Monday, January 31, 2011

To a Poet a thousand years hence...

View of Sierra de las nieves taken from behind the house yesterday...

Today a beautiful sunny day... but blooming cold! Friend at the Boardroom this morning had ice on his windscreen this morning, lives in the campo... and I am sure it was warming when I took Pip out this morning before light!

We were sat outside Bar Cruz waiting for the sun to make it over the Sierra de Mijas, and it took its time! Then it would get diluted by the palm tree! As I approached home I thought its looks cold in there... it was, is! My new halogen fire is doing a turn in the lounge now as I write! I have put some washing up on the terrace which is now in the sun... Just hope my jeans dry for tomorrow, they're all up there, and that's all I seem to wear these days, now and again I think of wearing a dress or skirt! But would feel so strange I would imagine everyone stopping and pointing!!!

Once home I was on a mission, I had something to find... and I hate it when I cant find things! I can empty cupboards and turn the whole house up side down... Not quite today, but I did have to take the TV off the chest, moving all the cables etc out of the way, lift the lid and delve in side! Was it there? Nope of course not! So I had already gone through everywhere else down stairs and moved up! We have no storage here, so its find it, or its gone! I used to be able to hoard things in the attic, we do not have that luxury here...

Once up stairs I sat on the bed and looked at the bookcase... and *ping* on came the light bulb in my mind! There is the card I was looking for, inside my postcards tin... yes, I have saved all the postcards I have received over the years... Luckily don't get any any more, the tin can hold no more! But what I wanted was in there... Just wish I had remembered earlier, some of the cards and mementos I had to see in other places I would have been happier to have not had to see, for a while yet anyway...

Also in my postcard box I have come across a little poem, well a long poem actually, which I know I have posted before, but well, what the heck I am going to do it again, because I love it so much, and should be shared... That's why it was written, to share...

... but before I copy it wanted to say... "I went out Saturday evening"... wha hey!!! I know, me going out, in the evening, in the dark! Me and a friend met and walked to the Cruz to be picked up by friends... We stood there feeling very out of place, normally tucked up in... the house at that time of day, all of 7pm!

And we went to a great road side bar on the Coín road, five of us, and shared a great evening, full of laughter, talk and wine! I got back about 11pm, I had left the tv on for Pip and some lights, I thought I would sleep immediately, but not sure if it was the wine, or the excitement, but I could not sleep, I watched tv till gone 1am, then still couldn't sleep, my heart was doing a Ginger Baker
solo... I must admit, I did lay in till 8am, and just told Pippa when at 7am the alarm went off, forget it! Another hour por favor! Then when I came down stairs, the curtains were still open, door unlocked, you cannot get in from the outside, but I do always lock it from the inside too! It looked like I had just popped up stairs!

And no real bad ill effects either yesterday, bit wobbly around the legs... and I managed to do a little video of the coast road now its opened, 15 minutes from the garden centre to the Cala round about, in total! So obviously, 7 minutes each way!! Amazing! Holding my camera up for the whole time was a bit heavy going! I think only alcohol was in my hands on the way back, they were numb anyway!

Ok poem... enjoy....

To a poet a thousand years hence

I who am dead a thousand years,
And wrote this sweet archaic song,
Send you my words for messengers
The way I shall not pass along.

I care not if you bridge the seas,
Or ride secure the cruel sky,
Or build consummate palaces
Of metal or of masonry.

But have you wine and music still,
And statues and a bright-eyed love,
And foolish thoughts of good and ill,
And prayers to them who sit above?

How shall we conquer? Like a wind
That falls at eve our fancies blow,
And old Maeonides the blind
Said it three thousand years ago.

O friend unseen, unborn, unknown,
Student of our sweet English tongue,
Read out my words at night, alone:
I was a poet, I was young.

Since I can never see your face,
And never shake you by the hand,
I send my soul through time and space
To greet you. You will understand.
by James Elroy Flecker.


