Saturday, December 28, 2013

Today on the M4 there were special signs just for me! They were beautifully lit, 50 they said, mph... quite a lot of them too, I knew they were meant just for me though... how you ask? Could I possibly think that?? Well, simple, it was only I who slowed down and obeyed them of course!!

Porthcawl yesterday, a beautiful sunny day, there was a fun run... not sure who was having fun! The runners were hot and sweaty looking! Although the sun was out it was cold in the shade! Strange photo above, I think there must have been some lovely gardens here at some point, now only the benches remain!

The strange statue above as I see here has a strange snow effect! Shame but probably won't come out on the Blog, I'm writing on my phone... got headache, third in two weeks!!  Wanted to write, and haven't used my lap top over Christmas at all!

Had a good Christmas, worked Christmas Eve, Christmas day, night and some boxing day too...

Worked today, was out and about, luckily the winds have calmed down now, and after one downpour was wall to wall sunshine...

Beautiful isn't it at Porthcawl... a town I could live in, a real sea side town, but not overly commercialised... lots of character...

This wonderful hotel below is very Poirot don't you think!

Well amigos hope this comes out okay after writing it here... on my wonderful phone!


Tuesday, December 17, 2013

On a break for lunch just now, I am on a course for work, it's very interesting and physical, did the theory last month...

When I left home it was dark, the car windows wet with dew, and as I drove down and onto the M4 the sun was coming up, the mountains beautifully lit on the horizon, then the sky turned an amazing shade of blue, and then in the skies five planes high in the sky, leaving short vapour trails, they looked like five comets from a scene in a science fiction movie! Beautiful...


Saturday, December 14, 2013

I can't believe the hyacinth plant from last winter has come into bloom!  After the plant had fulfilled its beauty and perfume, it appeared to die off, so I put it outside the back door and forgot it, mostly, occasionally I thought to plant it!  Then last week I noticed it once more, green shoots and healthy, new life... I brought her in, let her fix out a bit! And now color, perfume... lovely

The garden is also in confusion, Peri Winkle in bloom, small blue flowers still growing... and as you can see above, the black berry bush is preparing to make fruit?? Will keep you posted on that though!

Hope any errors are not to much to bear, using my phone and not able to actually read what I have written in one go!


Monday, December 02, 2013

I have been pretty pour with my musings this year folks haven't I... I am sorry, since I started work in early June my mind has been pretty well taken up with... well with work!  And then book work too, still publishing and editing etc for authors...

So some photos from a trip to the Brecons back in October, surrounded by such beautiful scenery everywhere here....

This small little church here was where we went for lunch!  Very strange... restaurant down one side of the church and the other two thirds were the pews and everything else church like!  The ordering area, like a bar with the menu etc and wine for sale.... in a church??? Seemed very bizarre!! But was scrummy, although scant on panini content!

This beautiful old building surrounded by the most beautiful red autumnal flowers.... glorious indeed!

We have flights booked! A trip to Spain in the new year, and at last, a trip to scatter my moms ashes... hopefully lots of the family will make it to NY, I couldn't wait any longer, I can feel moms impatience, and a promise is a promise... I can't wait to get there now, can't wait to see my family stateside and can't wait to fulfill my moms wishes....

Christmas is upon us mis amigos!  Our tree is up, what decorations we use are also out and about the house! Not much but enough, for us is enough!  The pop up tree, popped down last January with lights and baubles in place, popped back up in minutes, plugged it in and away it went! Maybe in a few years time I will feel more 'big tree' like, but for now, thats just plenty!!

All the shopping is done, the presents present, just awaiting wrapping and naming!  Random items winging their way here... before I fly them back off to all around the country... well Bedfordshire and Nottinghamshire!!! You know who you are!!!

I am my usual strange self at this time of the year, although not really got much Christmas spirit yet, thought it was on its way the other day a fluttering in my tummy and a kind of hopeful feeling in my heart, but it must have been indigestion...because it went just as suddenly as it arrived!

TTFN amigos