Friday, September 28, 2018

Beautiful Bewdley part two!

A walnut and hazelnut from yesterdays walk in the park.

Going to go for another stroll on this glorious day before I hit the trains! A quick trip to Kidderminster by cab, then train to Birmingham Moor Street and walk up and under the bridge to the main New Street Station and on to Nottingham from there!

A pretty eatery here by the River Severn...

I hope this isn't the 'Ring a ring of roses' dance!!

I forgot to mention, yesterday morning twice I was nearly given a bouquet of flowers!! Firstly here I opened the door to a florist, he held the flowers out to me and I said 'I don't think they're for me!' he said oh! Checked the name on the card.. and yes I had to decline... I'm not sure who was more disappointed! The poor man offering me flowers then having to take them away, or me of course!

Then an hour later walking on the high street, a man came out of a florists not looking where he was going and walked right into me with another bouquet of flowers!!

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Beautiful Bewdley

Photographs taken this morning here in Bewdley, having a two night stay over before heading to Nottingham...

This is an outstandingly pretty town, I think there was an unveiling this morning at the entrance to the museum, the Mayor was there! And some very well dressed guests!

Apart from the River Severn running through, there is a beautiful park with walkways, a lake and other interesting things!

An ancient walnut tree..

The River Severn...

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Just half an hour ago I grabbed a handful of green leaves and pulled this beautiful pair of carrots out of the ground!

So sweet... And sweet they will be.

I was standing by the window on my break and while talking on one phone I snapped this cloud formation with the other!

It did, to my naked eye appear to be an elephant to begin with, but seems to have morphed into a little snouted creature!

Can only I see this? My pareidolia problem! Lol!

And above a chequers tree! Who'd of guessed! Yes, yes! I thought all those chequers pubs were named after a board game, of which I didn't know how to spell either it seems!

I am now presuming the very famous Chequers is named as such because of the trees thereabouts? A place local to where I used to live...

I have learnt a great deal about plants and trees on this placement; I always learn from the people I support, as I always say we are all full of rich histories, and wonderful lives... Here I have made jams, preserves, pickles, and chutneys. With such substantial orchards, and vegetables, I have never been able to do all this, I didn't know how enjoyable it actually is!

So much to learn from one another, I guess I worry somewhat that one day I might think all these memories from others... are mine! Could lead to some serious confusion, or very funny conversations!?!

Today has been glorious, and should remain so for the next few days... I have at least a week off from tomorrow, then I will be on the road again, when something comes up, to who knows where. I am returning to a previous placement in November, but until then it's a mystery!

Monday, September 17, 2018

This morning sat here eating my breakfast, looking out onto the terrace I saw one male pheasant, lots of squirrels, rabbits and a pair of muntjacs!

Nice to see at the beginning of a day in this beautiful countryside location. Unlike the unreal view of a bright red double decker bus that managed its way up this narrow lane on Saturday!! How it turned round is still a miracle to me! Such a bizarre sight I couldn't believe my eyes!!

I am still also worrying about the wasps in the attic! I can hear them buzzing through the night, (drilling their way through the wood of the hatch right over my head..) They may not actually be drilling!! And memories of the horrendous seven stings in one hit I received about five years ago plays on my mind in my dreams...

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Just a thought, I'm often saying in Spanish 'there, yonder' allí, 'there' ahí, and 'here' aqui, are so similar.

And only just realised the only difference between here and there is a 't'!!! 'T'here Lol!!!

Is that it for today? Let me see what quotes have caught my eye in the last few days... I go through phases don't I, quoting this or that... Other people's mainly, my own I don't usually write here.. I file them away on Twitter to get lost amongst the billions of other posts.

This is beautiful, I purloined it from somewhere...

There are some beautiful places to live in this world but none compare to the beauty of residing in the heart of someone you love...

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

"Step out of the pressure cooker and let things take their natural course instead of trying to force something or predict the unpredictable." Quote from 'Summer at the comfort food cafe.'

This can most certainly be me, this is me? I do rush headlong into life... But I have seen how life can be taken so suddenly I guess.

We only have today.

For all the support and caring I give at work, I struggle... I am not including the huge and amazing love of friends and family! So please do not shout at me, I mean I guess I feel I am doing all this... for nothing.

And now having re-homed Pippa the guilt is ripping out my soul, I actually cannot bear to think of her, I have to block her out, or like now, give in and let it out... Thank goodness you can't see me.

I went home before my flight, did I say? It felt like walking into a strangers house, I felt nothing, not even like it's where my heart is.

Lol I'll be okay, I have a temperature, and my always over thinking brain is making the usual mountain's out of a molehills!

Going to the docs later, more antibiotics, which is probably the actual cause of the problem!

And a  damn book, I'm highlighting on nearly every page! I should be reading murder and horror not a stupid  story about a young widow!!! Fffff!!!

This, or me!  Should come with a government health warning!

Tuesday, September 11, 2018


Made two batches of plum jam already since my return to this placement... And as they say, all the best things in life are messy!

Picked them yesterday and made this morning!

No photographs on my kindle from whence I write, so will sort out later, maybe.

Oh technology! Why do I forget the cleverness of it!!

It's good to be back to work; but I never get used to not having my things with me, and feeling alienated from everyone, cut off... Always feels like a different time zone or somewhere between the cracks of real life somehow...

Today when I wanted to just be, and remember the awful events of 9/11, being in Crete at the time with Sarah, and our embargoed flight... Unable to reach my mom, my family back home in the states... The unreal feeling of it all from being so far away.  We were eating  in a restaurant and I went up to the bar to ask the guy what was happening, it looked like a disaster movie from where we were sitting, I remember it so clearly.

Instead I was driving to a hospital appointment!

In the rain! Making use of my new coat!

Lol! I knew I should have kept my old trench coat from twenty years ago!!

So! I was going to repeat a story I've told before about when we had the three minutes silence the week after 9/11, how I was on the phone to my mom outside the dealership, at Mercedes, and when I turned round to go back to my desk, all my colleagues were standing behind me in the showroom, showing their support...

Plums still on the tree, now some of which is jars... And my stash of chocolate! Under guard!