Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Showcaves Dan Yr Ogof

Made six pots of chilly jam today, my hands hurts like its been stung by nettles??? And my face was sore earlier... note to self - must use gloves to cut chillies!

Went on a trip this week, half hour trip! To some caves, they were great, have become a little critical since visiting Nerja Gib and some amazing caves near my friends home Alicante province...Cuevas del Canelobre, Busot especially were amazing! Dan Yr Ogof caves were very well worth the visit, and a return visit will definitely happen, probably many a time!  There are three caves, varying in length and depths, and a huge outside area full of dinosaurs!  A good restaurant selling a full range of foods and drinks!  Anyway... some photos should be next do you think?

I spent most of the trip turning the flash on or off, at sometimes the wrong moment! Took lots of photos so will split them up between today and tomorrow!

Its a shame but they have had to separate some of the areas off from the public, where the stalactites come down especially, people where braking off pieces, these amazing structures take thousands and thousands, and thousands... of years to get this big, some idiot broke a big piece off and took it somewhere to sell, luckily the person he took it to had ethics and called the police... job done!

The  light was difficult to judge and I had my flash on and off at what seemed the wrong time, all the time!

Cave art below...

Can you see the small stalactites coming down from the ceiling here below? Wonderful waterfalls to walk under! The Morgan brothers who first found these caves entered through the smallest of holes, they saw water coming out of the mountain here and wondered from where it came...

Makes you wonder if they had looked just ten feet in another direction they would have found nothing, bit like in life, the turns we take, left or right, the choices we make to do something or not, they are like...

Oh what happened here!!! Started writing this two days ago and stopped mid sentence, life stopped obviously ....

Yesterday I was at the office for a five hour induction with lots of other 'new' staff, was a good meeting, lots of information, break for coffee and a half hour break for lunch, friend and I popped over the road for coffee... and chips!!! lol

And now I will post this strange delayed post, just to show that sometimes when life stops, it can continue however!


Roberta Flack - You Make Me Feel Brand New

Friday, October 18, 2013


Whilst trying on clothes in a well known clothes store, I found myself remembering going in changing rooms in years gone by wanting more mirrors, so I could get a better all around view... Then here I was wishing that the view of me via the 360 degrees  mirrors was rather less! And couldn't wait to get out of there! Too many shops, too many clothes, was too warm for trying on clothes, made worse by the need of something to wear this Saturday evening, and with no other buying chances between then and now... now and then!