Thursday, March 23, 2023

TWA Hotel at JFK, New York

This blog is purely photographs taken at this amazing iconic TWA Hotel..

From the outside..

To the what appears to be old walkway to board the planes ...

The rooftop heated pool overlooking the runway..

An overnight stopover, a day pass.. and here one can lounge and enjoy...

There are rooms 'set' in the 1960's..

Below on four legs the blue plexiglass item.. zoom in.. it's Barbie!

Cant move stuff around, probably more against stealing which is understandable, so everything is stuck down..

It truly is an amazing building, and I am so lucky my cousin decided to stop and let us spend some time.. 

Below the whole building from the designers point of view..

From shoeshine to the old telephones..

The teal room is maybe a bit too much!

And all the TWA uniforms.. wonderful! 

I left wanting to put on a pair of 4" stilettos and pencil skirt with maybe a cashmere twin-set! 



Monday, March 20, 2023


Journeys so far.. friends picked me up from JFK and took me to my aunt's, arrived about midnight Thursday/Friday.

Was a long flight, long day, I dropped off at Malaga Airport way too early, my fault? Partially, I couldn't check in on line due to issues with BA documents that were needed, they did clear at 8am on Thursday, but I left early anyways..

Desk didn't open until 13:30 so long wait..

I randomly, being me, started to talk to a couple who were near me, I also remembered their names and yesterday googled them, as you do!? As I do?? And they are both authors, both writers about wine! He especially has written a huge amount of books! I can't obviously name them here.. would be wrong.. but wow eh! 

So flight, it arrived into Malaga late so we left an hour late, when we landed in Heathrow my next flight was already, supposedly boarding, so had to get through security fast which wasn't easy.. so many signs saying don't run, the connection area must always be full of people arriving late and needing to board again quickly! 

Anyways! Boarded okay, then we sat on the tarmac for an hour! Problems with baggage, then food to transport? Fish apparently!! 

We made up for time though in the air and landed on my half an hour later than scheduled.

There was no food on the BA flight to London, so ate a lot on the next one, I had had no time to eat in Heathrow.. 

I weirdly had a bottle of water in my bag at Malaga, me??!!! For god's sake how many times have I moaned about idiots who carry water through!! Security guy was like wait . You have water? I was 'I'm so sorry!! I tavel so much!!' security was empty and luckily no one saw but him.. 

Then when I sat down at seat 29G to fly onwards from Heathrow.. a man saying everyone sit on your original seats.. I was surprised when he said I also had to move !! I had sat there instead of 39G!! And I knew it was 39G.. it was gate 39 and seat 39!! It was like I'd lost my mind!! So funny, so in a half empty plane I joined row 39.. four people in all, back row.. and although intended to move away, I stayed.. I'd already talked to the couple on my left.. So we were alright! And bathroom behind! Never used the bathroom so much as on that flight!! Just because I could!

Tried to sleep a little, but it's not easy for me.. after landing was easy through passport control and baggage claim.. out and picked up.. so easy.. 

Got to aunt's around midnight and next day cousin arrived from West Palm Beach.. 

Another cousin picked up the three of us, and drove us to another cousin's house for a special Saint Paddies day dinner of corned beef and cabbage.. from there, another driver and car to another cousins house for the night!

The next day we drove, another car.. to my aunt's party at a fire station.. fantastic..

When the cousin who was staying with us walked in.. he said pointing to this below..

Here's the Menu!! 

Was a fantastic party.. absolutely wonderful.. nearly a hundred of us.. some couldn't make it.. tonnes of food.. talking laughing just wonderful..

I think about most of the women thought there was one bathroom.. when you walked in there was a urinal on the left and two stalls.. but after walking in there I walked out and tried a door further down the hall and there was the ladies bathroom! 

After the party, another cousin another car to cousins then a turnaround and another car another cousin, back to aunt's house.. 

My cousin and I felt like we were part of a witness protection program! 

They kept us moving and changing drivers and cars!

Then Sunday we went into the city to meet up for lunch with a friend my cousin has known since they were about 8!

We got an Uber to train station, we thought we were alone in the train, then a guy asked us if we were going to Grand Central.. 

When we pulled into the Grand Central.. we stood.. no one on our train! No one anywhere near! 

The guy did show up again .. but where from?? 

It was totally weird.. especially with our continued transportation and driver and house changes!!

Even when we walked along the deserted corridors.. 

The station has obviously undergone a massive update, since I was last there, nine years May, it is amazing.. a stunning masterpiece of architecture..

I love this station!

