Sunday, April 30, 2006

Sunday April 30th


hello! what a busy week!

sunday collected boys and mom from malaga airport, franco dropped me off and i awaited their arrival, flight came in ok, and tony phoned to say they were on their way down to collect the car so i went over to the rental car exit, would have been better if they had been straight out! i dont suggest waiting around there for long, you get some funny looks from the new arrivals lot! after half hour or so! i walked down the ramp and into the lower car park and caught up with them there, they had the car, but no keys! it took another half hour or so to sort out! but then we were on our way home!

monday i went to work as usual and mom came in too, had a good morning there were 5 of us, and it was very busy, a good morning, then we went home and got staight in the car and headed down to miramar, for a wander and to do some shopping.

tuesday we went to fuengirola and mijas pueblo, wednesday marbella and la cañada, and thursday we went to sevilla! long trip bit like when we went to cadiz with tony last time, it took us nearly 3 hours to get there and about 2 half to get back, apparently when three of us fell asleep and tony was ´left alone´he put pedal to metal! mom and i had been to seville before but the day had been wet and cold in february a few years ago, thursday was a beautiful day, sunny and hot, and we were there about 4 hours, parked as far away as possible, not intentionally and the street map we got only just had the car park on! they have a wheel like the london one, and it was feria week, loads of women and girls all dressed up in beautiful dresses, and all the carriages and horses looked fantastic, there were a few men in ´fancy´clothes too. it was a long day, and again, like cadiz, worth staying the night really.

friday we went to coín and here in alhaurín, most days the boys and i have walked into town in the late afternoon with pippa, and every morning we have walked pippa our usual walk!

friday evening was party night.... a very well behaved party for the bride to be´s hen night! honestly... so her kentucky groom has no need to worry! we didnt eat till very late and all the girls had arrived, and we left even later! must have been nearly one in the morning i think! and not a drop of alcohol touched my lips...and no i didnt use a straw! the waiter used to work in the morena where we had had lunch that day! it took me a while to remember where he had served me before!


just a view above of the middle of the table! lol not really... didnt have a camera, shame, one of the girls had bought a selection of items for the bride to be, a veil and flashing tiarra... very nice, she may well use it on her special day! a nice little two piece outfit... and a few other ´things´ that my mom probably hadnt seen before, infact i had´nt seen some of them before!!! was a very good evening.... congratulations, goodluck and the best of wishes to you both! have a fantastic and memorable day and wonderful life together, xx

tuesday had been our wedding anniversary... and cant wait to get married again... yes to eachother! one day we will go back to vegas and do it again, well just the big dress and smart suit, and walk the walk up and down the stip like two years ago, it was better than words can say, maybe we will have a blessing and even use a chapel where the web cam works next time! but we did think all our family and friends were watching...

yesterday! saturday we went to the marina in benalmadina and miramar in fuengirola ... today sunday... mom stayed at home and we went to walk the camino del rey in el chorro, but we couldnt the guard said it was not allowed anymore, bit of a disappoinment, tony had been along the tracks with us, but not barry now, not sure how permant it is closed for, it has always said ´do not cross´but no one took any notice, well now the six thousand euros fine is a bit more off putting! and thats probably each! glad we have already walked the walk, and now i think the only way is to rock climb... er no way jose! or to get around the other side and walk along the river bed and then climb up! well one day!

we found a new trail behind el kiosk restaurant and then found a new tunnel, so lost one thing and found two! and the new walk we can do with pippa, so next time we will take her and just do the lakes and the trail.

The end of one stage

is only the beginning of another.

Any dangers overcome

are a necessary preparation

to do better in the next stage.