Sunday, April 24, 2011

Friday, April 22, 2011

Today this beautiful piece, taken from BloomingHumans... as before....


There is a hunger, a longing, deep within your heart
And it has been there from the moment you were born
It is not this foolish longing for romance or money
It is not this hunger for success and recognition
It is not even a desire to be surrounded by beauty

The hunger that presses upon you so acutely
is simply the longing for you to reach again
the state of complete oneness,
to access your own soul, right here within you

For it has not left you, of course
It has not ventured away and gotten lost
in the forest of your life

It has merely been a bit covered over,
like an old garden wall that gets covered
in moss and brambles over time

But yet, this wall of a body still holds within it
the glorious garden of the soul

It still harbors that great and glorious blossoming
that is you

You, who are individual and unique and,
at the very same time, one with all that is.

You, who are this glorious body
vitally alive in this lifetime,
and at the very same time,
this soul that is ethereal and immortal, ever present

And so the longing then is for union
Union of all the different parts that are you
The part of you that is this body
and the part of you that is this soul

The part of you that is unique and the part of you
that is exactly one with all else that is
The part of you that is God

First, go within and find the union
Find the peace that is you
Find yourself deeply within
and deeply one with all that is

Then come back out and live
Live with vibrancy
Live with zest

Allow yourself to feel and enjoy everything
that this glorious life holds

Allow yourself to fall in love with every moment of it
Infuse this fabulous adventure of a life
with your own golden glow of being

You are, right now, what you need to be
You are, right now, the perfect expression
of all that needs expressing

From this place, right here, right now,
go deep inside and find yourself,
this self you will bring forth to shine out
Nothing else is needed

Here is a prayer for your today~
I am all that I need to be
I am enough, for peace, for joy, for love,
for happiness unbounded

It is all within me

And I, just as I am, deserve all of this bounty
I am the wonderful, glowing expression of life and spirit
I am the balance where it all meets
I am the gladness and the joy of all creation
made manifest

I am the flowering and the opening


~ Carrie Hart~

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Above and beneath two shots taken in Malaga last week... What a beautiful day, the day, and the weather! Unlike today! What a mix of sun and rain and storms!!

A couple of hours ago the storm came over, from Alorá direction, thank you! The lightening and thunder! It was right overhead and when the electric went out there was a flash of electric from the box on the wall!

Went up onto the terrace to get closer!!! Risked taking the para agua! It was amazing from up there, under cover of the tin roof!!!! You couldn't see the town at all, or any of the Guadalhorce valley! It was just cloud! And above fork lightening and then the crack overhead!! I am fine with thunderstorms if I am outside, but strangely inside and I get scared??? Weird? Yes weird!

Oh the photo above? Torremolinos, sat down catching my breath, and trying to calm my beating heart! Look at that window - No room beyond, but the patio doors ajar.... LOL...

Now Tuesday... Hospital! We got there early, 20 minutes, and went straight up stairs to the heart department! Where I only had a five minute wait for the halter heart monitor to be put on... Then we went down to the Xray department, I was supposed to have my hip Xray at 12:15, one of the nurses said that was ok and to wait, so I did! Terri left me there to get another appointment for me... and I went in in about 5 minutes! And found Terri about to get my other appointment settled, wrong place, so we went in search of the right place, oh and earlier we had got my blood test number from the machine, was about 80 people ahead of me, so we knew we had plenty of time.... I have to have another EKG and they are still doing them from 2010, so not sure I will get one before May 3rd!!! [Small miracle required please! Thank you!] Then back to the blood place[!] and we sat outside the area, but where we could still hear and see the numbers slowly clicking by, about 45 minutes I think.... And then in I went, and it was great, well maybe not great, but fine, no bruising, no pain and you can't even see I have had a test done now! Unlike the last one, with the bruising running up my arm which took two weeks to clear!

And so we were out, almost before my last appointment should have been!

Yesterday, had to take the halter monitor back! It had to be back by 9:30am for someone else to use, so we left town about 8:30 and we were back and onto our next errand by 10am here in Alhaurín! We parked at the hospital easily enough, and I remembered the way to the department, a long walk, up stairs and along corridors... I had of course, only been there the day before, but only the once... I found it fine! Brilliant!

And we were in and out in 5 minutes... Took longer for the doctor to get off the phone and tell me to take it off in an office nearby! I opened the door and a bloke was standing there! The day before when I was having it put on a bloke came into the room! Charming!!

