Friday, June 28, 2013

Just a picture today purloined from Facebook friend...

Been very busy working, think I am settling in well now, every day is different, every day is a learning curve, lots to remember, a whole lot more not to get wrong!!!

Its not a job I can talk about too much, so will add I am editing on a new book for Peter Maddocks 

It is an updated version of a book we have previously published, The Pig & Whistle of Downtrotter Farm... this one will be bursting with full color drawings, bringing the whole story to life for children to enjoy more fully!

I am also about to receive another book from LJ Bush, a book of poetry and art all by Lorraine... to put together and publish on Kindle/Paperback.

Our car had a hiccup at the MOT station last week, FAILED!! to be precise!!  So had some work done on its body, mmmmm, not a bad idea!!  And some on the engine, apparently its being driven hard enough, too many short journeys, Franco is only 3.4 miles to work and I am even less!!  It needs to be driven further once in a while, probably once a week, blow out the cobwebs, given the engine and oil inside it a chance to actually move about a bit!!!

Not feeling very talkative, mind is full of new job, bit tired, and stuff..... oh just thought I can put up a couple of photos I took on the longest day.... it was a bit cloudy, therefore taking some of the light, but I took these gone half past ten at night.... shame about the clouds...

But you the gist.... light isn't it!  I had to get the palm tree in on the upper photo of course! 

What can I say about my new job?  I work a full week, over any day out of seven, and several different shift patterns and sleep ins...


Thursday, June 20, 2013


There is a hunger, a longing, deep within your heart
And it has been there from the moment you were born
It is not this foolish longing for romance or money
It is not this hunger for success and recognition
It is not even a desire to be surrounded by beauty

The hunger that presses upon you so acutely
is simply the longing for you to reach again
the state of complete oneness,
to access your own soul, right here within you

For it has not left you, of course
It has not ventured away and gotten lost
in the forest of your life
It has merely been a bit covered over,
like an old garden wall that gets covered
in moss and brambles over time
But yet, this wall of a body still holds within it
the glorious garden of the soul

It still harbors that great and glorious blossoming
that is you

You, who are individual and unique and,
at the very same time, one with all that is.

You, who are this glorious body
vitally alive in this lifetime,
and at the very same time,
this soul that is ethereal and immortal, ever present

And so the longing then is for union
Union of all the different parts that are you
The part of you that is this body
and the part of you that is this soul

The part of you that is unique and the part of you
that is exactly one with all else that is
The part of you that is God

First, go within and find the union
Find the peace that is you
Find yourself deeply within
and deeply one with all that is

Then come back out and live
Live with vibrancy
Live with zest

Allow yourself to feel and enjoy everything
that this glorious life holds

Allow yourself to fall in love with every moment of it
Infuse this fabulous adventure of a life
with your own golden glow of being

You are, right now, what you need to be
You are, right now, the perfect expression
of all that needs expressing

From this place, right here, right now,
go deep inside and find yourself,
this self you will bring forth to shine out
Nothing else is needed

Here is a prayer for your today~
I am all that I need to be
I am enough, for peace, for joy, for love,
for happiness unbounded
It is all within me

And I, just as I am, deserve all of this bounty
I am the wonderful, glowing expression of life and spirit
I am the balance where it all meets
I am the gladness and the joy of all creation
made manifest
I am the flowering and the opening


~ Carrie Hart~

C/O Blooming Humans


Sunday, June 16, 2013

Oooops, not sure whats happened to these photos!!  This is the day we, Kate, Tony and I, went to Aberdulais Falls, above some of the mining works

Here the three of us had been Maypole dancing!Yes, just the three of us, Kate and I went in one direction and Tony in the other, he did the dipping and jumping bit, Kate and I just the running round bit!  Was such fun!!  And after we had wound round the maypole and made a pretty design around it! We had to unwind it, we got some funny looks from the restaurant girls, but what the hey!!

Took above and below in 3D, must be why they have more clarity...

Beautiful day, and once again wonderful weather for holidays! Short or long stay!  I think people say it rains in Wales to keep the tourists out!  Couldn't have had better weather over the last couple of months, and yes we have some rain now, but its not cold, and dare I say it? "the garden needs it!" lol

I am settling in well to my new job, last week was a shadowing week, and today I was on my own for the first time, all went well, good job too!!  I have full hours this week, I really feel I have my found my new niche, everyone is lovely and making my progression an easy one....

TTFN amiga

Saturday, June 08, 2013

Started a new job today!  Had an early shift this morning, 8-12 noon, only four hours, but when I got in I felt suddenly so exhausted!  Ate a huge lunch, as had had breakfast about 6am, then fell asleep, luckily managed to lay down first, don't know how I kept my eyes open to get to bed!

Got up when the alarm woke me up half hour ago, 3pm, and have a couple of hours of R&R before I go for a 5-8pm shift, these are the hours I have tomorrow, the latter that is, and will find out my rota, get given it for the following two weeks...

My new role is something completely different to anything I have ever done before, interesting and challenging, Support Worker, told you it was something new to me didn't I!

I am still living my passion, my books!  I finished e/formatting a book last week for one author, and started an edit the other day for another!  Nearly finished, only ten pages to go and then notes to write up and send it back for finalizing!

Then.... an updated book for Peter Maddocks, one of his children's books, at present a read only story, but soon to be full of color and a great enjoyment to children, with its beautiful illustrations throughout!

Lone star up yonder shining bright, shining alone in the early light
Earthman's Airplane passes by
Red lights flashing high in the sky  
Is it close to you up there?  
Do the people from their windows stare?    
What do you think of the world down here?
Is that why you are blinking, to hide a tear?
No gems on earth with you compare.     
As I gaze up and wonder,  
Who put you there ?.   
Poem by....        Terence West.