Friday, January 28, 2011

Saturday January 29th

Here I am above ~ Mom and I were in Padua, Italy, what a wonderful place, the statues behind Mom were amazing, bigger than real life, as you can see from the one I am standing to the side of! So slightly surreal... After all the beautiful Palaces and Churches we went to here we always remembered an awful toilet in a restaurant! I wouldn't even let Mom use it! I was looking for my favourite photo taken here, I am sitting in an inner court yard of a small monetary, it was so tranquil... beautiful...

Such a beautiful day here today too! Wall to wall sunshine! We moved from our usual Boardroom table to push two together, too many of us to fit around the one, and the amount of chairs we were using causing problems for those smokers hanging about near the doorway!

I think I may have been the only person with a para agua in town also, so looked a bit of a wally with it! It wasn't small enough to get in my hand bag, being the extra strong anti inside-out type of thing! Which I then had to negotiate around Mercadona, fun! At the check out didn't know what to drop first, brolly, scalf or gloves.... I picked a glove, then had to pick it up myself... being superstitious that wasn't good news for me!

The washing I hung out up on the terrace night before last I have moved onto the regular line, so should get the sun soon to finish it off, surprised how dry it was, considering how much rain has fallen!

Pip was surprised too this morning, when I opened the back door to check for rain, and there was none! She turned to me and said, at last a walk this morning!!! Well I think that's what she may have been thinking! When we were out we came across a guy who is in town most days, he makes a strange noise while he walks the streets, almost shouting, kissing the doors, windows etc, poor bloke, I am sure he is completely nothing to be worried about, but so early and dark, he can be a little un nerving... sorry to say... We have seen him twice this week, you can here his approach, although trying to decide from which direction is a bit of problem so early, sound travels strangely here!

Just went up on the terrace to see what was annoying Pippa, and therefore me, and the amount of snow up on the Sierra de las nieves[snowy mountain].... Is amazing! So I came down stairs to get my camera, back up, again, turned it on, and it went off, batteries expired! Back down I came, put in two more rechargeable batteries, back up stairs.... switched it on! Same thing, batteries expired! So I have come down, put them on charge, and me too! If the snow is still there tomorrow I will take a photo!

That's it for today, keeping busy!

''You give but little when you give of your possessions.
It is when you give of yourself that you truly give.'' Khalil Gibran.

The Above quote I am purloined from Positive Thoughts, thank you!



Above is me! As seen by good friend and fellow member of the boardroom daily network meeting... Peter Maddocks! Please see link to the right for just some of his brilliant cartoon and art work... We had been talking about Marmite this particular morning, of course!

Friday already, time passes... And as the time passes bringing me round to the worse anniversary of Mom passing I don't know how to copy, looking back at this time last year, is no doubt the worse way of doing so, and throws me back immediately to all the feelings I was having then, and could in no way foresee how I would be feeling a year on... All the prayers that Mom wouldn't suffer for long; and wishing she was young and healthy once more going to all the places she loved most in world... And I see all the typos and spelling mistakes I was making back then, in my haste to write, to empty my feelings and need to share...

30 minute phone call just now... so that's put me back on track!

This morning, bit drizzly then sky brightened, sun came out... friends gathered at the table... cloud came down over the Sierra de Mijas, further and further... then the rain! We were back to full strength today at the Boardroom, or near it! We had moved to the central table, the only one rain and drip free! And we're the only ones not smoking! So was crowded round by the door of all the smokers fed up with being outside, and having to stand up! ha!

I was on the way back up the high street home and bumped into another friend who needed to go to the emergency clinic, she didn't want to go alone, and I was more than happy to go with her, we checked in after a ten minute wait for anyone to come along and take her name! But then was only ten more minutes before friend was called in! Bypassing loads of others already waiting??? Friend also wanted me to go into surgery with her! That was ok, I did stop at having the tetanus injection for her also! Enough is enough! Her cat had bitten her, and an infection was spreading up her arm from the site of the bite!

Then also on the way home I wanted to go into a jewellers and get a bracelet of Mom's fixed for me to wear, but he was shut... the shutters up, lights on, but no one home!

Once home the rain came down! So persianas closed, curtains drawn, and then later the heating panels on up stairs... night comes early in this house on days like this...