Anyway, by 11am, we were at the garden centre having a coffee!! Good days work!

This morning was in the bar to begin, rain threatening, then outside when the chairs came out, and we moved when I started to get rained on, although it may have been an apartment overhead because, we moved under cover just when the sun came out!!!

The band is now playing, the rain cleared for now...
Being completely honest with oneself can be difficult at times. That happens when there is fear of looking at what our true desires are. The Angels remind us that change is okay and we are completely safe at all times. They are with you when you go through changes and support your choices.
TTFN amigos

Monday, April 18, 2011

Rain today... Perfect! Maria is over for her hols, and look what happens! Poor girl, it always rains when she is over!!! Although all things considered, it does often rain in April, and more so for Samana Santa... [Easter week].. its just the norm, and as I have said before, its mucked up more than a few of the parades here in Alhaurín, the final day, the Crucifixion itself I think has gone without being held at all, and this is best day of the Semana Santa week, as I know I have said before, I wish I could work out how to get my Web Cam so that it could be openly live for that evening alone.... There must be a way, because I see lots of live feeds, just don't know how to do it!!!!

I have just tried a live broadcast through Twitter and posted also to fb, if it works ok, and if its not raining Friday evening I will broadcast the Samana Santa procession as it passes beneath the house on that evening.... all evening!

Should be fun, I felt a bit embarrassed trying it out, I know you may not be my friends on fb, so if you want to check out the broadcast I guess you can on my Twitter as you see down there on the right, on my Twitter feed I am @Manisavane, so follow me to see it! If you want to see it that is! This will be the sixth year, and still it is amazing.... if your not religious? Its still amazing....

Other things... I have another hospital appointment tomorrow, or two! A heart monitor to wear for 24hrs, and a hip Xray later on in the day, with a visit to a vampire in between... oh sorry, not a vampire just a blood test person! And to make an appointment for another EKG... Somehow I have to have that fitted in between now and May 3rd for the results, hope I haven't left it too late, but the person who got the other appointments was told I would get a phone call for that one, and I haven't yet!!

And that reminds me, I will have a Greek yoghurt now, last thing I can eat until after the blood test, I will be hungry by then! And very weak, hope I don't get another headache, had a bad one all day yesterday, ended up taking a migraine med and going to bed early... It worked, gone this morning! Going so long without food won't help though that's forsure!
Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Be Love.
Nothing more,
nothing less ...
For Love is All that IS.

Every person, and every thing, around you
is an energetic reflection of some aspect of
your inner state of being.

Choose to BE Love and watch the world
transform, amaze, delight and inspire!


The Heart accepts without limitations,
it is open to all things,
the small and the great,
the king and the beggar,
the bad and the good,
the precious pearl
and the insignificant pebble on the beach,
the tiny acorn and great oak tree,
the dancer and the dance,
the visible and the invisible,
the lover and The Beloved.

The Heart does not differentiate,
it does not take sides,
t does not see opposites,
it sees no separation,
it is One with all things,
it embraces all things as One,
there are not many hearts,
there is only One Heart
and that One Heart is the heart
that dwells within your own breast.

Inspirational words today from


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wonderful day today, went to the Picasso Museum in Malaga.. Never been before, never been passed it nor down the streets around it! Been to the Alcazaba, seen the newly unearthed [er, well 1951!!!!] Roman Amphitheatre in front of the walls of the above... And then just five minutes from there is the Picasso Museum! Wish I had known it was there before... or maybe not..... Back briefly to the amphitheatre... One visit to Malaga, I think with Mom, maybe 10 years ago, we saw the theatre being unearthed, so it was a long journey from 1951 to then! I assure you!! And then the condition of the site now, as in, all there, all uncovered now!

They have a temporary display of another artists work... [in the museum] I won't name names... but honestly? I have seen better, sorry, and all that but I really have.... I shall say no more than that, and as 'they' say everyone to their own!

Wonderful weather too, parked in a car park I didn't know, much more convenient for that part of the old town, must remember for when visitors are over... And only a short walk to our destination...

Lots of tourists, mostly Italian! Lovely to hear their language, I was trying to understand them, but that was pretty much a no go! I was remembering the Linguaphone course I sent off for, well my Mom did, I was only 11! And it was just before we went off to Italy for the Grand Tour! I learnt how to introduce my family... on the record... in Italian, German and French!!!!

