Monday, September 27, 2010

Above, Mom and I outside the Louvre...

I wish I had written this earlier... because I have heard how much death duties I have to pay, and so am having a bit of a panic! Its not as much as I thought it would be, but its more than we have... put it that way, so not a happy girl, well panicking I think is what its called!

So I am going to continue as if nothing has happened! Luckily I had written notes this morning, so I will just go through them as if I am all A-OK! Which will be harder than I think...

ok... Stars! This morning when Pippa and I came out, the moon was bright, and there were hundreds of stars on the car park! It was like they had fallen to earth in the night! Over the weekend there was a wedding, and some hundreds of silver hearts and been blown from rockets and lay upon the ground! And this morning were glowing from the reflection of the bright moon.... Was beautiful....

Also, this time of the year the crickets are so noisy at night! And first thing in the morning, I am not sure what time is *first thing in the morning* for them! They are burning the candle at both ends big time right now! And so many different individual noises they make too! Different voices, of course! When you walk up and past where one is chirping away, it stops, then starts again after you have passed it by!

It was a right cacophony of noises this morning, some dogs in the campo had begun early, so there was them, the crickets, the roosters, a donkey or two giving his comment! And all this in the pitch dark of our early morning walk! With just the moon for company... oh and the other nocturnal creatures....! Turning up our street I had a shadow, then jumped as another joined it, mine also, from another street lamp... So, scared by my own shadow! There you have it!

Why did I write down El Dorado? Someone on FB was talking about where he is working and it looks like El Dorado, [the English TV series], and I wrote that its near here, the original one...

I suppose some people spend all they're lives looking for the real El Dorado dont they? The legendary Lost City of Gold....We can see it from the terrace!!!! And there's no gold there, but they're giving it a bit of a re-paint and making it look its formal glory!!!

Well that's my notes! This morning I went for my normal walk into town, had my BP done down at the farmacia, and then to Bar Cruz for té with friends, also I wanted to pay a bill, but was too soon, the machine, it said no! Paid our car insurance too, that came around quickly...

Saturday I was down town, too early for the farmacia, it opens an hour later on a Saturday, I didn't know, so wandered about, had a té and was still too early! I chatted and walked with a friend for a ways, she and her husband are moving back to England next month... Another, feels like so many are leaving, but then, people are buying their places, I guess its just an *all change*!!!

Feel silly having my BP done every day in the same place! But I have told them why, so there I am! And its only for a week, and I really should have done this six months ago, still better than than never! I am looking forward to getting in to see the doctor on Wednesday, sort of, I still need to write everything down in Spanish so I can tell him, and be understood, although I probably wont have any idea what he says to me! But tomorrow, its back to Cudeca and hopefully lots of local people in so I can practice mi español... trouble is, when I cant think clearly, as in panic, or its hugely necessary to do so... I have enough trouble speaking English, never mind Spanish!

Ok I am having trouble keeping thoughts of the tax and how to pay, out of my mind, not being helped by, also, today, a year ago, Mom and I were on our way to Paris... on the Eurostar... I am already finding it hard to cope, I am off now... I may be back!


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A few shots today of the trip to Bobastro Franco Pippa and I made a couple of years ago...

This place is soooo spooky! And now you have to go with a guide, first the place was impossible to find and now guided tours for the many!!

This place is very very old ...

And to quote Andalucia Travel Guide....

Bobastro was a Moorish city built in the late 9th and early 10th century by a Christian convert named Umar-bin-Hafsun who left his rather splendid home in Mijas to lead a revolt against the caliphal government of Córdoba. After his conversion from Islam to Christianity in AD 899 he built a church at Bobastro, the ruins of which can still be seen. For almost forty years (AD 879-AD 918) he ruled a rebel kingdom of some 8000 people from in his city on Las Mesas de Villaverde among the Tintilla, Castillón and Encantada hills. The views are stunning; the position inviolable.

After Umar-bin-Hafsun died his sons continued to rule for another ten years until they were, finally, defeated and captured by the Moorish leader, Abd-er-Rahman III. Rahman was neither magnanimous nor merciful in his victory and had the mouldering corpse of Ibn-bin-Hafsun exhumed and crucified alongside his sons in front of the mosque in Córdoba. Today no one lives in the remote and desolate ruins of Bobastro and there is little left, except an impressive Moorish arch and a few stones, of the once teeming city.

