Saturday, December 31, 2011

Well its nearly here 2012! 2012, 2012, don't know why, but it does sound like a good number, but a number that brings many changes, some I am ready for, some I haven't got a clue about... and others that are sad too, that always come with change.

It feels to me much like the difference between 1999 and 2000, that New Years Eve, Barry was in London, near the London Eye by the Thames, Tony was.... ? was it at Eton? and I was at the top of Combe Hill, in the dark, with a handful of people, [unexpectedly], a bottle of cava, grapes and a giant rocket!  it was raining... and we drove off with Robbie Williams singing Millennium on the CD.... Drive off after midnight I mean! down the road to a party, not off Combe Hill into the unknown![Mmmm?]

This year, this evening, Pip and I will watch some TV, she doesn't mind which channel I watch, or if I change over half way through something either!! a glass of something or other in my hand... and await the ghosts, those ghosts of New Years Eve's past...  oh yes, they always come calling, never missed a year yet!

So amigos, your probably reading this next year by now.... who would be reading this at this time of the evening anyhows!!!

Best wishes, hope for a prosperous and healthy year ahead, much love... oh and lots of luck! My luck began this morning when I awoke in such a positive mood, came into town and my gloves that Mom had bought me, and I thought lost, had been found, and our syndicate won the biggest amount we have all year!

Marian xx

Friday, December 30, 2011

It is not enough to be able to drop your body
as easily as a bathrobe, take flight like the eagle,
enter the hollow hills, talk with angels, and

dance among the stars.
We must make the return.
We must live in this world and be gardens
for the dreams that want to take root in it.
~ Robert Moss, Dreaming True ~ 

How many years have we been walking the walk of Gratitude together now?  I am sure longer than we have lived here in Alhaurín el Grande... in fact I know it!

It has strangely always coincided with some important times of my life, moving here, Mom's illness, and now, by the time this 42 day journey ends, I will have made another journey also, a move from living here in Spain to living in Wales... 

"As One Heart, we will grow forth in Gratitude and BLOOM!"

Blooming humans...

begins January 1st 2012


Thursday, December 29, 2011

Well I was going to put some photos on here again today, but seem to be having problems!!

So will up load one at a time and we how we go!  Here are the steps leading back up to the road by the Kiosk bar/restaurant at the lakes... The shot I took of Baz on previous Blog was from this spot, facing out towards the water and inland beach!

Baz went home yesterday, we left mid morning, and got the car back to the rental shop, they were having a disorganised day!  There was an argument going on between the only two people in the office!  That was ;pleasant to
share with them!  It wasn't just a case of being loud, it was a real match of
wills!  One guy gave up and just left his key on the counter and the woman shouted at him for doing so!  We didn't risk it, and wanted to make sure he saw the car we were returning, we had dumped it in the car park on arrival into pandemonium!  He said, 'why did you leave it here?' I said, no one here to tell us where to leave it??  These places need good organisation skills to run smoothly, and this place needed more staff, even the gate was causing back ups on the inside, where we were, and people trying to get to return even more cars!!!

Ah hmm, ok sorry, I feel better now!  So to the left we have the water measure stick thing, totally out of the water??? Two months ago it was almost up to the lip of the dam....

Here is another shot taken from my favourite [secret] place at the lakes... those stairs, the overhang, and the curly gnarled old tree... and then view, that buena vista, actually I wouldn't mind having that as the last place I ever see...

Mmm ok, I have tried not to get too down about going to some of these places this week, they won't be the last time I ever go, just because we are moving, these places will always be there, here....

Always in my heart, always in my minds-eye, am I repeating myself at all? Forgive me if I do!

I have been thinking I have to imprint everything I do, or go, into my mind, but I don't do I!

It is all there, already imprinted, I can close my eyes and see Ronda, Mijas pueblo, the lakes, El Chorro.  I can walk through the streets in my mind and see it all as though I am there... We didn't get to Ronda, I didn't even think about going there, nor the little chapel that sits up above Mijas.  No need....

I was sad taking Barry to the airport yesterday, knowing especially, that the next time I go, will be me leaving.. ["on a jet plane... don't know when I'll be back again...."]

My stomach turns when I think about it, I am trying not to.  Trying not to think of the past, or the next day, just of each day I am in, and each moment in it!

I have recently found I absolutely love Christina Rossetti's writings... here is a beautiful one...

Christina Rossetti

REMEMBER me when I am gone away,   
Gone far away into the silent land;   
When you can no more hold me by the hand,   
Nor I half turn to go, yet turning stay.   
Remember me when no more day by day 
You tell me of our future that you plann'd:   
Only remember me; you understand   
It will be late to counsel then or pray.   
Yet if you should forget me for a while   
And afterwards remember, do not grieve:
For if the darkness and corruption leave   
A vestige of the thoughts that once I had,   
Better by far you should forget and smile   
Than that you should remember and be sad. 

