Friday, May 27, 2011

Some more photos from last Sundays trip to the Ardales lakes... Hopefully some areas, most people seem to miss from their visits... I always have to go somewhere different, get off the beaten track, investigate paths not trod, oh anyway you know what I mean!

I just go my own way!

I really wanted to walk further along this path above, but I am holding the camera through a very high gate which was not negotiable, well maybe if I had a rope and tackle to get round the high wall which was hanging over the water!

This is the path you would come to if the bridge was till up, and they unlocked the gates and pathways down from the upper levels....

This bit above, with my shadow is looking down over another little bridge which leads to the water works bit! There were thousands of figs in the water, the wonderful fig trees there are unreachable by anyone, so not sure why so many young looking figs had fallen from them... but they were piled up, caught by rocks and puddling where the water had taken them...

Also loads of prickly pears, as mentioned yesterday... These though are up near the newer dam, looking forward to getting back here when all this fruit is in season, pair of think gardening gloves in my pocket eh!!

And above the tree near the church, zoom in and look at all the fruit, looks like loganberries maybe? But black... People were eating them and or, throwing them to the huge fish!

No more mobile phone news just yet, thought I would have a days reprieve, although did have to phone Telefonica this evening, have more crackle than Snap Crackle and Pop cereal !!!

Town was quiet today, well this morning anyway, our bar wasn't even open first thing, we moved the boardroom over the street, and looked down at our place, which did open, too late mate!!!

Last night we were kept awake by lots of passers-by, who wanted to talk very loudly, because they maybe were deafened by loud music further down the street... I am expecting the same thing for the next two nights, Pippa has been told, but she says she will still get up-set and bark at them for disturbing our sleep!


Thursday, May 26, 2011

All these photos today are taken at the lakes, we were there on Sunday... Beautiful day... Look at that wonderful rock formation above, when we got close you could see a man made pillar to hold that great overhang from falling down and bringing the mountain with it!!!

My little computer here is going so slow I am typing away and nothing is appearing until two lines later, very frustrating and annoying and driving me mad, not the only thing today either, but will tell that after these photos! If I can get this bit done that is!!

OK photo above taken from the top of the dam, looking down at the very still and murky looking lake! Thats the bit with the steps and gardens that are off limits... I think because once down at the bottom there.... see below.....

... here we are below now! There sort of left of centre... is a bridge which is broken... So maybe 'they' think it would be dangerous having those gardens etc open to the public, but they must have been closed for a long time now, pity, that would make a great walk through those woods and over the lake... Still its nice to see from the other end isn't it.... We were down here once before and Tony and Franco got hold of some prickly pears, much to their discomfort!!

Above classic photo of the lakes, near the Kiosk restaurant... if you zoom in, kind of in that little dip after the forest on the left! You can see some of the wind turbines now... They were not here two years ago! I think they look wonderful, amazing...

Look how deep the water is, its amazing those eucalyptus trees don't rot!

Ok, can't wait any longer.... Today, this morning 10am at a mobile phone shop... To cancel the contract and go back to pay-as-you-go, type thing, the monthly bills are way too high, and we have never received a statement, so who knows what's been going on.... Anyway, I digress as normal! So, first in, first to be served.... 50 minutes later out of the shop, only one number sorted out, mine still to do, it has to be done at 6pm this evening, apparently it was 18 months ago to the day I began the contract, freaky isn't it! So also lucky, must admit I hadn't remembered I had taken an 18 month contract, having been with 'them' before, and using them for nearly 10 years... Sorry off again aren't I !!! So came back just after 6pm... 20 minutes later was told, no has to be 6:49 exactly, so its 18 months to the date and time! Out for a coffee, back at 7pm... Ten minutes later than time... just in case! Back on the phone... and NO NO NO!!! If I cancel the contract today, I will have to pay a cancellation feeeeeeeeeee!!! WHY??? Who knows!! So I can't do it tomorrow, no here in Alhaurín anyway, town is closed... period! Feria weeks remember!!!

What a nightmare!!! The poor people in the shop, it wasn't they're fault... but the people on the phones... But for me, the nightmare will go on until I have managed to cancel it!

And now for me its time for tea!


Friday, May 20, 2011

Giant Asparagus! Wow eight foot hight so far, amazing!

Should have posted this on April first though shouldn't I! So ok, its Agave! But looking like this? Hay gotcha didn't I!!

Today, this evening hospital appointment, I had an MRI, unexpectedly... I knew the department I was going to, but not until we were outside the door with 31 on it, did I find out this was what the appointment was for!

