Thursday, August 30, 2012

Tony and Kate are back from their Wedding in Vegas, can't wait to see them! The Wedding web-caste was wonderful, looking forward to seeing the photos now, but especially them...

Now, to totally change the subject, and its going to be a weird subject amigos!  I spend so much time at night awake, despite being so tired all day!  I wake from my many and very varied dreams, I seldom have a lucid dream, so as far as I am aware whilst dreaming, its life, not a dream, however bizarre, however weird, and where it is I am, is very much real to me!

Okay nothing strange in what I have said so far, but the other night, asleep, I asked myself "if I am in a strange dream, and I die, will I stay in that dream?"  Then I woke up!  And wondered again, if I die in one of my really weird, strange, scary dreams, would that be where I would stay!!!  I mean, of course not, but I don't like the idea of a strange dream being the last thing I take with me from this world!!!

See, you warned you it would be a weird thing to say.... answers on a post-card please! And I will leave you to debate this amongst yourselves!


Monday, August 20, 2012

Oh well, apart from a possible depressing photo above its also very small!  Which I suppose is the same thing!

Mmm, been 10 days since last post, time seems to be passing at a rate of knots! Today went to Cardiff with a friend, she needed company and directions, so I gave her both, she had a whole tonne of forms to fill out for a new job she is starting next week, and from there we hunted down another place she is having a three day training thingy, then it was to town, to Neath, we had a coffee, sitting in the lovely sunshine at the Roundhouse, a quick trip to her house, then back home about 4pm, long day!

And tomorrow we're meeting up with friends from Alhuarín!  This will seem strange, seeing friends from there, here!  Looking forward to seeing them, they live here half the year and near our house in Alhaurín the other half!

Wednesday more blood tests, others were two weeks ago, the receptionist at my doctors knows me by name already! How very sad!

Think I have lots to tell, but am too tired to think now, must try and write stuff down when I think of it.... the other night I couldn't sleep with things to add to my next book!  So not having pen nor paper, I spoke into my mobile, using the voice recorder thingy, when I played it back the following morning I sounded really creepy, like something from a horror movie, I was whispering and sort of growly!

Hope I can instil that feeling into my book!

Over now, and very much out!
ps sorry if this post sounds a bit strange, I am feeling a bit strange! ;-0

Friday, August 10, 2012

Is this a really freaky photo?  Where my Dad grew up on 9th Av, NYNY....

Seem to be having another spell of orphanhood, [oh real word!!!] thought spell check would underline in red!!  The other day, woke up from afternoon siesta, can I still have these now I don't live in Spain anymore?  Yes of course I can, in fact need to more these days!  So, I woke up and my very first instant thought was 'must phone mom'... 2 and half years later, and I still have this urgent need to call her, infact, as time goes by the need is greater... I wish she had been here, visited with us in this house, these mountains, these towns, back in Alhaurín and the coast I could always see us there, sad enough it was, but at least she felt near there...

So to a brighter note before everyone empties a box of kleenex!  Pippa's vocabulary is now so good, so great, we actually have to spell some words out in front of her!  Incredible!  The mere mention of 'biscuit' 'dinner' 'lets go up'[the garden], are but three, its like talking in front of a small child when you don't want them to know what's about to happen!!!

Yesterday down at our local beach, trying not to take too many photos, repeats of that is, Pippa decided the sea gulls were sitting targets on the other side of a dip on the beach still full of sea water, she ran straight in, then stopped, and like Bambi proceeded to jump up in the air in a panic, because the water was so deep; she was totally soaked through, she came back to us to show how wet she was before shaking herself free of the excess water, but not enough, so got covered in sand and dirt and more water! Such fun!  When we got back I had to hoist her into the bath tub, and shower her down, towel her off, and still she thought it would be added fun to rub her coat further dry by running and rubbing all along the sofa, and into both bedrooms to make use of both beds!  Arh, my baby girl!

Went to Bridgend Designer outlet, so I am now going to be suitable dressed for my Sons wedding!  I cannot believe I am saying my Sons wedding?  He is still my baby, and no way am I old enough for him to be getting married!

I've opened up a new facebook page, for the books I have published,

Same name as my Blog for the same thing, just another place to put it all out into the world!

TTFN amigos

Saturday, August 04, 2012

Art Deco Dressing Table

Check out my Art Deco dressing table!  Its a cracker isn't it?  Picked it up at the market this morning, went for our months worth of meat.... and saw this on our rounds!

How much do you think?  come on have a try..... two big beautiful drawers then the two little side drawers, space between and at the back beneath the top shelf glass sliding doors no less!

It has a sticker on the top, I went over the store holder and said, well whispered really, didn't want anyone else to shout out their bid!  "Is that really free?"  he said yes!  It was free, nada, gratis, nowt and nothing!  Paid a tenner delivery charge... What a bargain eh!

I've wanted one like this for years...

Had some rain this morning, but once at the market, beautiful sun shine, all the way...

TTFN amigos

Friday, August 03, 2012

My beach!!!

Received an email today with the 1940's census for the states.... downloaded my Aunt Gloria and Dads from then, and checked out their home back then... tried to take a photo of it, but it came out bad, so left it for now, might upload it another time...

But got me to thinking how long I have been trying to find my brother[s], I know, I know, here I go again, I've mentioned numerous times a brother in the states and another in Japan... I suppose I can mention the mother of the American brother can't I?  I mean, I Blog so much it might get picked up?  He would be about 53years old at this time, Ummm don't ask!

So, his mom, Marlene E nee Ballamy, they married in Navada around 1960, I have absolutely no chance of the Japonese one, he was born when my dad was about 19 or 20 and a G.I. in Japon!  so he would be about 67!!!  I don't know why, but I don't think either of them are alive now... even the younger one....

Tony and Kate are getting married in less than three months!  I can't believe it, my baby!!  They are getting married in Vegas, keeping up a family tradition, that's Franco and I, my dad with Marlene, and now Tony and Kate!  Brilliant!

One of my cousins in the states, asked me today too, when was I coming over, so, there is no doubt now, we need work!  Franco's offer of employment must arrive immediately, and although I have a few, problems shall I say, I will have to put them to one side, and get a job, we need the money, I have too many plans, too many wants and needs, and maybe if I can work through the pain barrier, it might not be so bad on the other side!  I have up'ed my intake of painkillers, from four eight, well the instructions say its okay... so, there!

Now, to my publishing site, new book to show off with !

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Pippa down at The Quays last week, looking all cute and angelic!  Only we know the truth you little diva!  Next doors dog, just tried to get into our back patio just now, there is a gate between it, and the garden, which now the poor thing cannot get through!!

But he was crying and scratching, so I had to give in and take him to his mommy waiting on the other side of the wall!  He is so cute, getting bigger every day, soon, he will be too big to get through the hedge???  We think?

These pipes are across the beach, where we nearly got trapped!  You see the moon up there too?  Its going to be a full moon soon, that's good, just checked the moon calender thingy, the Moon was being full as I wrote this, so now its a full moon?!  I thought there was just a sliver missing, and on another site it does say the moon will be completely full in 8hours and 34 minutes, from now. 20.01!! So thats 04.34 then... I'll set the alarm!! So it is tomorrow which I thought, and now I am rambling away to myself tiredly... And then at the end of the month a blue moon, when we get a second full moon in a calender month!!

Better go....
Too much for my brain this late in the day, another book been finished, woke up with an idea in my head for another of my own! Think I am going to get a cheap Dictaphone for these middle of the night ideas I keep getting!  Did have one somewhere....

TTFN amigos...