Sunday, November 22, 2015

DC - Calm

This weekend drawing challenge, thank you Veronica is Calm...

Working away for a couple of weeks in England, in placement... Today I have my break and I am relaxing, a, so far wonderful calm and relaxing day, I am staying in a small town which is outstandingly beautiful...

I took a front seat in a wonderful old coffee shop and partook of café latte and carrot cake so moist and tasty... Great view from the windows!

Great view on my table too!

The church is amazing original parts a thousand years old... St John the Baptist in Thaxted... I have taken lots of photos with my camera, you will have to wait a week!

I did a real tourist visit of the town, and I just didn't care that I was taking so many photos with so many passers by watching me!

A stroll past the beautiful church and the near by alms houses led me to the windmill leading my Blog... The wind catching the small blades in two directions...

It's been cold, a moment of snow yesterday morning, and a wake up temperature of -2c brrrr!! It's reached the dizzie hight of about 4c now at just after 2pm...

I am calm; we all need a little time out now and again, and a walk in fresh air, new interesting surroundings, all good!


Saturday, November 14, 2015

A plethora of photo all-sorts!  Last week I was on a course back with a previous employer and could not resist this photo opportunity above at a services stop on our way back home... It looks so 1960's... wish the traffic in front wasn't there... but still a great shot of a great looking building!

The course was up on the Orihuela coast... Near Torrevieja, the area where we stayed was sort of strange... a straight road, bridges over... N340 probably?? Nope, that stops at Vera!  Strange, always thought it went all the way up the coastline, maybe in did...  Anyway, we were in an apartment block between two restaurants, and all along on this one side were restaurants and beach type shops, residential properties on other side of dual carriageway... but it sort of seemed like we were nowhere... We three walked along the coastal path on one evening, very pretty walk...


Anyways, course went really well, great group, I was sharing with a girl, will I always call women girls?  Would just seem strange saying, 'shared my room with two women'... ? oh well... dos chicas? lol... Two great women!!!  A Spanish girl(ha!) from the Nerja area, which was where I picked up my ride from, and another great woman, English, who lives in the Valencia region... We became the three musketeers!  And although my Spanish didn't really improve, my arm waving did, and both myself and English gal started to both write and speak in broken English!

The apartment was okay, bit noisy at night, sounded like someone skateboarding in the room above mine, and loud men and music in the beautiful gardens late at night!  But, we did okay, the days flew by, lots of learning, I know I have already done the course, but I learnt more... there was more to learn this time... and before we knew it we were all saying our goodbyes and back in cars heading off in many and various directions!  I got a ride back with three girls who all live in Alhaurín area!

Franco and I went to a new burger bar down in the Miramar mall in Fuengirola... the little black disc with the number 59 we took back to our table while our food was cooked... and when it was ready for collection it lit up!! Great!!  Although I kind of expected it to hover or something else!

We were a little early for the new James Bond movie, Spectre on Tuesday evening, so spent some time at the top of La Trocha centre watching the sun set... and very beautiful it was too!  The movie was great, the film in English and not one empty seat... about 300 Brits!!!  Was a bit unnerving, not normally in the company of so many foreigners here!! lol!!

Loved the movie, two guys in the audience were wearing evening dress.... white dickey bows included!
It was only €5.00, although we didn't partake of food and drinks everything was less than half the price it is in the UK, so very good prices... and the seats for plush!  Tonnes of leg room, no awkward moments for people coming past to sit down!

We have a misty morning one day this week... and Sierra Gorda looks like a sea animal out there on the horizon...

We're heading fast towards the shortest day of the year but here the evenings are still light, up to about 6:30pm... When I take Pip out its about 7:15am and just getting light... I'll be having a shock next week back in England with the short days!

Yes back to England on a Monday afternoon flight, two weeks placement in Essex area... I am looking forward to getting back to work, its been well over two months now! Unbelievable where the time has flown to...

We're going to the market in the morning at La Trocha, and I am really hoping the dog that was there yesterday has gone by now, there was a poor little skinny thing laying down, people from the dog rescue were trying to lure her to food and water, but she wouldn't have anything to do with them, running away each time anyone came too close... while we had coffees, I watched her.... she watched every passer by, looking maybe for a familiar face... my heart broke, I suppose I imagine Pippa there... lost lonely waiting and hoping, Franco went to see if he could get close, but no luck... so sad...

Very grave news from France last night and this morning... The world has gone mad, we are one planet, one blood, one human race... When we came into existence we were one amoeba type thing, how has it come to this... I know, religion? Religion in the name of war; war in the name of religion.