Few people waiting, about 45 minitues late getting in, and out just over half hour, mas ó menos! On our way home 7:15pm... Seemed so late to be coming out of a hospital appointment eh!

Firstly, after being settled onto the machine the doctor placed an awful thing over my face, like a mask, with a mirror! So although laying down and looking up, I could see my legs and her face on the other side of the glass wall! When she put it on I said.... "Ah, Silence of the Lambs" which made her laugh!

Then she wasn't laughing when she came back to me, pulled me back out and took it off, she realised I wasn't having my head scanned!

So that was better, horrid thing, the mask.... and the MRI machine, its noisy, sounds like being in a hole with a dozen workmen using those hammer drill things, although it sort of had a tune, now and then... ba ba ba ba, bounce bounce bounce! Sounded like being in a rave, not that I have actually been to a rave, but how I imagine one to be like!

I thought I would jump when it first was about to start, but there was a light knocking noise, before each bout of scanning... I had earplugs in, didn't get those last time I had an MRI, I think that was back in about 1994....

Anyway, all done now, and just have to wait till May 31st for results...

Before I go, did a funny thing on the way there in the car, was chatting with friend and was telling her about the bread pudding another friend had made this week, saying it was the best bread pudding I have ever made... and you know when you mix words up? Putting either two words together or swapping the first couple of letters around.... I did that, and will tell you what I said instead of best bread pudding.... Breast pudding!!! LOL, and did we laugh? Yes, for ages!


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Got my glasses back! Thank goodness, what a nightmare! Above photo taken in town, a classic eh, three ladders up to the balconies....???

And below, two, not so great photos, as photos of photos! A friend in work had taken them the evening before, she had gone out to her garden at dusk and there was this animal leaning over her fish pond!

What a face eh! Intense look about it, strange but beautiful... Lastest is its a Genet... At first Civit was the best idea, although some of photos didn't look quite right for it to be a Civit...

And a Twitter follower suggested the Genet, and I am sure this is it.... Look at the tail! How long??

Interesting read on both of the animals, of which I am sorry to say I had heard of neither!!!

Work was ok, time went bit slow, and there seemed to be no people out and about at all! But we did good non the less, which is why we are there!

Weather has been a mix of hot sun, or pouring rain! We even had hailstones yesterday afternoon, and thunder and lightening early hours of this morning! What is going on, its May!!!

The Feria in town next week, so does this mean rain or sun!!!

Pippa still is coming to terms with all the noise and turmoil of the May celebration rockets, she is still hesitant going out for her walks, we come to full stops, or she only wants to go down dead end roads! My poor little baby....

I have hospital appointment again tomorrow evening about my hip, don't really know who with! And results are now on May 31st, got them brought forward by a week, better than nothing I suppose.

I have been training on a Wii fit plus, did some of the sports stuff last week, but began a proper routine yesterday only, and yesterday my wii fit age was 51, today, only 24hrs later I am down to 39! That's better!!!

Glad I burnt off some calories earlier, a friend gave me a wonderful piece of home made bread pudding, which I ate with custard just now!! Although not sure that's the point of burning calories? So you can eat them up afterwards???

I'm spending too much time on solitaire, and seem to be making my way through every 80's hit on YouTube!

And today, feel like I am saying so much about nothing, and nothing about things I should!


Monday, May 16, 2011

A different view of the lakes, not seen before by me! Just before we came out on a reservoir we knew well!!!! From a road not previously driven because we thought it out of bounds!!!

Not sure what I was taking here... above? But a pretty looking field of something or other eh!!!

Above and below more taken in Setenil de las Bodegas! When your sitting there looking at the mountain and the houses, it looks more like the mountains have moved over the houses, rather than the houses being built beneath the mountains!

I know I took the pic above before, but look how close the mountain is to the bedroom balcon above! A matter of what? Two or three foot at the most! I must admit, I wouldn't like to see that view from my window... Could feel a bit claustrophobic don't you think? Or depressing! I remember staying at a friends house in... Abertillery, Wales, and the mountains surrounding the houses were oppressive, seeming to lean down and over everyone... Although certainly not as close above!

And lastly, above, the castle at Olvera, one, for the second time I have been unable to get inside! I bet its not worth it! Is that it? There is a castle in England, I have always wanted to go inside, Bodiam Castle, E.Sussex. I have been as far as the car park a couple of times, but never inside, for one reason or another I cannot even remember now... One day I guess eh.... Have a look at the link, I think anyone would love to visit it!

