Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Allure of the Sea

Today we went to Malaga, again.... and saw the largest, at this time, passenger liner in the world, the Royal Caribbeans MS Allure of the Seas... An almighty huge ship!!  No photos can really make it look as big as it is... Worth checking out here... 

There were a lot of ships in the harbour today, the MS Allure of the Seas, the MSC Divinia, Quote from web site... 'Timeless elegance in modern comfort inspired by the divine award winning actress Sophia Loren.... brings you all the elegance and glamour of the golden age...

We couldn't get close to MSC Divinia, she was behind a locked gate!

The Dutch ship below was big enough, although still dwarfed by the Allure... you can imagine people coming into port, "hey, look how big my ship is!"  Then the Allure pulled herself up and all aboard played the top trump card!! LOL  The staff aboard the Allure were about the same as the actual passengers aboard the Zuiderdam...

We had gray skies, and lots of rain, my feet were soaked through, mainly because I was wearing open sandal walking shoe type things! And a waterproof coat! And also 64% humidity so it was warm too...

We got the bus to Malaga today, the usual route, we were with the workers and lots of them, took about an hour to get there, then the walk along to the port, we stopped for a quick snack, I had a split bocadillo with tomato and olive oil, Franco had a mixto, that's the bocadillo again but closed with ham and cheese, fresh orange, very... made my face turn inside out and my eyes cross, but was really good, actually felt like it was doing me good! and coffee... that was €2.50 each, yep, a whole five euros for both of us!  Muy bueno!

After the tour of the ships, is there a name for ship spotters?  Like train spotters?? LOL... anyway, coffee at a port bar then the walk back to the bus station, got tickets for the bus back to Alhaurín... Not the usual bus forsure, but I am so glad!  A totally different route and through a couple of small towns I had never ever been through before, and so close really, didn't even know they were there!  Took a turn by the most haunted house in Spain, Cortijo Jurado... and came back around from there... via Cártama!  Great!


Monday, October 26, 2015

Down at the garage this morning where we bought our car was this little chap!  He caught my eye as I waited for news of our documents... so I caught him on my phone!

First from one side then the other!!

We went to have a coffee at La Trocha first before shopping trip for food at Mercadona... and we used the lakes road... This road was started, and finished at least by 2009... On Google maps it has shown this road which starts down at La Cañada on the main road near Marbella and comes as far as Alhaurín El Grande and Coín... it terminates at a roundabout... with the tarmacked road unfinished disappearing into the distance, over the hills and faraway!  The dual carriageway narrows into a regular road where no one has gone!  But today!!!

A man waving a flag moved us over and under the bridges of the roundabout above....

On towards the lakes road... Where once finished one will reach the A357 from Malaga; Cártama to the right and Campillos to the left...  It will bring Ardales El Chorro etc, a good fifteen or twenty minutes nearer!!


After a coffee in the fairly new bar on the outside of La Trocha we went to get our weeks shopping, we still haven't visited a Lidl shop yet, strangely as it was where we shopped back in Neath all the time, mainly due to the fact that that's where we shopped before we left here!

Maybe next week eh!

By the by... Our car documents not as yet ready... and we missed the post man delivering my new sim, so a trip to the post office in the morning is a welcome thought ahead of time!  Pippa as usual had brought the notification into the house for us to find easier than right near the door where we might have missed it!


Sunday, October 25, 2015

Malaga or bust!

Some randomness today... Like I never usually am!!!  Above a plant, one of many in Mijas Pueblo gardens... The years and years and even more years I have seen this flowering plant, and never once seen fruit on it! The fruit looks like blackberries... I didn't try it, although we did observe a woman eating one...

Yesterday we went to Malaga for the day, and the whole day it turned out to be, including the nearly €17.00 car park cost!!!  We went because a Star Wars exhibition was a the port, followed in the afternoon by the legion in the main plaza... We didn't get to see the finale, we should have known better that they wouldn't be on time I guess... But because we were later than we could have been we bumped into friends and had coffees, so that was nice...

We saw lots of storm troopers, and lots of characters from the movies, apart from my favorite... no Chewbacca... sadly....  We saw a bride and groom, they had photos taken with every one!!  They were there when we were in the morning, and just walking about four hours when we came back into the port for ice cream... they must have been shattered!!!

There were ships in the port to see, I bundled up those above... well, so it seems, at the back a big huge ship from Italy the Splendida.. then a smaller liner before it... the older sailing boat in the foreground... there should be a fast large yacht in there too if you look closely!

I think I have some pictures of a navy boat somewhere?? And below is a ferry!