Monday, December 26, 2011

Just a few photos today, to the left a duck at the pond in the gardens in Mijas Pueblo.  What a beautiful day here on Christmas Eve.... wonderful!

These gardens haven't really changed for the past 22 years I have been
coming to them.... Some new plants, new plaques... paint and cement,
but no great changes at all, although the view below to the coast has changed, new roads, houses, both finished and skeleton fashion! Council
stopped them halfway through I guess.  The toll road winding its way across!

Caught Barry on the beach here at the lakes! He rarely looks at my Blog so I think I am safe putting this here????  Franco and I were here a couple of months ago, and the water was extremely high, the highest its been for years, I was surprised to find the level so far back already, we have hardly had any rain?  And this whole inland beach area was under 12 foot of water, the steps leading down were all under water as where most of the eucalyptus trees near the road.

Tomorrow I will put up the pic of the ruler which last time was nearly completely submersed.  As you can see here to the left though, the area by the water outlet is well low!

This was yesterday, Christmas Day!  Another beautiful day, we noticed on our way past Bar Cruz was open! So, thank goodness was the Kiosk restaurant and bar here at the lakes!  Although we did sit inside!

These ducks were doing fine, then just as took the photo one went off!  Typical!  After the lake Barry and I went up the Bobastro road, passed a whole load of sheep, then two dogs came down the road, Mastiffs, huge things, awful!  They barked and started to chase our car! which is smaller than them!  We lost them, passed the reservoir near the top and parked by in the car park area... where we got out, walked down to my birthday place from last year... took a few photos, of course!

We continued up the last bit of the road, rocky road! parked and jumped out of the car, exactly as a huge magnificent eagle was low overhead, so low I saw his eyes, what a wonderful Christmas Day moment, especially for us it felt, my camera? well the batteries expired of course, so changed them quickly, but he never came down as low again, the moment will be forever in my minds-eye though, better than a photo for me!  Him and a couple of young came past a few times, and I did get a lot of photos of a big beautiful blue sky!!

We went back down, me worriedly in case the dogs were still about, they were gone, and we passed another flock of sheep near the river by the dam, the road is almost ok to drive along now, almost in the loosest sense of the word!  We went to the bar by the railway, but only turned, and came back home....

Then I started cooking!  Too much turkey, too many vegetables, enough for about 4 or 5 people more!  I did manage some Christmas pud with the obvious brandy butter and cream.  Well you have to don't you?

Hope everyone had a good Christmas... here's to the new year folks... 2012, and all it brings, lets expect the best, plan for the best, and get the best!

TTFN amigos

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Happy Christmas Feliz Navidad!

Happy Christmas everyone!  Can't believe another year nearly passed.  This time last year was bad for me, bad sad Christmas, everything upset me about the whole thing of it!

This year I do feel better, but have been in search of Christmas spirit... not the alcoholic sort, but that nice warm cosy tingley feeling in your heart and tummy over Christmas.  Its been fantastic having Barry here, and we have been out and about everywhere, well, lots of places anyway... today we went to El Corte Ingles in Las Lagunas, lots of Christmas decor going on in there these days, tonnes of it, and lots of empty shelves which is good as it seems so quite I thought no one was having Christmas this year at all!

We walked about the aisles, I stopped and admired the Father Christmas's, the snowmen, the reindeer,  loved all the many snow globes and musical toys and miniature houses lit with colored lights and moving miniature people.  I searched up and down looking for that Christmas sparkle and tingle, that feeling of excitement.... it wasn't there, in El Corte Ingles, I suppose I know where it should be, and that's inside me already, I think its still hiding, and that next year, with these good memories of this Christmas, I may find it yet...

We had a good day today, Christmas Eve, started off in town, Bar Cruz, then down to the coast, via La Cala, the market was on but didn't stop there, we went to Calahonda, I needed phone top-up, and some meds! Then to check on Maria's apartment, all good there.

From there we went to El Corte, they didn't have the magnificent decorations they usually have on the balconies inside, normally great swags of wonderful decs, cut backs I am guessing. But was greatly missed in its absence!

We had a good wander about, beautiful clothes, handbags.... stationery! Well? So some of us just love stationery!

