Friday, May 29, 2009

As i think i mentioned the other day our radiator is having a problem holding its drink (water!)

yesterday Franco and friend went to a place down in Fuengirola to buy a new one, well a recon anyway, they handed over the matriculation (log book in old English), etc, so the guy could enter the correct details into his computer... got the radiator back, took off the old... and of course you have guessed correctly it was the wrong one! cant say only in Spain, as i know everywhere you can go in any country you can get home with 'the wrong one'! so it was back down and awaiting delivery of one that will, hopefully fit!

having a few probs today on here, keeps saying connection not happening with the wireless... but not on wireless, on fixed broadband connection? the symbol of which isn't even showing up down there in my list of icons... powered up Franco's laptop, now we have his 'n hers! thanks to my wonderful (early) birthday pressy from son. anyway other one worked fine so i knew it wasn't phone line... plugged this back in and although it says otherwise, it is working fine now... !?!

cant seem to get rid of my neck ache, too tense, worrying about next week, and Pippa wondering where i am when i go and if she will forget me... ok enough of this rubbish! everything will be fine... and i think i need that quote again, let me hunt it down...

What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail
Robert Schuller


Thursday, May 28, 2009

Feria in Alhaurín el Grande!

and i am so tired its as though i have been there last night! i did a quick trip into town this morning, very quick Jeremy Kyle was still on by the time i got home!

was very interesting program on tv last night, we were flicking around when the football was on!?! and came across it, a few things we remembered were if you take in low fat milk, cheese or yoghurt in/with your meal the fats in the rest of your food cling to it and move out with it quicker, also the guy spent some time on a walker thingy in a gym, i thought for 90 minutes, but that seems a long time? anyway he only burned up so many calories, but, and its a huge but! you burn carbohydrates when you work out, and when you have finished the body burns up fat instead! and this mans oxygen was measured and tested 24 hours later and had burned up 3x as much calories after he had finished walking... so folks we can just walk, quick mind you, and burn calories for the next 24 hours!

also another test they did was with soup, they picked two plates of food exactly the same, to one they added fluid and liquidised the lot making a lovely soup, to the other they added the same fluid into a glass beside the plate of food, service men ate the soup or plate of food with drink, later were tested, the ones who had the soup stayed fuller for longer than the men who ate the food with the glass of drink! so soup is a much better food to keep you full for longer.

the show was something like Ten food you need to know about losing weight, check it out if it comes on again or watch on the www of course if you can!


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

as you can see Betty Boop was also visiting Mijas Pueblo the other day! getting a bit of sun there on the balcon!

this area, is a haven for Betty Boop paraphernalia, all the big shopping malls, the gift shops on the many paseos maritimos along the coast... even some of the hardware stores.. from purses to tea pots! keys rings to 5' hight statues! see above! bags clothes... everything! i never realised it was such a collectable!

this morning i wanted to sort out some paperwork with the town hall, down at c/real, no such luck, opening hours are short there only from 9am to 1.30pm and thats your lot, although today not open at all! terrific! i did try on the way into town and out of course, gave them the benefit of doubt... or a coffee break even! but no!

our cars radiator has gone now... not stolen as my mom thought at first when i told her last night over the phone bless her! but then easy mistake to make when she hears about our battery going, and the contents of the car! but no its still there! we had a recon rad fitted i think early last year, or could have been the one before... so have to sort out today.

i had a bad head yesterday so didn't get to go to the airport yesterday to say "cherio", but probably for the best, must be so embarrasing when i hang on to people there at passport control!

ok gotto go check out the jobs sites now... wish me luck amigos!


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

the railway bridge at El Choro...

views from the Cross at the top of the mountain...

and below... where we stopped for drinkies... at the railway station of course! there was a cute little dog, a bit like Pippa but brown all over...

Tony and Kate have gone home now... am sad... i will see them in a couple of weeks though of course! but always sad when my boys go home... we have had a fantastic week, gone to all our favourite places, has felt like a holiday for me too! maybe it was!