Weather report - Bit cloudy today, but still warm, bordering on hot and muggy! No rain, although it looked imminent all day!

Work tomorrow, lost my glasses there last week, only need them for reading[!] So only put them on to do so, but wish I had kept them on, slipped out of my pocket... and into someone else's, [she thought they were a donation and took to try] luckily she is bringing them into the shop tomorrow, they didn't work for her! Surprise surprise... funny eh!!!! Had another pair on order, saw her an hour later, and got back on the phone to shop... so saved a couple of hundred pounds running into her, as just managed to cancel the order in time!!!

It is not enough to be able to drop your body
as easily as a bathrobe, take flight like the eagle,
enter the hollow hills, talk with angels, and
dance among the stars.

We must make the return.

We must live in this world and be gardens
for the dreams that want to take root in it.
~ Robert Moss, Dreaming True ~

Above taken, with thanks from

TTFN amigos

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Went for a day out today.... Long long drive, we started out towards the lakes at Ardales, but decided to try another route once we reached the town. And took the Teba/Ronda turn to the left instead! Driving through beautiful patchwork mountains, as above photo...its amazing how different the landscape is only half hour drive from here! Fields of rape seed, wheat, poppies! and herds of beautiful brown cows! Also, the most pig farms in one area I have ever seen! Not a pig in sight though, all tucked up in doors - not so good, or the smell!!!

We stopped first at a road side venta, two coaches had just pulled up and we managed to skirt around them and get to the bar! Two coffees and bread with oil... A nearby pig farm supplying the many jamons surrounding bar I imagine!

We were headed actually now for the turn for Arriate... To get to Setenil de las bodegas, where we have been a couple of times before, but has always been too busy to appreciate the village! Both above pics are amazing, well the subject matter I mean! The one below may be a bit confusing[]... I took a photo of the ceiling above the bar where we stopped for coffee, actually I had a beer, don't know why, just fancied one! Sorry I digress, and per norm! So the pic below is the cave above, and the stone was covered in cobwebs!!! Also there mid photo and down towards the bottom, is a swallows nest, so many birds flying to and fro, and so fast, they swoop down towards the cars while driving, or people while walking, what a game they have!

I tried to take photos I didn't take last time, but different day and less people, so hope I haven't repeated myself! More than usual!

Lots more photos, so will post more tomorrow, hopefully, not been too busy on here of late have I!

While walking in Setenil past a shop, the owner opened the door and told us to go in, have a look around! We did, well we really had no choice! He told us all the plates were painted by hand, here in the town, well that would be good, it all was 20 years ago, but I think most of what you see on the markets these days is not Made In Spain any more!

We went from Setenil to Olvera, it was almost as hot as when Tony and I were there in June one year, well seemed it, although it could the amount of up hill walking you have to do to get anywhere whatsoever! But a very pretty town, we went first to the bar in a plaza, we had a coffee, then started up the mountain to the church, Tony and I were too hot and too tired to go further up to the castle, so thought we would go today.... No chance! it was 1:35 and about to shut at 2pm, definitely not long enough for that climb! And also, they shut the doors!!!! Well time for lunch for them then I guessed! On the way into town we needed petrol, and I remembered a gas station on the left hand side of the road, I know I had only been to Olvera once before, but I did, and it was...! Funny how I remember that but go to put the cereal into the refrigerator!!!!

So back down, took a couple of photos from a distance, back to the car and off again! We had passed a sign for Campillos, so went back to that junction, and took that route back towards Alhaurín, although, no where near it yet of course! And the journey took other turns well before we got back here!

We ended up coming down the road we had originally started from, my now famous road to the hospital! We were on the other hand nowhere near it, being still in the lakes vicinity! We had passed a turn and thought to turn back to it, so we did, and began a new journey around the lakes we had never taken before, getting a bit confused[], which is unlike me in this area! hahahaha!!! We were very confused actually, then ended up coming to a road we knew!?! I have spent years travelling around the lakes here, and still find a new bit!

phew... So from there, we were going to have a coffee at the Kiosk bar, but was busy, too busy, so off to El Choro, where else! And had a coffee there! Sat by the railway lines, watching the birds go by, well lots of dogs anyway! Apparently they are going to renew the whole of the Kings Walk, and the whole area around there, I suppose, that will be good, but so many times, in the making of something better, you lose some of the old, which was the reason it was good in the first place, the roads will be wider, the place tidied up, new this and new that, and soon, the 'thing' it had will be lost.... Its going to take about five years, so we have time yet to get the best from the way it is now! [does that make sense?]

