Monday, October 12, 2020

I'm with my youngest son and his family now, since Friday evening, I am out of quarentine! Yeahhhhh!

He came to get me, it was a long drive, and twice the distance for him... 

We came through our old area, Aylesbury.. passing where we used to live.. it's changed a little.

Been out for a couple of walks, I'm wearing my mask mostly, always on to pass people, it feels very strange not wearing one here from door to door, so feels more natural already just wearing it..

I ordered a frame which fits under my mask and makes it so much better to wear, it keeps the material away from my nose and mouth so breathing is so much easier, I found it very hard going especially in the heat.

I am kind of worrying now, already about getting home, all this time here, and only half of it for work, I mean the work is good, I need to work, but I am worrying about flights back home. My flight has already been set back a day by Ryanair. 

It's so lovely being here though! Seeing my newest grandbaby, absolutely wonderful, her beautiful happy face.. seeing eachother for the first time not through a videocall! Makes me so happy... 

She watches my every move, and I hers..

And their dog has taken to sleeping with me! Even escorting me to the bathroom! Lols, and in the lounge, sitting on my lap when he can!



Thursday, October 08, 2020

I finished watching the movie I spoke of yesterday... 

I'm glad I persevered, it wasn't how or what I expected at the end and and there was some random dancing, which freaked me out now and again.

But, the last third of the movie for me was the best.. It is split into three parts really, the drive to his parents house, at the house, and the drive back to town.

It's what they spoke about; sometimes we hear things when we need to hear them, for instance I listened to a YouTube video and in the feed was this amazing poem.

Do Not Love Half Lovers by Khalil Gibran 

Which I had never heard of, but so glad I have.

And to follow up on 24 hrs of 'things we're meant to know, cropping up at the time we need to!'

I have just watched the new Pixar movie.. Onward..

So that brought tears to my eyes.. Its a wonderful movie, absolutely.

These above photographs; unusual fruits were on the ground at the botanical gardens in Gibraltar.. Osage oranges.. which I have never seen before or even heard of! 

My last full day here.. 
And off to son's tomorrow.. 


I forgot to post these photographs of the Osage orange.. 

I hadn't heard of these or seen anything like them before..

Tuesday, October 06, 2020

Time is passing by.. cabin fever big time! I know during the limits set during general lockdown, I was either with family or in work.. and it was strange days enough indeed..

But this is way more difficult, way more weird! Yes I've walked around the garden and land.. including the private driveway.. and pathways.. and that's been considerably fantastic! But not in the rain.. thankfully not too many of those days!

Two and half days left.. am I counting down? Lols er.. yes!! 

Am I losing my mind! Lols maybe!

No WiFi.. So even more arhhhhhhh! 

Eating lots of wrong foods.. and sleeping badly! The weirdest dreams.. 

Started watching a strange movie today.. It's a 2020 movie I'm Thinking of Ending Things.. it has a couple of people I know in it, Toni Collette and David Thewlis.

It's very complex, I have an hour left to watch.. it's very well acted.. but, yes, very complex is all I'm saying.

And I'm interested in seeing it's conclusion.

Lols Sorry, sounds very mysterious, but I don't want to give anything away..



Thursday, October 01, 2020

A memory that came up on Facebook today, photographs I took passing by Benidorm today a year ago.. prompted me to continue here...

2020 has brought so many changes.. Some enforced which have brought so much to us we would never have known.. So, already I am thankful..

Isolation has actually brought people into my life I would never have met.. 

And not temporarily friends, I truly feel lifelong friends.. 

Despite my days where I get down.. I know too I am so lucky in so many ways.. 

Really wish I could post some of the field photography I've taken here..

The parrot above was in the street, down outside Bar Cruz a couple of weeks ago.

Untethered.. I think some of his feathers had been cut.. he was with three men, just hanging out and enjoying the evening.. he was watching all the birds walk by! 🤦🏻‍♀️

Lols see if that emoji shows up!

Well, today the sun is most definitely shining and my spirits raised.. I don't suffer from SAD but being here where I am is making it very difficult if the weather is bad.. 

I have chocolate, coffee and sunshine!

Another day gone, and soon we with family.


Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Decided to place a quote first today.. 

