Monday, September 12, 2016

Stranger than strange photography this evening, Blogging from Kindle, so forgive any auto correct errors!

Above little macro shot of morning dew on a birds feather the other morning...

Could probably fancy it up a bit, but it's late the day has been hard going to say the least... if only I could even begin to explain!

And above turned back to my gloves midway through washing up to find the right hand poised, poetically! As I snapped this quickly the finger dropped back down...! LOL!!

Tomorrow is my last full day here, it has been head work from start to finish, an extraordinary five weeks.

Wednesday at 2pm I shall be running (screaming), down the drive to freedom! Friend picking me up, a couple of hours in Neath maybe, then to Cardiff for the night.... have I told you this? After meeting Franco off the airport coach we'll catch the train to Nottingham, looks like the journey will be broken by a coach ride! The Severn Tunnel is closed while they electrify the line!! Firstly, how backward is that, the Euston line has been electric since the early sixties I think? I remember when mom married my step dad in 1967 I was warned to keep away from the tunnel, don't go under the fence... it's electric!!

Oh, and secondly, I didn't know there was a tunnel under the Severn! Oops! How have I travelled from London to Wales by train and not noticed!! Heck...

Journey will be so much longer with that bus change, I don't believe it, only started it today for goodness sake!

I better sleep, I fear tomorrow will be long...


Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Trouble with Blogging from my Kindle, is its trouble doing so!

Photographs should be the other way around!!

Should have been a busy day here today, two appointments were cancelled, one person got trapped here, and Tesco still made it within time slot! Well done them! Even though they had to negotiate road closures and argue they're point!

We had the Tour of Britain Cycle race through, they were heading for the Royal Welsh Show Ground, where singing could be heard!! Bit strange, hearing the singing from where we were, 'we' being two council guys moving barriers off the road each time a car came through, only legitimate vehicles, the press, sponsors, police etc... the man who was trapped by the road closure and me!

This group below were the only group I saw, after them and a couple of stragglers I returned into the house...

The other thing, odd silly thing... I couldn't sleep last night, no outside strange eerie noises, no loud music from a concert or foam party!! Don't ask! I was tired, did my normal solitaire games until I had trouble keeping my eyelids open...

Put down this Kindle, off with the gafas, and lay down... And... decided how I would share out a million pounds that I had come into, in my mind!!!! Calm down, I said in my mind remember! So between the sharing, the saving, the early retirement and the initial crazy spending spree I managed to wake myself up more and more because I was getting so happy and excited and imagining people's reactions to their unexpected windfall because of ours!

How daft was that!! Of all the things I could have worried about, I made one up!


Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Just pulled the curtains that face the back part of the garden and this little chap is running around doing somersaults! Flipping this way and that! His tail flicking and twitching!  Digging for a moment.. No! nothing there! Then running off after another flip and tumble! Cute!

Above was taken the other day though, here chomping down on something from a tree, look like young, never to mature nuts of some sort... And later he was rooking around in a flower tub, so I tapped on the window to draw him off them!  Did he run away?  did he stop?  No, he continued, so I knocked again against the glass, nothing! I drew back the inside secondary glazing and started to open the exterior window... he stopped, turned to look at me... and came running up to the window in a nano second!  On which point I hastily shut the windows again!!

I think he wanted to come in!  Remember from past posts he does come up to the window and tap, puts his little face up to the window and looks in, as if to say "hey, got any food in there chaps?"

Been a hard few days, but tomorrow I can say with all truth and honesty to myself, one week to go! And the daily countdown can begin! Five weeks is hell!  That is all I can say.


Friday, September 02, 2016

Rather bad photographs of a lovely bunny who is in the garden every day here at work!  It was dusk and with my phone through a very old blurry glass window...
[miss my camera].

This week is being a hard one... Last week was holding off the inevitable low ebb and this five weeks away from home, only one visitor in past three weeks, so feels an extra long haul...

Missing home...

But, onward and upwards! Oldest sons wedding after I leave here!  Very very excited, keep wanting to try on my clothes! Make sure all is okay!  LOL... But then I often want to get something of mine, that really is not here and is far far away, because this is not home, and that's where I want to be...

But, then also today a friend asked me again about helping her with a blog for her club, so in half hour I got it designed, up and running after a test post, then from her photos and a post arrived in my inbox and I was editing and publishing for her!! Job done and I was buzzing again! #anotherlifetime eh...

The other day I called a couple of friends, one was a customer of my step-dads, the other a very good friend I worked with way back in the 80's... Both out, left messages, really needed to talk to someone!  Probably good thing neither were home, goodness knows what I would have said while I feel this blah! They would have sent out the cavalry, and I would have gone! Then putting my phone in my back pocket I called my oldest son by mistake!