We had had fun in the car park when we arrived and had to go down to level 3, which is unusual, more so as I had been complaining of no cars, as in, no tourists or anything happening during Christmas, was too quiet, but they were all there in the car park of El Corte!  And coming out I came out the wrong exit and when eventually got to where I wanted to be, the, or rather a market was in the street, I think its where they have moved it from next to Aldi, so had to do a turn around along with all the other drivers and go a different way out, we went up the country road to Mijas pueblo, parked very easily!  We went for tapas in a new bar in the village, and very nice it was too!  I had the most beautiful piece of steak, wonderful tapa size of course, and cajan chicken wings and the best of a wonderful little package of pear, goats cheese in a filo pastry parcel placed on I think, plum sauce.... Mmmmm, could still be sitting there eating those! Also would have been nicer with a glass of wine, but I was driving!

Yesterday Barry and I went to town also, Bar Cruz, seems strange going later, only an hour or so, but no one there I know at all!  Like being in another town altogether!  We then went to Mijas pueblo, so today was second day in a row, but yesterday we had a walk around the gardens, and I had a plate of whitebait, enough for about 3 people!  but beautiful and tasty, we sat by the small church by the museum, and watched the world go by!

From Mijas we went down to Miramar, second day in a row.... Baz was going to have a subway meal, we were eating out of sync... again!  We lined up, but only one girl serving unlike the UK, and Baz got bored of waiting... so we left!  We got some shopping from the supermarket there and came home...

Thursday.... we went to Miramar!  Had a look around the stores, I got a small present for the little boy next door, last year it was big, this year, not so!  He was till happy when I gave it to him yesterday though... felt bad.. feel bad not giving Christmas cards, real bad, never not given cards before and goes against everything... but next year, I promise! We will make it up!

This year thank goodness Barry has been lucky with the weather, two years ago it rained the whole week!  So far its been hot hot hot, well about 18 to 21 degrees, so not bad at all, I put washing out earlier and just brought it in bone dry.... tomorrow we will go to the lakes in the morning, be a bit different for Christmas Day wont it!

So back to today, now, Christmas Eve, evening.... not sure if I will hear Santa's bells when he passes over tonight, not sure how strong my belief is this year... I am trying....


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tuesday! The day before Barry arrives!! Yeah... The sun is shining, the sky is blue, and out in the campo this morning everyone said it was 0 or -1 in places!!!

Much warmer here in town thank goodness! Still cool in the house though, will get the heating on and it will be fine!  Next doors chimney fire smelt lovely yesterday.... oh the neighbours?  They sold their house and moved out, I think of Wednesday, and the new people are in!  Not sure where I was, but it all happened without me a twitching at the curtains [if we had any!]  So my neighbours have gone... and changed!

Got the spare room ready, I think Pip thought she was having her own room for a minute there!

Not sure exactly where yet I am meeting Baz, he is renting a car, and I am driving it!  Brilliant!

I sorted out all the paperwork last evening, not too bad a job, I have been keeping it under some semblance of control over the past couple of years.  The folder with all the phone bills in seems to be missing? I am guessing its gone!  Still I have a couple still here in case I need any information from my account, to cancel it!

I have two separate lots of paper work now!  One to leave here, one to take!  And this morning I went to a local council office to sort out a couple of bills that really should be paid directly from the bank, but we had never bothered!  Now its done, it was a painless experience and I was out of the office in about five minutes!

Yesterday had lots of post, a lady from a few doors down came and knocked with some mail, a few Christmas cards, and an eviso [post office notice] that wasn't for me, then she took another letter from her coat, I looked at it and said, tha'ts our electricity bill!  She said, no! it was her nieces husbands bill!  I said NO, its this house, look at the number!!!  She persisted in her reasoning, and thank goodness a guy came to help out, who spoke perfect English, phew.. and he told me what I already knew, that the name on the bill was her nieces husbands!!!! And then he learnt that whoever's name it was, it was still my bill!!!  And it was decided between the three of us after some time, that I would take the bill, and if it wasn't for me [it was] then I would take it up the road to her nieces house!!!  I didn't of course, and looking through my electric bills I see that I have only received four bills this year, needless to say, I now know where the other bills went to!!!

And while I had that folder in my hands, came another knock at the door, and lo and behold, another neighbour.... this time with another four more Christmas cards for our house!  Some had our new number on, some the old, either way, his house is half way down the street, but apparently the post man thought it was for 'Maria'.... NO!!!

I just checked our own mail box, and more cards in there.... Thank you, thank you everyone... oh and six or seven other letters for assorted addresses up our street!!

I Twitterred yesterday, we should be paid by the post office this week, as they might as well of just dumped the post in the middle of the road and we could, and did, sort it ourselves!


Property Search Spain

Monday, December 12, 2011

Well, busy day today, the removals men arrived on time, about 830am, and very thoroughly packed everything!  All my [step]Dads paintings, his little side tables, a couple of very old wooden stool things, even a trunk I have, which is well over a hundred years old, remember the one with the newspaper inside from 1800 something? Every single item left this house in a box, or boxes! and bubble wrapped too if need be.  They left at about 3:10pm, wow, long time, but well done as I say.

