Tuesday, June 30, 2009

the base of an up rooted tree in Ashridge Forest....

a view of the Bridgewater Monument built in 1832 to commemorate the third Duke of Bridgewater a pioneer of 19th century canal building.

this is the view from the Monument drive as you turn either right to Northchurch, or left to Ringshall... there at the end of the wonderful avenue of trees is Ashridge house. a management college now i think, or at least it was, they were playing cricket on one side this day, and golf on the other!

a seat here made of a fallen tree, stripped and shaped.. and this was the view from there, looking down over the valley towards Tring, and the A41!

lastly above a wonky looking photo of Ashridge House, i was leaning over Janette and zoomed in the leave parts of the car out, and this i am sorry to say is what's left should be able to straighten it up actually! but you get the gist!

hot hot hot days now, trip into town, saw my mate working in the animal rescue shop, then it was down to the electricity board to advise them of our house number change, seeing as we are now not getting any post at all, don't know what the number 27 is doing, but she isnt giving us our post! which is what we are doing to the previous person who held our number....

anyway, back to Endesa, was a no go, not sure if you remember but i was told before we couldn't change the details of the person who is at present on the top of the bills we get, it would cost about 300 Euro! well we cant even change the number!!! how stupid??? we need to have the mans social security number which is not there, to do it anyway, and i don't even know who he is, not the previous owners for sure! how ridiculous you cannot change the details.

in UK when you move you just contact the electric, gas, whatever, give your name address etc and away you go! and be sure you don't have to pay any one anything for the change, its your house and your entitled to do so, in fact it would be wrong to continue any other way!

the bank was fine, of course, as was Telefonica early this morning speaking to me all the way from South America!



Monday, June 29, 2009

some views here of the Grand Union Canal in Berkhamsted, was lovely morning and as i said nice to walk along the tow path there after so long...

some of the lived in barges here...

here the couple going on their way through the lock gate...

and looking back up from under the bridge down Lower Kings Road...

OK lots to tell really from just yesterday! but sorry so tired..... ok just kidding! well no i am tired and its late but i must do my job and get on with it ;-)

friends husband was taking me to bus station to get bus to Luton airport, he had gone out and i was almost in a panic thinking he wasn't going to get back in time! but he did, and got me down there immediately! so was early, anyway, the electronic bus table wasn't showing my coach so that worried me until i did see it, then it was ten minutes late!

it is only 20 minutes to the airport from Hemel and then it was off the coach and straight in and up to the Monarch counter, checked in my case and off up stairs to the departures lounge... (my case was a little over the limit but was ok?) once in the lounge i was hungry and splurged out on a wrap, muffin and cold drink, i say splurged as it cost nearly 9 pounds!!!

the screen showed the flight was leaving at 6pm instead of 5pm, then it got worse and changed to 9.30pm! nightmare! so six hours later, sitting there, finished my book, so started again? and ate my liquorice allsorts!

our plane had broken down, and although they tried to get it going they decided in the end to get another plane, so we had to wait for one to come from Palma! and on board and away just after 9.30pm.... flight ok, read and had a coffee before resting my tired eyes...

we landed at 1.05am, but still not going well as it was about 2am before we got out of the airport, the baggage wasn't on the carousel we were told to go to, and then about ten of us were still waiting when the conveyor belt stopped!!! my case was the last one out and me and the others had to walk to there to get our bags!

bed by 3am, and then Franco's alarm went off at 6.30, although we both fell back to sleep, ooops, i woke up about 8.20and woke him back up... then Franco had a bad time of driving to work with more traffic!

now i am tired... i had a job offer last week in England, but my flight booked and thoughts of being home with Franco and Pippa, i couldn't do it, stay away so long... and today had another interview, but this job just wasn't for me... maybe third time lucky eh!

ok... mañana mi amigos...

time for dinner!


Sunday, June 28, 2009

well here i am ready for the off... but its only 09.24!?! i normally get the early flight back home and i was up by 6.30am today as usual, wish i had been on the early flight really, because now i am just left hanging...

nearly all packed have last few bits to do but don't want to wake up mates husband by banging around and creaking floor boards... so after a bit of hanger clanking decided to wake up my little note book here instead, and glad i did just had an hour chatting to Franco and Pippa on Skype, he was rushing around with the duster!!!

need to keep in his good books... although i think i can hear him moving around now already, hope i didn't wake him up he is taking me to bus depot down town at 1.30, my bus is coming at ten to two, and hopefully should get me to Luton airport by 20 past, although after i had booked the national express coach i noticed it said to leave at least an hour between getting on the bus and time of check in!