End quote....

Pip above looking for Franco who gone into the bar for coffees... anyone would think she would never see him again by the look of worry on her face.... bless her, my baby!

In back ground, if I remember correctly I may have mentioned this before, but look, there is the BBQ, and to the left the chicken coup! Only a short hop from home to hob!!!

This morning I checked my BP, a bit too high, 146/96, remembering, [well how could I forget], the nurse last week at my well women check said, if the lower figure goes over 90 you must go to the medical centre!

So down town I went to the farmacia to get them to check it too, well my reading could be wrong, but theirs was even higher, /99, so after a té and to and fro'ing, I forced myself to go to the clinic, I walked into the emergency bit, it was packed... and I just didn't know what to do, so left!

I popped into the Cudeca store and asked them, what to do? How do I sign in to the emergency room? I know this is silly, but, well there you have it!

So, after some information, I went back and lined up, and she entered my information and told me to take a seat, the same people were still in there, so I hadn't actually lost any time by leaving... The doctor called my name, well I say Doctor, I think she may have been a medic, rather than doctor. I have to go to the farmacia every day, and get the reading written down on the same card as today, and after I left her, I joined the line up [again], and made an appointment for a week today to see a doctor at the medical centre.... How we will talk to each other is any bodys guess, I must write things down, in both languages, take a dictionary with me, and cross my fingers... Or who knows what I shall come out with! Still I bit the bullet and did it! The medic was a bit cross I had known I had high BP since November last year.... ;-(

When I went back to book una cíta, a lady I know was in the line, so we chatted about the queing system there... or lack of it, what you do is, go and chat to someone in the line, then just stay there, it gets you in well up front of everyone else, or, you can just walk in and say that's where you would have been had to popped in earlier! Well that's what appeared to happen while we were there... It was like, only two people in front, but suddenly 5! And we were laughing at ourselves, I mean, honestly, what were either of us in such a hurry for anyway? Where did we have to go!

I returned to Cudeca to let them know how I got on, as they wanted me to... I start back there next Tuesday! Still have my sexy [not] tabbard, will be good to go back actually, good to have something to do and people to meet and talk to, and doing good for others of course! maybe I should have written that primarily!

I have missed so many peoples birthdays this year... As I speak I am remembering I have another coming up soon! I used to have them written up somewhere I can see them, but I moved it, planning to write everything somewhere else, and haven't yet!

Heck an 84 yr old Val Doonican on tv! Amazing! And even more amazing, sorry Val, but Avon just called she is bringing my order to me tomorrow at 5pm!

Hasta pronto amigos... Trying to learn a bit more Spanish too, Barry sent me a link to A language learning course, some of which is free, and very good! I better get practising, every day before the doctors, although once there I am sure everything will go out of my head as usual!

I helped a neighbour home with her shopping today, we had a conversation of sorts, but even the way she said house [casa] was different from the way I was taught it, she said it very heavily accented on the *s*, so heavy it sounded like caza! And just now when I translated it on the site I always use *caza* translates as *it hunts* !!!

What hope eh, what hope...

oh I said goodbye already!


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Couple of photos I took half hour ago, about 4pm, from our terrace... Its still hot here, low 30's, we were sat outside Bar Cruz this morning, *Networking*, and the sun came round onto us... phew, we upped and moved, to the confusion of the waitress, to a table in the shade, I should add!

Here is Pippa, as soon as we got up stairs she lay down to catch some sun! I bought some bubble stuff and have been blowing bubbles for her to chase which she loves, but worked out today, I can't take photos and blow the bubbles at the same time! So will get Franco to help with that one!

Yesterday I emailed Mercadona, gave up trying to get they're site to work and let me order... I just couldn't believe it, an hour later, head office on the phone, woman speaking English, I had emailed in English, they're site is in lots of different languages...

She asked how she could help! And she did! And I put in my order... And its been delivered this afternoon! Right on time... gracias Mercadona.... muy bien!

