Thursday, September 29, 2011

Well what do you think of the new format of my Blog???

All comments will be greatly appreciated! Ha, you bunch can be extremely quiet on the old comments section, I wonder do I put you all to sleep sometimes!!!

Photos from Whipsanade Zoo....

Above the elephants... no kidding!

... and to the left some cute brown bears, they were being fed when we got there, thats why the close up Kodak moment!

At the elephants I got a call from the hospital... so that was fun talking in Spanish there for a moment! [yeah well trying as always]...

The lion area, was amazing, I hadn't seen it that way before... where have I been??? Oh yeah, living here!!

There was 'just' some plate glass between them and us, and there was only us looking, so it was wonderful... the lioness on the left was looking straight at me, a close up tomorrow, if I remember to do it!!

And then this shot here, wow wow wow, our feet were so close, they, all the lions, looked so soft and touchable....all asleep apart from when her up there popped up her head to look at me!!

A group of Mom's and kids arrived and broke our quiet moment with these amazing creatures...

As you can see the day was beautiful, a bit breezy by the pick nic area, but then it always is there, above the famouse chalk white lion, its always a little bit breezy!!!

Today, oh yes today, there was much excitement as a road block suddenly came up, men with big guns... plain clothes police all over the place, a van stopped, a man removed from it, frisked and taken away, followed by his van and all the police were gone, quite a moment at our bar it was, everyone outside... and before we knew all gone, and none of us even thought to use our phones to record the moment, and my camera? In my bag of course, where it belongs!!


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Oh dear.... left it a week again, and now I do not have a clue as to my whereabouts over the past 7 days!!

Today, now, back home in Spain... Did some food shopping, can you believe Franco and Pippa ate all the food in the house!!

The photos are from the court house in Nottingham, the scary man next to us... goodness knows how long he has been in there, a tiny, six foot x 4 foot room, the bed sloped downwards... ???

Yesterday, I packed and chilled out watching a few episodes of Murder she wrote!

Left here I am... sitting in the judges chair!!! Maybe I should have moved the other wig and my hand bag off the desk in front of me eh!!

What do you think, suits me???

We had a questionnaire to fill in afterwards, I didn't, not enough time, never enough time...

Last time I was here I completely forgot to photograph anything, due to being frightened by a woman who I had at first glance to be a mannequin, yeah yeah very funny, but believe you me when what appears to be a mannequin comes to life, you would be frightened too!!

My batteries were 'exhausted' as we went into the exercise yard, but luckily I had brought some spares... I think Barry would have
gone crazy if I made him go in there again at any point!!!

Not sure how easy you can read these last two photos only a couple of the many words written by the prisoners, the walls around the whole of the yard are covered in they're names and signature... whole histories....

We have a great day up with Barry, only problem is a cannot just wander about at the moment, so after drinks, the court house, lunch, and more drinks, a bit of shopping... I was exhausted like my batteries, unlike my batteries I cannot recharge.. at all!!!

Back to Luton airport yesterday, checked in fine, took ages in the line to get through into departures... got to my turn and I two massive boxes to fill, they're twice the size of the Malaga ones, and heavy empty!! My net book and Kindle in one, the other my hand bag and then shoes, as ordered, the man told me to take off my little cardi I was wearing.... had to tell him it was attached to the shirt beneath... [fashion eh!], and he made a little joke that I still had to take it off!!!!

Ha ha ha!!!

And so into departures got a coffee, well over 2 pounds, but it said you could have as many refills as you want, I didn't even drink the one cup, it was awful coffee.... Improvement needed!

I had a wander around the shops, we boarded on time, left on time and got in... on time, which is always half hour earlier than it says on the ticket!

While I was on the plane, Tony and Kate were also flying... to Vegas!! Wow lucky things!

Loved using my Kindle while I was away, Facebook'ing and Tweeting away on it! Reading it of course too! Then Tony got my phone working, on the last day and I had, at last the free internet I get with the English Vodafone top up!!