Artwork, mural's.. all of it..

Everywhere was just so empty when we arrived, walking along corridor after corridor, coming up from the deepest platform.. heading for Lexington Avenue.. twists and turns.. was so funny!

Came out and no one about! That top photograph was what we saw.. 

It was also freezing! And I mean actually freezing! So my cousin flagged a cab that was right there.. for us! And we went to his friends appartment.. in a beautiful old building with a concierge.. of course we had to share the elevator with a gentleman called Max and his two corgis both in knitted coats! 

After coffee we headed back out into the cold and had brunch in a beautiful hotel restaurant, outside but undercover just like home..  although these in New York only appeared during covid, they're what we've been used to always in Spain outside the bars.. 

Where we love is home - home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts

Oliver Wendell Holmes snr

Going to close here.. 

Above was in the TWA hotel at JFK today.. 

But need to rest my thumbs now!


Wednesday, March 08, 2023

Just heard this quote on TV.. 

We're born alone, we live alone, we die alone. Only through our love and friendship can we create the illusion for the moment that we're not alone.

Orson Welles 

I searched it and found this following from Reddit, it was written ten years ago so hope it's okay to copy here..

"Like any quote, the interpretation is ultimately up to the reader, I would suggest in this case, Orson was illustrating that ultimately, we are truly alone in this universe, from the moment we are born, to the moment we die. We view and experience the world through our own eyes, and we are only privy to our own thoughts and experiences.

People can share their thoughts and experiences with others, but ultimately, you can only understand them vicariously, through your own eyes, as it were, we can not TRULY understand what its like to live as someone else.

But, through love and friendship, socializing with others, we are capable of creating a momentary illusion that we are not alone, but that is all it is: an illusion, because at the end of the day, you are still stuck within your own mind and see the world through your eyes."

Something to think about just before bedtime! I understand what Orson is saying, but .. 

I don't believe, mmm no I don't feel it's strictly true.. we are not born alone.. we cannot be born without our moms.. not yet thankfully!! 

And I was with my mom and Franco when they passed, they didn't die alone.. Too many people do, I know, time, circumstances, it happens every moment.

But are you ever alone when you have love.. Love from partners, family, friends, our fur-babies.. 

Rich in our lives, histories, memories.. we are so full of our days.. and these things are always with us. Within us.

Nothing to do with understanding what it's like to live as someone else?

Or be stuck in your own mind?

Mmm too much too late in the day me thinks! 

And yesterday's procedure went well, as it could! Quick and over with and out of hospital before I knew it! It's all about stomach ache! Too many antibiotics! Must have taken them every three to four weeks for over a year! More, probably! Because of the kidney stones.. 

It was the first time I'd been in the hospital since I left April 1 2017.. 

Wasn't nice to be there, wasn't nice to be in the same place I'd been there with.. last time when .. well, when. (Sorry that makes no sense, probably, only to me).


Monday, March 06, 2023


Breathe (In the Air) Pink Floyd 

How???.. How can this be nearly 50 years ago? What happened? Time? Life? Damn.. 

I can almost put myself back into my 13/14 year-old self.. see my bedroom.. my clothes.. hear my mom downstairs and my stepdad ..

The only time travel I can perform.. 

Penny our dog, the garden.. my memories get a little less real around the edges the more I try to move around the thoughts.. like trying to grasp hold of an elusive dream.. 

And maybe I'm trying to hard to think..

Especially today, going back isn't a good thing, but, well I shouldn't say 'but' was going to say they're the only truths we have, but is that actually true? 

Don't our memories fail us.. give us rosier pictures.. 

The future may be totally unknown, the past only what we remember, want to remember or can't forget.

And today, starvation for me, have a delightful procedure at the hospital mañana.. 

No food, just liquids, wonderful chicken broth for breakfast this morning and for lunch, and what the hell! For dinner later probably!

Had a coffee, black, no dairy.. up at the garden centre this morning with my vecina, made my stomach rumble! 

And now, feeling actually a little dizzy, very wobbly.. actually..

But in my pjs watching tv in the living room, woodburner fired up downstairs, all nice and cosy.  Later on the meds to take, to make a thorough job of preparing me for above procedure! 

My darling little Cassie has Scarlet fever.. I did at her age.. near the time the disease was almost eradicated from the UK..

When I had it I was covered in a rash from the fever and the rash blistered.. I can still see the blisters over the palms of my hands.. 

It also caused one of my heart diseases..

