Wednesday, March 09, 2016

A couple of frosty pictures from a couple of weeks ago... Above a tiny work of art, a piece of moss living on a shrub... So pretty...

I am off and away from here tomorrow, should have been leaving here at 2pm, but just changed the taxi from going to a nearby town as my train isn't until twenty to five and thought I would have walk about there, then get on the train which is a stop down from here, but checked with the taxi company how much and I am afraid fifteen pounds is a no no!! NO NO NO!!  So getting a cab now from here at about 4.30pm hope he isn't late!!! Five minutes from here, then train in five minutes!! ARhhhhh!!

So looking forward to going now, its been okay, all good, no problems... but still, home home home!  Firstly going up to see my grand daughter, can't wait!!

Then off on Sunday to the airport and home....
I am packed, as much as I can be, travelling so light now, worrying a bit about the trains, so many, well three, but its a five minute dash from this one to the next at Shrewsbury... last time I wasn't sure I was even on the right train!! And then off again at Birmingham... so busy there, and last time was a Sunday, this is 7.30pm Thursday evening, rush hour time still I am guessing!!!  I have 19 minutes if my train is on time, to get from one train upstairs, along a corridor and down another flight of stairs... Case and bags and me!  Then its off at Nottingham and onto a tram near the station... Don't panic eh!  Mmmmm!

I think tomorrow as I now have two and half hours before I get going I'll take a walk into the town here, if the weather is okay!

See you on the other side!


Friday, March 04, 2016

I am finding it hard going these days, it is six years ago... six years today... feels like yesterday, so much has happened since that I have to tell my mom, I still think to pick up the phone, still want to share my life... We are never prepared for anything really in life, and death we are least prepared for when our loved ones leave us... everything left unsaid, all the new stuff, all the silly stuff, the non sense stuff, and mom's want to hear all of it!

Its just gone 7am, woke up to a covering of snow, just like mom's final days... its snowing now, the sky a mix of powder blue and powder pink, and tears streaming down my face, it will be very difficult today, especially to keep smiling.

I hope I am taking my mom with me wherever I go, I want her to live on through my eyes, and to always live on through me, she is always in my heart and I keep her alive there...

To live on in our hearts is not to die


Wednesday, March 02, 2016

I took this the other evening, at sunset... well obviously!  I took it with my phone and posted it immediately onto Facebook and left... Later I realised its not quite what it seems...

The sky blues grays golden... comes down to what looks like mountains with reflection of the golden sky in water...

But it is the sky, then a bank of dark gray clouds and the sunset beneath... then in the dark are the real mountain range and the dark river with the trees in the foreground... You can even see a touch of green from the fields...

I must stop with the ...

I keep meaning to say, there is an enormous spider living on the stairs, he or she, has this little gap behind the carpet on a turn, and when I come up stairs the spider disappears back into the dark, 'he' was missing for a couple of days, which worried me, but back now! LOL  I was going to take a photo... but decided not too for fear of exploiting the poor thing!

Today I have booked flights! Always feels like a great deal of flights, but its only one a month, I used to spend more on car insurance and car payments, never mind the petrol, so still works out cheaper!  Booked my train ticket too for visiting Barry when I leave here in May.