Friday, January 27, 2012

Thunder, lightening and rain rain rain.... well I suppose it was bound to happen this month eventually!

Got four more books live on the Kindle this week, not bad going eh?!  One is a re do of How to Draw Cartoons, but the others are all new, check out the link over there on my PublishedByMe Blog.

Monday evening I went out with friends to say 'bye', I had been looking after their home here when they were away, so handed over the keys and had a great evening, wonderful food, down at a restaurant in town, great food, three courses, so my food baby was well in shape!!  We had a laugh, not late home, about 10:30pm.... Unlike last night, second night out this week, and not home until 11:30!  What a dirty stop out!  Went to another bar[!!] in town, not been in this one though, ever, 7 of us, a great laugh, and great tapas...

Rain was forecast for today, but usually it moves on to the next day, and then the next, then never even happens!  Hope Pip is ok in the house, with the thunder and lightening, will get home soon, bring down the persianas[blinds], up with the draw bridge and snuggle down for the evening, although I expect Pippa will keep her beady eyes on me, wondering if I am about to make a run for the front door again this week and leave her.... home alone....

Only a short Blog today, power might out, so will say adió amigos..

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Happy Birthday Mom.... and, as I said on Fb earlier, I am sending an Angel to you, with a hug and flowers from me...

Goodbyes, life is full of goodbyes... but each goodbye brings a new beginning, a new home, a new job, new friends... a new country... All waiting there with new possibilities!  I feel I am almost reaching my limit of goodbyes though... even the size of my font has changed and I can't change it!!!!

Well lets see what its like down here... Ok I was saying before I interrupted myself!  I feel there have been more goodbyes than 'hello's' but I know that's not true at all, even over the last weekend I met new people, new friends, and tha'ts how life is...

I remember buying Mom's last card, it was so hard to find one with the right words, and when she opened her cards, she read them, smiled, and asked for them to be taken home, she didn't want them there in the hospital...

I also know, not everyone by any means gets the chance in life to do what I have done, fulfilled a dream... I can never say I didn't try, I can say 'I did it!' and am glad of it! Millions of fantastic fabulous memories that I will carry with me forever and beyond forever! Pictures in my mind, sights and sounds, and smells! that will flood my mind for the rest of life, pleasurable thoughts... and friends, so many...

Well seem to be having a microsoft word problem it seems so the message reads! Also have been  uploading three more books onto Kindle so maybe that hasn't helped, trying to do so many things at once eh!

adio amigos..

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Hello folks...

Here I am at Papeleria Cristina!

Not so easy blogging in a busy place, next to other people, my flow... doesn't flow so easy!  Also my mobile isn't working now! Cannot make out going calls which could be a problem as I don't even have a  house phone now!  Still I can always scream can't I!!!

Have had several text messages this morning none of them that I can reply to in here, so sorry amigos! Hold that thought until I am outta here!

I must remember to make notes while I am blogging away from  home as it were, because sitting here now can think of nothing really...

The sun is shining, its cold in the shade but warm in the sun... the town is busy, sales sales sales!  There is nothing on the TV so I am reading, although yesterday I wore out my right hand on  my mouse!  Getting two more books Kindle ready, cutting pasting, rearranging, and doing all sorts, both will be ready to up load on Monday, although until Monday I cannot see if all the work I have done is even working, that's whats a little bit frustrating, and if I had a dongle, I think the downloads would be too heavy thereby using up in a matter of hours and not days!

Also, when I leave here, I keep thinking whatever I have looked at is actually on the computer at home?  I think that stems from all the days I used to carry my lap top to the wifi area, then leave open anything I wanted to work on, but of course, this isn't how it can work using a different computer is it! Bit weird how the mind works, or is it just me???

I can't believe it!  We already know one of our new neighbors!  Fantastic isn't it!  She is only a few houses along the street, a friend there already, that's great

Ok amigos, going now, done my time....
Will make notes for Monday over weekend...

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Well I am still here, I mean the internet!  Should be going today, so every moment is a bonus, and a surprise!

Have another two books now on the kindle, they will become 'live' tomorrow hopefully, see my link there on the right, PublishedByMe!

