Sunday, April 22, 2012

Three Cliffs Beach, Gower

Caswell Beach, Mumbles

Worms Head, Rhossili, Gower

Rhossili Beach, Gower

Aberavon, Port Talbot

Apart from Aberavon yesterday we did a tour of the beaches today!  I don't know how I made it, I am shattered!  Wrong shoes, wrong coat, wrong hand bag!  It reminded me of a trip the boys and I made to Lake District in winter with heavy snow, all three of us wore the wrong clothing, school coats and shoes, I had on a swede tassel jacket! and fashion boots!!!

We were walking along a sandy ridge after going 'off plan' and off track through a field, not quite where anyone else passed, no path, we just knew the direction we had to go in!!  So feet were wet, shoes sandy, we passed a couple coming from another direction, she had flip-flops on!  So I was glad to see someone else inappropriately dressed in the shoe department!  We came up out of three cliffs a long way from the car, so Franco got me to wait as a bus stop so he could get the car and come pick me up!

I was okay on the downhill and flat areas, but the ups were almost impossible, not sure how I made it, but as I do tend to keep on until I stop, I did, carry on, until I stopped!

We stopped at another beach where we had some lunch, there were was a huge group of your girls, early teens I think, with what appeared to be a baby each, at first we thought it was a young  mother and baby group, but I noticed these babies were not real!  Mostly by the way they were being held, I think they were those babies girls are given to give them an idea of what its really like to have a baby, there is a monitor in them that takes a record of how the baby was looked after in the 24hr period, a few of todays will come back with some neck problems, and one had been left altogether somewhere, a woman came along as we were leaving and said to one girl, 'this is your baby isn't it!'  So who knows where she left it!!

Another couple of beaches we also didn't get to stop at, most car parks were £1.30, but most of them were £3.00!  Alright if your staying the day, or at least a few hours, but passing by for a quick look, photo opportunity and a coffee, no way jose!  At the Worm, we parked in a church car park where they asked for donations, we which we gave, rather than the 3 quid!!

We also ended up walking around a caravan park! Don't ask!

Now I am shattered, wished we taken Pippa, and posting this!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

I'm getting worse with my Blogging,. apologies mis amigos!  I have been busy, another two books are now live on Kindle for Fleet Street Cartoonist Peter Maddocks, see other Blog for details.

And these last few days I have typed over 3000 words each evening of another book!  There is no stopping me now!  My fingers glide from key to key, almost like I am on a piano, but without the music!

The photos here on the left were all taken the other weekend at Neath Abbey, there's lots of it, the living accomodation and the Abbey itself.

Its a beautiful place and very tranquil.

As to the rest of my absence?  I have been in the jungle again, that is the garden, feeling a bit like being in the reclaim business, I have been sorting through the debris, to see if anything is redeemable!
And pulling off any more deadwood, of which there is loads, the ivy is starting to grow again now, strangling the trees and small plants.

The bluebell wood is coming on, see last photo, I think another couple of days or a week and they will be in full bloom, it looks lovely already, and when they are at their peek I will lay down and sleep amongst them!

Sunday morning walking Pippa a man passed by on his bicycle, he said 'good morning', I said 'hola'!!! Doh! 
Sunday we took Franco's Mom to the car boot sale in Clydach, I think it was windier in side than out!  And the people were missing this week, very strange, normally so busy.

I had another blood test done yesterday, have another in two weeks so they can check one against the other.  Hospital appointment first week of May to see cardiologist, so that's good, haven't had to wait too long at all.
Pippas has been a bit off color today, seems to be about once every ten days or so, not sure why, she must be eating something somewhere that disagrees with her!

I am slowly getting used to what to put out on which day for refuse, thank goodness we are dealing with all the paper and garden waste ourselves, less to worry about with that lot, and most of our food waste goes in our compost bin!

I had a call from some people I had emailed about my house for sale somewhere I wasn't expecting to see it, I had a bit of crazy moment and got the wrong end of the stick, seeing euros instead of pounds, so, after a few apologies on my part... I forgot all about it, until this week when a woman phoned me up and asked me if I was interested in the house I had checked out on line, I said yes, interested to sell it!  It was my  house already!!!

The weather has been April, so not too bad, sun and showers, but more sun than wet, only been one morning it was raining so Pippa didn't want to go out!

I'm still all over the place, still haven't really driven here yet, only the one time and that was with Franco in the car!  I must break out, and go for a drive!!!


Thursday, April 12, 2012


Phew busy day... not even sure why, and why the pre-Raphaelite art work today? Because, just because! Because I miss going to the Picasso museum in Malaga!

I will have to watch the desperate romantics again... to give me a boost!

Long lost family is just starting on TV, it was such a wonderful moment when I was found, amazing!  Now I am crying... I still have to find a brother or two and I am done!  Well maybe not!

And talking of family, Tony and Kate came to visit last Saturday, it was fantastic seeing them, long way to come for the day, and then Tony drove to take us to lunch, we went to Mumbles and the Gower, Tony also got me training Pippa, again, too late to teach an old dog new tricks?  Nope, she is under orders to 'get into your bed' whenever she barks or someone is visiting, and its working!

Sunday morning we went to a boot sale at Clydach then a quick trip around Neath Castle, photos tomorrow!  Then we were off to Franco's Moms' Maria was down from London for the long weekend, and there were 11 of us for dinner!  Maria did us proud, poor girl, long weekend and lots of cooking and driving, thank you Maria! We love you!

Got to go, lots of tears to shed on this program..

TTFN amigos