Wednesday, May 27, 2020

And the book is back home! It's home..

I am now pining for it! Lols... Sorry! I got attached to it! I just did! These are unusual days, unusual times...

And I am an emotional woman at the best of times...

I walked quite quickly again on my break to reach the phone box.. it's not far from the end of the road there...

And afterwards, walking back through a meadow I took off my trainers and socks and walked barefoot back to the river path..

It was wonderful, I love walking barefoot, just felt so good the grass beneath my feet and around my toes ...

I had changed into my new pre-loved Pepi jeans dress from eBay... Was too hot earlier wearing jeans and t-shirt.. the dress was much cooler although not the best option for river pathways covered with nettles and thorny things!! Lols

This distracted from the fact of wearing a dress with those shoes ... hey ho! Who cares!!

We have also been out again in the car, twice I had to stop.. my Google maps decided to ignore our destination... Just to add a magical mystery tour we found ourselves on... The second stop was purely because I thought it was taking us back to the railway line walk of yesterday!

It wasn't; I need to learn to trust..
(in so many ways...)


Book finished last night, almost gave up, but pushed through the sleep barrier!

Today weather permitting I'll return it from whence it came!

Not a short walk, almost as far as the reservoir..

A week today I'm back on the road again...

Back on the road again
Next port of call
Life and work go on
I feel so home sick, sometimes feels like a punch in my stomach, or a choking feeling...

Lols.. was getting poetic, or attempting to.. then randomly wrote, as per the norm!


Tuesday, May 26, 2020

I have never asked a question here.. mmm well probably I have, I mean it's been many many years.. and I am always questioning life and the universe!

But can I ask a question? Or rather, do YOU have a question? Any questions?

I mean I ramble here for hours on end.. well, let's be honest I've rambled on and on and Ariston! Have to be a certain age for that little 'joke'!

I wonder if any one wants to actually ask me anything! Ask anything, polite! Lols it'll be in my comments and I'll work my way through any questions..

I bet no one asks me anything!

Come on, don't be shy.. anonymous is fine.. of course!

Okay, it's late.. well no not really, but been a long working day, walks times two, baked a lemon drizzle cake! And a whole tonne of work related daily life.

I have my book to finish, right now, I want to take it back tomorrow.. because I think if I don't, I'll want to keep it, and lugging a hard back copy of a book around is not going to happen!

Okay amigos.. ask away if you dare!


Phew.. That word is a complete understatement! Just washed my hair then walked the Ribbesford circular footpath.

Took me thirty-five minutes..and I am now feeling like I've done a heavy gym circuit!! In my jeans and t-shirt!!

Lols didn't actually have to go so fast, it was just that I started out pacing it fast, and just kept going, even my cheek bones are sweating!!

And the backs of my hands!?! What's that all about!

I even stopped to talk to two people! A woman who was lost and wanted to know how to get back the way I was going, I signalled to her a couple of times, and she waved back.. but up by the steep incline after the church.. I lost her.. or she lost me!

And something I said to the next person, a youngish man, walking, randomly with a small wrapped bouquet of flowers.. I said the obvious, of course! "Aww thank you, you shouldn't have!" But this was entirely lost on him!! Mmm so much for humour!

And no flowers for me either!

When I'm on placements I quite often get into very deep meaningful conversations..

Like yesterday, when we talked about what's been and gone, and yet to come.. and I said everything that's ever been made or will be made all that it takes to do so is already on this planet of ours.. I guess still waiting to be invented!

And today, we walked along an unused railway line.. now a very usable path for waking or cycling..

We both shouted under a bridge enjoying the echos! Both said how we'd enjoyed just screaming loudly as kids under tunnels and in fields.. All the primal energy to get out!

My supply of chocolate has been renewed and I think I might nap now!!

Need a shower really! Or a bath!!


Monday, May 25, 2020

So maybe reading the aforementioned book, not the best plan of action! And needing to complete it before I leave Bewdley and return it to its phone box library..

I know the title To The Moon and Back shouts of love, but I hadn't a clue to the story line when I 'borrowed' it and it's a little too near to the knuckle..  and sat reading it at the breakfast table just now was a difficult moment, while trying to respond and not have raw emotion spill from both my voice and eyes..

Still, I can't leave it half read.. it's like life, I must finish it!! Lols crikey!

It is another absolutely stunning day here today, is all this because of less transportation? Less work emissions?

Listening to a man on the radio the other day he says in his city in India they can see mountains now only their grandparents used to be able to see before traffic and people grew to such an extent it's been blotted out by smog and such.


Sunday, May 24, 2020

Think I'm caught up with any of the photographs I'll post from Bewdley, that I've taken so far..

There is a tiny signet next to the parent here, if you can see it?

Don't know where they've gone now..

More wild garlic!!

The beautiful River Severn..

The source of the River is 2,000 ft high at Plynlimon, mid Wales..