The day was warm enough but very overcast, we were lucky really, 20% chance of rain... We went on the wheel too, it seems so big from afar, but up close compared with the London Eye, it was small!  It was also movable!!  Unlike the London Eye this one is temporary! The pods were small, about six or seven foot by about five I guess, a bench either side to sit and a little leg room in between, you could rest your feet on the bench quite easily...

But it was good fun, and we were on our own in the pod, they spaced people out nicely, I am guessing when its busy that's a different matter!  Not too bad views considering the misty skies...

More pics from here tomorrow, or soon....

Big mural of a girl on this building...

After about six twirls on the wheel, which was also great... we went for lunch at Roy's!!  A great little port side café, very well priced and great food!

We had ice cream later too... while we were doing the tourist thing!

Waiting for the parade (that we missed), I started to get a bit chilly, and started spending too much time in the shops!  They're winter collections of warm fluffy knits became more and more appealing the cooler I got!!!


Friday, October 16, 2015

New Post!

Hello amigos!

Thank you for bearing with me... I have had various emails, text messages and other complaints abounding!  I am so sorry for such a delay, five weeks delay... Have I ever gone for so long without Blogging?  Not sure...  We have got WiFi now at home at last, I know we only ordered it last Monday, but its seemed like an eternity once I had made that call.. and the weeks are flying by.

It seems impossible that we have been here five weeks!!  We have done lots around the house, painting, throwing out, moving things about... We have traveled around, visiting friends and seeing family when they were here :-)...

We have bought the car, settling back into the throw of things... although we both can't sleep, can't seem to eat right, neither the right time or the right foods!  Pippa seems the most relaxed!  Maybe once I am settled back into work also, it will be better!!

We're having one day a week down on the beach! Lists written and everything accomplished!

Now we have to go buy a phone!  Here I am giving out our number and we don't have a phone line with which to receive a call! Doh!!!

I have taken lots of photo's with my camera and need to upload, but now its adío and welcome back!


Newer Post... but still a week old!!!

This morning we popped over to a friends home, she came back to Spain in April this year, we visited her in the apartment she had rented then, it was very noisy and right above the main road in town by the bars and clubs... she moved then out into the campo, a little way out of town, she had wanted a secure garden, but a dog got in and ravaged her littlest dog, poor little chap, he has been attacked before...  So now she is even further out of the town, actually really in the campo of the next town altogether, very isolated, I was worried about the location before we saw her today, and now... I am still worried she so far away from public transport, friends and this town.... but the house!  Its great, well actually its more than great, its the sort of place I could fall in love with!  It needs a whole load of money thrown at it, probably more than the purchase price!  But there is just something about it, its got character, its quirky, its mostly on flat land, with orchards full of oranges, almonds, figs and cocoa, then on layered terraces on the one side cumquats, aloe and more cocoa and almonds... a pool, covered terraces, interior patio...

Today now, as I am writing its another day waiting for the wonderful Telefonica... only 3pm so still plenty of time??? Por favor!


Phew... Okay, lots of post's below folks, six in all, five of catch up and one fresh... plus this note!

Fifth Post from catch up....

Might be headed fifth, but if your arriving here... it will be the first?  Too confusing, just glad I have deleted all the others and cannot undo what I have done, if this lot has come out - out of order, don't worry its not just you who is confused by it all! LOL

Good luck!

A friends door knocker... It translates.. "Here I stay".....

I had a list as long as my arm!  Okay, I am so sorry, been impossible to blog properly from my phone, its too small and impossible to load pictures... I know it is like I have left the planet and gone AWOL or is it MIA?? Both maybe!  We are getting the internet at home, and soon, phoned up Monday, and it was promised yesterday or today, its nearly 10pm now, so not expecting it today... Hoping for tomorrow though!  And also this is why I am actually on my lap top, doh!  Could have been pre Blogging for weeks couldn't I, and now its all going to come over mixed up and later coming before earlier...  I have only made a list on my phone and now transcribed here, so here goes!  Oh and if anyone is reading quicker than I can post these 'catch ups' from last to first... this will be confusing if you jump in early!


Catch up One

As I said only had phone, and now I need to top-up, so haven't even been on Facebook for two days now... and you know, its okay... really it is!  Probably wouldn't be saying this if I didn't already know that by 9am tomorrow morning I will be down at Bar Rosa drinking café sombre and bleeding their internet dry!

So, complaints are coming in fast and furious now reference no Blogging! Well, test messages and emails!! lol... and repeat hits that last for two seconds or lead to years back where people are catching up from years ago, obviously bored, but thank you very much ladies and gentlemen!