I got to Berkhamsted on Saturday met up with Janette there, Costa Coffee to start, of course! Then down to a small Antique/second hand shop down by St Pauls church and the boys school... what a wonderful fantastic place.... the shop!!! There are three small rooms to look around, then a whole Aladdin's cave of others areas open up! You go out the back door and there are about 6 more the garden!! oh its great! Although I was slightly held back by the fact a small suitcase was my only mode of carriage!

I could have bought a whole load of things!!

Time ran out, as it does, that thief stole it away, as he does... he? Got to be a he!!!

Missed out on seeing loads of friends, some don't know I was there, well I suppose they do now!!! Next time.... always next time....

Its still hot here, but then its only been less than two weeks, not sure what the temperature is, will check it out... phew ok, back in, with the washing! Its 31 degrees in the shade, so not bad! The washings been out an hour or so...

Off now, need to cook dinner, the fresh washing away... been busy around the house today, Franco has painted and decorated, the house looks amazing, but nothing is where I left it!!!


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I am actually working backwards here... So, Friday??? Ok, yes, got it! Up to town, and waited at the bus station for my cousin to get off her bus... should have sat down to wait, but didn't! She arrived just in time, the next bus we were both to go on, was in... and off to Tring, to visit her Dad... Which we did, then it was back on a bus, her in one direction, me in the other, back to Aylesbury, we held a strange conversation over the [old]A41... seeing her again on Thursday! I had a real bad neck ache then a head ache later, took a pain killer, just a normal one, when I had to take it anyway, and an hour later felt a little better, what would a visit be, if I didn't get a head ache I ask.... I ask????

Saturday! We went to town! And to see the new, and final, Harry Potter movie, was great, can't believe its the last one, but it was a perfect ending....

Sunday, Tony picked me up and we went to Milton Keynes, short walk about, after having a Costa Coffee, coffee! Then it was back to the house, Kate had done a run in the morning and came back not long after us... we went back to MK later and went to the movies to see... ummm, hang on will have to check.... ok, that doesn't sound good, if I have to check out the name of it, does it? 'How Does She do it'... its called... Well it was ok, but sorry, not really our cup of tea, and not made any better by the fact of three women sitting by me, who commented all the way through, and laughed, even when not necessary, or over laughed, it sounded so false, and really, really annoying!!!

Yesterday, we went up to Nottingham, to see Barry, fantastic, I was worried I wouldn't to see him this trip over, its a fair way up country, when you have no wheels... thank you for taking me.... The weather was ok too, bit cloudy down south, then we were north of Watford Gap and north! Sun was out, bit breezy, but nice day, met up with Baz, in Costa Coffee, of course, took a couple of phone calls for me to find it though, my normally good sense of direction leaves me lost in Nottingham... We got the tram[two minute ride], up to the court house, and did a tour, I had to, took photos too, later with those! We had lunch in Nandos, of course, and a bit more of a wander about, but i just can't wander about any more, or rather, at the moment, it was a two hour drive up, and about the same back, so good to see my Son....

Today, at last got to it! Tuesday...Got the bus from Aylesbury to Hemel Hempstead, passing through the usual suspects! Aston Clinton, Tring, Northchurch and Berkhamsted.... The area where my Mom lived, the whole area, is just a green grassy field now! Can't believe they took down all the apartments, which were being used, not by the people who were there when Mom was, but by others, is now... nothing, nada, nowt!

What a waste, maybe they cannot afford to now rebuild the site for whatever they took down all the apartments, but surely would have been better to keep people housed, take rent, and have the place lived in!!

Lots of shops seemed different in the high street too, was going to stop off, but was just too tired to do so, stopping off in Northchurch though, as planned to see one of Mom's friends, her son was there, we first met when I was 16 and working Saturdays in a taxi office in Berkhamsted, it had a small parts shop too!!! You know not sure why I worked there? Must have been for the money, I was working Monday to Friday elsewhere... must have been the motor oil already coursing through my veins....

Woods garden centre in Berkhamsted has had a name change. Its called Woo's now, or could just be the 'W' is lost!!!!

