Friday, April 23, 2021

Not sure if I posted this before? It was part of a hedge, and you see where the two plants which must have been spliced together when originally grown in a nursery.. the main plant variegated red, and I'm guessing this larger leafed plant is maybe the stronger plant added for .. strength, resistance maybe? And you can see where the two have now seperated, one leaf red.. 

I think this happens when the original splicing has happens when the earth has dropped away down past the joining .. and the secondary plant gets the light and begins to thrive.

Mmm okay! This is way too much for me ..

I was saying this early, but days ago..

So now, it's Friday April 23rd.. 

Been awake since 4:15 got up, then back to bed, and finally up at just before six.. once the brain starts it's incessant gabbling it seems pointless to just lay there listening to it like you're a third party in the proceedings!

I've already very quietly got a coffee.. 

The day bodes well, another stunningly beautiful day here.. daylight before five! Can't wait to get home, it's still dark.. none of that early sunrise in Andalucia.. we get to keep the night for longer.. 

I think here on this placement I've had a day of drizzle, a couple of days of cloudy weather and all the rest beautiful sunshine.. sat out in the garden with the lady, soaking up the sun.. been beautiful.. England in the spring, the flowers and trees all in bloom, luckily no hay fever.. There is one tree in England and the odd something or other for me at home that causes me to sneeze, otherwise I'm luckily okay with that.

Now the bird song.. from 5am??? Enough already!! 

I am very tired, when I'm home I shall sleep, a long long sleep.. although I have so many friends to catch up with now.. I think, still all being well, we can travel a bit more, not out of Andalucia yet?.. but my calender is filling up.. so many people I haven't been able to see for over a year.. 

And destinations, small road trip is on my list, two stopovers and reach my friends up the coast, if we can escape our confines.. if not.. it's a one stop and return..

I also have two legal requirements to get sorted, first to pick up something waiting for me, secondly get back into the health system! I'm a walking time-bomb now, can I write bomb on my Blog? 

I'll have to book triple appointment and take a friend to reel off the list, with more urgent needs at the top down to the flotsam and jetsom.. which need to be!

Okay.. work calls.. 



Sunday, April 18, 2021

Bird on a Wire..

Mm been a long time, sometimes things get heavy in my mind.. 

Heard a good song earlier, Rag'n'Bone man and Pink.. Anywhere away from here.. excellent combination.. link here..

Been in this placement a week, one to go.. nine weeks away from home, seven too long. 

Very nice location, lovely customer, but again sleeping issues, I have to try to not focus on that, soon I'll be home and if I'm awake all night? Who cares eh.

Been catching up on some movies when I can, saw an old movie, Bird on the Wire.. Am I the last person to see this? I've heard of it, Goldie Hawn and Mel Gibson.. the theme song is so beautiful, by the Neville brothers.. Bird on a Wire.. link here..

Double for your money today with music suggestions..

I think the last song should be my end song.



Thursday, April 01, 2021

Four years

Trying to find words where there really are none, yet still the need to not be on these pages empty and without saying something.

I looked for a photograph but couldn't find anything to help or explain.. 

Its not an empty day, I'm lucky to be with family, two beautiful grandchildren with their smiles laughter and hugs and kisses.. 

Our third grandbabies 1st Birthday today.. and without my amazing family and friends I wouldn't have got this far.. thank you all for being.. just being.. 

But I have a shadow near me, close, a blink of an eye away, and I keep catching my breathe.. 

We all have so much to be thankful for, but there are times like these when we long for one last day with those we've lost.

Here is the place, where shadows play..