Had coffee and coisant almost as soon as we got there, then had another cafe in another place! Then after the Museo Picasso we had a cool beer in a big square near the amti theatre... That went down very well! We were played to first by a guy with an accordion, then another, on something else, [can't remember what its called, memory of a fish!]

There was a guitarist playing on the street of the Picasso museum, he looked like he was from another era, sitting there playing away, nice music too, and on our return, sitting opposite in a door way, listening to his music, a couple of girls... trying to look cool, shame about the cigarettes in their hands!

The more we give, the more we are open to receive.
If our minds, hearts and hands are full of the past,
it is difficult to fully receive the gift of the present.
c/o Blooming Humans


photo at the top... a lonesome poppy hanging on, on our wall...

Monday, April 11, 2011

moondance van morrison

Oooop, been a while hasn't it amigos!

Too long to go back over? No, that would make this a very short Blog post, and I don't do short!

Lets explain the photos first! The shot above is of the, or one of the, oldest Moorish towers in the area... Its at Finca La Mota. On the outskirts of Alhaurín el Grande...

I took both above photos from a friends roof terrace... So one above is also a view I have never seen before, from this angle at least, of the Sierra de Mijas.... until a couple of months ago I didn't even know the tower existed!!!

Which is much the same for these next two photos, above and beneath! We went up to the top of La Trocha building.... above the cinema, above the gym, to the top floor.... where there is a bar!!! And buena vistas!!! oh and tennis courts!

Coín as seen from La Trocha, and below, Alhaurín.... in the distance, I see the top of La Trocha from the roof terrace and now here we were looking back!

It was a bit windy up there! I had been having a few Marilyn Munroe moments already down stairs with all the up drafts, it was a nightmare up on the roof! lol...

Now what else has been occuring! Trips to Torremolinos, again! La Cala market, again! Today, I walked up the flights of stairs from the paseo at Bajondillo all the way up to C/San Miguel in Torremolinos! Heck, only supposed to walk on the flat, but I made it! Had to stop for a cuppa in a bar at the top! It was busy, the shops, the streets, lots of tourists, which is good to see, at last!

The weather was a bit poor, yesterday was hot as... as a hot thing, today, was supposed to be hot and clear skied, but was very cloudy, and hung low over the mountains, it didn't rain, I didn't think it would, but was a bit cooler down on the coast than up here for sure, and once back here the sun was hot, and little clouds only... much better!

I had a call from the hospital on Friday and have an appointment change, having an Xray tomorrow now at the hospital, and the others still next Tuesday... maybe they thought too many Xrays on one day! So today I had to call into my day leader to let her know I would be off for the next two Tuesdays at work, bit rough that isn't it! The only day I work, and these appointments are both on Tuesdays!!! Bet they cut my wages... [ah ok, I know, I don't get paid, just kidding!]

Feel like I have so much more to tell.... Boardroom meetings all going well, hall passes collected by those of us having away days!

Feel a poem coming on, or a piece of music..... ok, just up loaded Van the man, Morrison for the music... and here is a wonderful poem that's just come up on my fb page... Perfect timing of course!

The tree of love its roots hath spread
Deep in my heart, and rears its head;
Rich are its fruits: they joy dispense;
Transport the heart, and ravish sense.
In love's sweet swoon to thee I cleave,
...Bless'd source of love . . .

- St. Francis of Asissi, Into Love's Furnace I am Cast.


Tuesday, April 05, 2011

For those of you who read my fb and Twitter this photo will be a bit old hat by now! Sorry!

We have so many beautiful feria dresses for sale in Cudeca I just had to try one on! My favourite was sold last week, may have mentioned that? A lady wanted to hang it on her wall, didn't fit her, she just wanted it! But these dresses need to be worn don't you think? Wants the point of having a dress like this if you don't wear it, and show it off!

It fitted... and breathing would become a problem if you did too much of it, in it! No, it was ok, just actually, although I think eating wouldn't have happened... before putting it on, and its not lightweight either... but still, even after all that, it felt wonderful wear, I loved it!

Back on the rack now though by the way folks!

Something funny happened last week, couldn't tell at the time, or the surprise would have been out of the bag!