I ordered a whole bunch of vegetables, and have diced and bagged and put in the freezer, well I thought it was a good idea for Mom, so why not for us too!

Don't I wish the man at the bank was so polite and wonderful and courteous! As you can guess I had no option yesterday but to be served by him... Now serve gives the impression of helping? I was... oh this is going to be hard... He punched numbers on the keyboard, he huffed and puffed, he passed something to me... end of!

It rained in the night, lots by the sound of it, mostly dried up by the time Pip and I went out into the [what seems like] night early this morning, and strange sky it was too, although its been totally dark for the last week or so, this morning the sky had an orange/red spooky glow about it, I at first thought the Sierra was on fire again, but I think it was a reflection of the sun, still out of sight, but catching the low cloud cover and making this eerie glow about the streets...

Shoe shop in town, changing subject suddenly, selling last of sales shoes at 1€... I bet if I go back in tomorrow I will find the last day, was today!

I had been home an hour, and the mail man came past, alerted as always by the Pipster! So I collected the mail from our mail box, brought it in, finding that out of the 5 or 6 only one was for us, so I took the post to the house which used to have our number... and then to the house, which now has our old number... [still with me?] and collected 5 items of ours!!! The mail man came back past, and I told him what I was doing and why, hoping he could work out that if he puts mail into a house with *this* number on, and our name, then maybe he would wonder why he had put mail with the same name into a house with a different number! And I showed him our old number, which is on the mail box where he puts the mail!

His reply? He shrugged... I had spoken in Spanish by the way, he knew what I was on about...

Hey ho!

Love is a fruit in season at all times,
and within reach of every hand.
Mother Teresa


Sunday, September 19, 2010

I am sorry I am repeating a photo from last year.... As I have been looking back to this time last year, with our [Mom] trips to London and Paris.... because the quote at the bottom of the photo is so meaningful...

It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.

Very prophetic....

But to now, to the present eh, I'v booked my flight back to England for just before Christmas for a couple of weeks, hope I can hold out for that long, still two more whole months till then, and my need to see family and friends there, and to go to all the places we [Mom] used to go, my memory is getting so bad I think I have said about that already, recently, before!

Now what have I done since, when? oh yes Thursday's power cuts! I have got the battery charger out of the cave and its on charge! I thought it had its own plug socket, but no, only a light, but that's good enough for next time we're out of electric!

Friday and Saturday, nothing much, a trip down town, networking with friends, the gas man came late, which meant I was here and able to buy a can!

The weather yesterday was wonderful, a little cooler, high 20's, I have had to wear a regular t-shirt to walk Pip bright and early now, well maybe not so bright, the stars are still out now!

An article recently showed prices may be down 1% here in Andalucia, but sales are up 15%, especially of older property, well you cant get much older than ours eh! So... Let the word be out, once the death duties is paid.... A new journey awaits....

During a particularly bad evening, last night, I checked the answer phone messages, again, just to make sure we don't have an old message from Mom still there... Well you never know, wish I hadn't just deleted them without a second thought... So I listened to my brothers message from Christmas 2008, where he said he knew we were away, was it cave diving? So that made me laugh, I can just see Franco and I cave diving!!! Bless him!

This morning we went down to see a friend who is over here at the moment, there had been a leak from their neighbours house into theirs, so some paint work needed to be done... Whilst waiting, suddenly two gypsies were walking into her living room! They had quietly opened her [rejas] gate, left unlocked for the painters, normally locked, then just walked in through the front door! Our friend jumped up and got them out of the house quickly! This is nothing unusual, just the daily norm down there... sad but very true...

Then the poor woman was driving back from Fuengirola and their car broke down! The clutch went! Actually on the main carraterra! The worse possible place, traffic moving at 100k, that gives no grace to anyone on it!

Then we hear that her husband back in England who has been suffering since an op a while back, was left with two clips in side of him! Hey doctors, count as they go in, and count them when they come back out!!!

The road works are, well they are there on the road down to Fuengirola from Mijas pueblo, opening up the road as far as Lidl, the road is still open, at the moment which is a bonus! But with the other road that comes down to the coast from just above Mijas pueblo still closed for improvements there is no choice now, apparently they want people to use the upper road if coming from *our* direction and heading into the village, rather than coming all the way around it to enter!

