Thursday, May 31, 2007

just a quick note tonight...

kind of forgot about the full moon at the start of may, did it happen? on one calender i have it showed a full moon and another tonight... a blue moon in other words. we dont get many of them and for some reason i always keep an eye out for them as theyre so special.

well my spanish calaender shows a full moon begining of june and the second one at the end of june, instead of may... where is my blue moon? and did i miss it!

next door had a bit of a problem last night and wanted to see if we had had our camera on, well, it is now... the one that overlooks the back of our houses, seems something, well someone i think i should say got into where theyre dog lives and pulled out a heavy bag... uh oh... now i have written that i have spooked myself again, remembering that noise i heard yesterday when i was sitting on the terrace, then the thing that happened next door... (theyre dog didnt make a noise by the way!) and the full moon.... or nearly!

remember the warewolf of alhaurín..... da da da daaaaaaaaaa1


Wednesday, May 30, 2007

few photos from my trip back west!!! here is tony, it was a bank holiday and we were in london, this was before it started raining... although inbetween it was warm enough. this is near piccadilly and the trocadero centre, coffee and a cake for me, tony has very well turned his drip around.... no publicity please!

and above and below is where i had lunch a couple of times, here with janette above, and the view from inside out below, it is a morrocan restaurant, really lovely food and wonderful flavoured coffee's.

think the girl who took first photo thought i was a little crazy asking her to take a photo for me in there!

should have taken more of st albans, its such a beautiful city, the cathedral is wonderful, and i did spend lots of time wandering around the town, so next time more shots where tony is now living i think.

today sitting reading on the terrace, i hang a big sheet over the washing line, bit of privicy, i know its only local people that could see me, and of course being local the last thing they would be doing is sitting on their roof terraces in nearly 100degrees of heat... mad crazy foreigners, us i mean! man dogs and englishmen etc etc.... sorry gone off havent i... what i was saying was, me sitting there reading and on the other side of the sheet i heard a strange noise like a cat landing on four paws and a strange other noise, like a sound you would make landing kind of thing, i flew around the sheet and nothing there!?!

too much stephen king i hear you amigos, maybe so, the other evening i put out our rubbish, as we do late evening by the front door, and i had a bit of a shock the street was black, not just dark, the street lights were all out, i could see light coming over from the next street, but our narrow road from left to right was as black as a coal pit! it was like the light had been sucked out of it! i jumped back in and shut and locked the door quick, told franco how spooky it was... yes he laughed at me of course!

If only we could be enlightened enough
to be able to listen in the silence...


Thursday, May 24, 2007

oh help!

this is all en español! we have a new lap top, still have my old antique machine, but we are going to get everything from that onto this new little baby...

nothing really here yet, some of my favorites are here, but not the important ones... you know who you are amigos!

the fella that helped get it up and running showed me in a nano second how to move things from there to here, but well, how was it again please sir?

back from england last thursday, and cant believe how fast the time has flown since my return.

franco and pippa were well, a few pounds lighter maybe!

back to cudeca on monday, but am helping friend out in her shop this week coming so, am putting shop above on hold for a while if they dont mind that is!

golfing job, still ahead somewhere, have to wait another few weeks for the local club to decide if they want to try it out and then we can move forward on that.

holiday was great, so lovely to see everyone, now i miss everyone all over again of course, especially my boys...

ok more tomorrow, sorry so short...

Only those who find life find treasure.


Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Be generous with your smile
Be generous with your time
Be generous with your knowledge
Be generous with your feelings
Be generous with your wisdom
Be Generous
Be Bold
Be Happy


Planes, Trains and Automobiles...

oh and trams coach and subway trains... too into the bargin.

these are the services i have used so far on my trip to england, not bad eh, its a bit late now, well gone 11 in england, so still feels like midnight to me on my body clock, tony has headed off to bed already has work in the morning, i cannot see this keyboard, dont need to for most things, but would be nice specially as its an english keyboard and now i am used to a spanish one some things are in different places, how silly!

oh and i'm so very tired now too, today tony and i went up to london, trains and subway, we went to a couple of museums, the science and the victoria and albert, we looked around a few of the shops in oxford street, and had some lunch, the weather was warm enough but was rain then sun then rain all over again, and so on and so forth! so wet then dried out just to get wet all over again...

we came home about 3pm and went out again to a local chinese for take out dinner... bit different from the chinese baz took me too in nottingham!

i arrived with barry thursday evening, he and a friend came to meet me at the airport, home and late to bed that night, friday he and i went into the city and met up with a couple of friends from where he works, a girl from thailand, and a girl from nigeria, we had lunch in a restaurant called frankie and bennys, not sure if thats spelt right, its a chain of restaurants, been gone so long i havent heard of them!

in the evening we went to barrys local chinese, bit scary it was too, some very suspect customers, a bit of a commotion going on with wrong delivery stuff too, and a girl got hit with something some kids were playing with... all in all i was glad to get back home with the food!

then saturday barry and i went into town with the lady he lodges with too, and we met up with another couple of work friends of his, and we ate in a vietnamese restaurant, really nice food, i had a soup... which was massive, layers of steak, and then the rest of the massive bowl was noodles, with the whole lot floating in a stock, with bit and pieces, and i very nearly finished it, i ate with chop sticks only, oh and a little spoon to help with the noodles and stock.

sunday morning and off to the bus station, leaving barry on his birthday... and travelling south, tony met me in milton keynes and we came home, via a local supermarket, dinner... my lasagne, of course, tony misses it....

ok too tired now, goodness knows if i am spelling anything right here at all, so apologies if its worse than normal amigos.


Thursday, May 03, 2007

When two worlds collide...

this is how it feels here today in Alhaurín el rande, Día de la Cruz

on my way back from town walking streets strewn with rosemary plant.... tonnes of it thrown earlier from trucks, and rose petals, pink white and red.... the smell wonderful, i walked up the middle of the street making my way through as i would a forest with a floor rich in leaves...

the bands are still playing around the churches, they began at about 730-8am this morning, the rocket fire started just after 7 i think! will ask pippa.... she said yes it was too early and too loud and she does not like it one little bit!

and tonight i will arrive in nottingham, england...

when two worlds collide, what a difference from dawn to dusk eh mis amigos...

speak to you when i can, from somewhere abroad....

Only those who find life find treasure...


Wednesday, May 02, 2007

here is a rather large head in the gardens in ronda....

this is a view taken from the lower gardens looking up towards the new, yes the new only a couple of hundred years old bridge over the tajo river...

this taken from that 'new' bridge looking down towards the lower gardens of course!

this taken in mijas.... can you see all those toads? what a noise they were making!

not much tv tonight... its raining! had such nice weather again, but now its pouring, again, wettest april in recorded history and all that it said on the news here last week, and now we're into may, the resovoirs are full... no kidding!

and its bein viaja for me, off tomorrow to england, first to nottingham, home of robin hood, and maid marian of course, but more importantly barry, cant wait to see my first born son, and will be staying with him for a change which is fantastic, normally its a drive up quick visit and drive back down south! i am all packed and ready to go........

Love is the key to all mysteries...