Sunday, January 19, 2020

Foggy this morning here on placement...

Said 1° and feels like -2°... And it sure did!

Was lovely walk this morning, breathing in caused my eyes to freeze! Lol... Instead of brain freeze from ice cream I had eye ball freeze from breathing in through my nose!

But the air s just so beautiful, fresh clean frozen air.. felt wonderful...

Yesterday took some photographs of the black swan.. he was alone in being black, his wings tinged in white, someone told us the other morning whilst watching him, he has a mate, and also when he flies his wings are white...

Hope he has a mate.


Saturday, January 18, 2020

Kinver Edge.. Rock Houses... Today out working, this is where we visited..

Not quite Setanil.. but beautiful mountain climb, amazing forest surroundings, red sandstone.. gorgeous.

Been a bit damp and rainy for last couple of weeks, and last night a frost. Was about 6° today, felt like 2°!

My very own coffee cup above.. beautiful reminder of a lovely placement, in a very beautiful town.


Monday, January 13, 2020

There truly is no end to grief...

For goodness sake.. love those you love now, tell them now, remember all the wonderful amazing happy things now, pin them down in your memories... Because one day, when the shit hits the fan it's the shit that sticks.

The last awful moments, the last awful days.. weeks if you're lucky, months if they were not, and don't that the wrong way, but being with someone suffering is worse than anything, watching, seeing, feeling their pain, it's a living death.

This morning, tearing through me, applying face cream to a lady I am supporting... Reminded me of ten years ago now, my mom in Watford General hospital... The the care home for her last time, applying her face cream.. her eyes searching mine.. the knowledge.  I am so broken.