... talking of buses though the bloke whose bus i got on yesterday to go to Berkhamsted was a right grumpy of what's it! i had rung the bell to stop on the high street and still had to say as i was standing there, hey are you stopping? which he begrudgingly did! then as soon as i was off he drove off leaving two women standing there open mouthed! what a plonker!

took some lovely pics, will put on later or tomorrow... after i got off the bus i popped in to a wonderful shop in town called Temptations... which of course it is! then i walked down past Waitrose supermarket to get to the Grand Union canal tow path... lovely day and lovely walk along there... lots of moored up barges, looked permanently moored up with clothes rails on top, huge tv aerials... what will happen to their tv i wonder when its all digital here? lots of pot plants and general garden stuff all about the boats, actually looked quite idyllic there on the canal, the sun shining the birds and ducks etc, a glow about the place just there... stopped and watched as some poor bloke had trouble with the gear on the lock gates, looked a hard job for him whilst his wife watched by on board... and then moved the barge through after he his hard work!

i came down lower Kings Road to get back up to the high street and met Mom off her bus, we had a look around a few shops, a Cafe latte and pastry in Costas... where the old Woolworths used to be, but used to long long before the high street chain closed its doors around Christmas, must be nearly 30 since it left Berkhamsted? i remember going in while i was expecting Barry... but when he was small and he was sick in Waitrose, which took over that corner spot... so yes about 26 or 27 years... when i was on the bus back to Moms after a lady said "hello Marian" to me as she sat down in the seat in front! she said do you remember me? and i said i did but not where from... she used to be in the tea room at Welcome when i worked there! i was aged between 17 and when i left 29 years ago! heck and she still remembered my name?

also at the bus stop a lady i used to call Auntie Barbara, so you can tell how long i have known her!

in fact saw lots more people i remember from school days in town too yesterday, being a Saturday i suppose, some i look at and think OMG! (Sorry folks!!!) others don't seem to have changed at all...

Mom and i then popped into her mates house and i showed her the details of a lovely hotel they can stay in in Ramsgate for a week, they both seem pleased, so just a few details to complete and i can book them in, better than a coach trip which takes a day to get there and the same home, leaves them 3 days in the place and costs twice the price!

it was a visit into my Auntie Lindas next to Moms and a chat, back to Moms for an hour of R&R... then back on the bus! back to Janettes.

soon as i was in we headed off to Ashridge Forest, a beautiful place where i grew up near and have visited often over all these years! no sign of the deer that live there, this must be the first time i have been here on holidays and not seen them...

first we sat down in the shade of the tea rooms veranda and enjoyed a cold drink and, for her a huge scone with the full works of cream and jam, and for me... a small pavlova thingy! a round of meringue filled with cream and strawberry's... yummy yummy yummy!

we had a long walk around the forest, so many people there! was like a Sunday, i couldn't believe it! we were in great competition with cyclists along our path! and passed the creepy house there is the woods, took a few pics of that although not sure what was going on there, some one had their suitcase open on the deck in front? its like a log cabin, not sure what its purpose is or was...

then... just before we got home we popped in the see a friend who we both used to work with, was fantastic to see her again, i put a Christmas card through her door last year, but hadn't seen her for years and years...

we had a coffee and good old chat, she looked great! and next time i am here we will go out, the three of us for a girlie night out!

was sad this morning when my mate went off to work so early! she said she will miss me not being here when she comes home from work with the door open and with a cup of tea waiting... a few bits done around the house and a chat...

and now on my last day Franco says did i remember to buy the cannelloni! and no i haven't! only went in Tesco once! cannelloni is the only English, well Italian actually product i ever want to bring home with me, and i keep forgetting it! just cant get it en españa for a normal price, ok in some places for 5 or 6euros, but when its under a pound here thats ridiculous!

so, looks like its going to be another lovely day here in England, you know here they class a heatwave as having two days in a row of warm weather!!! and its based on high night time temperatures?

ok am getting a bit of a neck ache ahead of my flight, so better sit and relax a while... adios amigos... and

Friday, June 26, 2009

Well today i am speechless, due of course to the man whose music is responsible for a good deal of the sound track to my life... Michael Jackson.

out of the shops door ways, out of car windows his music is loud and proud.

i am so sad...i really cannot believe it. i hope now he is at peace and with those who went before he loved.

myself and others of my generation grew up with him, the King of Pop! his unique voice and artist of dance.

i think i was late in hearing the news of his passing, Franco sent me a text 5.30am here, after reading the message, stunned i got up.

i am sure the shops were selling out of all Michael Jackson music and DVD's... any and everything Michael today...

another day of remembering where we were....