Monday, May 25, 2009

took this from the car as we were passing through Yunquera on our way to Ronda the other day...

this was fun... we caught up quite quick just after the Rio Grande on our way to El Chorro with this band of wagons...

people were over taking at every chance, of which there were few!

shame about this pic, my camera focused on the parabrisa, (windscreen) instead of the view ahead... the people in the back of the wagon, open and like a little balcon, were having breakfast and getting dressed, the man on the left was brushing his teeth and using bottled water hanging over the back just after this shot!

the weather was cloudy on the way up but was sunny by the time we got there! which was twice the time as usual with this lot... wonder where they were going? and we saw a lone wagon, by the way they were all being towed by tractors... anyway, saw another this morning on the high road above Mijas Pueblo... was he lost of what!!!

and finally there was so much water the tree above was covered all the way to the branches!

few pics from El Chorro, above a cute little lizard chap!

and above... zoom in for this please one of those little speedy flyers with a pointy nose to get into those juicy flowers...
i am so good with these technical names am i not!

this time we walked up some stairs we had not walked before, so up and up we went, bit of a steep climb, lots of plants and a tree over the path to climb over!?! but at the very top a cross, and well above where we were before! higher than i had been before actually... there is a path i have taken once before by the green bridge over the tracks... it rises up from there and before i climbed it so far... this time i could see down to where i had reached and this led down to it from here also!

through the cross....

the Vera Cruz church just here with the road works beside....


Friday, May 22, 2009

just some photos...

the big church on the hill in Ronda near to the car park we almost always park in!

yesterday we went down in the mine of the old palace, haven't been down there for a while now, and struggling to get back up reminded me why! lots of puddles on the steps, and cool... until we came out at the bottom of the ravine...

these two photos look ok... sun must have been in the perfect spot!

after the long haul down and back up! we continued on the normal route, down lower over the old bridge and up through the gardens! up up up, and up more back into the town, back to where we had drinks when we arrived for lunch!

from where we ate we watched as a policeman got of his bike, stood in the middle of the street at a crossing, the traffics automatic slow down on seeing him there promoted his loud and insistent whistle blowing to move them on!?! and after five minutes he was all done and off he went!

above is the band stand and that dodgy look out! that bears a swear word for a name!

we came home via the stop of the man and boy pointing over the valley...

in the evening the four us went down to Fuengirola for dinner, lovely meal finished off by visiting a nearby ice cream parlour for... well ices!

today we went down to Fuengirola again, this time by day light! good look around and drinks out, then off to the marina at Benalmadena for lunch later... more walking!

home and nap! but Tony and Kate went out for an hours walk in this heat? phew...

tomorrow and the lakes at Ardales...


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

wow Wednesday already, what's happening to the week!

Tony and Kate arrived yesterday mid day... i got the bus from Alhaurín el Grande to Malaga, took over an hour, every red light, all the road works... and just plain traffic and people wanting to get off or on! i mean the cheek of it!

then got to the bus stop for the airport bus, hardly noticing how the 'new' bus station is coming along, only had to wait 5 minutes and on that next! we drove off quite quick, and 15 minutes later we had circumnavigated the bus station and were by the train station! 15 minutes!?!

we then took a further half hour to get to the airport... i was in high anger mode by then, trying to think where i could take an anger management course... and then trying to calm myself down again, i had no control over anything holding us up so just had to get on with it! i got a message from Tony to say they were in baggage and i got there five minutes later, they were then nearly 40 minutes getting their rental car... i say car! i went down to -1 rentals and met up with them there... now back to the car? its a van really a Berlingo! so nice and big and feel like we're working! just trying to avoid being stopped at any of the many police stops so far this week!

we had fun when we got back home, not, we unloaded the groceries and the cases and drove the van round the corner and up the steep hill, Tony started to drive into the tight right hand turn of the car park and then couldn't move further... i got into the drivers seat and Tony and Kate tried to push us off but to no avail, a guy got off his scooter and told us what to do... he leaned on the bonnet getting a front wheel down on to the ground and i turned the wheel when he said so, and down this pedal and up with that and off and up into the town hall car park we got! phew! we moved the car later, because if we couldn't turn right in the morning we wouldn't be able to get out again either!

today we went to Marbella, walk around, drinks and crépes... then La Cañada, then off to see Franco at work! my honey!

it was a trip up and around Mijas pueblo and the rough bit to Alhaurín and home!

we parked around the corner instead today! near the park, this morning in the park i went on all the out side gym equipment there... was funny, well funny thinking of anyone watching me doing it!

ok tired now, all the extra walking today, and back seat driving... adiós amigos, mañana...