Yesterday it was the same, drizzly in the morning, but let off and I came down into town, had a hot chocolate, no Boardroom members at all!!! Then down to the electric shop near the Mercadona roundabout, I was pricing halogen fires on my way down town! The shop near us, 37€, a bazzar 17€ and the electric shop 19€! That was the real deal! Wasn't a 100% sure about buying from a bazzar, and the first price was just too silly! So last shop, and no halogen fires, but he said to wait a moment, and a delivery came in, and my fire and I went out!

Its so nice now to sit here in the lounge and when the heating is on, not see my breath!

Also yesterday I think I have found another couple of relatives, one on Twitter and one on Facebook... feel a bit like a stalker!

And writing out our family tree I found that my Mom's sister Marian Agnes, got her second name from one her Grand mothers sisters... Maybe Agnes was a favorite Aunt of her Dads eh... Mom would never have known where the name Agnes came from...

Ok, going down hill again now... adio amigos..


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I don't know what's worse in this photo! Our silly grins or my hair! Luckily we were in Italy and everyone had my hair... maybe just not this much though!

Was a difficult day yesterday, last of the anniversaries until the big one on march 4th... I am trying not to think about it, but not doing a very good job, this time last year was so tough, and can't help reliving it every day...

I read this the other week, did I post this? I can't remember! I really think I did! Its about the five stages of grief in death.... (denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance. I don't think
I have got past denial yet, so much so, when I reading about the above, I even thought, I'll give
Mom a call and ask her! ha ha ha... So this might sound more like depression? I can't remember anger, so did I skip that? or could that be the shouting where are you Mom? in my head, or even outloud over the last 10 months!

Bargaining? Not sure what that means, bargaining with whom? I just want my Mom back and that's the beginning and the end of it...

Ok lets move on, because thinking back isn't doing me any good, and you all are falling asleep! Today, work, shop, two woman were in, picking up this 'n that, over to the counter were I awaited to serve... one woman thumped a shirt down on the counter, the price had been removed [there's something new... not!], and a small bag, leather, it said on the price tag 2€, its still the sale was I said the price of both before, and now, half price in the sale! She said she only wanted to pay 50c for the bag.. I said, sorry no, its a euro, half price, she went on and on and on some more... She said she wouldn't have that bag then and came behind the counter to the rack there and took another bag hanging there waiting to go out... She said how much, same, 1€, the strap was short, for a child I think anyway, but she started to try to lenghten the strap, couldn't and half threw half passed to me, scratching me in the process! for me to do it! I just put it on the counter, so she huffed and threw it at her friend to open instead! Poor friend! She wanted it cheaper and we pointed to the posters etc on our notice board behind the counter, *money for hospice... care for the dying... support for those and they're families* I pointed and said sorry, but we cannot make things any cheaper... she said put it under the counter she would be back... Oh I almost forgot, during our er... can I say conversation? felt more like a fight! anyway during 'it' another customer asked me something, I responded in Spanish, and she was incredibly rude to me about having done so!!! spoken in Spanish that is!

Later on we had another couple of customers in also wanting everything cheaper, so we explained to them also where the money goes, not into anyone's pockets, for hospice care... he was a little better, and polite throughout, and we were graciously given the amount we asked for, and he got a very good deal on those items!

When we popped out for coffees we passed the two woman, I said hello, to be polite, she was, I thought coming back to buy those two things, not glared at me, then spoke to her friend, obviously about me, then they proceeded to jump into a new Mercedes Benz CLK convertible!! Therefore as you can guess, not coming back in to collect the things!

Thankfully many many other people care and care enough to bring things in for us to sell, they wouldn't want us to give things away! They could be doing that.... Arh, it makes my blood boil... obviously why the pressure is high... well not anymore on these meds eh!

Yesterday to the bar Cruz, por supuesta... then a friend and I went down to the coast, first to the Euromarket, I made a few purchases of things I didn't even know I needed! Then to Worten's [electrical store], I needed printer ink, then a trip to Aki, where they tried to get an extra 5€ from me on a sale product, well I guess they had to try...

Rain has been forecast for all week, yesterday down at Fuengirola it was fine, very windy, but no rain and quite bright! Wish I could say that about here, today...