Thursday, June 25, 2009

Some random photos taken in Northchurch this week, whilst waiting... for a bus of course! Above the sign near the shops at Darrs Lane...

very quiet view of the (old) A41, not sure of the number of the road now! changes... to the left is the old and very closed now, butchers shop, used to be the hub of the community, always buzzing and always full of people coming and going... now nothing.

and this beautiful tree... looks better from the other side, will see what i can do about that tomorrow... got some of my bag packed now already!

and today got some medicine at last! i went to the hospital, Hemel Hempstead does not have an A&E any more, you have to go all the way to St Albans with whatever ails you... great! but they do have a place you can go for immediate help... like an A&E!!! any way, went there and the doc wrote me out a prescription, wish i had done this earlier, needed those anti inflamitories ages ago and have been popping pain killers in place, not good thing! i went to the chemist you see and said i need some stuff(?) and cannot afford £44 plus extra charge for the script to be written... crazy... and they suggested the hospital... and i went, cost me £10.75 for two lots of meds... more expensive than spain, but at least i have them now.... and i can stop complaining!

Wonderful day yesterday... it was Tony's birthday, he took the day off and we went down to Brighton... would have been nice if Kate could have had the day off too... apart from other reasons i would have got to go on the carousel above! Tony just would not go on with me alone...

above the old burnt out remainders of the famous Brighton pier... a sad looking skeleton left there out to sea...

this wonderful old 'Grand' hotel...

not sure the name of this one though... we were driving along the sea front here, trying to get out of town, road works! of course, then we headed off in the wrong direction towards Rottingdean... and afterwards i remembered this is always the wrong direction i head off towards when i leave Brighton!

on our way there we had also spent some time in traffic on the country's biggest car park... the M25! but was quicker coming home...

Tony's home was an abundance of banners and balloons and Kate brought him a birthday cake with candles... was so lovely!

we had take out Chinese..first i have had for a long long time, MSG!!! but couldn't taste any, so hopefully i wont be coming out in hives! all clear so far...

we also watched Slumdog Millionaire.. i hadn't seen it yet, and now i can understand what all the fuss was about and why it won so many awards, it deserves the fuss!

now this was yesterday... Monday Mom and i went into Berkhamsted for a little look about and coffee, of course! and then in the evening i went over to Aylesbury and mate picked me up in the evening, her and her sister were returning from a weekend in Dublin! they were limping and tired... and happy! late nights and early morning, lots of dancing and cocktails included!

we had a good evening of talking and dinner of lasagne, my third lasagne in a row!?! and in the morning, Tuesday i was back at the bus station... i actually recognise some of the bus drivers now, so must be time for the off!

i also had to come back to Aylesbury, so went to Moms, leaving my heavy enough over night bag, it was back to Aylesbury and coffee with Sarah and my little Callum, then lunch at Pizza Express with friends and back to get my over night bag, then another couple of buses before being back here! heck, feel shattered re telling this story!


Saturday, June 20, 2009

I just realised whilst writing to a cousin and telling her we came looking for her in Watford this week, that i didn't think i had actually mentioned going there! and looking back on here... i wrote Monday.. and then went on to say what stuff had happened on every other day, except Monday, or if i have i apologise and you will just have to read all about it all over again... if i do start to repeat myself a lot please let me know, ok so if i do start to repeat myself a lot please let me know... ok enough of that for now!

Mom and i went to Watford on Monday(!) she got on the bus locally and i was waiting here in Hemel and we looked out for each other and saw each other! i got on the bus and off we went to Watters! nice trip nice weather, good day.

when we were in the old Clements store, cant remember the new name so will forever be Clements! anyway we were ordering coffee when the lady over the counter overheard me telling Mom i had been coughing all night, she suggested a product called pulmo bailley... i bought it in Boots Chemist, had a few questions asked first, not something to take if your already taking any medication at all, nearly. well it worked forsure, didn't cough more than twice all night or the night after, amazing stuff, knocked me right out1 well as much as someone with FM can be knocked out, still woke up as many times as usual, but not because of coughing, why did it kock me out? it contains Chloroform!!! what a smell and taste! ugh! had to put the bottle away out of my room, and wondering what to do with it when i go, is it ok to pour down the drains of will i knock everyone in Hemel Hempstead out!

getting the bus back by the way, we arrived at the stop and the bus we wanted was just shutting his doors.. he looked at me and mouthed the word NO! and drove off....


Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday? whats happened to the week and my blogging then, been busy, and on here evenings, been in a bit of a mind lock i think... so lets get cracking!

Tuesday... lunch with friend... phoned about another job, back home in Alhaurín would you believe! well not hearing back from the job, agencies seeming to want to send me all over the place except here in Hemel Hempstead, so interview when i am back, cant wait!

lunch was lovely, my good friend's sat nav took her all over the place before leaving her high and dry down near the railway station! so i talked her through the five minute drive from there and we went to the Red Lion near the turn off for Potten End on the Leighton Buzzard Road, the chef is from Sardinia! we both had something nice to eat, out in the sun shine and caught the sun, i got red again, for the second time in as many days!

Wednesday to town again, met with friends, more coffee and some more coffee! and lots of walking in between!

Thursday and Aylesbury... bus to Berkhamsted, then another to Aylesbury... met up with my friend in Friars square, big police training thing going on there... her and her little lad, he cant say Marian, so i am auntie maro! and that is fine by me, happy to be his auntie maro forever...

a couple of hours with them, after coffee, we had a good look around the shops, my mate is going to an 80's do, and was looking for lots of gear to suit the occasion! after we left each other ;-( .... i went to see friends at their house in the town, they had their daughter and grand daughters and grandchildren there visiting too! was nice to meet them, been hearing about them all since i have known them, probably about 13 years or so! and one of them is even a Facebook friend of mine! so nice to actually meet her too!

then, it was back to bus station and to Hemel and onwards to friends house... phew! and i couldn't believe it, when i was at the bus stop i could see a driver of one of the cabs staring in our direction, i did the look left look right thing, couldn't really work out who he was looking at, i tipped my glasses down and he pointed at me, and then i realised i knew him! not seen him since Heathrow airport back about 1997 or so, and before then it was about 1991/92 maybe! he said i hadn't changed! well don't know about that, but he hadn't either!

had fun on the bus ride back from Aylesbury, hardly left the shopping area and the driver stopped suddenly, opened his partition thing and the doors, jumped off the bus and tore up the path to have 'a word' with a pedestrian who had spat at our bus! couldn't believe it, what a thing to do! then a boy came on the bus saying he had lost his return ticket and the driver said "you said this last week", but just get on and sit down! later on the next bus a similar thing happened, small boy, no ticket, but the driver said "what do you want me to do about it?" and the boy left the bus in tears... poor little chap, what was wrong with just letting the lad on? lots of empty seats and safe home surely is the thing thats important, my friends husband says the country he comes from has no charges for children under 10 at all.

friday, today... bus bus and more buses! so today, bus to Moms, then we got the bus to Aylesbury and then the bus to Milton Keynes... i had to take a pain killer on the way, all the bumps and jolting! we had a walk about, coffee etc etc, Mom did well, i think for a time it looked like i was the one who was going to drop! then my salad and coke gave me a bit of umph! and i got a second breath, un like my poor Mom who has run out of seconds at the moment....

not looking like i will see Barry this time round... i know its a fair trip down but just wish he could have made it...

seeing Tony tomorrow and his girlfriend, cant wait...


Monday, June 15, 2009

Above a grainy photo of the old Town hall in Berkhamsted, used to be a small arcade of little shops with a restaurant at the bottom... not just a restaurant, not Cafe Uno as above changed hands since this was taken!

Monday again? beautiful weather yesterday a real hot hot day, i sat out in the back garden and read, turning my chair as the sun turned.. and in turn i turned red and didn't know it! i suppose you see its already too hot to be sitting out in the sun back in Spain and this was the first time in ages i had sat in full sun... not burn this morning, but i must be more careful!

some of the shops above in the high street, all very old buildings dating back to... way back when!!!

Saturday over to Mom's and got another bus, but just back into Berkhamsted... i saw something about Berkhamsted in a newspaper, on line, the other day whilst reading about the Rex Cinema... it said the town was on the edge of the county, well yes it is, and that there was nothing there at all, and at the end of the high street is this white elephant meaning the Rex! what a cheek! there are castle ruins too, i know not a huge amount of the castle still stands, but when the grass is cut, the moat been cleared, its a beautiful quiet (well apart from the nearby Euston to Scotland railway line and startion!) place to be! and very pretty!

this is the Castle, or whats left of it, but it is pretty, dates back to the Black Prince!