I am having so much fun doing these, its work, brain work, and sometimes for some reason something I have done only a day before gets lost in the maze which is my mind, and I have to come across the 'thing' somehow!  I was reading the other about ways to learn to remember things, placing the list of things in the rooms of your house, like the rooms in your mind!  This was definitely working for me, if only I could remember where I put my mind!

Yesterday we had rain, not heavy but consistent, if you know what I mean, with a capitol 'P'!  Yesterday afternoon, it cleared up and this morning after a chilly night we have or rather had, lots of snow over there on the Sierra de Las Nieves, [snowy mountain range to you!]  Also over towards Carratraca, and the wind turbines....It looked like icing sugar sprinkled atop the summits... but a couple of hours later, most had cleared, as today the sun shone and in the sun was quite pleasant!

Ok just a short Blog today, like me!


Sunday, January 15, 2012

To the left one of Christmas trees in Mijas pueblo, down on the lower plaza, it is a bit strange, zoom in to check it out, this is where I tripped down a small step too, hurting my ankle for the day and evening!  Silly step!

I could just eat some of those wonderful tapas Barry and I had that day in the new tapas bar... was talking about them last night, when a friend and I went to a new Curry house in town, don't get me wrong, the meal there was wonderful too, it just made me think of those tapas!!
We shared everything except the meal dishes, although we did have a taster!  We got a table for two, two of us, a couple of friends may have been joining us, they did half hour later, so we had to change to a table for four, although we were ahead of them in courses, we spent the last half hour watching them eat!

The photo on the left here I took early yesterday, Saturday morning, isn't it beautiful, the fog over the Guadalhalorce valley, I zoomed in to the
mountain there, looks like an island floating in a white sea.. actually looking at this two mountains floating there!

I have such mixed emotions going up on the terrace now, we have such a beautiful wonderful view from there, total coverage all the way from Las Delicias to the left across towards Malaga on the right, we see the sun rises, and the sun sets... The most truly beautiful view...

Our House!

The phone line and internet go on Tuesday, probably a nano second after mid night, so I will go to bed with the phone, not literally! and wake up without it!

Already feeling the missing part, like I am having something removed!  Over dramatic? Yes, maybe, but.... there it is, I use the phone and I use the internet, like you didn't know!

I will Blog off line, and post where and when I can, done that before haven't I! Time, and time again, so no change for you... just me...

This morning I have painting the kitchen ceiling, well just the bit where the new light fitting made where the old one was stand out!  I have cleared two kitchen cupboards, and in the last shelf of food, it is categorized into, to eat, to throw, or is ok to leave in there!

I have uploaded another two books over the last 3 days onto the kindle!

The Big Fibber Diet By Peter Maddocks

and Cartooning for Beginners in Spanish this time, this one will be live today!

I haven't done any more to my own book, too much going on, although without the internet, maybe over the next three weeks it will be done!

Feel sad to go now, last live Blog post from here!!! Everything feels strange now, everything feels like the last time, and I don't want it to feel like that, its daft, and unnecessary, I should just enjoy every day, on the day, neither thinking behind or ahead, we do after all only have today, every day! What is that poem? Today is the present, it is a present! so enjoy the present!

So now I am rambling, so, adíos amigos...
Catch you on run!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Franco has found us a new home!  Its unfurnished, but we will have lots of boxes! Thank goodness there is a cooker though, so at least we can eat!  I have checked it out on google map and the house looks lovely, the street really nice, views of the mountains! I have 'stood' in the street done a 360° turn, gone up the road, in five minutes your in the country until the next junction, then going the other way its a 20 minute walk into Neath town centre...

The house if off from the road, up some steps and Pippa will not be able to see anyone passing, or even the cars! 

At least all our things will be there, bits and bobs the week we arrive!

The kitchen light broke yesterday, well I broke it! Unintentionally I hasten to add, the bulbs had been flickering and I tried to take it out and broke the plastic hinge that was holding it in!  I thought, just buy a new tube and glue the thing in somehow, but a couple of people said the black powder over the inside of the light sounded a bit dodgy and that I really should get a new light fitting, so I phoned a friend, and he organised a mate of his to come and have a look, he was only half late, so not bad really, saw what was needed, went down the ferriteria and bought a new one!  Its so bright in the kitchen now, I fear the planes coming over to land in Malaga will mistake my light for the landing lights!!  Its so bright, the house is lighting up the whole town!! like Oxford Street during Christmas!