I have another friend moving back to the UK, next month, I haven't got to see her much, she lives down in Calahonda now, since moving down there a few years back now, we met up a couple of times when we were staying down there this year. They were only renting, so they can just pick up and move out... work permitting...

Ok, seem to be rambling as usual and not about much of anything, so time to go amigos!


Thursday, September 16, 2010

Arh... Candle light, how very romantic! Sat here alone, first the rain started, I said quickly on FB, the tv signal will go next, then the electric, I got it wrong, they both went at the same time! Lots of rain, although its let up a little now, there are people running about in the street, its hot and humid now! I got the candles lit quickly, although Pippa didn't ask what was wrong[!], she must just have thought I turned off the tv and lights???? Dogs eh! So clever!!!

So here I sit, luckily there is plenty of time left of battery power [checks] over 2 hours, I had it plugged in at the time having forgotten to unplug when it was full!

I'm sure when the electric goes off we are the only people who light candles... oh windows open up stairs... and we're back with electric!

But no tv, so... No No tha's back now too, bring it on!

Well will carry on for a bit now, I had to sort something out on line with the Spanish bank, I think the lady in there on Monday had been trying to tell me something to that effect, I couldn't believe it when it worked the first time, that's never happened before!! Also had an email from the local Avon rep!

We had had a few spits and spots of rain today, was before I went out and still at hot, and no change of clothes yet... when I went out I took my brolly but no need, so I thought that had been it for the day!

I had an email today from a mate back in England, about the effects of Aspartame Its something in sweeteners, sugar free drinks etc, aparently it can cause aches and pains, make FM, ME and MS worse... I put it on the forum I use for FM, but had mixed replies, a few people had seen this before, some said they would try to leave the product out of their diet, some said it was rubbish... So I replied if it even helps one person a little that would be better than nothing, wouldn't it?

Ok amigos, back to tv now... the square eyes that I am!

We are so accustomed to disguise ourselves to others that in the end we become disguised to ourselves.
François Duc de La Rochefoucauld


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Couple of old photos from a trip back in 2007 when Tony and I went to Olvera, above, and Teba below with Franco also....

I remember getting up onto the top of this castle and finding there was no edge to it... just the big drop down on all sides!

Today I had a Well Woman check, the two girls who are doing a charity trip to Timbuktu on quad bikes organised it, the nurse did the day for free and a donation of 10€ went to the charity...

I got a taxi there, couldn't believe the price 12€ for a five minutes drive, would rather have given that to the charity, but never mind, got there in good time, things were running behind for one reason or another, but didn't matter, had good chat and laugh with all the women waiting... First there was a weigh in on some special scales that gave a reading apart from weight, body fat, body water, muscle mass etc etc, felt like a slimming group with the scales in the middle of the room and everyone taking an interest... more so because it also gave a metabolic age... I was rather impressed by mine! Its actually the age I always say I feel inside, and now its been confirmed, I am younger than my boys now! My metabolic age read... 27 years! muy bien!

The cholesterol test I had done locally of 181 is actually very good, no diabetes. We talked about my high BP and the nurse said if the lower number goes above 90 at any time again, to seek medical help, so I guess I better had... next time....

Talked about a few others things, but put it this way, looks like I will last the week out!!!!

One of the organisers said she would give me a lift back to Alhaurín if no one else was going that way, so I waited till everyone had gone and did get a lift with her...

... it was great! My ride home was behind her on her quad bike! I'd never been on one before, the bike was huge, with a rear carrier trunk, and two extra cases on each side! I felt very safe, the worse bit was a big bump over the drain at the bottom of a road and my sun glasses hit the back of her helmet! My helmet? er no... didn't have one... What a crazy mad girl I am.. devil may care attitude... lol!

Was great!

Been watching a series called "Great TV Mistakes", trouble is afterwards I am looking out for reflections in cars and windows of tv film crew, and the so many other reasons all these clips end up on programs like this!