I had Pippa on her harness and lead the whole time, what with the front door open and closed, and them being so busy, and I sat at the dining table, for all that time, over 6 hours!!! The day actually went very fast considering.

When they had gone I quickly moved the dining table and bench back to its normal position and went out.... once back I switched on this for the first time today!  And no internet connection??  I pulled out the bench and found the telephone connection box thingy, where both the phone and internet connect together in the anti interference box [thing] was broken, I had smashed it, pushing the furniture back into position!  These connection things, we have dozens of them, packed.... and gone out of the front door this very day!  So now I will have to buy another one, all the others came free!

After I had done the small amount of furniture moving, Pippa and I went out, and down to the vets, she has now had her rabies vaccination and the parvo one, and a worming tablet to take later, or tomorrow probably now, and she is feeling sorry for herself and tucked up in her bed asleep!  Not sure if that's the jabs, or the fact she stayed awake all day to keep watch on the removals men!  She did after about 4 hours manage to at least lay down in her bed, and struggled to keep her eyes open, she did manage it though!

Pippa's chain was dragging on the marble floor and I said how "Christmassy it was, just like old  Bob Marley...."  Yes, that was a funny mistake to make wasn't it!  I think the Christmas Carol story by Charles Dickens had Jacob Marleys ghost who couldn't loose his chains not Bob Marley I said by mistake!

I am so tired, from doing nothing all day, so turning this off now I think...

TTFN amigos

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Today, random statements rule the day...

All boxes packed, all paintings [over 20] mirrors, furniture and sundry items in the, now, dining room and living room.  Small walkway through, enough for Pippa sideways!  But, on the other hand, upstairs? tonnes of room! Ooops, just remembered the cave stuff! Heck...

Book number 9 on Kindle, as aforementioned Penny Cray [The Prequel] to be found here on Amazon.

La Trocha market this morning, cold, half empty; car park not open until 10am, so a nightmare if your there before!  The shops are open up-stairs for Christmas period.  Coffee and apple strudel perfecto!

Back has now gone through the pain barrier, to highest possible level! and in six hours I can take another pain killer!

I must admit, I am looking forward to Barry coming over and driving, and driving and driving, hope he is prepared for the amount of driving thats going to happen... I have a list of places, Ronda, of course, Mijas Pueblo a few times, the lakes! and El Chorro, maybe drive back via the mountain road from the station, by passing Álora, to Pizarra Cártama.... long trip, but one of the most beautiful, wonder if the road is still a road of two halves???

My first Christmas card this year came from my 'new' cousin, new as in newly found! Came all the way from Arizona! I feel so bad not being able to send cards this year, but we just can't, sorry... ;-(

I will be glad when all these things are gone tomorrow, because they will be out of sight, and primarily I suppose not such a reminder of the huge changes taking place. And Pippa seems very worried by everything, just being in the wrong place like it is just now!

Love many things, for therein lies the true strength, and whosoever loves much performs much, and can accomplish much, and what is done in love is done well.   
Vincent Van Gogh 


Saturday, December 10, 2011

Saturday today! Time is speeding past, feels like I am on the highest point of a roller coaster, and the edge is dropping away from me... Glad the wheels are well oiled!

The house is packed now, completely, anything that's going in a box, is in one!  And tomorrow I will be bringing in all the outdoors stuff from the cave, the paintings up stairs, and the odd bits of small furniture which are the only things going.

Those boxes above are about two thirds of them!  I have packed nearly all my clothes;  I am afraid after spending over 2 months at my Mom's with only one small suitcase of clothes I am well practised with a small amount of clothes, well chosen!

Had a quick trip to the coast this morning for supplies for when Barry is over, and by 10:30am I was sitting at Bar Cruz with a mate having a coffee, her and I were boiling sitting in the wonderful sun shine... then back in the shade later, it was back on with the jacket and scarf! 

Back home, and finished all the packing, copied lots of things I think I might need copying before packing the printer too!

Also this afternoon I finished book number 9 for the Kindle, its being published as I write.  It was written in a few days, its been typed out by me, a read through, editing and publishing done [by me *smiles & bows*], and that's it! Done and dusted, and book number 10 next week!  Will be having letters from Amazon soon questioning the speed of  all these books!!! This new book is called Penny Crayon [the prequel], Peter Maddocks has written a lot of books that were published and put to film for children's television, and on Penny Crayon, but this book tells the beginning, of how she...began her drawings shall we say!

ok amigos, I'm done for today!