Berkhamsted is a lovely town, not too many of the huge retail chains that stand on every other towns side walks.. lots of different and individual shops.. so there we have it! Mom and i had a coffee and pastry, a wander about the shops and then waited for the bus, the little one that took me directly back here!

tons of seeds in the air on my way back today, i walked back and the seeds carried in the air were like snow! getting in peoples hair and eyes, you had to keep your mouth closed or you would have eaten a dozen in each gulp of air! good thing i was on my own and not chatting away as usual!?!

Today i booked my flight home! well i gave myself 3 to 4 weeks, cant live on my friends good heart permanently! its not for another nearly 2 weeks, so will change it if something worthwhile comes along?


ps cant wait to come home now, Franco and Pippa are my home and where my heart is...

Friday, June 12, 2009

has today been a negative day for everyone or just the few people i have spoken with today!

as aforementioned i did go into town this morning, i walked down the big hill here and then all along the Leighton Buzzard road into town, turning left to start the high street where the shops and other businesses begin... and i went all the way to the end and Debanhams store... i stopped for a coffee before i got there, and a read of the paper in there, then onwards again, went into another agency, and !asked to register on line and post my CV... done... at the end of town i took the Warners end road up so could go to the doctors up there, register and make an appointment for a check up etc... i am so silly! i completely forgot that you have to live back in the UK for six months before you can get any NHS treatment!

i guess i forgot because so many people who live in Spain come over to England to see their doctor, and i just thought i could see one too!

there are other options, proof required to receive free NHS treatment and you need two examples minimum as follows...

wishing to reside in the UK on a permanent basis:
*copy of passport showing relevant entry visa,l ie leave to remain clearance
*home office/stamp in passport
*home office documentation relating to residency request
*copies of shipping/sale of goods overseas
*engaging in employment

engaging in employment in the uk:
*copy of passport containing relevant visa
*copy of contract of employment on company headed paper, stating company is uk based and length and permanence of employment
*copies of payslips
*copy of work permit

returning to the uk after being away for not more than 5 years:
*proof of residency, of at least 10 years prior to leaving
*proof of sale/goods from overseas, ie shipping bills, removals receipt
*proof of rental/tenancy agreement
*copies of utility bills containing your name and address
*proof of child/children registered at uk school
*proof of nationality, ie passport

persons seeking asylum and refugees:
*confirmation from the home office of refugee status having been granted
*confirmation from the home office that asylum application is still under consideration

persons seeking treatment as a spouse of existing resident:
*copy of marriage certificate
*copy of passport containing relevant visa

children of persons coming into the uk:
*copy of childs birth certificate
*copy of parents work contract
*copy of parents marriage certificate

persons coming to the uk as a student:
*proof of passport which will show valid student visa
*proof that a person is registered at a college or university
*proof that the course is at least six months in duration
*proof that person is actually attending the course

persons coming to he uk as au-pair etc:
*proof person is staying for over 6 months
*proof of work, ie letter from employer stating length and permanence of employment
*proof of passport with valid work permit

well tried my typing skills how did i do?

i have contributed my fair share of NHS contributions over the years starting work at 15, and i will be collecting my pension is due course, you would think really as a returning resident who has paid her dues, i am a job seeker and will be paying into the system again soon, hopefully, most of the above want copies of work permits? i dont need one! copies of residency requests? dont need one! dont need any confirmations from the Home Office?

they said they would see me though if i needed a doctor prices start at £44 and go up to £176. oooh and its £14 for a perscription!!!

so then i had to continue on my walk back here of course, both frustrated with the system, hot, and job less... still!

but now i have shared with you, not sure if i feel better!

oh and before i go, this is something i came across... and i thought i was having a bad day, this is truly unbelievable! the poor poor woman, her time i guess, but not her husbands?

