Friday, May 24, 2013

Above in the forest at Craig-y-nos, the fence grown into the tree,  no, reverse that, the tree gone into the fence of course!  Could just delete and change, but if I was speaking that is what I said!!

This is the Castle/Hotel there, the one I aforementioned is haunted!

A passing cloud on this beautiful day....

Above and below were taken at the top of the mountain we were on, where the information centre is....

The weather we have been having these last couple of months has been amazing, all over the rest of the UK it sounds like wind and rain and more rain.... but here?  Been lovely! We had a drop of rain yesterday?  Or the day before? A shower I think it was, a hard shower... but then that was it!  Yesterday a bit cloudy and windy, but the wind soon blew the clouds away, I am guessing its the position here, so near to the coast, five minute drive maximum, and the mountains behind us, its been warm, nothing like Spain of course, but then it wouldn't be, we still laugh at the temperatures given on the news weather, over the years when they say "and it will be warmer here in the UK than in many European holiday destinations" !!!! NO!!! In summer the Malaga temperature is taken in the airport or something, definitely in the shade!  And in Spain the heats builds up, the further into the day you go, the hotter it gets!  Until even in darkness the heat just comes back up at you from the ground...

Anyway!! Off my soap box.... Feel I have lots to say but my mind is tired and my hands all typed out, feeling in a strange mood!


Thursday, May 16, 2013

More photos from friends, family.....  visit from the other week,  above a great shot I took of a huge amount of water pouring forth from this little tree!!

Or maybe not..... below! Taken with HD does it look a better photo?  Not really sure!

Below is the underside of the plane that flew above our heads when we were in the Brecon Beacons, strange how all you see it heat!  Any ideas why!!!

And finally below back at Craig-y-nos.... the following week when Franco and I went already evey thing much greener! We walked the same path as previously to begin, then where we had turned back last week, we courageously [!] carried on along it...  coming eventually to a narrow road, then it was down there, turn right and right again and finally, were walking back along the main road that took us back into the main entrance of the park!!!  Was the long way, and I seriously thought at one time I wouldn't make it!

We passed by the castle at Craig-y-nos, its haunted it says, peering into a downstairs bedroom by road side, I could quite believe it!  You can stay on the haunted floor, or otherwise and visit the haunted area, dinner and breakfast thrown in for an appropriate fee of course!

While we were on the Brecon Beacons, at the visitor centre, and after picnicking, walking up to the skyline, before finding it was no quite the skyline!  I got a call inviting me for a job interview!  I had an interview a couple of weeks previously, and although being able to fulfil everything on the request they also needed a Welsh speaker and that is something I couldn't do!

So two days after the call I went for the interview, intensive and well over an hour, asked to be seated out back in reception and on being called back was told "the job is yours!"  Brilliant!  Although having been working self-employed since September, it will be good to be out and working, my new job title is Support Worker... On Tuesday I attended a manual handling course, and tomorrow is epilepsy...  I will begin by shadowing, to observe only before I begin.  I am really looking forward to being part of a team who make such a difference to peoples lives, its nothing like anything I have done before, but very excited to make this huge change!

Yesterday I opened my dolls box suitcase, not looked inside since last opening back in Spain, strangely all my much loved, much used dolls and baby cuddly toys looked very sad... more sad than before even! There was even a couple of things I thought I had lost in the move!  But some of the dolls have changed, maybe opening in our little house in Spain it was darker, or without the lights on or persiana fully open I don't know, but the dolls eyes have discolored badly, turned white, like they have all suddenly got glaucoma! Some of the white I managed to just wipe away, but some wouldn't come off at all, they look bedraggled, lost and lonely... I actually wanted to find some small dolls clothes, for Blythe, I did find some, a jump suit on my Tressy! A pair of red leggings and brown shorts on Patch and a random blue sixties dress!  These dried on a radiator... not on.... by the way!  I refilled my toy box, gently placing doll upon doll, cuddly toy upon cuddly toy, the oldest from my first birthday.... some of them are empty now, their innards dissipated!  This would be the third use of this word!!! LOL Must admit hadn't realised 'dissipated' was used like this?  And so much for editing I hear you say....!  I am thinking though, that having used this word, a lot, that no one else knows its true worth either?

So, back to dolls clothes!!! Looking very small and out of proportion here! LOL!!!

This morning I woke with a bit of a headache, was so tired yesterday, that I had too much sleep last night!  So before it could get a hold I decided to make some cookies, have had a tab open here for about three or four weeks!  So I made the wine cookies at last!  I think next time [aha I hear you!], no, they are more than edible, but the mix needed to be less sticky, so I can roll them and shape them, this was more like a mud mix!!  Still they smelt wonderful cooking, wonderful to taste, so there we are then!

Also today, tax return completed! Perfec[t]!

TTFN amigos

Thursday, May 02, 2013

Above taken in Brecon, a pretty chocolate box scene... Having a fabulous break with friends visiting for their holidays... first time I have had a moment to post, got some on fb, should be starting with last weekend, but today is Thursday and here we are...

Just liked this tree, so here it is, not long after seeing this tree and the surrounding views we came off the road quickly to try to take photos of a Hercules flying overhead, it was massive, it was low down and flying directly over the road, scared the heck out of us I can tell you!!! The photos didn't come out at all well, two came out looking like a UFO was passing by, will post that another day!!

Here are the three of us on a bridge and waving at y'all.... lol, that's a river we are over, not that you can see the water very much, we had just seen a pretty little bird, a Pied Wagtail, a couple of twitchers were bird spotting and told us it was by this bridge, nesting, and we found him.... he has only been here a little while on a stop over from Africa I think!

When we came across the twitchers they were stalking a Goldcrest so we stopped and watched him too!

This picture above is the creepiest one I took today.... see the face? whoa.... strange eh!!!

More photos tomorrow amigos!