Monday, January 17, 2022

Having my bath removed and a shower put in this week.. meaning I'm leaving home earlier than I should to get to work! As feels weird being in my house and them working!! 

So now cooking in my car.. figuratively speaking! 

And now, because that was Monday or Tuesday.. it's now Monday.. again.. and bathroom looks amazing.. luxurious in fact! 

Wonderful isn't it! 

I've been to the cinema to watch the new Matrix.. okay, didn't stay to the end.. went to watch another movie but was only in Spanish and wanted to see it in original format.. 

So Matrix was what we saw.. I have to admit only saw the first many moons ago and this although started good.. for me, I lost the plot somewhere.. and having to get up early for work the next door.. left the last two people in there.. 

By the by there was only six to start! 

Yesterday went on a great ride to Ronda.. 

If I look a bit bulky it's because I was wearing three tops under the jacket which also had a fleecy lining, and leggings and jeans under the trousers!! 

But it was a cold day.. 14° without the wind chill!! Two bikes.. 

Saw the processionary caterpillar had been busy around Gaucín.. which is odd.. usually they are making their way to the pine forests around late February to March.. maybe even April..

But their nests were numerous in the pine trees in that area.. standing out so brighty.. 

Saw three storks flying around the inland area towards Sotogrande.. 

Had a coffee in Ronda.. loads of bikes on the roads.. day before had been cloudy and cooler and today the same.. 

Below the man and boy at the forest between Yunquera and Ronda.. 

Must have hundreds of the same view!

More to tell! 

Oh yes! 

I tripped up the stairs at home, again, but be nearly a year since I did it before.. didn't learn from the experience, obviously.. it's much better now, but still an obvious shiner!

First photo.. the morning after!

And then the next day..

Still have the red now.. so silly.. made me feel nervous for a few days walking!

Okay amigos! 


Thursday, January 06, 2022

Coffee Tuesday morning with las chicas.. and the gift of a heart in mine..

There has been very low cloud these last couple of weeks, sometimes here in the village, sometimes sweeping in from sea and laying low over the coastal areas..

So I've either left the clouds for the sun, or found the clouds and left blue skies behind.. 

We've had rain and sun.. warmth 22° and frost on my car! It feels very cold today with wind chill factor!

I opened my box of quality street the other week! Had a mishap at the top of the stairs.. luckily just the sweets that went down the stairs!! 

Since last Friday I've been to urgencia three times with another kidney stone... 

Last trip was yesterday because my temperature is either up in the 36 range.. high for me.. or down in 34 range.. and when it's been that low it comes with a fever and sweats!! Horrible.. I burn up.. So as the hospital doc told me to come back if I have temperature issues.. sign of bad infection, sepsis etc... I went back yesterday, and as my temperature was 35.6 he said I didn't have a problem.. I said it drops to 34.3 or so I get a fever etc.. and he, you need a new thermometer!! Completely ignoring the fever that accompanies the sudden and thankfully temporary low temp.

He even wrote that on my hospital report.. Get new thermometer!! I couldn't believe it! Condescending, demeaning.. 

When I got home I took my temperatures with the two thermometers I have.. the same.. 

Apart from that!

I had a lovely day new year's Day.. despite the pain.  Which I've decided to ignore.. to put to one side of my mind and not look in that direction! 

Went to a good friends.. was so nice.. relaxing, eating.. talking watched a movie.. and three dogs into the bargain..

Two days ago shared a great curry in Coín in Mumtaz.. very nice, in fact the lamb bhuna was just as good last night and last bit today!  Here at home eaten with a wonderful curry chutney a friend gave me before Christmas! The perfect accompaniment! 

And now, after preparing an Italian sauce I've decanted into four sterilised jars.. got the wood burner fired up! No pun intended.. washing washed, terrace swept.. been to town for coffee at 8;30! 

I think now.. I'll pause the great series on Netflix started to watch last night.. Stay Close it's called.. 

I think a nap is coming on!

Just quickly though, before I post this..
I came across this.. maybe 10mm sized beetle last week, after Christmas, before New Year... This is the name of this little chap! Amphimallon Solstitiale seems like he was out at the wrong time of the year?

They have beetle recording in the UK, but can't find anywhere here.. Not that I'm a beetle spotter, but I do seem to notice these things.. 

These lines below are written on a stone, I think near the The Dream sculpture at Saint Helens, Merseyside..

'We make our own pathways, they disappear into serenity and sunlight, for beneath this world lies another, filled with dreams and scattered memories, the footsteps of our fathers.'

I like this.. a lot..


Friday, December 31, 2021

Happy New Year!


Was going to put a less happy emoji up as my final pic of 2021..

But, although there has been the lowest of lows.. there has also been happy moments.. 

Happy days, time with loved ones.. friends.. enjoyed happy times.. there has been laughter and good moments.. 

Mmmm I won't list the bad stuff.. we've all gone through bad stuff.. 

Happy New Year to everyone and all the very best, health, prosperity and of course happiness! 

For now, for me, here I sit on the downstairs sofabed.. wood burner going.. spent nearly three hours in urgencia today and more yesterday.. Today actually saw a doctor, unfortunately our local one yesterday was so busy he never made it back to base.. 