I am not sure in what way the Kings Walk will be left, if people will all have to use the rope and tie thing, rock climbers equipment etc, or if it will be safe to just stroll around the narrow walkway, but we will never, I am sure, be able to get to the narrow bridge over the gorge we have taken before, in the way we did!!!!

Just watched a bit of Planet of the Apes, the old one, but, in my opinion[!], the best! The final words when Charlton Heston sees the Statue of Liberty... "oh my God, we finally did it! blah blah blah..." It was of course, only a surprise the first time I saw it, but still this bit is the best bit of the movie, the realisation of what has happened!

Its taken about two hours to do this Blog today, stopping for breaks... friend at the door, Pippa barking at passers by up at the back, coffee making, phone calls, oh washing up the dishes and washing my hair! Oh and send an Ecard!!!!

Ecard for friends who had a lovely BBQ on Saturday afternoon, beautiful food, wonderful surroundings and good people... Wasn't there long, and should have stayed longer... Thanks again amigos!

After not Blogging for a while my mouth seems to be running away with itself now, or my fingers over the keys anyway... So I better quit before everyone falls asleep!

More photos tomorrow amigos, adío!


Sunday, May 08, 2011

Dixie Chicks, Lullaby

If you have a Mom in Heaven!¸¸.•*"Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ"*•.¸¸
If flowers grow in heaven Lord, then pick a bunch for me; place them in my Mom's arms and tell her they're from me.
Tell her that I love and miss her, and when she turns to smile, place a kiss upon her cheek and hold her for a while
Miss you still MOM ♥
Mothers day today in the states.... As Mom and I are American I guess now we can celebrate today...

Photo above one of my favourites of Mom and I in Cadiz, with Tony, holding the camera of course!

Beautiful weather today, just sun and sun and more sun... At last and wonderful, went to La Trocha market in Coín this morning, nice walk around and coffee with apple strudel... again! I am going to start to look like a piece of apple strudel soon!

Washing has dried on the line and I really should be bringing it in, or it will feel like cardboard... Though it probably already does!

We had a power cut this morning, about 8:30, and was out for a couple of hours, it went off again later, and once dinner was in the oven, it went off again! So had to shift some of dinner out of the electric counter oven into the gas oven!!!! We ate meals at different times therefore!

Missed the Grandprix too, no tv, and then the battery went on this, it only lasts less than half the amount of time it did when it was new... Wonder if this is normal??

Power went again, I think? Anyway was off most of day in the end, back now of course! Or I wouldn't be writing this now...

Can't seem to get house straight today, everywhere I go there is something that needs putting away, so am leaving it now and going to chuck it all out later... Hate it when there is stuff everywhere, can't get my head straight, like a tidy desk at work[when I was], can't work in a mess!

And I am so tired, not had afternoon nap for ages, and ages, but today just couldn't keep my eyes open any longer, not helped by the late night noise outside the house, the end of green week, lots of beautiful plants and decorations outside many of the houses in the area, so last evening everyone went to look, at all of them, taking a band and rockets with them, culminating in fireworks about 12:30am!!!! Then people were walking home from it! I had at one point switched off the tv, but turned it back on at tried again at 1am...

After last week.... What night? Can't remember! Oh yes, Tuesday night, end of celebrations in town, they ended with fireworks at 2am.... yes 2am, and were set off behind the house, Pippa hasn't gone any further than the row of houses we live in, and just round the corner... Then she pulls us home, this morning I didn't even bother trying, not so much for her this morning, was so tired!

Then had to do all my bathroom stuff in the dark, well with a tea light to see by... That was fun!!! What the heck did we do without electricity!?! I know I never actually have had to, but its the same when the phones aren't working isn't it!

Even when I know the electric isn't working I go to switch on a light, or the kettle etc, or think, "shall I watch a DVD then if the tv isn't working?"

What else? La Cala market yesterday, nice morning, sun out, had the roof down on the car on the way home which was wonderful! Stopped into garden centre on the way home for coffee![read tea]...

Loads of tourists at the market, good good good! I got a couple of new charms for my bracelet, a little Buddha and a monkey! One of the three wise monkeys that is!

Last week.... Oh heck forgot I had the hospital on Tuesday didn't I, and I was going to let you know the results... And not leave you waiting! Well, I am still waiting so there we go, what's new!