The new breakfast show on ITV have a bad problem with reflections, in the window behind the couple sitting on the edge of the so uncomfortable [looking] sofa, and the newscaster you can see the cameras, people coming and going, didn't have that before folks! And why do the couple look so tense? They are leaning so far forward they look like they're about to slip right off the sofa and of the program!

ummmm anyway! Just had a call to promote a spanish tv system, after I answered in English, he spoke to me, only in English! For me to tell him we have English TV, lo siento...

I just brought the washing in too, well an hour ago maybe, but was still 32 degrees in the shade on the terrace... nights are much better now, at last, and it says rain is forecast Thursday and Friday?


Monday, September 13, 2010

Yesterday morning when Franco and I went to the car there was a horse in one of the spaces, see above and below!

There he stood, he came towards us as we came towards him! And on the other side of the car was another horse with a man, and some small boys were checking the horse out....

I was the local horse festival here this weekend past, on the new road out of town, new as in recently done up I mean, there was plenty of evidence of horses!

We didn't go far, just check on a friends house, then to a Brit shop in Coín, we had a couple of things we wanted from there, and had a drink before returning home... That was that really, Franco was tired from a six day week of early starts and late finishes... and I? Was just tired!

The Avon lady called to say she would be coming to the house Saturday morning, although after these months of waiting I have ordered something from a book a friend has, but no matter, I thought well I can order something else, and would be good practice, Español! So, although I didn't expect her to be on time, I wasn't even that surprised when she phoned to say her car had broken down! Yeah right!!!

Oh I had more fun at the bank on Friday.... I wanted to withdraw some money from my English bank account, card, ATM, push buttons.... "for me.... NO!", tried again, the same, I then thought well nothing to lose, [except the card], I will have to try another pin number, because the option to take the card out without doing so, was not there!

So you can guess, it didn't work, and the card was swallowed up!

I went into the bank [not sure what I can write here, as on public viewing, but maybe you can guess my thoughts at this point in time!], I forgot all or any Spanish, and said the machine had taken my card, he laughed almost, "no Spanish now!!!!" haha!!! Well no, I am sorry, no Spanish now, card gone, me mad! He left the counter, went to the ATM, and took out the card, he showed it to me, said I must have used the wrong pin too many times, and I could not have the card back, I must phone the bank whose card it was, I said, what then though? He shrugged his shoulders.... Ok I am not sure exactly in the UK, but I think they would have given me the card the following day, on opening the ATM, these people know me, I have account at their bank?

So I told him to cut up the card, he seemed surprised, but he wasn't going to be able to do anything else with it, send it back to England? Who would send it back to me?? He wouldn't be speaking to anyone, he said he doesn't speak English so wouldn't be talking on the phone to anyone...

Once home, I phoned the English bank, he said the cashier should never have even opened the ATM to have access to my card, and he would put a stop on it immediately, and send another...

heck! nightmare!

I went into town this morning and should have met up with friend at the bottom of her street, I had come out of the bank with something else on my mind, looked up towards her place... and carried on to Bar Cruz! Had a té, wondering where she was, paid, and on walking back towards her place I tried her phone, no answer, she was walking down towards me! Oh dear... I owe her big time, poor girl had waited for nearly half hour... she was worried about me, me about her, I had only spoken with her half hour before I left the house, that blooming bank! That or my mind is going.....going... gone!

I know its the 13th today, but its not Tuesday, the bad luck day here for a 13th, but today evening was out of kilter... few other things before I even walked into Mercadona, so list in hand I expected the worst...

I did what I needed to do, up to the till, unloaded my stuff, told him what I wanted to do, he took my details, he put everything back in the cart, told me to pay on delivery and I left, well friend was just about to get to the till, so lined up with her and her 3 items, and left the store! We had gone in together! So that was quick? And I came home, and now awaiting the delivery, or will be in an hour... then I can have some milk in my coffee or tea! Completely forgot I had none at all when I left this morning... But then its always weird going shopping and not bringing it home with you!

Tired now, so going to have a rest from this....


Friday, September 10, 2010


You say you will never forget where you were when
you heard the news On September 11, 2001.
Neither will I.

I was on the 110th floor in a smoke filled room
with a man who called his wife to say 'Good-Bye.' I
held his fingers steady as he dialed. I gave him the
peace to say, 'Honey, I am not going to make it, but it
is OK..I am ready to go.'