Today I have been working on book for Peter Maddocks, an adult drawing book, I nagged him to hell and back to get one drawn then started moving, and progress has been very much delayed although I think now, it just needs a check over and it will be getting proofed and ready to publish, paperback only, Kindle might be kind of pointless!!

I can't do this like this, I must go back to four weeks ago!!
So four weeks ago, we were in Cardiff for two night before leaving for home!  Pippa had left, and we were roaming Cardiff, too much roaming and far too tired and after all the trauma of packing and selling and organizing and mental stuff, should really have just stayed still for two days instead of walking and walking and more walking, stayed in a basic hotel, which had all we needed, was comfortable, quiet and clean! We only had a short bus trip to Cardiff airport, we off loaded a couple more things on the final day to lighten cases, although after repacking we had done really well with what we had been left to live with for the final four weeks!  A pair of my shoes hit the bins and a pair of Franco's jeans!

I must remember to fit photos from Cardiff in here... and hit the 'publish' tab at internals and not send this whole lot through!

Bar with cool sign ~ I had to play with this when I saw it, I think it's come out okay!  Love the old weather vein...

And these men in costume for Saturday nights street show...

We arrived late into Malaga airport, was met with rental car and home about 1am.... Our wonderful friend had not only got electric on and supplies in fridge for immediate need, ie water and milk, but she had made a wonderful plate of sandwiches and grapes!! x

Pippa had arrived earlier in the evening before us, driving down hill you see!! So we went to pick her up first thing on Friday morning!  Our little baby, she was so tired though, we don't think she slept at all for those three days, in fact she was so tired that evening that she wouldn't, or couldn't open her eyes when I tried to rouse her... I ended up shaking her, but she only blinked and went back to sleep, I panicked, after the journey and knowing she has a heart problem, I thought the worse... But, thankfully, the next day she was back to her old self!  I think she knows the house, and streets, and our neighbors.... now, she is standing on the balcon watching over her street once more, sniffing the air and keeping a beady eye on life passing below!  She is loving the new park only a few minutes walk away, its down by the 12 fountains and has sand and grass and plants and benches and a million places to sniff and pee!!!!  Its full of children at certain times of the day, having a big climbing frame, its a really lovely place to sit and watch the world go by... occasionally even scooters go by... very fast down the pathways and its "watch out dogs and small children!!!" and maybe a few more people should be using a few more doggy bags, but... well you know how it is!!

Photos of park


Catch up number.... Two

Our first ten days was quite relaxing, family over on the coast... so lovely seeing them so many times! They really need to be here all the time to be honest!! :-)  And friends from Calahonda also over, and saw them three times!!

Taken at Fuengirola....

We had the rental car for only a couple of days, and found a couple of cars at a local garage, we decided on one of them, kind of, went up to look and he was closed for the week for holidays!!  A friend of us was taking us back to town after showing us his new place and took us to a car sale lot on the Coín road, we have seen this place for years, no prices on the cars and always wondered why?  I must admit we had gone there previously, but he was closed for afternoon siesta... this time he was not, and not afraid to ask prices in we went... only to find the prices were there all along, just not on the road side... makes sense, less people slowing down and causing accidents maybe!  Used to happen outside Pentagon all the time, people would slow down to look at the cars and bam!  Car behinds driver hadn't been interested in the Mercedes!!

After a wedding party behind our house...

So, there we found our car! And really beautiful little C3, we think she is an upmarket model, and when we get the paperwork we'll know!! lol.... another one similar in the car park does not have the extras ours does!  So, anyway, due to buying this little beauty we have been able to get out and about and visit family and friends and she is perfect for visiting the bins on a regular basis!!

When we made the purchase we had to go back that afternoon with not just the money, but my NIE number and my empadronomiento, that's my national insurance number and the 'padron' is the the certificate you get when you register yourself as living in your home... My NIE was in poor condition and the padron I took was about four years old, to buy a car it has to be no less than three months old; the garage man let us take the car, we got car insurance on the way home before going back later.... we had to return the following day with the padron and a better NIE, luckily I found a better copy with the date in full and clear, and after an early morning trip to town hall following morning, back to garage with NIE and temporary padron, my name was different than my passport, it was last time I renewed my padron, but it wasn't noticed maybe?  So now... garage man told us come back with the updated padron, one weeks time... we did!  And 15 days from then we go back to garage again and collect paperwork!!! Phew, I am tired thinking about all that, but its done and dusted and all part of this wonderful place!  as long as you keep smiling and looking up to the mountains, and down to the sea....

