Friday, December 31, 2021

Happy New Year!


Was going to put a less happy emoji up as my final pic of 2021..

But, although there has been the lowest of lows.. there has also been happy moments.. 

Happy days, time with loved ones.. friends.. enjoyed happy times.. there has been laughter and good moments.. 

Mmmm I won't list the bad stuff.. we've all gone through bad stuff.. 

Happy New Year to everyone and all the very best, health, prosperity and of course happiness! 

For now, for me, here I sit on the downstairs sofabed.. wood burner going.. spent nearly three hours in urgencia today and more yesterday.. Today actually saw a doctor, unfortunately our local one yesterday was so busy he never made it back to base.. 

Today I went to the Guadalhorce Valley hospital again, just over two months from the last kidney stone exiting my kidney, the second has now, or is now? Doing so, and stupidly, extremely stupidly I googled the antibiotic she gave me, as only two doses and turns out to be one of the most lethal there is! And normally always only one dose! 

Ending the year missing the people I love..


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