Monday, May 18, 2009

the other evening... wonderful sunset from the terrace...
shame about that dead plant up there on the left! must do something about it pronto!
actually also you can see to the right of that planter is a flat concrete area some way back... it wasn't there at all a couple of weeks ago, they are building some apartments on the lower road, near the 12 fountains and this is the roof! we hope!

got a bit of a head ache this morning, so this will be short... possibly!

i am worrying over the weather, this April was the best in years, but this May in turning into a cloudy one! we have had more rain this month than most of us expats have known, only a couple of days, but a couple of days too many! the ten day forecast is as changeable as the weather it shows!

when Pippa and i went out for our morning walk the sun was at such an angle that on a main road we were walking down, my feet were on the path with us, but my head was on the pavement on the other side of the road! ugh! tried to keep in the shadows when trucks and cars coming past... i know silly, but was really weird feeling... it is a very broad street and i was very very stretched out over it!

in the waste land we walked over later there were millions of snails! teeny tiny to largest of large! most a pale white color with little lines... a strange infestation!

and talking of infestations... well luckily we didn't have more than the one Processionary Caterpillar come visit! i removed him with the same dustpan we used for the snake last week!!!

whatever next?


Saturday, May 16, 2009

Festividad de San Isidro Labrador

Festividad de San Isidro Labrador Barriada (Neighbourhood) of San Isidro, just round the corner is today, another road closed for action! so if your coming into Alhaurín el Grande today from the coast... well not likely with the Fuengirola road closed, and the Mijas pueblo road as good as in the terms of rubble and pot holes! but... if you are of the persivering nature, then when you get to the cross roads by the estanco, please turn right! and only right! straight ahead road is closed past the Vera Cruz church, taking you around the houses by twists and turns to get back on to the calle cruz, the road at the cross roads left, that could take you in, past the 12 fountains and up to calle cruz, is shut for the above festival, lots of stalls up and things happening already i think, or it could just be the rockets preparing us for later?!?

and even worse... if your already in town and want to get out? forget it your trapped if you haven't taken Av de libertad up to park and waterfall bit!

the small alley/road down to the 12 fountains has been newly paved like ours and around about, but the filler inbetween has not been allowed to rest and sink in, not sure if people there were a little eager to get their street cleaned up, but with all the grouting missing those paves, only about 4" by 7" little things, will be sliding down the hill in a heap before long! further down calle cruz they are already moving badly big inch gaps between and wont be long before some bright spark thinks of just picking them up and walking off with them one by one! theyre not cemented in, just reclining there....

i seem to be going through a real clean up phase, cant stop going through my things and deciding whats to keep and whats not!

oh oh more rockets... why? ¿por que¿ oh why? Pippa hiding under the table again, not sure if these Bach remidies working or not yet, sometimes we think yes, then we think no!


Friday, May 15, 2009

this morning went into town, met up as arranged with friends, they have moved this week, more into town which is good for them, this is their fourth residence in Alhaurín since moving here.

their last place was, although here, so far up a mountain i never even got to visit them!?!

today at last i did! only a ten minute walk down into town, and a little more to get back up home again later for them now...

today we had drinks at Bar Rosa, still so nice having this bar pride of place in the center of town back open again, then we went to get all the things on their list for today, they use a Scottish phrase i didn't know till i met them... one day mi amiga said "ok what about my messages" or something like that, and i said what messages? how do you mean? and she said 'messages' is the name for shopping list!

then after getting everything... we were back at Bar Rosa for drinks... again, another table another drink... only coffee and soft drinks folks by the way, always sounds like we do nothing but booze out here! i think i had a glass of wine a couple of weeks ago if anyone is really checking up on me! ok?

i hadn't thought of it till this afternoon, all the agency sites i have been looking at, and job sections in papers, and on line job sites... today i registered with the job centre in Hemel! bright aren't i!¿!

one job was right up my street so to speak, working in a car dealership, but wouldn't be fair taking a job like that when i am only planning on staying for four months is it.

ok amigos... sure i had lots more to say as usual, i am terrible for thinking of things to say to you then forgetting when i am here! yesterday while talking to a friend in the market he said something which made me think of something i wanted to tell him... but in getting to my point, as usual i built a clock as my Uncle Dave would say... and i forgot what the point was in the first place! ;-) i did remember thank goodness, there is just so much fluff in my head sometimes i cant see through it all...