Today I went to the Guadalhorce Valley hospital again, just over two months from the last kidney stone exiting my kidney, the second has now, or is now? Doing so, and stupidly, extremely stupidly I googled the antibiotic she gave me, as only two doses and turns out to be one of the most lethal there is! And normally always only one dose! 

Ending the year missing the people I love..


Sunday, December 26, 2021


This photograph was taken when we were up at the lakes December 25 2011.. can't believe that was ten years ago.. 

I guess that black duck symbolizes me, always taking my own route! 

A friend called me yesterday, she's driving down to stay the night.. four hours drive! On her way now and arrival imminent!

We used to work together in the UK, albeit briefly on handovers.. Will be so good to catch up in person! 

This song below was in a movie I watched yesterday.. and now here.. 

Don't wish your life away.. Jared Lee


Friday, December 24, 2021

Merry Christmas!

Maybe 'Dont look up' not the cheeriest of choices to watch on Christmas Eve! 

But good movie none the less!

Ventured out this morning about half eight, rained all night.. 

Had a coffee in the bar then went to La Trocha with friend, had another coffee and quick wander around Carrefour and then downstairs in the charity shop bought four books for a euro!

Came home and the rain came back! 

Been in my VR or watching Netflix.. made a curry and next dessert! Have a glass of wine and awaiting the tinkling of Santa's bells! He better be wearing his waterproofs tonight! And very good lights! 


Thursday, December 23, 2021

The eve of Christmas eve... I'm watching Love Actually.. of course.. who wouldn't be at this time of the year? Oh! Just me then..

Works been exceptionally busy which is of course wonderful! And now I'm off for a few days.. Everyone, just about all the customers were in very jovial festive spirits today, really great day.

Wood burner going, it's the second day of rain.. and now the house is in the clouds.. or are the clouds down on my village?

We now have to prove vaccinations or negative test results for entry into bars, restaurants or clubs.. even for a coffee and a piece of cake.. anywhere in side.. 

And as of today, masks again are obligatory in the streets.. 

Our figures are nowhere near as bad a the UK, but better safe than sorry.. 

We've been wearing masks still inside in public places.. bars etc.. any businesses.. since March of 2020.. That has never changed.

That's is for today! 

Oh a photograph I took the other day, last week? Or the week before? 

I would love to be able to see their terrace! And I would love to get some palm trees on my terrace! Looks so cool.. and in summer it would be so much cooler! Literally!

Today's piece of music is.. 

James Blunt Goodbye my lover..

For no reason, I heard it today at work just as someone did something outside.. they left a bag on a car.. and it seemed both sad and.. I don't know.. to leave something for someone like that? Was either a gift or a cowardly parting of ways.. maybe of course it could have just been rubbish!

But the person put it is the dumpster without opening, so I guess they thought it rubbish anyway.. 


Thursday, December 16, 2021

This morning was touch and go with the wind factor! 

It blew me down at 8am and chased me back up at 10!!

But first.. woke up too early about six.. came down about half past when I realised I wouldn't have the luxury of going back to sleep..

It seemed warmer than the past couple of mornings.. not the normal 8 - 10° the house usually rests at this time of the year with no heating on.. so looking at the burner for some reason I reached down to touch it near the base and was surprised to find it warm still! I opened it and a piece of wood wasn't quite burnt out so I opened the front and it immediately started to crackle and spit! Lots of tiny sparks? I put a small piece of wood on top closed it all up and it caught! 

Off out I went.. 

Came home.. five hours after placing that tiny piece of wood.. a tiny spark remained, so I put an envelope on top, secured with another small piece of wood and it caught! Three hours later I've added just one log of wood now.. 

Never been like this before! Very odd! But very good! 

Just finished watching Back to the Future.. Christmas must-watch movie! Yesterday was Home Alone #1 and #2!

Anyways! Between town for coffee and freezing my butt off.. blue finger nails and cold through.. I had to move my car at last, so drove to Aldi in Coín for milk and a few bits, was still early so drove around to Mijas pueblo, parking up near the top and walking down to the town. Still windy! 

I had a really lovely wander around, didn't stop for coffee, but went into the ermita de peña.. said a few words of remembrance.. 

Took the photograph beneath..


Which strangely doesn't look real here! 

Beautiful view over the coast.. 

Tempted to drop into the garden centre for more plants but maybe Saturday..

Feeling like a piece of music should be here now.. 

Let me look! What you don't know is there's a gap here of nearly two hours!! 

I went to YouTube and clicked on my playlists and weirdly after about six months? Of having this phone.. the music I had previously downloaded and paid for music that had been on my old phone and NOT transferred here.. was an option to download!!!??? Wtf?? 

Still, it's here, and oddly as is the way of the world, and only talking yesterday about thoughts becoming real.. I now have it all back!! The most is music I bought through Google rewards.. and once Google music went the option to download to YouTube, being Google came, and I did it, but new phone and nada nada monada!

Even this morning I thought again how I wish I had my downloaded music available! Two thoughts in two days and the magic happens! 

Mmm anyway, I saw the one I was going to link to here, Rag'n'Bone Human and it was playing while I scrolled and clicked 'download' I, unfortunately for you and I both, hit play in queue on a track and next to auto play was this instead.. 

Lewis Capaldi Someone You Loved..

Good video also.. 

It made me have to get up and do stuff rather than sit and get melancholy.. 

Enjoy! Or not.. 

I have my music back.. a nice gift..