A friend and I bought a lovely sponge cake... cream and jam filling, for another friends birthday... The first friend had taken the cake and put it in his freezer, last week, two days before said birthday, he says "Mmmm wonderful sponge cake I had the other day, took it out of the freezer, let it defrost, I ate half in one sitting!!" me on the other side of the table, was flabbergasted! I thought, he's eaten the birthday cake, I couldn't really say much, or I would have given the surprise away! Although his son sitting next too him could see I was off about something to do with the cake! We had to buy another Saturday! This one I brought home, to my freezer.... just in case!

The birthday was actually a few days before... but no cake!!!!

Then yesterday, I was rushing about trying to get down to the boardroom but the universe was throwing one obstacle at me after another... and I was worried that I would be there after, the friend whose birthday the cake was for, got there before me! Was ok though, and I went into the bar and asked if we could eat it there primarily, then asked to leave it in there first! Yes and yes!

Then.... phew, clock building here, sorry! There was a temporary boardroom visitor, smoking us out! So when our friend arrived, we moved to another bar! I had to collect the cake, and ask again about eating it somewhere else!

What a palaver! The cake was very much appreciated by the way, only, shame was the coffee was rubbish where we went!

After work today went to meet up with a friend who is visiting for her holidays, her grand daughter who I have known for... must be nearly six years, came to meet me from work, couldn't believe how much she has grown, a real young lady, and as tall as me now! Ok ok, so I'm not that tall, but you know what I mean... So it was up to the bar, and a coffee, and now they're off, and back home tonight!

No más para hoy... hasta luego amigos...

From The Secret Daily Teachings
The things that come most quickly into your life are the things that you BELIEVE in the most. You can only bring to you what you BELIEVE, so you must BELIEVE to receive what you want.
May the joy be with you,

Rhonda Byrne
The Secret and The Power... bringing joy to billions


Saturday, April 02, 2011

Picasa roundabout in Torremolinos....

Me! Summer must be here, skirt is out! Espadrilles are out! Hot sun is out!

The vision that you glorify in your mind, the ideal that
you enthrone in your heart, this you will build your life
by, and this you will become.
- Anonymous


Friday, April 01, 2011

Thought it had been over a week since I posted last, but only a few days!?! Strange?! And above a shot in Torremolinos I took today, of all the scenes I took a photo of a tree you ask!

Well it was just sitting there by the restaurant while we had coffee, and its such a strange tree... Looked dead, but isn't, its normal state for this time of the year... Its an African tree, all I know which does have beautiful flowers on it later in the year... but look below at the zoomed in shot... those spikes down the trunk! Would be bad enough shimmying up it, but coming back down! ouch! Spike city!

Yes Torremolinos today! Was La Cala on Wednesday! What a giddy thing I am! Had a lovely day there today, plenty of room to park, drove right up to the Picasa roundabout, parked and walked back to roundabout.... to take photos, we spent a little while by the shops, then had our coffee's and croissant! Which is when I took the tree photos! We walked back to the car, then drove back down the beach road, parked and went into a Chiringuito on the beach... We had about 5 different plates, and just shared them, great thing to do, that way we could have lots of things, I suppose we were making out own tapas of sorts!

We went into the Malaga Carrefour supermarket.... Its so huge that place! Another coffee, then home!

Two friends of mine both had family out this week, and was lovely to be able to join them on a couple of excursions to the coast... Wednesday went to La Cala, good look around the market, was quite busy, lots of tourists which is good to see.... Then back into the town for a bite to eat and a coffee or three! Decaf para mi por supuesta!

We then walked along the beach quite a way to burn up the food! They were digging up the exit from the river to get it to go straight into the sea rather than amble round the beach... We walked back along the road, back to the car, and stopped over at the garden centre on the way back to Alhaurín....

And yesterday I went to a friends house for lunch, relaxing in the garden and chilling out, in the hot sun! Came home, went up onto the terrace, propped the temperature gauge up in full view of the sun.... It fell off later, but not before it read 44ºC.... I hadn't actually noticed that it had broken and picked it up right where what was left of the glass was... then that was in my thumb! Great!

Actually, it was Wednesday the gauge broke! Not yesterday! Good memory!

Well the winnings tonight on the Euromillions will be less, but no matter, it is going to be enough!! Plans are afoot for spending!

Listening to Rod Stewart's Great American Songbook.... I'm hooked....

...and here I leave you amigos...