Monday, April 08, 2013

Borrowed piece from an author I know.... if read by said person please let me know and I will add your name, I know I have it somewhere, but this is too good to not share....

The door between life and death swings both ways, often until we have regained perfection and explore the universe. You never know when you will meet someone who holds the once lost Cultra of a loved one. It happens everyday. These human vessels are not what holds the essence of us. It is the Cultra that resides within the human body that holds are true selves. Fear not the death of your body for your body holds within the Cultra that is made up of a portion of He and She who cannot die but lives forever and ever. Amen


Saturday, April 06, 2013

Two pieces of my step Dads furniture above!

I seem to be moving backwards today than forwards!  Haven't started on work, spoken with friends and done the washing, hanging out now with the beautiful blue above, the sun high in the sky and a breeze making everything flap away to dry off!

Did I mention I am in the top 50 of the Authors Date Base.... I probably did, and this is the second week!  Brilliant stuff!  Great to be honoured by your peers and to be appreciated like this... thank you!

I am about to start work on a new book for Peter Maddocks, and hoping friend who I am helping out, will get her book live next week on kindle & in paperback too!

I went out last night!!! shock horror!!!! A friends birthday today, and just us girls went to town last evening, a local club, drinks and dancing, and more dancing.... not sure how, but I feel great today!  Couldn't hardly walk by the end of the evening, and now, already, I am looking forward to going again!

Out again tonight, not for long, same group of girls but with family too this time!  Won't be late....

We are having the best weather, more blue skies and sunshine, been a few months now, it feels anyhows, a few cloudy days here and there, but really not bad... it is cold though, yesterday morning in town the wind was bitter, everyone was hunkered down and people were complaining and moaning in the streets about it, and other matters!!  I was in a great mood though and strode out head high, and actually apart from the cold on my face felt quite toasty in my coat!

Franco is getting in good training for his sponsors bike ride for Amazon in a couple of weeks, he is cycling to and from work, which is good, although nowhere near the distance he will have to go on the day!  When he is off next week he will have to try the route maybe and I will pick him up from there....