I was with his wife when he called as she fed
breakfast to their children. I held her up as she
tried to understand his words and as she realized
he wasn't coming home that night.

I was in the stairwell of the 23rd floor when a
woman cried out to Me for help. 'I have been
knocking on the door of your heart for 50 years!' I said.
'Of course I will show you the way home - only
believe in Me now.'

I was at the base of the building with the Priest
ministering to the injured and devastated souls.
I took him home to tend to his Flock in Heaven. He
heard my voice and answered.

I was on all four of those planes, in every seat,
with every prayer. I was with the crew as they
were overtaken. I was in the very hearts of the
believers there, comforting and assuring them that their
faith has saved them.

I was in Texas , Virginia , California , Michigan , Afghanistan .
I was standing next to you when you heard the terrible news.
Did you sense Me?

I want you to know that I saw every face. I knew
every name - though not all know Me. Some met Me
for the first time on the 86th floor.

Some sought Me with their last breath.
Some couldn't hear Me calling to them through the
smoke and flames; 'Come to Me... this way... take
my hand.' Some chose, for the final time, to ignore Me.
But, I was there.

I did not place you in the Tower that day. You
may not know why, but I do. However, if you were
there in that explosive moment in time, would you have
reached for Me?

Sept. 11, 2001, was not the end of the journey
for you. But someday your journey will end. And I
will be there for you as well. Seek Me now while I may
be found. Then, at any moment, you know you are
'ready to go.'
I will be in the stairwell of your final moments.....

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

I wasn't going to Blog today, too tired! Went into town this morning, had a té and was home again by 10am.... Was knocked out! I went out last night, but hardly a *big night out* no clubbing! Now that would have exhausted me!

I met up with my mate and her daughter... I may be repeating myself here, but I have checked back and cant see what I am about to say... Two weeks ago Thursday I went to the airport with a friend, she was meeting her daughter off a plane, I had been worried about her going it alone... It would late, and although we had done a recky a couple of months back, now she would have to find the exit from the car rentals desks and no mobile!

We left quite early, well very early [!], stopped over near Malaga bus station, oh the excitement! And then got the bus to the airport, we were having a coffee later in the downstairs, hugely overpriced bar near arrivals, and some neighbours of ours came by! They were collecting their son who had been away for the summer in the States... Yes, I should talk to my neighbours more, we could have had a lift! No matter, it was, of course, a beautiful evening, and we were having fun....

We went back to the car rentals [exit], and waited for friends daughter, we weren't really there very long, guessing what time she would come through, and she looked very pleased to see her Mom, its no nice when you go somewhere on your own to be met with a familiar face on arrivals...

We gave her a hug and off to the car park! Its strange, I felt like I was meeting an old friend? Maybe because I know her Mom so well, and the meeting and greeting thing, who knows, but we get on like a house of fire! .... Which is where I am getting to last night! I met them at the bottom of their road and we had a couple of drinks [té para me], then back to the apartment, important stuff on telly! Then we went out into the little back courtyard and had a good old chat, I even had two glasses of wine!!!! Shock horror I know! I had had my first [small]glass of wine while watching tv, and I thought ummmmm this tastes like Shiraz, and when we got out, I found it was! So my I am cleverer than I realised! And can tell my Shiraz's from my Rioja's! Evidently!

I left about 10pm and got home only 5 minutes after Franco, so not bad timing! Was strange walking up from town in what felt like the middle of the night! Same crazy drivers coming down the street though! A small car was flying down the street with scooters either side and front and rear.... which means the side scooters were on the paths either side! So a few of us pedestrians had to flee into door ways for safety! Oh and I had heels on! Not that high, but my legs had forgotten how to walk in them! I don't think I owned a pair of flat shoes before I moved out here? slippers maybe, pair of trainers and wellies, but generally every single day it was 4" heels! Work, rest and play! I also had jeans on, probably too hot for them!