TTFN amigos,

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Above c/o Daniel Diaz.. Cannot believe this! Must be at the top of the Sierra de Mijas, can't think of anywhere else it can be, but looks like a level road... Not been snow in Alhaurín el Grande since the 80's... Its about 10c outside...

This morning we went to a friends house, then to La Trocha market, couldn't believe how many people were there, and so many with packages and bags, so the market holders did well today, which is good.

The restaurants up stairs busy for them too, I think its busier there on a Sunday than any other day of the week!

Rained on and off all day today... Dawn till now... and its 19:24!

The house still seems fine, no smell of damp, no damp patches making their way over ceilings or up walls! Even the cave is damp free, fantastic!

Tomorrow is Mom's birthday... I shall be.... I don't know what I will be tomorrow.... melancholy.... probably to say the least, must be saying melancholy too much, I didn't need spell check!

Mother's are the most important individuals in our lives. We begin our lives completely dependent on them for our every need. Many believe that we search for aspects of the mother child relationship throughout our entire lives. Love it or hate it, she was your first love and will never be gone from your heart. You will always be in her heart also. Try telling her not to love you, try telling to her to forget you existed. It is impossible. Unless you are a mother yourself, you can never understand the intensity of this love.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Above inside the Ayuntamiento here in Alhaurín El Grande... Lots of people come and go from this building without seeing its beautiful interior...

And so to the week so far... Felt like everyday was a day I had to do something! Monday, above, to pick up my new[old copy of] my padron, Tuesday to medical centre first to pick up my hospital appointment date, then to work, after quick networkings session, of course! After work met up with friends who now live down at Estapona! So great to see them! A bit chillier up here compared to the coast, and Tuesday was a bit nippy! The cloud stayed over the Sierra de Mijas and the town felt damp and breezy all day because of it, no sun, at all!

Wednesday, a walk to Blas Infante to pay the car rental... So all the way up to the top of the town, before walking all the back into it! Long morning outside Bar Cruz, moved tables three times! Don't ask!! Finally got to see mate in shop and then to Mercadona where I proceeded to busy too much and was a difficult talk back home, made worse by a whole load of kids, taller than me without a single one moving aside for poor old me trying to get up the hill, so I got pushed and bumped into by all of them!Ok so only by some but it felt like it! And there were hundreds of them.... Well maybe 4 or 5 classrooms at least! The teachers were the last and were so busy talking to each other I don't think any of them would have known what was going on up ahead, or even care! So I was in a wonderful mood by the time I got home, as you can imagine! Today the weather had been better, the sun at least made it out, over the mountain!

Then this morning I had a plan which went ahead to the point of actually going into the office in Coín I wanted to go in! Friend and I got the bus, all went well with that, then to the office, but too busy, too much going on, and I... well I suppose I bottled it! But then, I don't think it would have done me any good anyway...

So it was a hot chocolate, wander round the shops and back to Alhaurín!

And home! Oh no, not home! I had promised to pop in to see a friend, which I did, had to climb another hill to get there, so was not feeling great when I got there, and started to feel worse over the next hour, so didn't stay as long as I had wanted to, I think too much this week, too much up hill struggle...

Feel like a good verse here, let me go have a look... A bit of a saucy poem today... I have chocolate on my mind, and none in the house! I wonder how many of you will rush to that bar of chocolate you have over there!!!

Chocolate Pleasure

I love the pleasure of chocolate
As it melts upon my tongue
It dribbles all through my mouth
And squishes around my gums

I close my eyes for a moment
As my senses are quite aware
Of the delicious wondrous flavour
Of chocolate lingering there

There are so many chocolate flavours
The dark and the medium too
White chocolate is truly scrumptious
Just perfect, my friend, for you

So whenever you need something sweet
You must try this simple treasure
Just pop a morsel into your mouth
And enjoy some chocolate pleasure!

Marilyn Lott

And with that I will leave you amigos...

Monday, January 17, 2011

I'v been playing with Its brilliant, I mean look what it did for me... hahahahaha!!! Ok Ok, the photo is getting on a bit now... the photo!!

