Thursday, November 30, 2023

A neighbor just stopped to chat with me, his wife and him live around the corner, Franco always spoke with them, and helped with things... Lovely local couple.

It's so lovely when someone speaks to me about Franco, who knew him, who said what a good man he was, kind, generous, thoughtful.. after over six years still talks with sadness at his dying so young.

To be remembered as a good person truly shows their worth in this world .. 

Maybe it is all we should aim for, for not everyone will be remembered for being a good and decent person.

So now I sit a bit tearful... 

Back to work and mostly all good, bit of a cough still hanging on, sore throat is back this morning, and bit tired, but then aren't I always a bit tired!

A man last week painting the side of this apartment near the Cruz...  on the side this morning..

Doing a great job, and all on his own..

I put my Christmas tree up Tuesday afternoon.. bit early for me, as last few years have either not put one up at all, or left it till Christmas Eve! Got the new tree last December, late, and only lights, so Tuesday bought some beautiful baubles, they look just like bubbles, clear.. and the only other stuff is the old add ons I've been putting out for decades...

We don't feel old, or feel time passing, usually? But it's when you realize you have things for decades, just like mom did, you feel it more.

And this year, above all others so far seems to have passed in a blink of an eye ..

A friend I've known since I was... 13? Said he thinks of it like a rope on a pole, that the circles are slow and wide, but as time goes on the circles get smaller and faster..

Not sure I like that thought, it's good, and certainly feels the truth of it...

Wonder if there's any chance of letting go of the rope and spinning off to find a longer rope? 

Or, actually, now I've said that... I think I know what happens.. when we let go before the end;


"The key to happiness is doing what you love, with those you love"

Thursday, November 16, 2023

Planter on my terrace yesterday.. the daisy plant was pretty much dead but I planted her next to the rosemary and she seems to be taking it over now..

Absolutely wonderful hallucinogenic dreams last night I hope my phone has chosen a correct word, I'm talking into it ..  I mean dream where my mind isn't quite my own because of this virus not because I've taken something!

I asked Google are spiders a good or a bad omen there were several answers and of course we all know about the money spider I don't think I'd realize that it's supposed to be all spiders...

One said.. 

Did you know that all spiders are believed to be omens of good luck, well apart from tarantulas and black widows. Seeing a spider in your home could mean that good fortune is heading your way, and in particular money!

Some of the other options were dependent on the situation of the dream.. My spiders were in tiny little key cubbies which were in a car so none of that makes any sense at all, I was rummaging around in the little dark boxes looking for something and the spiders were all over my hands and running down my legs onto the ground small ones and large ones!

And I wasn't freaked out at all but then I don't mind spiders...

I guess after playing with a family of black widow spiders with my little mate back in California when I was a toddler didn't worry me then... Why afterwards ..

Actually there's a bit more hallucinating going on watching the TV yesterday I thought I saw something which made no sense cat or a dog under the TV and again just now while I'm reading into my phone I thought I saw something move in the corner of the bedroom must just be me.

I've just had 12 and 1/2 hours sleep some of which I was awake but due to my weird thoughts at the moment I went back to sleep just using those weird thoughts Google can't type in my laughter.. 

Time to get up and take some tablets and open up the house and get some more fresh air and see how I feel today.

I should just blog out loud no I should just read onto my blog more often and I would get back to blogging more often I'm making no sense I better post this now.


Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Okay, so! 

Had swolen neck glands for a week or two.. 

Then 7pm Saturday evening I had to go to bed, totally exhausted literally couldn't keep my eyes open.. 

I was boiling hot but shivering

I'd felt unwell around my kidneys and thought it was a UTI, took myself to hospital Sunday morning, early, too early for the doctors who start at ten.

They found nothing, unsurprisingly now it seems,. although she gave me those awful blood red pain killers and some anti sickness meds.. after an intravenous of pain meds which helped..

I went home and went to bed and slept until Monday..

Monday did a Sars test which turned positive immediately.. no hanging about for fifteen minutes.. 

Tonight now my voice sounds weird! 

It's ever evolving it seems as my body fights the virus somewhere it attacks another bit! 

I have eaten a small bowl of homemade soup today, first real food since Saturday lunch time.. 

Was good to be doing something, but then ate and exhausted and stomach feels way too full and not happy now.. 

But at least I made it, and at least I ate it.

My symptoms so far the curious! Or those Googling 2023 COVID SARS virus

Jaw ache

Raised glands neck and under arms



Sudden agonising piercing headaches, over and over again all day... 

Muscle ache especially back arms legs


Extreme tiredness

Sore throat

Tight breathing

Mouth tastes bad

Itchy skin

Not hungry


Our chances are gone before we know it... 