Monday down town, I came up to where my friends were sitting outside Bar Cruz, and it wasn't how are you? It was where have you been!!!! Still nice to know I have been missed while I have been home alone feeling poorly.... anyways.... Tuesday I also was back to the bar, networking, as per usual, and was going to give today a miss, but was [easily]persuaded to be there or be square, so I was there... Ahmmm, where were the others????

So tomorrow I will rest up, Not sure if I am eating enough yet for daily trips to town, still not actually feeling hungry... Yesterday, as today, so far, a small bit of cereal, and a little lunch, I have made more of my home made lollies, which I will have one of later...

I have been reading my Blog as of last September too, just prior to us going to Paris, but included our London Eye visit, don't know if it helps looking back, but still cannot think forward....

...ok think I am just rambling now, need a cuppa too.... so adío amígos...


Sunday, September 05, 2010

Sarah Phillips: Tribute to her dying mother "Autumn by Paolo Nutini"

Well, of course, I made it through yesterday, as of course I would do.

Was very sad all day and had a candle lit for Mom by our favourite photo... the snow globe pic...

I had been given some magazines by a friend, I read them yesterday and about the time I was spending the last of Mom's time holding her, I came to a section in the mag about *spooky* stuff, and the main letter started... "I lost my Mom six months ago and although I was with her to the end she was unconscious and I worry she didn't hear my words of love and calm and...." and it was as if I had written this letter! His reply said she had heard her daughters words, they had helped, and she was still with her, and knew she was thinking of her too...

I guess this letter helped two daughters as they read this, well probably many many more actually, I am sure this article came to more than two people!

I also then at the end of another of the mags an advertisement for a most beautiful thing, a musical egg, in the design of Fabergé, on opening it shows a twisting stairway leading up to a cross, and beneath the words....

If tears could build a stairway,
and memories a lane,
I'd walk
right up to Heaven
and bring you
home again

How strange a day that should bring me these two things when I was so low...

And between now and Wednesdays Blog not much has happened... I was feeling poorly, sore throat and took a hot powder drink which knocked me out the rest of Wednesday, Thursday I managed to take Pip out for her walk, my head hurt so much I took a migraine tablet and then back to bed and slept...

Thursday night I had trouble sleeping, weird and wonderful hallucinations, high fever perhaps? I hope that's all they were because I saw some very strange things! At one point when I was asleep I woke Franco up by screaming so badly he thought someone was in the room and attacking us! Then he couldn't sleep due to me coughing and talking in my half sleep so he left me alone to my nightmares and took to the sofa!

We think it might have been the flu, thank you honey [Franco], I was headachey, sick, couldn't breath properly, and just felt to heavy to move further than necessary... I got up eventually on Friday evening, and had a piece of toast, earlier on in the day I had tried a cup of tea, but that wouldn't stay in me! Nor did the second try a bit later!

Yesterday... I got up, took Pip out, but only a half walk, she was happy enough after spending the last 48 hours with me... she is funny, she wont stay down stairs, or eat, or drink, she just stays as close to me as possible when I am sick.... and niggles at me to get up the whole time, so sympathetic, but not!

I tried eating yesterday, a piece of toast mid morning and another in the evening, but I had to force it down, I just didn't feel hungry and I have only just eaten for the first time today, 7pm now nearly, I did a roast chicken and the smell got my tum rumbling, and I ate a bit, only a bit, but its a start, I cant remember when I last went for so long without eating... I think I could probably get into my old jeans now.... ;-0

Franco was out all day yesterday, didn't get home till about 1am! So a long day, but today we went down to the coast, got some food[!] And came home and rested, Franco is still coughing, I am ok as long as I don't start coughing, then I cant stop!

Yesterday I talked to Baz on Skype for ages which was nice, and then I read an email from, an offer of free access to the Immigration and Travel, Passenger lists section, for this Labour Day weekend, so I was on there for about 4 hours... yes you read that correctly, well over 4 hours! And I have updated a few things on the family tree... I need my cousins to send me all their D.O.B.'s and kids etc, would be good to get the whole Bonelli gang on there... I was also trying to find the Nelsons who moved to Brazil... I wont give up on that! I promised Mom....

If tears could build a stairway,
and memories a lane,
I'd walk
right up to Heaven
and bring you
home again


Wednesday, September 01, 2010

.... Hi its me...