I didn't manage to get to Hemel last visit, which, to some might not mean much at all, but, I needed to go there, Mom and I were always there, the shops, the coffee, the shops, and then the coffee.... I told my friend I would meet her in the central coffee shop area... I got there, but it wasn't !! The coffee bar I mean, so went back to another one and texted her!

We did lots of walking, ate a Cornish pasty in a new restaurant, there used to be a huge Cornish pasty camper van... now its a whole restaurant, we sat outside in the sunshine, and then, later, continued around the shops, I was so tired though, too much walking, not enough caffeine maybe?? I saw so many things to buy, and then, of course, didn't!! Turned into a window shopping trip, the bus back came on time, while I was waiting I tried to find my sun glasses, searched everywhere.... then... there they were, on my head all along!!

The journey home, became very eventful when we reached Tring! People got off and another passenger told the driver a woman had pee'd on the seat across the aisle from her!!! OMG.... So he said ok, the bus will have to terminate here now! We all caused a riot... well nearly, and whoever he spoke to on the phone also told him to continue to Aylesbury, he taped across the seat with some ticket roll, and said if anyone sits on it, so be it!!! There was only one more person got on, the rest all off, bar 4 of us for the last stretch!

Crazy eh!!! Anyway, I got off that bus, crossed through the seating area and boarded the bus home... perfecto! Oh heck, everything disappeared then... what happened??? and don't do it again!!!

I will get around to the hospital visit, the day before I left for my holidays??? Oh I'll do it now, while I am on a roll, and fighting off the daddy long legs beasties.... horrid things, glad friends didn't come home a moment ago, I was screaming while I was hitting one, then screamed again, tearing up a news paper and picking the most horrible thing up, its legs still flapping about!!!!!
[oh, its in the bin by the way!]

So hospital, and the cardiologist... got to the appointment ok, just on the dot of nine, handed in my form, and went in quite quickly, didn't have my translator with me, but managed, just fine as it turned out, he prescribed me some more meds for my heart, and told me I had to see another cardiologist, to these strong meds 3x a day for a week, then one a day, but weekends off, woopie!!! He didn't tell me anything about them, their common effects, and other effects, one common one seems to be eye sight, its definitely worse over this past week, but hopefully after I stop taking them[?], it will improve again, well back to its normal thing!

ok, that really is enough now, all typed out..


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Beautiful sunny day today.. Blue sky and sunshine all the way... I arrived here, England! Yesterday, the flight was good, left on time and came in half hour early... Came through to baggage reclaim in an unusual place, just to confuse the heck out of all of us... we were like ants who had had their little mountain crushed and didn't know which way to turn!!

I 'met' a fellow traveller departure side at Malaga who had been in the line at check in, we found ourselves sitting together waiting for the gate to be announced, which it was, wonderfully, the screen even said how many minutes until the gate number would be coming up!

We walked together to the plane, and were seated in the same line, but four persons inbetween, on the coach from the aircraft to the terminal we ended up next to each other again... and stayed together chatting until the lady got her case and left! She has lived in Churriana for 18 years, makes me a bit of a newby at only nine years doesn't it!

As I was so early had to hang on a while for my friend, so got phone top up, and wandered outside to wait in the sunshine, was a bit breezy there but Luton airport is on top of a hill, and is always breezy!

Janette came on time, and we were off to Aylesbury, we went to a supermarket, Costa coffee cafe, and had a drink my favourite of creme brule latte! Perfecto! The Steph arrived, and we swapped my case from one car to the other of we went again, home, here... Had a lovely dinner, then relaxed, had a bit of trouble trying to connect to the internet, but seems a very generous person round about here has their connection open... so muchas gracias whoever....

This morning I woke up a bit early only 5:30am!! English time, I tried to go back to sleep but couldn't really, I caught the bus into town, only a few minutes from here... and then I was back in Costas, in Aylesbury, updates from my Kindle, to fb and Twitter.... read for a little while, everyone up stairs in the cafe were either on their lap tops, net books, mobiles or reading, [normal] books! Felt a bit like a very relaxed office up there! Us all with our milky drinks and yummy cakes... Not me, no cake this time!