Friday, November 10, 2023

Above fishing down at Torreblanca.. almost against the paseo..

I'm driving down to work and I'm afraid this post won't be for the faint haunted, for some reason feeling considerably depressed this morning and wondering about things like my bucket list what I have still to do on it... and then thinking you know it doesn't really matter about anything on my bucket list who cares! and then I thought is there really truly anything that I want to see more often to do more of... and obviously with family and people I love .. yes yes and yes.. and then as I came around the side of the mountain and saw the ocean laid out before me... To the right what looked like islands... Six or seven.. they were just clouds, low and .. well island shaped.. but they looked so beautiful .. then to my left... The rising sun, absolutely amazing to see .. and I know I am so lucky to see this ...

Not 100% feeling better .. probably just bad dreams I've brought through with me, as usual!

But, I also seem to have the last few days really bad pain I think from a kidney stone again, although I'm sure I haven't stopped, twinges most days.. but maybe this is the bigger stone, and it really hurts when I'm sitting down, when I'm driving or if I'm just sort of kneeling or on the floor at work.. it just hurts a lot and so I'm you know should have taken more painkillers this morning.. this is as soon as I get up and start walking around at work, it'll go...

I'm dictating this into my phone... someone in an Audi behind doesn't even need to have his engine running because he's consuming anything coming out of the back of my car! I can't even see his headlights he's so close and it's a good thing you didn't just go to overtake because a motorbike did instead!

Sorry for sad post, I'll be okay once I'm in work... What with happy colleague and wonderful customers! 

In all honesty though, we do have some lovely people who come in... 

Some not so much! Ha! But, I try to remind myself that for them, we might be the only people they get to talk to all day ..

So some people skills are lacking!!! 

Others come in I think just to talk to us! Equally okay, if we're not holding really heavy things at the time or sitting uncomfortabley on the hard floor! 

My head is definitely mixed today, need sleep and rest.. then more sleep! 

An add on here .. it is November 10th.. listed on my calendar as worse day of my life .. it did in fact get worse. But was the day reality hit home, hard 

Better post now or never eh! 


Talking a bit about the old thought of every seven years we are 

It Turns out that each body part has its own very distinct lifespan. The lining of the stomach, constantly under assault by digestive acid, is renewed every few days. But bones are refreshed once a decade. And there are a few parts of you that stay with you from birth to death.

Monday, November 06, 2023

Photograph above taken as I was heading off to work one morning late week, the sun just kissing the summit of the Sierra de Las Nieves...

How strange only just now, because of a friend's post, did I even remember it's Guy Fawkes night..

So I guess it's true... We can indeed forget stuff, after a period of time, when it's not something we need to remember any more ... 

Been over twenty years since I went to a fireworks display back in Blighty... 

Up our end of town yesterday morning, sat in the chilly street! A beautiful male podenco suddenly appeared from the street opposite, he crossed over, I put out my hand and he came over, sniffed me and walked back up and out of sight from the direction he had come from!! 

Saturday afternoon went to a bar in Malaga area, live music and outside, was nice sat out in the sun for while.. just relaxing and enjoying our beautiful autumn weather ..

Should be lots to write! Probably about banking systems and road drivers! 

About work? Halloween! Had an absolutely wonderful day at work, we were dressed up! Of course, I wore a dress I've owned for about .. I don't know, well over ten years .. it's black/dark gray, it's a little bit gothic a little bit steam punk.. with an axe through my head! And blood down my neck either side! Dark eyes and my bike boots!!

My colleague was the bride of Dracula! I painted blood from her eyes and dark around her eyes.. white dress with a white veil... So cool! 

All the customers were impressed all of them laughed, after the initial surprize factor! 

Spent the weekend before with my sister in-law down at Torreblanca end of Fuengirola.. great weekend, after work on Friday straight to her, then Saturday drove us down to Calahonda after coffee with a friend of hers nearby.

At Calahonda we had coffee and some breakfast, next to work, then we went to see her old place near the boardwalk and walked along to Luna beach where we had a cold drink..  we then crossed over and went up towards Lidl and back along the main road to the car! 

From there up to Mijas Pueblo via my road, had a really time up at the pueblo ..

But, leaving the carpark road a was forced to stop suddenly and stalled the restarted on three, so no problem...but my power steering had gone!?!

It seemed to correct itself on the road out of the village and we made it back to her apartment okay ...

Sunday morning I called the grúa.. fantastic I hadn't called them for many many years... My car insurance people, in fact twice in over twenty years!! This being the second time, I was sent a link and could view the breakdown guy approach! Amazing!! 

