Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Poem By Patience Strong

I remember a thousand things when I remember you: the firelight glowing on polished oak; a table set for two...the gleam of lamps in a rain-washed street; the shimmer of wet leaves. The smoky grey of November nights. The blue of April eves.      A meeting under a station clock. A song, a smile, a dance.  The muted sweetness of violins: the music of romance....A country walk and a cottage tea; a window with a view.   I remember a thousand things when I remember YOU.


Spotted this big monster in the garden yesterday morning, zoom in on above if you can!  The Pale Tussock Moth...

And after seeing what this pretty furry little thing is like now, I dread going into the garden to see it after it emerges as the moth itself!!  OMG it looks like a vampire moth!


Please click on this link to support 'For the love of Claire' A friend who died last week, too young, leaving a life un-lived, a family lost without their mom, a whole future to a great many people changed forever.


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

My beach!  Well it could be, for all the people that are ever on it!

Beautiful and serene looking isn't it.... Foot steps in the sand and all that!

Feeling a bit head achy now, so will make it short!  I flew down to the post office this morning to post off a new book, paperback, and all done by little ol me!  Looks fantastic! I wore some new trainers recently bought from local supermarket, they have rolly bottoms, if you know what I mean, supposed to help exercise back and glutes, I didn't think they worked after yesterdays walk, but after todays.... Yes, they do!  My glutes are definitely aching! Am wondering if they are the cause of my head ache though now, as I write?  Because it is my neck that's giving me the head ache!

Okay amigos...


Monday, September 17, 2012

Eclectic Blog today.. the photo above taken Christmas 2007 near Castrill, when we stayed in a wonderful cave house, all over Christmas and new years.... -9 OMG, it was freezing outside, but in the cave house, wonderfully warm... and once the sun was up, the ice melted, it wasn't so bad, fresh!

Today had a lovely walk with Pip to the park, squirrel watched, Pip was on her back legs like a ballerina pirouetting... just her tutu missing, she was also drew-ling, not sure for the taste of squirrel or the fun of the chase!! Which neither the squirrel or I would give her the chance to do!  You kind of forget the cute little things are rats with tales!!

And this afternoon I hung out the shower curtain after a wash, lovely sunny day, nice breeze starting to blow, out on the line it went, flying high as a kite, came back in doors, and found after five minutes that nice breeze was bringing rain!  Back out, grabbed it back in, so it had an extra and unexpected rinse!  Oh and yes, the rain lasted two minutes and the sun came back out! Sods law right!

I made Crunchie over the weekend, or cinder candy or honey combe! Whatever you call it, it came out rubbish the first time and wonderful the second!  The first the recipe, said to add water to the soda, but that just didn't do work for me!  Still second time lucky... now I really am all sugared out after last weeks two lots of candy floss from the fair!

I was surfing my own Blog, looking for something else and came across this poem I wrote on my first birthday without my Mom, and just wanted to post it again...

The poem below by Margaret Mead 1901-1978

You can go without regret
Away from this
familiar land,
Leaving your kiss
upon my hair
And all the future in your hands....


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Kate and Tony on their Wedding day in Las Vegas[baby].....

Beautiful.... both of them....

We had a great weekend down, no, over in Leighton Buzzard,  we arrived mid day ish, and after unloading our bits in the hotel, we walked into the old down centre, sat outside in the wonderful sunshine and had a couple of lattés as one does!  Then a stroll around town and back to the hotel.  Early evening I drove us to a favourite pub of mine, been there a million times, we got a table, drinks, ordered from the menu, the main course arrived first, then with a confused face another waiter brought the starter, thank goodness it was a garlic share bread thingy, the salad which should have accompanied it, didn't, and the cost was higher than it should have been, so when the manager arrived to take our plates before we had even finished I queried it, he said he would check, came back saying the salad hadn't been charged for anyway, so not to worry, I said that made the cost even more confusing, he went off in a huff to check the till, came back ten minutes later with his tail between his legs and six pounds in his hands for me!  The bar person had made a mistake... Thank you sir, very much!!!