I should be playing with the scanner really... and down loading somethings I really want to scan!!! Oh heck, just realised Franco has taken his lap top out with him today!! I don't seem able to use the printer on this little baby of mine, now I have an excuse not to scan, when I really thought I might actually get round to doing it!

I hunted down a hot water bottle we bought for Mom some years back, its a microwavable one... Never used it before, and it has a warning on it about 2 years something or other, hope that's two years of using, not two years of buying, anyway its warm, despite the horrible smell!

Bit chilly in the house today, warm outside in the sun... oh just noticed the window is open!! That's not helping much is it!

Yesterday Franco and I went to garden centre, for a coffee, lots of people using the 'new' road, girl in BP garage says it should be opened on the 27th of this month, just the roundabout at La Cala turn off to get ready! She also said, it was to be the 17th, but there are delays... So, of course, not holding breath for 27th either!!!

From there, we popped into friends, then to La Trocha market, very busy, lots more stalls, and up stairs stores all was closed again now, just the restaurants open, of which we took use of, cake and drink for 2€.... Not our usual place, so not the apple strudel I was anticipating, cake was nice on eating, but was reminded of it all afternoon!

Meeting up with friends tomorrow after work, not seen them for.... some time, more than a couple of years I think, can't wait!

Franco said to me yesterday "your looking good, put a bit of weight on??"..... well you can imagine my response! Then I weighed myself and I have put on a couple of pounds! Then Franco brought out a bunch of mini doughnuts! I am receiving crossed messages here!!

Collected my new Padron this morning from the Ayuntamiento, I took in my passport, my residencia certificate etc... Strange how the padron says just what it said from six years ago... So incorecto but well, it will have to do, I suppose, I hope!?!

Just had a call from the medical centre, I have appointments to collect, so I will, collect them tomorrow!

I have to repeat something I said to Franco over the weekend... It may not be funny now of course, it was something we were watching on TV, a man walking on his hands and knees with his two small children on this back... and I said "Awww, that's just what I used to do with Barry and Tony" Franco smiled, then I said "until they were 18 and 20 and got too heavy!!!"...


Thursday, January 13, 2011

Well better get Blogging hadn't I!

I really don't know where the days are going, be Mom's birthday soon, 24th, and then it will be gone....

The weather has been lovely today, think we had some rain the other day? But when the sun is shining its warm on your back if your out... Pippa was MIA this afternoon, so I went up onto the terrace to find her, she was sunbathing! So I joined her, pulled up a chair and took off my hoodie! Sitting in the sun, eyes closed, beautiful, I thought I better check the temperature, to tell you! It was 18ºC in the shade, and 36ºC in the sun! WOW!

Coming back in half hour later.... freezing in doors... Look! I can see my breath!

Trying to remember back as far as Sunday! We had some power cuts in the afternoon, no rain, just power cuts, 2nd ones, then an hour.... at that point skytv went off for us, and didn't come back, the signal gone, un locked, nada de nada! I tried a few times on Monday to get it back, standing on a chair on the terrace wriggling the dish, but to no avail! I think it must have been Tuesday I got the sat. man out to fix it, but its pretty poor again now, the signal going, and switching between locked and un locked.... Just hope it hangs on in there... Maybe its a bit windy, but can't hear it if it is! We don't really watch that many DVD's and having to watch them again isn't high on my list of priorities!

Mercadona man delivered Tuesday afternoon, but I had missed some very important things of my list... I thought it was them, but checking back... no, I must have deleted some of the things in error! Then it was the sat. man...

Yesterday, a friend came a visiting from down the road and round the corner! We did some baking, and lots of talking, it was really nice...

Monday I had the doctors, to find out the results from the blood tests from a couple of weeks ago... I am, un usually for me, going to cut a long story short! I have a joint disease, will be going to the hospital for further tests etc, to determine what disease it is exactly.

And another doctor, same hospital, to have my irregular heart beat checked out, more to put my mind at rest, that it is nothing more than that hopefully.

My bad cholesterol is just a little higher than it should be, but so is my good cholesterol???