Then I went off for a look around some of the shops, bought a great little gadget, you pop your tablet in, and pop down the lid, the very nasty, very sharp blade inside, slices the tablet neatly in two pieces... so now I won't have to have 2 thirds of a tablets on time, and 1 third the next! Probably not what the doctor ordered!

I couldn't manage to take the meds I should have yesterday, some new ones that have to have at least 8 hours between the three doses a day, so only two yesterday, two so far today, and the third at 11pm!! Got a bit of a sore throat, not sure if from the plane, [had the blower on me the whole journey] something to do with these new meds... or I have caught a sore throat!!!!


Thursday, September 08, 2011

Some rather random photos today... Above a cow, advertising a restaurant, not for vegetarians I take it!

Some beautiful cloud formations the other evening, September is the month for these here for sure... most of them looking like space ships, or at the very least giant cigars!!!

Walking into town the other morning.... I did turn about to check I was un observed, didn't want to look like a tourist afterall!!! Did I??

And finally above, the restaurant down at La Cala, the fast food one we went to the other week, I actually thought I had mentioned it, but looking back at my rather thin amount of Blogs of late, I see I havent written about it at all?

Franco had told me about a place, an American style diner, food all in see through boxes, money in the slot, change machine nearby for .... well, change of course!

He said the food was placed in the boxes... and I must admit I imagined the worse.... But we went in, the list of meals above was enormous, one would normally just pop the money in and I guess the door would open you take the food etc, but the shelves were all empty, so, a girl took our order, we sat, she brought it over, 5 chefs were in the very open to view kitchen, you could see how clean it all was... the booths were brown and green, very stylish, and comfy.... Franco had a whole chicken, 5€ half the price of a roasted chicken anywhere else.... and I had fish and chips, with salad, soda, and ice cream, for 3€ 95c.... how cheap is that! Definitely worth a visit if your down that way!

But so as I am missing out on complaints.... Had 'great fun' in Coín today, went to pay some bills for a friend, went into the bank to use the bar code payment machine... it said, not working, so off to wait in line at the cashiers desk... One woman working, who, when a man came to join her, left! Only of course, he wouldn't take the money as I didn't have an account in that bank! [machine still not working].... He said go to the post office, which was a bit of a journey away, but off we went.... Nice post office! Its new, and slightly further away than the old one was... And of course, the lady there said I couldn't pay the bills there either! We tried a couple of other banks on the way back to the original bank... Then, a miricle, we went into a bank of ours, another branch, and they smiled, said 'hola' as we walked in, took my bills, took my money, and were so cheerful I couldn't believe it!

Can't believe how hot it still is, I suppose it always is, just we forget every year, but an hour ago, it was still 38 degrees up on the roof terrace, which is in the shade... I am looking forward to frosty mornings, and a cool breeze, these I might feel as I am off to England next week, frosty mornings do not happen where we live in the town!

I know I have so much more to tell, sorry for being so lazy recently with my writings, not sure what's up with me! Just the heat maybe....

TTFN amigos... Be happy!

Saturday, September 03, 2011

Me with my Picasso eyes! In the Picasso museum in Malaga last week, well this week past I mean....

Two tempory exhibitions there at the moment, Picasso at work: Through the lens of David Douglas Duncan, and Cartoons on the Front Line.

Both extra exhibitions well worth seeing, the whole thing was much better this visit, I feel like I have said all this before? But have checked back and didn't Blog last week about the visit, bit strange, maybe where I have Tweeted? or Facebook'ed, who knows! Maybe I am just feeling strange!

The internet is going slow this afternoon, which is very frustrating!

At least the weather is better today, well, I say better, its been cloudy and sunny both, wonderful breeze, the temperature in side has come down to 22, which is much better, more liveable...

Four books on kindle now....

I see it says available in UK only, but the're available worldwide on

Ok, Cannot cope with this go slow on here this evening now, so, its adios amigos, before I throw this thing!