Had a nightmare afternoon yesterday... the morning fine, fine sunshine too actually! but friend and i went to Tesco and did a bit of shopping, came home, jam doughnut and coffee later her daughter came and off we went out again at 1pm...

we had a 3.30pm appt at Watford hospital, but we went to St Albans and Matalan clothes store on the way(???) we left Hemel Hempstead and headed out, crossing one of bridges over the M1 we saw a fire engine across the northbound carriageway and all the traffic backed up far and beyond! we thought there must have been an accident, a bad one, the traffic south bound was so with all the rubber neckers...

we had road works in St Albans which was a nightmare too and we didn't even get to Matalan for nearly an hour!

between the 3 of us and the millions of cars in our way we knew there was probably a quicker way to get to Watford from there, but we ended up coming where there was less traffic which meant crossing again the same bridge and there was still the fire engine and all the cars... even more of a standstill on the other side of the road now!

we got to the hospital at 330pm right on time!

we left at 4pm and joined the millions of cars disrupted from the closed M1, the closed London underground making even more cars than usual too ! i heard in the hospital that a man had jumped from a bridge over the M1, it turned out that he was coaxed down eventually about 5pm, and the traffic by then was backed up all the way back to jnc 4!

we were parked on the A41 coming out of Watford and all the way... we at last had a stretch of road where we got into 3rd gear but this was not until we were less than half a mile from the house! the car was a miracle out little old gal would never have made all that journey at that speed! we were able to see plants flora and forna not normally seen when driving past at 60mph, we had a good view of some lovely homes, green fields and hidden tracks... we were also treated to an ice cream when we stopped of for fuel, we were running on red for some time and feared having to push the car!!!!

ok, off out soon, i am doing the walk again this morning, up and back down the high street and the agencies... CV's in my bag, comfy shoes on my feet this time, forget those blisters!

hasta luego amigos!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

oh so tired this afternoon... got up at 630am as usual, off to the bus stop at 9am the bus came promptly at 912am and i was in Northchurch for half past! cant believe this speedy little bus! up to Moms only a couple of minutes and we decided to go to Aylesbury, not sure if Mom was really ok to go, but she wanted to get some fresh air and we would sit whenever she wanted a rest... we got the bus and off we went. on arrival we had our normal coffee at Costa's, two skinny latte please!

a little wander about, another drink later and small bite to eat and we were back on another bus by 2pm, when i got on i had to show the driver two return tickets... the second one i got at Northchurch for the return trip to Aylesbury and the first to get me back to Hemel Hempstead!

i asked it there was a cheaper way as these two had cost me £9 something (just remembered i have a pound sign on this little baby!) anyway, yes there is its called an Explorer ticket, so next time this is what i shall get and its only £7 but its better!

wonder how todays interviews went??? will they pick me??? i thought later there was a question i should have asked, never think to ask this question... also was going to send a Thank you for the interview letter, as seen on a web site on Twitter... but then thought maybe it would be silly!?! who knows!

oh and its raining, a sort of heavy drizzle... and been doing so for all the afternoon, we had a down pour in Aylesbury and then on the bus as i approached Hemel, but now just this persistent wet!

i am so sad not being with Franco and Pippa, inside i cry lots, just try not to let it reach my eyes.... play another game of solitaire, that's blots out everything... well sort of, it at least makes me very tired...

and changing the subject earlier i was watching a catch up of Primeval and a pop up came up being in my way i tried to get rid of it and succeeded in in stopping the program and it starting again... arh! ok but i was only five minutes from the end... so i let it start up again and ten minutes later i clicked the box by mistake? so now, there it is running above and i will go back when i reach the last bit... and until then.... I must stay away from the box... move away from the box!

ok amigos...

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

great day... i had a job interview today! cant believe it... not sure if my outlandish plan of arriving, applying and getting the job will make it through! but why not eh!

was so nervous this morning... not sure what to wear, having limited amount of clothing with me and thought i had the right stuff! first i put on a shiny green blouse with my pants suit!?! why??? then i put on the white shirt that was so long it came almost to my knees... a quick ajustment... maybe a needle and thread would be good now i am back tho!

i must have gone up and down the stairs a hundred times... when was my last interview? last june for the second tobbaco promo... doesnt get any easier, thats for sure... they all seemed a nice group of people, lots of people working and was good to see somewhere so busy too.

so fingers crossed and hopefully this... will be the begining of our new adventure!

... ok rain stayed away today, thank goodness, but is still forcast for the rest of the week... mom is better now, so not sure what the doctors will do, every month is the same, they say she needs more treatment, but then, well your symptoms have cleared up now, so we will leave be!

ok amigos, adiós y hasta luego...