When I asked about exercise the doctor said only walking and swimming, nothing else at all, and to walk on the flat!!! Er hey... you know we live in a mountainside village right doc?? Oh and I cant swim.... Well I already walk Pippa and walk into town and back every day, so I guess that's it!

Think that was the results, more or less.

And there it is! Look forward to many Blogs based around trips to Malaga hospital mis amigos!

Quick change of subject, I have been trying a different food to cook for dinner! Moroccan! Remember from Saturday? Well I guess so, it was my last Blog! I made it again with beef, and much nicer it was too, some of the spices stain the spoon, plate and kitchen somewhat! So goodness knows what my insides are like!!

Yesterday I went up early to the Ayuntamiento[town hall], I need a copy of my padron, think its going to be a new copy altogether, anyway, I can collect it on looney lunes!

Work on Tuesday was good, lots of laughter as usual, and some customers too! Good day for the shop considering the town seemed so quiet, we had two coffee's, the only coffee I now drink all week, maybe one other; and we had free pastries on both occasions! Can't be bad!


Saturday, January 08, 2011

Some wonderful shots I took early this morning from our terrace, above the view over towards Villafranco and Cartama! I think the Poligino Rosa is over there somewhere! [the industrial estate!]
And here, above, the view over towards Las Delisias... shrouded in mist....

This one is good, that is Sierra Gorda! Looks like a big animal laying down for a nap! With all the valley a sea of mist!

Before I forget... because I nearly did and reached the bottom of this and have had to come back up... Yesterday a friend and I went down to the coast, I had to beg and plead, and with offers of coffee and lunch and money! He didn't take the money by the way! I needed to get a some paint for another friend, and could only get it from somewhere down at Las Lagunas, turns out I could probably have got it from one of their other branches... No matter, done now, and we popped into Iceland while we were there for him... I topped up my supply of Shredded Wheat! Would say I am now well ahead, but with only 30 in each box, that's only 15 days, so I am ok for the next 6 weeks! Oh and a packet of Jelly Babies!

It was pouring yesterday when we left, had been a few spits and spots but then the heavens opened and down it came!!

I wouldn't normally photograph my food before I cook it! That sounds like I do afterwards? Well I have occasionally haven't I!

Tonight on the menu is a strange combo... I wanted to make a Moroccan dish, a lamb tagine, but instead its going to be a pork something or other! I left the *boardroom* and went to Mercadona, stupidly expecting to find all the spices I needed in there! Not sure about the others in town, but Mercadona only sells herbs and spices more or less for Spanish meals... I know lots of others sell them for all the dishes of the world...Anyway, my problem I guess! So I got confused and got the wrong meat, thinking that I wouldn't make what I wanted to! Then found most of the other things and decided to go to the English food shop to see what they had... And with heavy bag in hand I did, and found one spice I could use!

And about an hour ago I set the meal in motion, adding and changing spices which were already in my cupboard! It smells nice.... And I think will be enough for two days! That's if the neighbours don't come a knocking!

I have found the good luck King in the Kings cake! Surprise surprise! Its the first one I have had though, Franco usually gets to be lucky all year!

And talking of luck, remember we... our little syndicate... won on the Euromillions last week? We won again! Still not enough to go wild on... But we're all paid up for the next few weeks!

Then I went back in and handed over my El Niño ticket.... and got the 20€ ticket price back!

Talking of our regular meeting place, we are now getting smoked out! The rules about not smoking in the bars here came in on the 2nd, and now all the smokers are coming out of the bar to smoke, then back in again! Then some of them are just sitting outside... period! We are now inhaling more smoke than before the ban!!!

Pippa this morning, my little baby, with the not very baby ears!

After town, with the weather being so lovely I got some washing out on the line... Must go up and bring it in soon, before the damp gets in... Getting hungry now with the lovely smell coming out of the stove... Pippa is waiting expectantly, I don't she should have any of it!

Ok amigos, adio.. Just checked my dinner and its cooked already! Quickly getting some rice done and I will we well away!

Its never too late to be what you might have been.-George Eliot


Friday, January 07, 2011

Once again I am borrowing, or purloining a wonderful Patience Strong verse from a fb posting of a friend of mine.... Enjoy...