We were on time, well early, went in early too, Whoopee, he, the doctor asks me if I have my heart monitor results???? So, that was it really, he beat up my hip and its still in agony, wrote out a paper to send me elsewhere for that and told me to come back in the morning and to try to get my results and come back to see him ASAP...

... So we were back early Wednesday morning, and up to where I got the heart monitor before, I asked for the results, she printed them out, got them signed and gave them to me, the doctors assistant could have done that the day before, took two minutes!

Then to the appointments desk, lucky there too, but in getting to the desk only.... only two people ahead of me, not 102, so five minutes and up I went, told him the doctor wanted to see me ASAP as I now have the results he wanted yesterday, but 'he' said I had to have the other appointment first, then see the doctor, they will phone me, and my appointment with the doctor is June 7th!

I very stupidly translated what I could of the results and then Googled them! Big mistake, I now have all sorts of bad things and may not get to finish this post!!!

S'ok, still here...

Although going now, tired, and need to get in washing... I am posting a beautiful YouTube video on here, I heard this song last night, well this morning to be precise, on a tv program, Medium.... This song is so beautiful.... Enjoy.... Its Dixie Chicks and Lullaby...

Life begins and ends in a moment and life can change in a moment. All we have are moments.


Monday, May 02, 2011

Its been the longest time.... whoa oh oh... The longest time since I last blogged amigos!

Weather has been a mix of rain and sun! Tomorrow is the last day [apparently], then we have summer, but no one is holding their breath!

We have gone from the Semana Santa celebrations straight into Green Week, April 24th through to May 8th I think.... And its our church of course, the Santa Vera Cruz, so its noisy every evening, and last couple of days have each begun with rocket fire, 20 or 30 or more rockets, setting off the dogs, Pippa went for nearly 24hrs without taking a pee!!!! She refused to leave the house this morning for a walk, we got into the car park and turned right around and pulled me home! Yesterday morning we were out minding our own business when the rockets started and she pulled me home, I had to run she wouldn't walk, and was so terrified, my poor little baby.... Then last night right after her dinner, again they went off, and her dinner lasted inside her very nervous body about ten minutes, maybe! She refused to even go up on the terrace, and eventually went to the toilet this afternoon!!!! I was worried she would damage herself by not going for so long!

Last week we, me and two friends, went to Torremolinos for breakfast, a walk, back up into the town! Those steps, again, only I did them better this time, I should be running up them soon! I also popped into one of the Tobacconists I worked in! Said a quick "hello" well "hola" and besitos all round!

Then we went to Ikea, a friend wanted a frame, and he had been trying to get one elsewhere, he gave up! And although both have an almost morbid fear of Ikea, we went! Me, as you know, I love it there! I showed them immediately the quick way out! Well just in case one of them panicked! This being a real possibility! Then we had lunch! Meatballs of course for me! And coffee's.... Then we skipped the up stairs, they didn't know they could[????] and a quick run around the kitchen bits and short cuts to the frame, and out! The longest bit probably was the check out! But they lived to fight another day didn't they, and was quite pain free!

Been to La Trocha market last two Sundays, bit quiet there... Few marketeers missing, and lookers.... although I am maybe going quite early so possible filling up at a more normal time!

Oh and went to lunch with friends Thursday... What fun! At a road side bar I had never been to before... five of us.... The birthday boy ate something that gave him an immediate upset stomach... and a bad case of hic ups followed, and I mean bad, so bad, he was sick! Right there! At the table!!!!! The food only tasted of salt, the main course, apart from salt was literally swimming in yellow oil, as in over used, the fries were bottom of the frier condition... Passing cars caused dust and debris to fly over the wall around the terrace we were sat at! And 'things' fell from the tin ceiling, into food and eyes!!! [medical assistance needed for the eye!] I'll stop here, enough is enough, I'm really milking the thing now!

So, somewhere I have been now, that I hadn't and won't be revisiting again!

Oh oh, and of course the Royal Wedding! Friday, between William and Kate... I sat through the whole thing, watching every detail, I couldn't help myself, I loved it! And cried here and there, thinking of how Princess Diana would have been so proud of her oldest Son, and remembering Tony was born just a week from him... There was a present to those whose sons were born on the same day! But Tony was on time... So, no present, except the best present of course Tony, you!!! Sorry, still in soppy mood obviously!

I have the hospital tomorrow evening, results....

Won't leave it to Blog too long, I am sure everything is good to go!
"Any life, no matter how long and complex it may be, is made up of a single moment - the moment in which a man finds out, once and for all, who he is." - Jorge Luis Borges

Photo, one I took in Torremolinos few years back