Monday, June 08, 2009

what a nightmare this morning amigos! sorted out time of bus to take me to see Mom, from here in Gadebridge there is a little bus that goes directly to her area! 2 minute walk from here to bus stop and the same at the other end, with only a 20 minute ride in between.. no bad... only...i mis understood the instructions on the bus time table as it said Galley Hill this made me think it actually left from there!?! but no, and so i saw the bus approach at distance, and early! and then turn a right in front of my very eyes... of course i wasn't 100% sure it was my bus, until it never turned up within another five minutes... mate gave me a lift into town and i got on the regular bus, which took about 30 minutes... humph!

coming back though i went to the bus stop and even though i was on the wrong side of the road i waited and it came and on i hopped! we went around the houses somewhat but in only 23 minutes i was within a short walk back here! and now i know where to get on the bus it will be ok next time!

rain has kept off, that will be my para agua in my bag i guess, usually works!

saw my auntie who lives near my Mom and she looked quite sprightly this morning! having a good day, as long as she doesn't go racing about her house eh! and Mom... well she had had a call back from the doc and it looks like she may need further treatment, radiation, but he didn't seem too sure? and to get some iron tablets! ok!... prayers from my Mom please... ;-) thank you...

i had a headache after all this, which went eventually... had calls to make when i got back home, all went well, and i got a call too! so although you dont know what about, fingers crossed por favor! and watch this space...

ok amigos, have emails to write and franco to look for on web cam... so adiós ...

had a little trouble signing in here this morning, told me something needed to be enabled to do so... but just tried again and working fine! glitch!

what is this weather all about...? rained cleared up yesterday by mid morning, had been raining since all the day before! then later on great hail stones! hadn't seen those for a few years! weather forecast shows rain for here for the whole of this week too... i wanna come home please!!!

yesterday Tony came to get me and took me back to St Albans, and to Kate who had just run a 10k race up at Whipsnade Zoo... phew! she did it in 57 minutes, sounds good to me!

we went for lunch into town and had a roast, i had lamb, Tony had half a chicken and Kate... Nachos! massive great place, it was an old building which had been moved to its present location, high beamed ceiling... we followed in a woman who at the bar started to tell everyone how her husband had left her because she was having a breakdown... the poor woman it was awful.

from there we went to Hatfield and saw the new Terminator movie... hang on, cant remember its name at all again...ok its Terminator Salvation! seem to have a bit of a mind block on the name, anyway it was very good, its the forth terminator movie, and i think much much better than number 3.

back to Tonys, and later on he brought me back to Janettes... in the rain! chasing the storm i think! there was a little sun later, but it was just teasing, the sky is grey this morning with no sign on that wonderful globe up there behind the clouds...

i have signed on at another temping agency now, and just waiting for the call to come in...

Saturday evening 3 or us went to Janettes daugthers for dinner, she did a wonderful lasagne and salad, with trifle for desert, yummy!

mom is not too good, so this morning i am getting a bus over to hers, will let you know...


Friday, June 05, 2009

hey there.... its ok i am here! England! found some wifi at last! in the public library of course, no where else in town by the looks of things Hemel Hempstead what's occurring with that then?

yesterdays flight was late leaving, an hour more or less, no sign on the tv screens, infact when Franco and i arrived at Malaga airport the time between the 1140 flight and and the 1240 was a complete blank... there were no listings at all? and all the clocks said 12 noon... it was only 10am, but still worrying!

while in the waiting area sitting and finding no wifi... i thought when i arrived here 7 years ago, i texted everyone 'back home' the text read, "the eagle has landed" and sitting there i felt more like road kill!

people in front of me travelling to UK all had drinks in their bags? oh come on its been ages since we couldn't take liquids through there folks!

flight itself was ok, i didn't have any panic attack like in march, wanting to hit out at the person in front who had extra leg room and still wanted my space in my face!

had my normal coffee and Pringles, but this time with an added twix bar! well what the heck!

this morning i came down into town, 1.60 it cost... phew, that's the same as a trip all the way into Malaga from Alhurín for me normally!

at 9am i was on the phone to enquire about a job, she asked me to email, interviews next week, but the email will not go through, and they're web site isn't working either?

i have trawled every single shop in the town, every window, and left CV's in a couple of places, had a coffee at the other end, before 'doing' this side of the street!

also been into a temping agency and awaiting a call back....

i am in the library as i say, phone on silent, hope she doesn't call now!

i came in here and the internet is free for the first hour if your a member, so i came back down stairs from where i was sent to apply, my details are still on the system! even though i used to be signed into the library in another town! i have a new card, and with this little baby of mine i stay and play for free! yeah!!

was strange last night, in a strange bed, but slept well enough except for some shouting in the night? i guess its not just Alhaurín where people shout in the night then!

ok amigos... hasta luego

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

view from our terrace yesterday morning... the cloud had made its way over the Sierra de Mijas and couldn't get back out of our 'bowl'! the mountains over towards Cartama look like islands in a white sea... beautiful...