Thursday, May 14, 2009

here is a photo of Pippa i took last week when we were still down at the beach... look at her standing there on her hind legs watched the man and his dog! she is so cute.... just needs a little pink tutu!

with my naked eyes i could see Africa there in the distance? with the camera? nada!

the approach to where we were staying.... beautiful eh!

another view of the road to Fuengirola... my blog this year seems to photos of roads! i must have passed a dozen roads today in Alhaurín along being worked on this week!

quote from A British driver is thought to have broken the Andalucian speeding record. AMcGH from Glasgow clocked driving at 271km/h on the A-92A between Antequera and Baza! heck... I didn't even reach that speed at Donington Park!

this is a great paper, check out the site if you haven't already, today there is a bit about a plant called an Agave... its that tall tall thing we see by the sides of the roads, usually when it looks like it cant hold its own weight up a moment longer and is about to topple over... its says here this long bit maybe 8 to 10 feet high is the flower, and it takes up to 8 to 20 years to flower! flowers only the once then dies! the whole plant dies that is! only suckers forming from the base make new plants and the cycle begins again... i think more respect for this plant next time i pass one is due!

even more respect for the blue Agave from Mexico, can you guess what product this little beauty makes? check it out!

I went down to the Market this morning held in the Feria ground here in Alhaurín el Grande, thought i better had as it may be some time before i get to go again! although past history i haven't been down there on a Thursday since the end of 2006! in Cristina's all of 2007 and some of '08, before the Promotion and then not since!

it hadn't changed! and the temporary bull ring is up and ready for action!?!

Mom is off shortly to see the specialist at Mount Vernon... hope its all good news....

ok amigos... adíos, hey you know whats the betting as soon as i am in England i cant stop myself from speaking español! todo día y nada mas!


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Who took our battery? mr alfa romero car driver!

well our car broke down yesterday, Franco couldn't start it last night and found, this morning, that someone had taken our battery.... and given us their old one! so if your the Alfa Romero driver who did this and parks their car in the town hall car park, you have about six months... it was four years old and on its way out!

that car park in the Ayuntamiento in Alhaurín el Grande is a paradise for thieves! how many times has our car been broken in to? how many others? smashed windows, man hole covers thrown onto others properties public announcement signs thrown along with bags of rubbish! graffiti and late night drinking parties!

we have a web cam over looking the back fence, but i think its about time they had some in place dont you!

or should we just be pleased they actually thought to replace our battery with their old one! ha!

was going to end here... but had had a good morning this morning and that was my plan before finding out above news on our car!

this morning i met up with Val, Cristinas, we had coffee and a chat, then a walk and look around the shops followed by lunch back at Bar Rosa, menu del Día, although i was full after the first course which was a rissotto of rice, squid and cod, secundo more cod with fries and desert was flan, of course, and a drink... all for 8€ so not too bad really for these days.

Val is off to England end of June! spoke to another friend today who is also thinking of going back...

think i shall go and hunt for an alfa romero car this evening in the car park .... adíos amigos....


Monday, May 11, 2009

we think we have created the problem with Pippa's nerves, or at least exasperated them! so we stayed home last night, and leaving Pip here this morning, I sorted out all our stuff down at the apartment... how come we are leaving with so much more than we arrived with!?! i guess we took a little more every week? did a good Spring Clean and brush up and out! saw an old neighbor and say adiós for a while to her... we were sad... ;-( silly really, have gone for months without seeing her! but this is a bit different...

missed not having Pippa with me, seeing all 'her' places of interest as i walked down to El Zoco, but then she wasn't quivering under the table either, and at home now, she is back to normal and playing with her toys, which she hasn't for weeks now. she had spent the day alone, and sleeping all day no doubt... was happy to see us and seemed very relaxed...

oh heck we had a snake out side the back door Sunday! i was sweeping down the steps from the terrace and then Franco came out and helped me get all the clippings from the trailing plant i cant remember the name of into a bin bag... he lifted two pot plants that had died, surprise surprise not watering them every day! and under one was what i thought was a worm... a really big earth worm! but Franco said its a snake, i of course, didn't believe him... well really a snake! hah! but then on touching it (with the dust pan of course!) it turned real quick and side ways, like a snake and no way can a worm move like that! so in the bag it went! and in the bin it went this morning... after a drive down from Alhaurín to Calahonda... well maybe a holiday or change of scenery eh!


