Sunday, July 08, 2018

Random photographs... A bee above filling up a hole in the bench with tiny leaves! I watched him fly back time and time again with these tiny leaves he had chewed from a nearby plant, he pushed them inside here!!

A few more pics from the pretty seaside town along the Devon coast...

And a tree in the garden! The knot appearing to have a face peering back at me!! But only this day, at no other day did it appear so!

Do you see it? Above the two bows on the right... Where upper bow meets trunk...

Saturday, July 07, 2018

And while away at work went on a working visit to the south Devon coast, a small town I'd never been to before...

Very pretty, the weather outstandingly good, well, the whole time I have been here in England actually!

It's been in the high 20's low 30's every single day! Amazing! But then it's bringing land fires, everything is so dry now.

There is a cliff edge here, it's falling into the sea every day I think, because the cliff is made of red rock/earth, and the sea was red every day! By different measures...

It was a good journey down and back, great getting out on the open road and driving...

One bad thing was I witnessed a massacre!! Well, a solo killing!! Being dramatic here I know, but it was a visual thing I shall never forget! Out in the back patio area I heard a commotion, a seagull was slaughtering a baby pigeon! At the stage I saw it a wing had been practically chewed off but the poor thing was still fighting for its life!! It was awful, it was the worse thing...

And the seagulls were attacking people with ice-creams on the promenade, dive-bombing the ices!! People were waving them away, and then eating the ice-cream, I'm thinking, they wouldn't if they knew where these seagulls had had their beaks!!!

Saw another dead baby pigeon back here yesterday... Funny, was only saying the other day, "never see baby pigeons!"

Travelling Road

Of course at work, can't give exact locations, but flower photographs aplenty!

I know also I should be apologising again at my tardiness of writing, but I've been tired, long days, and well just not felt like writing... Maybe I'll improve! Lol!

I am in an exceedingly beautiful location, between Cheltenham and somewhere... In the Cotswolds...

Surrounded by amazing gardens and learning more about plants than I expected too!

I've made cherry preserve, and gooseberry jam!

At a nearby steam train station last weekend I saw two groups of five red arrows do a low fly by!

Last night a little muntjac deer in the garden... The evening before a friendly, can they be otherwise? Hedgehog passed by!

There are redkites being chased by swallows protecting their nests...

(A thousand million flies and spiders!) Not bothered!

The 2018 World Cup Football on TV, some good, some more like a wrestling match!!

My wonderful stay with my family starting to feel so long ago already...

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

The boardwalk...

Apologies once again, I really do not feel very talkative, seem to have had a bit of a relapse last few days! I don't know what to do, where to go, how to live anymore!

So, will just try and keep going I suppose...

A couple of photos from Atlantic City, I was a bit sad there actually; it has changed from when I was last there, with mom and my boys... The whole boardwalk was gloomy, so many casinos didn't seem to be open, there was no life there, it has always been buzzing the other times I have been there...

I think the highlight was two kids cycling past and shouting "high-fives" as they rode past and so I did... as had others in front of me... Two guys on a cherry picker type machine, checking posters up on the high advert boards were poised waiting for someone to move out of their way and after seeing so many people trying to sell rides on tricycles and things... I shouted up to them "How much for ride on this?" lol... one guy said 2 bucks the other 20!!

I've just checked, even the handprints of famous people have gone, they were, ironic! Actually at the Resorts Casino where we were, they had gone by 2013... I have a picture somewhere of my with my hands in Chers prints there, all gone.

Gambling wise, the ticket was 33 dollars and I got 25 back on a token card to use in the Resorts Casino, I won back a ticket worth 22 plus another three tickets, so got my 25 back, which paid for my lunch! Which was a great lunch in the Breadsticks restuarant in Resorts...

It was after lunch I walked up the boardwalk on my own, all the way up past the Tropicano, turns out I walked about four miles!! Was a great day, up and out early and back about 12 hours later, great day...

I'm ready for the off again, back to work, weather here in Spain seems to have perked up at last, after three months of on/off rain, its been nice... perfect weather actually, looks like the high winds continued after I left, the terrace was a mess.

I'm sorry, mind is blank and to save any unwanted chitter chatter, I'm concluding here, I will try to gather myself for more writing soon, its like there is just nothing, that would make sense to anyone else, because it certainly does not make sense to me!

Monday, June 11, 2018

Planting Fields Arboretum, Coe Hall, Oyster Bay

We went here Friday, a beautiful day with family, nice drive and lovely place to walk around, beautiful house and grounds

When we were leaving we met a couple of ladies sitting on a seat beneath the entranceway, we sat there also, in the shade to rest a while...

And my cousin asked if they wanted a photo taken of them together, they did, and we started chatting with them..

It turned out the younger, the daughter, was the lady who designed the map! At the entrance here to show and tell visitors what was where!

Amy, she is the lady who does all their advertising and they asked her to do the map! And there she was sat opposite it on the very day we were there and when we stopped at the seats!!

Add to the fact that her mom sat with her, lives near my cousin who spoke to her, and that's no where near here!!

Sunday, June 03, 2018

New York - Day 2

Today, I was up and down early for breakfast, brought it back up to my room, I'd paid for a double room, no price difference than a single but more comfort, also meant I had a double breakfast!! Lol

And after eating, I stashed away the bottles of water and a muffin to eat with me! Camera and waist bag, and back pack!! Lol off I went! Turning right up 7th, all the way.. paused a while in Times Square...

Then, onwards and upwards! Reached Central Park and walked to the area where I scattered mom, it's a bit overgrown there, apart from the two trees where I scattered her about... They are neither overgrown or grown! Or even there anymore!! 

I could not believe it!

What the hell!!?!!

How bizarre is that!! If mom was alive she would be freaking out about this! Off all the tree's these young ones are gone!! Why....

So, I sat on the rock I also left her in.. I sat for a couple of hours and read, actually, one of her favourite books, she read it to me when I was a small child, maybe not the right thing? I don't know, but if fired up my imagination, and kind of links also to all the Egyptian books and stories I also heard..

Oh the book! Lol sorey!
She by H. Rider Haggard

I strolled then back out of the park and headed for Christopher Columbus!

And hence back down 6th Street... To a Burger place I wanted to visit!

All the way down... Down down down... To 19th Street! One helluva way... That day I walked 6.5 miles!!

So.. I reached the place the Burger & Lobster, absolutely wonderful! Great place!

After much time in there, and plenty of coffee to fuel my long walk back, I did!

By way of 5th Street and Madison Square Garden Park, where I sat and either read or people watched in equal measure!

Then I continued down and made my way across back to 7th and the hotel, where I collapsed! Happily!

Saturday, June 02, 2018

Empire State of Mind - Day 1

Okay enough already!

I arrived into NYC, Tuesday morning, about 11:30am great flight, easy through immigration, straight out with my baggage and into a cab!

Zero conversation with the bullet proof glass between us! But got to the hotel quick and easy at that time of the morning.

Joined the check-in/check out line, and checked in! That took about ¾ of an hour!

But at 12 noon I had my keys and headed for my room.

I sorted my stuff out, and out I went, I walked down 7th across to 6th and stopped for coffee and a pastry... Continued down 6th to Greenwich Village and stopped in a friend's cousins tea room, but they were still serving lunch, so didn't stay.

I sat in a pretty little park there, the sun was really hot, one beautiful day... then I walked back up 7th and up aways past the hotel, turned around at some point, my body clock was telling me 10pm! But 4pm real time!

I bought some fresh deli food and took it back to my room... Ate and chatted on here... And went to bed!