thoughtfulness..

I did get cash immediately, and having left my shopping in-store, I returned to pay.

Then he gave me a mask too!
This was a small local store.. not a big chain.

I don't know how we'll all be after this is over, the changes me might make..  maybe even some people will have completely forgotten this all after a year... Or less.. but hopefully we're all learning lessons from this, we need to.


Saturday, April 04, 2020

My self isolation cup! I bought it in Asda the other day, and will only use this now until I'm home...

Heard a plane fly overhead, sounds different somehow, so much less noise everywhere.. like after a heavy snowfall; or like the silence when the electricity has gone off, the constant noise we don't even here anymore is stilled.. And everything sounds... still.  Peaceful.

The plane reminds me of the many dystopian movies.. Where something awful has happened, a pandemic, a zombie apocalypse, a futuristic story..

And at the end.. When they think there is no hope.. Overhead a plane.. And they know.. Life continues.

That there is hope.

Purloined, I believe!

Around us the world is struggling, badly, infected, deaths.

Isolated people.
At the placement.. The first week I felt really alone, I know I was amongst others in the house, but I felt alone.

How it must be for people on their own I can't imagine, especially in apartments.

My flight was cancelled, of course, if I had no work I could have got back home as I'm a resident there.

If there are still limitations at the end of July I'll use that option, either for flight, or by bus!

Already checked, I can get a coach London Victoria to Paris, Paris to Bilboa, and from there to Malaga, and my car at the airport!!!
Incurring charges every day!!


Friday, April 03, 2020

Castle Gould
March 8th, we visited here, Castle Gould, and Hempstead House, at the Sands Point Preserve, on Long Island..

Just Googled for more info, mentions paranormal investigation!

Didn't feel anything paranormal there!

Did learn a lot about rockets! Guggenheim family who helped with aeronautical sciences and links with NASA.

We walked around the garden and two of us went down to the beach.. totally ignoring, as others ahead of us.. the Do Not Enter The Beach signs!!

Was beautiful down there, windy though! And we looked for treasure.. as we did so my cousin and I found a coin! I thought it might be a doubloon!

But no, it was a gambling chip!! Treasure nonetheless!

Okay I have a huge amount of time to catch up on!

So there could be errors aplenty trying to type out on my phone..

So early March! New York, family, parties for my aunt's 92nd birthday.. well, 23 leap year birthdays..

The Covid19 virus was beginning.. badly, already in Europe and the UK and New York.

Leaving from JFK I saw many people wearing masks and gloves.. I carried my hand sanitizer, using it all the time!


My flight to Gatwick went okay.. tiring: sitting at the gate most of the time, I ate, I bought drinks for the flight, paying with a whole load of coins.. then bought a coffee and got change!! 

Everyone already keeping distance from eachother, it was a strange feeling and god forbid an innocent cough!

Once on the plane I just closed my eyes, no movies, nothing, I woke up, drank my drinks, used the toilet.. slept some more, shorter flight of course flying in this direction.. 

Landed at Gatwick feeling shattered.

I'd just had an hour's time change in New York with the clocks going forward an hour, then UK four hours back... 

Landed in good time, used the international security control and back into departures, again.. ate drank ate.. toilets!!  Hand sanitizer!!!

Then boarded again! Saw my case come through in a small trolly with another couple of bags.. from the international section!

Then on landing back home, I at least knew this time to go to a separate isolated baggage collection area.. my case already there.

It was 4pm, I'd been up since 6:30 the previous day, five hour time difference now.. 

Shattered! Friend picked me up and home.. to drop my bags and go to the supermarket.

Only a few days at home then I was back to the UK.. another time change, and now another as the clocks have sprung forward here also!


More tomorrow!!