Where does it lead, the garden path ?
To the lily pond where the blackbirds bath ?
Or rustic seat where the old trees lean
To make a bower of gold and green ?

It does not lead to the pool at all,
Or the wicket gate in the orchard wall.
It leads you to a world apart,
To the garden of dreams that is in your heart.
Patience Strong.


Thursday, January 06, 2011

Above is the wonderful cake the neighbour brought yesterday for us... The Kings cake, cream in one half and turron in the other... as I say won-der-full... These are only for Three Kings day, and all come with a crown, and somewhere inside, careful of the teeth, is a small lucky charm, and he who gets the charm get year round luck!

We bought four of these [check spelling] Poinsettia plants, from Ikea, actually, only 1.99€ each! And this morning, when I took the photo last week, was a pretty covering of dew....

You must totally ignore the last paragraph of yesterdays Blog, as I am about to talk about my Mom, or at least to say, a year ago today I was spending 14 hours at Malaga airport, as one of the Luton 7, as we became known! Well just amongst ourselves that is! And it was at 5am tomorrow morning that I at last arrived at Tonys in the snow!

Anyway, another lovely day today, very very quiet in town after last nights festivities, there were still lots of sweets and wrappers and colored paper all over the streets, on the way into town all the shops were closed, but on the way home all the bizarre's were open, and a few others!

ok amigos... time for cake!


Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Happy New Year... on Three Kings day!

Hi... its me! A bit late... already the 5th of January and I haven't said "hello" yet!

Is it the 12th night tonight? I don't know why I always get confused, I begin counting, and include December 25th... And tonight outside in the streets of Alhaurín el Grande the Three Kings are parading on their floats throwing tonnes of sweets at, sorry, to children, although it tends to be the adults with their upturned umbrellas and huge carrier bags! I can hear the band playing... and the good old rockets are blasting away, much to Pippa's annoyance, and mine!

Tonight I will put away the Nativity... this year without breaking anything, not that I actually remembered doing so until I got it out a month ago... I must replace the chap I lost next Christmas...

I also have a plan, a positive one for Christmas... We went to friends for lunch on Christmas Eve, and their tree was magnificent! Up to the ceiling and filled with wonderful decorations! Tinsel, baubles, lights and small toys! Little cuddly toys... I spoke to my Aunt Rita yesterday and she said she always used to have toys in her tree also... So, what I am going to do is buy a small toy, a tiny doll or bear, every month this year. And on our tree will be 12 small toys! And hopefully this will be a positive thing... Maybe another tree? And we will need more lights, since the last ones only lasted for a day and we only bought them last year! Its strange I am thinking towards next Christmas so soon after this one, feeling so sad, and spiritless towards it... We will see.

There is rain down on the coast, so I hope that stays just where it is!

It was a lovely day here all day, although suddenly a wind came up and was really chilly sat outside the bar, you could see our breath!!! But I came home, did some washing, up on the terrace and it dried!

I also got this morning some more flea drops for Pippa, apparently the first ones I tried only kill adult fleas, not the young or eggs? So I really don't understand why they would sell the first one, as its them who make the eggs and therefore the young! oh well... They got another 30€ from me anyway!

We are almost back up to full speed at our boardroom table[table outside the bar], on Monday I went to get this weeks lottery ticket and we had won last Friday not a lot of money, but enough to pay for our next three weeks... there are five of us, so wouldn't be much to share, but who knows... maybe next week there will be an extra couple of zeros on the end! A good start non the less me thinks!

The coast road is still shut... I know your waiting to hear all about it! April 2009 the works started, then it was shut to traffic to make things quicker, well that didn't work! Our neighbour told us it would be December 22nd, hope he didn't mean 2011! And we're presuming when the coast road opens the Mijas road works will start, supposed to take four months, but if the coast road is anything to go by it could be 2013!

I am going to try not to keep on about how much I am missing my Mom, because it cant be much fun to hear my going on and on... Things like me telling you how I hunted down Mom's card from last Christmas the day before yesterday, to see her handwriting and how it had changed...

Ok off now... I am struggling to talk, unlike me I know...