Well couldn't stay away dispite my sad malaise.... I need to talk...

Today I am just at home, as soon as Franco left for work I went up to the terrace and did the washing, its much better doing it every day, although when it gets colder not sure how it will dry! But never mind that now.

Yesterday morning after hanging the clothes on the line, I set to with the rubbish up there, I just don't understand how we accumulate so much of it up there? Piles of wood, mud, plant cuttings etc, although of course with nearly everything dyeing up there when I was away for so long, I'm still cutting things down! So yesterday I got five bags of rubbish ready to go....! I will only put out one a night, because along with the kitchen bag feel bad for the poor man who then has to push his wheelie bin to the end of our street with our waste!

I had already been up town, wouldn't have gone as didn't feel to hot! Well no, felt hot, but I mean I felt ill! Franco, my sweetie has given me his cold, bless him! On Monday, his day off he had been coughing, and feeling bad, so I woke up with a sore throat, sore eyes, itchy scratchy throat! And a silly cough! Oh and a tight feeling in my chest when I do the silly cough!

But, when I got home, I went straight up stairs to do the washing etc, then got carried away with the gardening!?

Franco came home about 4pm, had some dinner and went to bed, I kept him topped up with hot drinks and those powders to help his cold...

I then ended up going to bed very late, staying up to watch the program about The Bill, the series in the UK that's now come to an end after 27 years! Heck! Its a shame, I actually really enjoyed it, missed it when it went to one night a week instead of two, and now... gone! So the special that was on didn't end till 12:40am! Here being an hour ahead! Again, what on earth we will do if the UK stops *springing forward* in March, we will be 2 hours ahead... Of course, this may never happen[?] And I could swear that when I first came to visit Spain, Spain was two hours ahead then? over 20 years ago... and Italy two hours ahead also!

But then the other day I said something or other 8 days a week[!!!!] Whose calendar I am living in who knows!

Was the last of another British classic this week also, Last of the Summer Wine, we don't, or rather didn't usually watch this, although we had in the past, long ago past[!] But decided we would watch the last one, never realised how many 'ol favourites were working on that show! Sorry...

Ouch.. sneezed and it hurt!

Also coming to an end this week is my favourite breakfast show I watch every week day. I cant believe it! Really liked that show and all the team on it, although they were starting to change people, or should I say get rid of people, I didn't realise it was so they could stop the show altogether!!!!

Something else I keep forgetting to mention as it seems to be only on a Saturday, while I am walking Pip and passing a butchers shop, I keep seeing two men, just coming out, of the dark, locked up, shutters down shop! packages in hand I am guessing, full of meat! Bit odd now, especially as its almost dark and they look, well a little guilty, creeping about like that, but they have a key! And its probably their family shop, and Pippa doesn't care! So nor shall I!

What I am afraid to say I do care about is the kid from down the street, the one who kicks and throws fire crackers at passing dogs, he is now into skateboards... which is fine, except our street is so narrow, and old, that you feel the vibration of it when he starts up and down the street, in the dark... well it would be, we're in bed by then and its about midnight or later!!!!

Saw him down town the other day, he passed me by outside Bar Cruz, said hola and carried on his way, people flying in all direction to move out of his way, he's nearly six foot without the skateboard and broad with it!

When I was leaving the house yesterday and a dog was hanging around outside, leaving clues as to his being there[!], he (above) came along and kicked out at it, and I said awww no, he just laughed!

It has thank goodness been a bit cooler the last few nights, only high 20's! still need fan on, but much better than last week... At least we can breathe! It was a bit cloudy too yesterday, but still so hot.... I'm losing my tan, from sitting and walking in the shade all the time, I want it to just cool down a tad, then I can sit out in it again! I have magazines to read that a friend gave me yesterday to read and I shall return for her to pass on to other friends...

Did I mention I was trying to get hold of an Avon catalogue? After emailing, and getting a call from someone who thought I wanted to sell it, I texted and apologised for my poor Spanish and that I just want to buy a few bits... Well on Monday I got another call, she wanted to know our address, so I texted her that, as she couldn't understand our street address!

So, at this rate I should get a book by Christmas!

TTFN amigos