We were up and out early Saturday morning, after a bit of a noisy night, so quiet, on the ground floor previously turned into a karaoke nightmare!  Franco and I picked up Barry from the railway station near Luton airport, I got lost going there!  Been there a hundred times, but wasn't thinking I guess, not having driven for ages either, was just!!  Anyhow, there we were at the station in our finery!  Looking just a tad out of place, had a coffee and met Baz, we came down to Hemel through Harpenden, where Barry was born, doing a fly by of the wonderful old hospital which is still standing!  Then to the restaurant, we were a bit early and after a quick drink we went for a drive about and came back at 12:30, although, after being so early we were then a little late!!!  We had a whole area to ourselves which was nice, the table was dressed for the occasion, there were 11 of us, I must admit, it was nice when Tony said, "we're at the end," him and Kate, and pointing to the chair next to him.... "Mom, your here, everyone else can sit where you like!"  Now I know what my Mom must have felt like when Franco and I got married in Vegas, but, it really is the greatest experience, its just an amazing place and a never to be forgotten day! Us parents can feel a little detached though, and when Tony said that, well, it was nice, if you know what I mean...

We had a lovely meal, and afterwards we went outside and had some great family photos taken, the sun shone, and we all had fun with everyone trying to organise the photos!  Tony thank goodness seemed to know exactly what he wanted to do, brought a tripod for his camera too!!  That's my boy!

Tony and Kate left their car there, and we drove them back home, where we all met up again, to relax, see the wonderful Wedding photos,  and of course, more food!  Franco and Dave, my boys dad spent most of the time chatting, which is good!  But strange!  But good!

Tony and Kate opened Wedding gifts, ours does not arrive until this week!!!  So can't say what that was, but can't wait to see if they like it, hope so!!!

We were the last to leave, and the hotel was much quieter that night!  The hotel was okay, don't get me wrong, but I don't think the 'hotel inspector' had paid a visit!  You could reach the toilet from the bed!  as in without leaving it almost!!!  And the kettle was resting on a tiny shelf right over the back of the TV!!!!  Still, there were no ghosts and as the hotel has been there from the time of the Doomsday book, that was a bonus!  The staff were friendly and the place was very clean, I should hasten to add!!!

All that time on the road really makes you aware of bad drivers.... people who ignore lights, signs, yes, we both got road rage, pretty bad!!  Not to mention the cost of coffee on the way there!  Coming back we stopped at a popular, although now rapidly diminishing chain of road stop restaurants, I very stupidly chose 'The American Style Breakfast'... well!  It was all I could do to not comment to the manager about that!  And those of you that know me, know I do tend to speak my mind, but I just though what's the point!  It was pancakes, bacon, eggs and maple syrup, well in the states, the pancakes are the size of the plate, and usually about 6 or more of them, layered with bacon and syrup, no eggs, well not that I had had anyway, but what showed up in front of me for £7.00 were two pancakes, side by side, the size of the palm of my hand, two tiny curled up and dry pieces of bacon, and half an egg scrambled! The pot of maple syrup was actually quite big, and considering here in the UK, that's the expensive product, I should have been pleased!  so for the past few days I have had pancakes and maple syrup for breakfast each morning, a habit I should discontinue I know! 

Can't believe it was nearly a year ago I was on holiday here, well with friends in Aylesbury, and then early October Franco arrived here!  A year already!!! Can't believe it...

This morning had a wonderful experience, Pippa and I were up on the top patio bit, near the forest, and a fox walked up the neighbours path, through into our garden and came forward towards where I was standing!!  He didn't look up, didn't see me or Pip, he got to about 5 foot from me and said "well, look at you!"  and he looked up, stood still for a moment, then flew off, well, ran off... up through the trees and into the forest up the top of the garden... as I say, a wonderful experience, remember two years ago, when I was staying at my moms, I was walking back to her house, and in the middle of the street, just like me, I came face to face with a fox... 

This week I have got another book on kindle, a children's book for Peter Maddocks, also waiting for proofs, from two different companies, to see which was is the better, and I have now published my book in paperback too!!!
And on this note I say say adio amigos...