Saturday, May 09, 2009

heck Saturday! that cant be right... i'm confused? have had very very bad toothache and yesterday Friday went to a dentist who put in a temporary filling for me, while i make the decision of root canal or extra(ction)dition(!) well really my poor old tooth! still better this afternoon, after dentists i just went home and back to bed for the day, head ached, migraine of course! so all of that etc stuff! and this morning got up and took Pippa out for a walk about 730am was still a bit dizzy and couldn't see straight! that took earlier this afternoon to fix!

we did pop home to check on things thinking we would stay down at the beach for the weekend, and that was our plan till Pippa decided that some people who were staying very nearby were too noisy for her... and so she was too noisy for us and we gave up and came home, again!

we found back here in Alhaurín they are about to start work on a couple of roads adjacent to here, the road down from the vera cruz church on calle del convento meeting up with the bits they have already done at plaza alta, and also the little lane in front of the church and town hall, the water pipes are already above the street, so wont be long in starting i guess, but which way shall we and our neighbors be coming and going from? this is the bigger guess mi amigos!

i am still wondering what happened to Thursday? why i didn't get to blog, was it my toothache? i should have been quicker to get it fixed last week when the filling came out, but was ok till Monday evening when it was like someone sticking a red hot needle into my tooth! sorry to be so graphic! i was in pain all the way down my neck? and under my collar bone, weird. but then it was just back to an ache again, and again i thought it would fix itself? until thursday night... arh yes i remember thursday night.. but what happened to the day? this is bad...

ok i was on internet wifi as i see thats the monumentus day i booked my flight (singular) to Luton Airport! maybe thats why i didn't blog? June 4th.... oh heck! been filling out job agency forms here there and everywhere!

also i remember now having coffee with an old neighbor and learning a friend of theirs had died the week before, but as they cant find a next of kin to identify him there are many problems, the police wont allow any of his friends to do so, they also cant find his passport! so the poor man is in limbo...

and Pippa being so nervous, she didn't want to walk near the N340 or let anyone near her to pet her as people always want to do... i am thinking i might get down to the vets again and see about trying her on the Bach remedies she was on before but a different type.

and now i am rambling so think i better go...


Wednesday, May 06, 2009


Image Credit :- DEVIANTART

well today i have my toothache still, and had lots of painkillers, i think i will have to get to a dentist sooner rather than later now...

also today a decision has been reached in our little world... i am going to work away from home for a bit, we are struggling with money, i know, who isn't eh! if we had a mortgage or rent to pay i am afraid we would be long gone from here...

although i did that job last year we are entitled to no help from the spanish government, we have been staying down on the coast, nearer to where Franco goes into work each day... still hoping a job will come in, although two wages would get us back on our feet greatly. so we have been saving lots in petrol money only doing the two trips at the weekend. saving in the broad sense of the word as we couldn't have got down here at all otherwise every day!

i am going to England and if not lucky enough to get work within a few weeks will come home again... if i do, and fingers crossed, then i will be back home end of September...

its going to be horrible leaving Franco, and of course Pippa wont understand at all... our birthdays will be while i am away also, so i am putting this one off till next year... very convient i hear you say!

i am running out of battery now! typical... i will still be blogging, may have to change the title of my blog a little... and will be Twittering etc, just from another town, in another country.... ;-(
will be keeping you posted of course, couple of weeks before i go, much to do and much to think about....

just hang in with me on this please...


Monday, May 04, 2009

first photo... a beautiful display of flowers on a balcon here... and then below... nice plant near the gate into the urbanisation... have a good look at it, see anything strange?

yesterday we came down to the coast a different way... we took the Mijas pueblo road, as one would if traveling into the pueblo itself, but at the junction where one normally takes the steep left option, we took the lower right one, or straight on really... this led us through the campo, a couple of small urbanisations and into Las Lagunas! we came out onto the road which leads down to the N340 jnt with Avenida de Mijas... near the Euromarket store, American hand car wash etc etc! it was 27k, so longer route, but no traffic, so i guess if the Mijas road gets too busy, then it would be a good option, or even if you wanted to go to El Corte Inglés...

second photo, more close up of the plant near the gate... its fake!?! who would plant a fake plant? how strange is that!?!

not a good night last night, broke a filling last week, then a bit of the same tooth! now suffering, but not sure its actually the tooth or just the general area all around on that side! went to the dentist when it felt like this before and they said i needed a whole load of treatment costing nearly 2000€! needless to say, couldn't go there! and a week later all the pain had gone, sometimes my Fibromyalgia flares up in my jaw and i think its just that, again, will wait and see, i guess i will know if its the tooth or not sooner rather than later! and wouldn't be quite so painful if the glands down my neck didn't come up to say hello in such a painful way to help?!?