Hares from Jubilee Park... Should have been a video but can't load it.. so many times I've forgotten to load them differently and can see in my mind's eye people clicking in the play arrow.. and nothing!!

Today the weather is a bit gloomy... We'll still be out for our walk, and hoping by my break I can take a stroll to the river or park and sit and read my book out in the fresh air..

So many more people here at weekends though, not sure yet..

Went along to a forest nearby yesterday on my break, was sooooo very busy!

It's not been easy on placements, during these days, lonely enough the life of a lone worker, but feels even worse somehow...

I was so lucky being able to stay with my oldest son and his family throughout April.

I have over eight weeks left to go.. Keep thinking - along of course with everyone, I want my normal life back, but then think, what's normal now anyway? I've not really been living a normal life for about four years.. it's been completely not normal! Lols, when have I ever been normal!! Ugh!! No!! What am I thinking!!

It's okay, I'm okay! Just being me!

It's just sometimes, I have too much time to think, and should instead fill my head with knowledge; I keep getting back into my Spanish then forget I'm doing it!! I have three books I'm reading instead of focusing on one at a time!

I have crochet hook and wool and an adult painting by numbers! But saving for my next placement breaks.


Every morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most.

Beautiful Bewdley

I am reading a book I picked up from a phonebooth library!

And I shall return after I finish reading it! Lols.. with a note therein!

It's called To The Moon and Back, by Jill Mansell.. I'm loving it; it has started out sadly, hoping for a fairytale happy ending.. being a born romantic and ever hopeful..


Beautiful lambs..
Beautiful day for walking...

Saving the day for the poor duck being chased by drakes!! She came to me to save her!!

Bee whisper ✓
Duck protector ✓

Mmm anyways...


Saturday, May 23, 2020

My walk along the Severn River last week..

Was one long walk! 7.3 miles!!

Walking every day with the customer too, which is really lovely.. bit harder going supporting someone to walk.. but nice to get out and about every day.

Was going to write more, but tiredness taking me over..

Been up and outta bed by half six every morning.. and not sleeping too well last few nights..

Wanted to link to a video by Roo Panes.. There's a Place.. but can't find one with lyrics.. so linking to lyrics if anyone can be whatsit to check it out! Hope so though.


Thursday, May 21, 2020

I feel very lax about the little I saw of this beautiful and very historic town here previously.

It was a walled town, and the River Severn the line where Wales met England! There are many signs of Welsh here, and walking the forests makes my imagine swim with how it must have been..

I found a beautiful little brook running through the edge of a field..

Forests full of wild garlic...

Hidden cemeteries... With ancient tomb stones..

Very, very ancient trees...

Footpaths that are never ending, so many river birds, a pair of kingfishers, swans and their signets... I visited the nesting swans since my arrival then Tuesday morning! Low and behold!!

There was one parent with a signet in the nest and the other with these two babes.. so beautiful..

Not sure where they are now though.. they're not in their lake today, nor along the river...


I'm a very bad Blogger!! Bad bad!

Okay! Since May 9th??

Left placement.. spent 8 nights in an Airbnb in Bewdley..

Feel like a local now! I know the walks, the rivers, the forests, the wildlife, the dogs, even some of the people!

Some familiar faces from when I was placed here earlier on in the year.. January 7th for two weeks!

Now I'm back.. in time of Lockdown...

A few pictures for now.. and more later... I am in work..

All beautiful Bewdley...


Saturday, May 09, 2020

VE day. 75 years ago today.

Sorry! Started yesterday but time and whatsit wait for no one!!

Above Birmingham Moor Street station on my way here... Eleven something in the morning on a Thursday..

Bodmin New Street two of us left by way of the Moor Street doors... There was just me on the carriage from Derby to Birmingham.. and only two of us got off at the last stop on my last train coming into the tourist destination of Stratford Upon Avon!

I'm in a small hamlet where I have been before, I did a ten weeks placement of ten weeks here, three years in September..

Very different at this time of the year of course, and at this time of lockdown 2020...

There was a street party of sorts here yesterday, we stopped briefly to join in songs and a radio report from 75 years ago by Winston Churchill, and in the evening sat outside on the kerb, in chairs.. a pizza oven cooking on the small green, and music playing on an old windup record player.. 

Very convivial, was good fun..

Not the greatest photograph of the bunting, but I wanted the milk float in the picture.. as it's makes it seem so much more old school!

There were a couple singing 1940's songs in the village yesterday, and as I walked around people were were getting tables and chairs out in their front gardens in preparation all around the village, looked very Miss Marple!! 

I'm enjoying a walk here every day.. walks I never got to do last time, felt a bit like coming home as we pulled into the road off the main road...

If I'd known I'd be ... Ummm trapped? in England for so long, I'd have brought my proper camera!

Along with clothes for spring.. or summer!!

My three t-shirts are getting holy already!!