As I mentioned briefly, we have had many many trips to the bins, we were moving a small wardrobe downstairs, it was going to make a great coat and boot cupboard, only it wouldn't go down the stairs!  It got stuck in the stair well!! OMG, it was funny, afterwards!  Poor Franco had to climb into it to dismantle it!!! and so, it was left dismantled and broken up in the cave... until it got taken to pieces and taken out, bit by bit to the bins!!  So one wardrobe gone and no coat cupboard!!

This has been a problem we have had... our belongings arrived ten days after us!  And suddenly we had 60 boxes in the house, we didn't bring all the boxes back in that we originally took, so much sold or given away and yet the house was suddenly so full of so much stuff!!  We sold all our storage! Either from here before we left and before we came back!!  And unbelievable it has mostly seemed to become one with the house!! LOl its all been dispersed room to room... we need a book case is all... bought a lovely big dresser from the market the other Sunday, a coat stand!  Our clothes are hanging from Ikea rails... we bought a new bed... for some reason it was far too long for the normal standard mattress we have so Franco just cut it back to fit!  We have organised the roof terrace, we have been given a load of tools to add to Franco's already extensive selection of tools!!!

Even our boxes have gone, friends who are thinking of moving next year have taken them all, all the boxes all the packing paper and bubble wrap!  Wonderful, we and them carried it down to their house over a couple of days!

After all the wall fixings and sawing of wardrobe and dismantling of old broken washing machine!!  Some of which has already headed to the bins... Our old satellite dish folded in half and the other metal bits all binned, the latter two bits were taken out of bins almost as quick as we put them in!  Franco has also been busy painting... He has painted the dresser, some of our dining furniture, TV table and door frames... if its wooden, its getting painted!  I can't believe I am even saying this... being brought up how I was, to honor wood, the thought of painting it!!!???!!!  OMG!!!

Next project is putting up shelves for the books, I thought I had got rid of dozens of books, dozens and dozens of them, but still I have dozens, and dozens!!  We have some brackets and of course we have some wood!!  We have walls to paint and the cave to tidy, but really all and all... its like we have left.... Meeting old friends, getting used to seeing all the town people we know, people asking if we're here to stay now, especially when they see Pip...


Catch up Three

I am missing work!  Yes I am... I kind of feel I am on holibobs... a really long holiday.... I contacted a local company but uncertain of continuity in work and job security, I have made the right decision in where I am going, I am going on a course in a few weeks, then back to work!  I was also offered another job which was really nice, and complimentory...

Now back to my list, so apologies for randomness about to follow!

First last week we were up on the roof terrace and I could see a light on in a cupboard we have up there, it was a small torch, a little clip on torch that would go on a hat type of thing, not the normal torch that's been turning on at random times... So I am saying its my mom making this light go on... no other possible answer... it had not been used, was not on the night before... It was my mom....

I have seen my favorite bird in all the world twice, the Hoopoe bird, first time the second day we were here and again a couple of weeks later... Can't believe we have been here four weeks...

We have had a blood moon, a super moon... next one is not for 16 years or something like that!  We didn't see it here, apart from the town hall being in the way, we had a cloudy night here... I had set my alarm for 4:40am, well the lunar eclipse would have been total, went up onto the terrace... Nothing!! Lol nada!!


Second catch up Post

Catch up four (and counting!)

Last Friday evening we went down to the coast to hear a friend sing, a Facebook friend actually, we found the bar easily enough even though we had never been there before, we ate a lovely meal at a nearby restaurant, then went along to the bar, he wasn't there yet, and word around the bar was that he wasn't turning up!  So we went out onto the terrace with our drinks, another couple joined us and about ten past nine so did he!!  As he said, in Spain, whats ten minutes late!! nothing really is it!!

Well, we had the best evening!  It was like being in one of those 'un plugged' concerts, he sat over the table from us, next to the other couple, about another ten people at the most outside on the terrace, and he sang, requests... his songs, he chatted with us, very casual, very inpromptu, such a fantastic evening!  Got a CD also... here is a link to one piece of his music... Colin Kennaugh


Final Catch up Post

Final catch up

I am home and my heart is singing, but I feel sadness too, knowing my boys are again far away from me, my baby grand daughter.... these things me sad, and butterflies flutter in my chest....  I miss my friends, my old friends I never got to see even though we were 'only' in Wales, my new friends I am so very glad I got to know and hope to see again soon...

The last couple of months sped by far too fast, and time ran away with us...
There was only one note left...
*peoples dress/scary*
And I don't know what the heck that means! Lol..