What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail.
Robert Schuller

love this quote that came to me through Twitter, really made me think, i hope it works on you also...


Sunday, May 03, 2009

on the approach to the garden centre... this was open on May Day, i guess they need all the customers they can get just now, with they're life line from the coast cut off!

and the water tower to the left and the right Alhaurín golf urbanisation...

above... what a lovely looking road! when we got to the BP garage/Moreno restaurant roundabout we had to go so far round it, we thought there was NO exist for Alhaurín at all! but a nice new tarmac road led us towards town, i think this might be a new road onto the Coín road, when that reopens? they have cut down trees and so it makes a lovely avenue!

this morning 7.30am, the rockets started again! and for some reason i decided to actually count them (!) yes weird i know! but there were 40 in ten minutes, then a ten minute break and another 88 for the following 25 minutes! thats a lot of rockets, and a lot of money! even at only 10€ earch 1300 euros mas o menos! (more or less)!

we're getting ready to go down to the beach now... trying another new route will let you know tomorrow, but we will miss the 2am fireworks show from our back fence... please someone let me know how it went!?!

adios amigos...

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Día de la Cruz

today is Day of the Cross, our church the Vera Cruz... we were awoken by the rockets firing off again about 730am, we had been late to bed for Labor Day before with people still going past about 1 or 2am from the celebrations... but today, the first Saturday in ages i got to go into town.

firstly i popped into the the new Animals in Distress stop to see a friend, moving from near here on Cruz, up to Blas Infante, so up hill all the way from our house! they are just preparing it now, coat of paint and setting up the furniture etc.

over the road from the shop i looked up to where some friends of mine used to live and on their own balcony the new people has a square dish, not seen one of those for a long time, and didn't know they did them now...

i was lucky to get a lift into town from there... and a quick pop into Cristina's where i used to work, and then as far as Bar Rosa, coffee with friends, then just about to leave when aforementioned friend had finished her two hours in the shop and got into town with her husband.. and another two coffee's!

got home about 215pm! and tired out, from all the walking! and talking!

the band was out and about around town on and off all morning... no batteries in camera!?! and the rockets are still going off intermittently, i am sure there must be some structure to they're firing, but don't know what it is!?!

bunch of photo's above taken Thursday on our back up into Alhaurín el Grande, showing how much the road is changing, bits of mountain missing along the way!


Friday, May 01, 2009

Labor Day, Día del Trabajador

Labor Day of course here in Spain, and other countries... day of the worker! but its turning into a bit of a nightmare for poor little Pippa today! the 'workers' are driving about the town car horns blaring, hand held horns screaming, people on board shouting and cheering... rockets have been going off at any time for the last 5 or 6 hours, with no apparent sequence, a few towns in this recession have limited the amount of rockets or stopped them altogether, not here, (i wish), from the terrace you can hear loads of dogs howling and barking, Pip? she just hides under the table or tries to get into the smallest corner she can... my poor baby! i must say these rockets are just that, rockets, not fireworks, no pretty colors or displays... these happen Sunday! so the rockets are just a whoosh sound, so you know they're coming and then the tremendous bang! shakes the house, and us!

they are building a platform for the fireworks... right behind our house as usual! humph!

Calahonda photos...

the interior of El Zoco yesterday... the man dancing? he was walking backwards out of the bar there on the left!

looking up towards to toll road entrance, with Olivios centre there on the right...

the newly constructed end of the CC EL Zoco, remember the fire a few back now?

taken from under the N340! towards El Zoco!

and onwards up to the entrance onto the N340... but Pippa and i go off here usually to the left and on to the beach!

we're home now, and i just took loads of photos of the ride up here, so much work been done in a week! will download and up load on here later, or tomorrow!

Holiday here of course being May 1st, shops are all shut, although i am off now in the search of leche (milk), ooops needs coffee pronto! and need it with milk!