Tuesday, yesterday went into town visited mates in the dog rescue shop up the other end of town... coffee with friends out side Bar Rosa... and home... packed my bags! well one suit case, with probably all the wrong things! bit more washing, always more washing, but at least its hung dried and down in an hour or two i suppose.

this morning... walked into town arranged to meet up with mate at 10am, Bar Rosa, of course! joined by another couple of friends, now we had a group of four who all worked on a Monday at Cudeca, the luni lunes (crazy Mondays) group! i was luckily to get a lift home from neighbours who were having a coffee around the corner...

i phoned telefónica about the cheap internet, apparently its 'for new customers only'... but that does not sound right, in the paper it says new or to keep current ones from leaving, but to much to do and so little time left to do it, i may phone back later or give up, as we all usually do here when we get negativity.

i have Spanish and English mobiles on charge, the batteries from my camera in a charger! oh and this morning i had the old itchy right hand thing going on which from where i came from meant you were coming into money, so i thought i better get those old lotteria tickets in to be checked, the internet told me they were non winners, but you never know! turned out the money came from a most un expected sauce! is that spelt right? anyway... i was folding up a jacket to put in my case and tucking the pocket in i found 15 pounds and some loose change! yeah! was like winning a jackpot... ;-) oh well!

ok amigos, i guess i will be wifi and all over the place for the next few weeks... months? so see you from there.... wish me luck and think of me, include me in your prayers, this wandering girl is off for a while...


Monday, June 01, 2009

well i cant let this slip by un noticed... for those of you who didn't get last weeks Sur in English, this is a beauty!

Telefónica is giving 30% discount on their internet... read on folks, its about time, they didn't want to advertise, therefore saving themselves money!

and the electricity supplier...we have only till July 1st to change who we want to supply our electricity, or our contracts will be sealed with our present supplier, then i guess it will be a nightmare to change? like they say here we haven't exactly been inundated with offers from the other 20 companies! heck we only thought there were two!

wow, hot hot hot out there, was 30 in the shade have put in the sun and will run up and take its temperature before i finish!

was like walking around in front of an open oven in town this morning... every one talking about the heat whilst leaving a drip trail behind! ummm nice!

had a list as long as my arm this morning... left it at home, best place for it! but i as i had actually written it down i managed to remember most of it!

priority was registering my mobile phone! cant believe that although this number of mine i had on contract to start with, have changed phones several times over last 6 years, always having to give name, address and NIA number (like social security number), it still was not registered? and if you haven't, you will loose it in November, not the phone, just your number! but very important! anyway whole thing only took a couple of minutes, once she could get the internet to work, and stopped nattering about the feria to others in the shop... ;-) we spoke in a mix of Español and English! strange she said she didn't think i was English.. which is true, but she said one of the things was my teeth!?! now i only have to work out if this is good or bad.....?

interesting tips on sun burn on telly this morning, tomatoes... eaten of course, and placed on the burn, same with tea bags, either dampen and place on sun burn or pop a couple in the bath tub and relax!?! the tannin apparently?

this will be me next week in blighty, fine here and i will get burnt there! well i can but hope the sun will shine, all things looking positive for a warm summer over there, although you must forgive us expats 'over here', but we do hear this from you every single year...

what goes on with this law of putting muzzles on dogs over a certain height? its not implemented and when your out and about and a large un-manned dog comes at you, as it did with Pippa and i the other morning, what can you do, this dog we have met before out side its house where its just released out into the street, which might be ok with a small dog, and the norm here abouts, open door, dog out, you dont have to worry about picking up after your dog, cos your not there to do so... oooops sorry having a moan... any way this big dog... Pippa was crying like it had bit her already which was disconcerting... so i just shouted at it to go away! oh, en Español por su puesto!

ok amigos, lots more to tell i am sure, but i am going to finish my coffee and soak up some sun up on the terraza before... before...

phew... ok up two flights of stairs and down again... its a firy 50 degrees up on the there, thats 122 in English! might be a bit more but there where the mercury ends... so its on with potions and out with the book....

hasta luega amigos...