Related to strep throat too.. which my mom had as a child.. she had a strange purple blister on her lip from the strep, I grew up seeing it on her mouth, was just normal to me.. but when she was in her 70's she had it removed.. Now that was strange to me, to see her without it, all of my life..

Y ahora ciao amigos..


Monday, February 27, 2023

Sugar Bay, Marbella the other evening.. lovely location, right at the beach, but very very cold. Blankets were supplied! The gin was good also, Le Tribute the tonic also Le Tribute.. very strong and I'm not used to it.. 

Today was way too busy.. doctors first! Appointments will be arriving for eye doctor and physio! Not for the same complaint!! That would be weird! 

I then had to pop into the garage near Coín, and on to Aldi! 

I came home with something I hadn't put in my basket! I'd also paid for it?? So I am guessing it came from the next customer?? 

Nothing exciting either, chewing gum! 

But as you may have noticed by the unusually large amount of selfies, not normal!! 

I popped into the nearest hairdressers to enquire about getting it colored, and he said now!! 

Which I was definitely not expecting, and two and a half hours later I emerged! 

He was ready to go with the color he could see, but I said I wanted some 'pop' difficult to see here.. but will try for a better shot tomorrow!

When I came out the wind was blowing a storm.. well, just wind but very strong and I didn't want to hang around outside.. 

I've come to bed early, to watch a family movie.. 😂😂 Once upon a time in America! 

Just saying! But couldn't see any Bonelli's in the titles! 


Friday, February 24, 2023

Out on friends bike today, passenger of course.. much more relaxing.. not sure I could ever hold up a bike on my own..

Walked up the street looking like a cowboy without his horse.. or a cowgirl!?! 

Or just a woman with leather jacket, armoured jeans and lid! 

Went first to Motorcycle shop in Alhaurín de la Torre, Motos Garrido.. I got some gloves, and had I had X amount of money, although a good priced store.. just so many nice things!! To wear so little! So would be very silly also.. 

Had a coffee in nearby bar.. not good coffee and they took the money but didn't bring the coffee?? Must be the first time ever in Spain!?

Then went to Plaza Mayor which is also McArthur Glen.. the designer outlet..

Had another coffee, then came back to Alhaurín via the coast road and up past Mijas pueblo..

Really nice four hours out.. cold.. but nice.

I was starving when I got home... So eaten and now feel like a siesta! 

Wonderful amazing night last evening, moon Jupiter Venus perfect alignment..

My photo isn't that great, so adding the same from my constellation app..

Beautiful.. I could watch the stars all night..


ps my asteroid dream is still on my mind..

Wednesday, February 22, 2023

The skies here have been looking decidedly strange last two days.. 

Yesterday morning, photograph above, but a little bit more normal but Monday evening the setting sun over Alhaurín was more sand colored than rosy red.. 

It started to rain in the evening also and kept on for a few hours.. 

And yesterday morning when I got to my car... It was filthy with dirt.. 

Above photograph taken Sunday early evening, had no filters.. very strange light..

Work yesterday in the shop and today I am off soon, bit later and to the warehouse.. yesterday was a good day as always, in spite or is it despite, the customers! 

But last night, or rather early hours of today, a very deep in-depth dream.. which may have taken mere moments to dreams.. felt to me hours, way too much to write.. but asteroids were falling all around me, small ones like pebbles, others the size of dinner plates.. they were hot! I reached out and touched some of them.. feeling the enormity of touching a piece of space.. felt amazing.. I mean, in my dreams, nothing lucid, as far as I am aware however wonderful or awful, my dreams are my reality when I sleep.. and this dream was amazing.. apart from the ones that fell, I also was amazed at the shooting stars that pasted by.. so many overhead in the dark sky above my head.. 

Only now I have Googled the meaning..

*Asteroids Dreams*

If the meteor or asteroid turns into a shooting star in your dream it represents your prayer or wish will come true.

'People also ask

What is the meaning of seeing asteroid in the dream?'

It brings unexpected problems with much more severe losses. This dream signifies radical changes and possible disasters or significant impacts that you did not expect. In another view, a meteorite in a dream reflects your vulnerability to unexpected significant changes.

So! Sounds like a warning for today? 

I'll drive carefully? Lift the heavy stuff carefully? 

I don't know.. 

Driving home the other day, in the light still.. on a bend a man was on my side of the road a good two feet, his gaze not on the road but down, probably on his phone, I moved as quickly and safely as I could, but didn't want to hit my barrier either! He must have been doing well over 80 because I was doing 70 and my car was rocked by his speed and closeness.

Take care my friends..

Enjoy every day, every moment, find the good in eachother..