So easily pleased! 

Anyways, I felt a bit daft as the power steering was okay??? He said if it goes again to turn off the engine and restart!

Who knows! 

I do feel a bit weary now, worried about my car failing me.. not sure what to do, but will carry on doing same as always! Carrying on! 


Live out of your imagination, not your history.

Stephen Covey - 1932-2012-

Thursday, October 12, 2023

21st night of September .. It was so funny on the 20th I noticed I had a reminder for the 21st, clicked on it and read the reminder.. it read 'September 21st' repeat every year..

And I thought what am I supposed to remember?? Ha! The 21st night of September.. 

Of course! But it took until the 23rd and talking at work to a colleague and I asked him, why did I do that!! And then bam!! Of course!! 

With youngest son and his family this week, I arrived Thursday evening of last week.. had five days of sun and warm weather, then yesterday was a bit cloudy and this morning rain.. so been really lucky... I did bring a rain mac but not worn it yet, and just wearing jeans t-shirts.. 

Sunday we went to Ashridge Forest, we had a great walk, and then cups of tea we drank on tree trunks... 

I have been going up there since I was about 8, I am guessing, when my mom met my stepdad, I even learned the basics of driving his old Morris van on the concrete parking area.. 

But soooooo many cars!! I was shocked!! Never seen it like that before, and we got there about ten! It was crazy busy!! Takes away some of the pleasure seeing it like that, although after walking away from the main drag the people all spread out, it was as good as always... 

After our teas I waited down on the ground when the family went up the monument.. 

We went to a local park yesterday, had a great time on all the rides! I love the swings! Always love the swings!! 

Just a big kid still... Or still just a girl who likes to ride the swing high.. feeling the breeze and the rush... 

The other day we walked along to Morrisons and bought pumpkins, great value .99p each!

And once home us girls carved our pumpkins! I hadn't done that since ... I cannot remember when in all honesty.

Today we went to Ikea in Milton Keynes, always love Ikea!! As soon as we got there we had lunch, meatballs of course, fries, red berry sauce and gravy! Yum! 

With my meal I had a bottle of Vintersaga! A Swedish Festive drink! 

Bought a few bits n bobs, obviously I couldn't buy anything to take home, although I did buy a great big star! 

I noticed on the way to MK the old pub the White Hart in Hockliffe is now a Harvester, I last went a couple of weeks before I moved to Spain.. 

And the Little chef has gone at the A5 junction/Heath and Reach.. although I think I knew that already...

As we were driving in Milton Keynes, passing familiar places, I said about the Christmas and the Christmas display there in front of John Lewis's..

Then I said about the snow dome mom and I went in and the Cinderella coach ride.. her and I sat in... 

Then I was tears... I miss my mom every day, but haven't cried the loss in a while.. quite a while, don't know where that emotion sprung from.. 

She's missing so much.. 

That's something to remember isn't it... When we're gone, that's it, we don't get to the things we could have, should have, would have.


Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Store talk:

Young couple came into the store, he said 'I'll leave you to get the shopping on the list I'm going to go to McDonald's' and when he came back he had the largest bouquet of flowers for her it was so sweet.. the couple were in their 20s, so beautiful to see their love.. 

When it's time to pay I say card or cash, because otherwise we're just waiting to find out what they're going to get out of their wallet, and then the majority of them pay with their card, they just wave it in the air which is very very annoying and rude and I've started thanking people for saying "pay with card" at the beginning of the transaction.. the majority of which are young people.. Not sure why people do that! They know we're English speaking? And when paying with their phone, people just wave that at us!! So frustrating! Okay, rant over! 

Today! I picked up a friend who I met at a client's when I was in live-in healthcare in England. I collected her from an Airbnb near the coast in Malaga.. very lovely neighborhood! Very unspoilt.

Very California feel.. we drove first to Mijas Pueblo and had a breakfast, typical Spanish, tostada, oil and tomato.. coffees.

I took her around the gardens of Mijas, told her some memories of the walk I have there..

Then I drove us home, showed her my house and we walked down into town, had a cold drink and just enjoyed catching up..

Back up to the car and down to La Cala, parked in the feria ground and walked to the Chiringuito I usually go to, we had lunch and just carried on talking! 

Closing with a drive to the airport for her to meet up with the rest of her friends who are arriving today, and then they're all off somewhere for the week!

And when I got home a white feather on the rug! It wasn't there when we came by earlier.. But now there it lays bang in the middle of the red rug in front of the TV unit .. 


The great use of life is to spend it for something that will outlast it.

William James - 1842-1910 - Philosopher and Psychologist