Because some people see a wall, and assume that's the end of their journey. Others see it, and decide it's just the beginning.
Angeline Trevena - Author

Because, sometimes walls are imposing, or feel impossible to get over.

And sometimes I wonder whether it's even worth trying..

Today it's raining.. so not even a walk around the field today.. no looking searchingly into hedgerows for blackberries.. had one! Did I tell you? Just one I have found, hopefully although low to the ground it was relatively untouched by any animals.. 

There's lots of sloe berries.. for use in making sloe gin.. or for witchcraft, I've just read.. apparently!

No WiFi, so bear with for uploads.. 

I walked up the path yesterday to get to the field and found a jigsaw piece! Always wondered what happened to that!! The missing jigsaw piece, or the missing piece to my puzzle, take it whichever way folks!

I'm on a bit of a downer today with this weather, and realize there is no way I could have survived lockdown here; very isolated location.. 

The need now for chocolate is great! Mmm eBay maybe? Now that's an idea! Lols

I should have thought ahead for that doing the shopping before my arrival! 

Thinking of home, mi casa, mis montanas.. mi buena vista.. 

It'll be cola coa by the time I get home.. and the wood burner!


Monday, September 28, 2020

Well it's been sunny here in Blighty, but mighty cold when out of the sun!

Indoors at the moment when the heating is off its flipping freezing! 

Feeling stuck, and isolated in my isolation period! 

Walked around the garden, took photos of the field! Lols

No WiFi, so will upload anything when I can.. will bleed off some data later!

British TV? So is it like the British high street now.. repeat episodes of very old TV series = charity shops; adverts for data/WiFi, banks/building societies.. = phone stores and .. well, banks!! 

It mirrors it doesn't it? If you want good up-to-date movies, or something different.. it would be like visiting out-of-town shopping centres with cinemas attached!



You can’t cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water.

Rabindranath Tagore - 1861-1941 - Poet

Friday, September 25, 2020

This world makes me happy in so many ways I didn't think it ever could again..

But sitting on board a plane with another twenty-five people flying from Malága to Bristol.. this makes me so sad.. the lack of people.. the masks, the eyes all looking just as wary as I expect mine do.. 

The airport usually so full, full of life or hope of holiday makers leaving, of people with arms full of even more gifts .. 

Stores are all closed.. even a few of the eateries.

No long lines to wait in, no nothing really.

Not even a dozen cases loaded into the hold.

I'm in row four.. my free seat.. and two people in front of me.. no one along side me.. and then  the few others behind.. 

Now at my isolation point.. 

Bristol airport was like coming into an apocalyptic dystopian decontamination zone! So few people that lights came on as we entered corridors.. and as it was just me and one other person leading the line.. it was odd.

Only when reaching the security area.. did we see anyone.. and a room usually heaving, where on occasion I have had to lineup in an adjacent area to even reach.. I walked straight through and up to a security guard.. 

Showed passport and papers regarding the quarentine info and done..

My case along with the other nine cases came through on the only conveyor belt in operation.. 

Bus stops all moved.. I guess to keep people away from the arrivals area.. which is cordoned off now, tented off to be exact! 

A long line, and fewer passengers.. as one person to each double seat.. so a bit of a wait there, then on the bus I sat upstairs .. hadn't been on a double decker for five years! Was great! Actually! And I booked my train ticket on my phone.. 

Beautiful evening, amazing clouds and sunset.. 

And bloody freezing cold!

Okay, maybe not freezing, but my hands went numb! And then had to do the tingling and burning thing once they warmed up again!

Settled in now.. eaten and coffee.. 

Tired and missing home.. 

Wishing I were there..



So nearly time to leave home for travel to the UK, family and work.. 

My heart is actually beating far too hard, I do not want to leave home; looking across the Guadalhorce vally now from my terrace.. 

My heart is in Spain, I wasn't sure for a couple of years.. but I know now.. completely and utterly sure.

Now I just want to go.. I can't wait to meet my newest granddaughter.. and also see my other two babes.. for them I am travelling.. and for work.. 

Then I can come home, Ryanair has just changed my return date so now an extra day in the UK.. 

Lols Blogging on my phone before I leave the house, my hands are shaking!

Okay, finish up here.. then go. I'll keep you posted, from England next, of course!