Sunday, December 21, 2014

Received a gift a few weeks back, a great box of Scottie biscuits!  The tin, and the biscuits therein!  Only opened them last evening, didn't realise the buscuits were doggy shaped, how cute are they!!!
And now, of course, also I will have to keep the tin!!! Another 'keeper'... Was thinking yesterday I will have to get rid of my post card collection... why do I have them? why do I keep them? I never look through them after all...  Mmmmm strands of Christmas blues coming through.... I have been fighting them off, because this Christmas we have a baby due!  Barry and Heidi's baby girl!  I must get rid of my Christmas low once and for all this year, just hard, after so many years of feeling this strange loss of something at this time of the year...

....and here below, already in a store down the road a way... Cadbury's Creme Eggs already!! What the heck is going on, at least give us the travel adverts, the sales all over the place adverts... and then, second week into January let the mad crazy [Easter]Egg race begin!!

Couldn't believe it when I came across them!!  Had to snap up the Kodak moment to share!

In Cardiff last week I noticed a girl bending down to peer at a post in the street!  Unsure of her sanity or health!  I looked at where she had looked, in so doing giving the same impression to others of that I am in no doubt! And there... as you see below it said 'Look inside'.... so I did, I had to!  And no I didn't get a black rimmed eye, no trick involved... but a brilliant small still life....

There!  Ladders, people! Ha! Who would have though it eh... and more in the street, next time, more small life in posts, I will post here!

Did have a very yummy doughnut though, Krispy Kreme doughnuts no less... and just looking at this link... I see they deliver on line!! Are they joking!!! Okay, this will quieten down my Christmas gloom, or at least give me so many calories I won't be able to run from it, and thereby face it at last head on...

OMG a doughnut tower... that, of course I realise could not be for one person... however much an addict one could be of Krispy Kreme... although... I don't know, maybe give it a go eh!?!


Sunday, December 14, 2014

Formby Beach, Liverpool coastline.

Some photos I took on the beach in Formby, on the Liverpool coastline...

Above some of the wind turbines out at sea...

These sand dunes look almost identical to the ones in Pembry, and the walk to the beach the same too!  I could have been picked up and dropped in either spot and not know where I was!!!

With the naked eye... the above looked more like one of those monster machines from War of the Worlds!!  Thankfully able to zoom in with the camera an oil rig came into view.... as if floating above the sea, its legs dangling down ready to make a move onto the planet Earth!

On extra 'zoom in' above still looks a strange thing indeed!

The path down to the beach at Formby, it was a long, long walk from the car park!  An observation deck half way had been where I was headed, and thought it the beach, but no!  Still further to walk, first up hill and then down!


Saturday, December 13, 2014

World of frost!

Today some frosty shots from this morning, all below in the back garden, the one above, the top of the car! Looks like a soft plush white fluffy  rug on top!  It wasn't! it was ice particles looking very fluffy! So cool!!!! lol

The butterfly tree looking decidedly iced!

Now, you see really the big camera should have been brought into the picture here, excuse the pun! Too blurry above, especially as I had a hot cup of coffee in one hand the phone in the other and had to tap the screen without either spilling or dropping either item!

Dew trapped over night on the leaves here... little tears of cold, droplets of plant fuel... held in frozen anticipation of a wintry sun...


Monday, December 01, 2014

Here I am on location! That sound cool doesn't it, although here I am at work is the deal... I am placed in a region not mine, but when told the location I had to do it, that and not good idea to turn down work of course!  But here I am, near the land of my grand father, he was born in Rice Lane Liverpool, I am near Southport, so not that far away, but this town seemed familiar and looking on the map found its right next to Formby! Where my great grandfather and mother lived their final years and died...

I have now walked the street they lived in, a couple of times, unfortunately I couldn't find the exact house as I only know the name and no number... But, well near enough, no no, anyone who knows me knows that's not enough, feel very disappointed couldn't stop and stare and feel connected with their exact house and home...

I have been to Southport a few times now, if it brightens today I will go to the botanical gardens, but I have been to The Atkinson, a old beautiful building in Lord Street, spent an hour only appreciating local artists and craft work, really very good, wish I hadn't had to walk around so fast, galleries are meant for time, thinking, taking in...

Anyway... I have used the maps on my pho e to get about, which has worked both ways, sending me round in circles, literally!  I ended up following a random Mercedes the other day, I had been following signs for a shopping centre, the signs stopped and I figured she might be going that way... She was, so I did!

Had to pay parking, at a retail park!?! And in the town really expensive, bit like Neath, but then maybe with them both being coastal... (Mmm, true, not Neath! Lol), and here the beach is way away from the town centre!!

Tried to grab more photos, phone playing games!!

Posting now just in case!