Friday, October 29, 2010

Mom is having her name read out in St Mary's on Sunday, did I mention that already? Wish I could be there to hear...

Worked in Cudeca this morning, just for a couple of hours, and am working Friday next week also, short on staff at the moment, was a busy couple of hours, the time goes by very fast in there, and on Fridays there are two Spanish speakers which is good, good for customers, but good for us too, more practice!

This evening my friend and I went to the Case de Cultura and the exhibition there of art work by Mary Gregoriy, which encompassed prints and medallic art. Once again Andaluz TV was there, we laughed and said whoever is watching it will say, "there's those two woman again..." me and mate being caught on camera the other week when Margo and Kat left for Timbuktu...

The work was wonderful, quirky, just my cup of tea! Slightly on the edge of reality, or caught between here and there, not sure how to describe it... Anyway, I could very happily live with, and stare at for hours, quite a few pieces... A nice glass of wine and some tapas too, quite a few people I knew... And afterwards we stopped for a café con leche in one of the bars at Plaza Baja!

On my way home from work I stopped for coffee with a friend who had phoned me earlier and was waiting up near home at Plaza Alta[!], I got home about 3:30pm! But before I got home, before I could see our house, I could hear shouting, and people were hanging out of door ways, and upper balcons, when I came round the corner there was a woman shouting outside a doorway! Shouting at a poor woman standing opposite, and she turned the corner up towards the Ayuntamiento, when I got to the turn she was just standing there out of sight crying!

I got into the house a few minutes before there was a roar of noise and two police motor bikes came up the street, followed by a four x four with two more officers, followed ten minutes later by a police car, 6 police in total! All for this one woman who was still screaming about I don't know what! The older lady and a man seemed to be the reason she was having a temper tantrum!

It went on for well over an hour! I gave up, as did most of the people in the street, so not sure what happened to them all! There was a bit of a croud outside our houses and much talking, and laughter!

Oh talking of laughter, before I went into Cudeca this morning, friend and I were having a drink, té for me, don't know why I have to say what I was drinking, just outside a bar, the word *drink* makes me think, you will think, I mean alcohol!!

Anyway, I digress, as usual, so we're sitting there, chatting and laughing about something, and then something else, I mean, you have got to laugh haven't you? No need to be sad, or grumpy, or nothing... A woman was standing a couple of feet away, leaning on a wall reading a paper, I noticed her, but didn't think why was she there, or anything about her at all actually.... Until she closed the paper and said "ha ha ha... risa risa risa [laugh laugh laugh]" She then walked around us still going "ha ha ha" sounding so sarcastic! Into the bar she went, came out again without the paper, still looking at us doing the "ha ha ha, risa risa risa", then passed us again and still sarcastically going "ha ha ha"...

Franco has just said, in the Sur newspapers that the Alhaurín to Fuengirola road, will definitely open in December, a promise.... And English plated cars are being impounded....

Adió amigos


Thursday, October 28, 2010

So someone else got locked out of their house this week then David Cameron! Picked this up care of someone I follow on Twitter... Only difference is, i didn't have any staff in the house to let me back in, and however much I think Pippa is more human than dog... She is still unable to open the front door!

This morning Franco and I went to Alhaurín de la Torre, and to the poligino, [industrial estate] on the outskirts of the town, we followed a couple of streets and asked a couple of people[no help], and came to the company Guadalgas all by ourselves!

In we went, we spoke Spanish, as much as we could, and he understood us fine, although his English turned out to be better than our Spanish, but he thought we wanted to practice!!! Well yes maybe, but not when it comes to such important matters eh!

So, he was a fantastic help, we will be getting a call from his office, and so in these circumstances I will be arranging an appointment from an in coming call, because it is only if we, the consumer makes that call, that we know its the legal deal!

So said, as much as the lady yesterday, do not allow fraudulent [estafa] gas men in, he said the uniforms are easy to copy, only let them in if you have previously made the appointment yourself, and do not phone a number they may give you to check, if they give you the number, its their accomplices who are on the other end of that call!!!

So [its all *so* today isn't it!], So, they are calling and I have the name of the person who will call, and an appointment will be made and we will have our system checked, metal pipework put in where necessary, by law the new the connection from cookers must be a metal tube which the home owner can attach the rubber pipe... At the moment we have the rubber pipe coming out directly from the cooker... Well so be believe, will let you know!

As we were so close [sort of] to Ikea, we went there! Franco needed to get some things for a friend, we had a coffee, I don't think some people know that even though the rest of the store is still not open, you can go in and up in the elevator to the restaurant, and get fuelled up for the trip around the store! There were loads of people milling around down stairs, and when they came up, we were already sat down with our coffee's and a snack! A lot of them came into the restaurant, they must have wondered how the heck we got in there so fast and sat down!

We got a new chopping board, a good wooden one, I have always used a wooden board, as far as I believe they're better, healthier,

From T&G product care.. Quote -

Wooden boards are very hygienic, as recent research carried out at a leading American University has proved. Their findings have shown that wooden surfaces are capable of decontaminating themselves, without the aid of bleach or harsh cleaning solutions.

It is not entirely clear how woods defence mechanism works, but seemingly the bacteria are sucked into the porous surface and “strangled” by the anti-microbial chemicals with which living trees protect themselves.

Their tests proved that bacteria died very quickly on wood, but thrived on boards made from all types of polymer and rubber, and wood was simply the best hygienic choice. UN quote

So[!] We got a great board, it fits over the counter, from back to front that is! Its lip going over the edge of the counter top, I have oiled it, taken out the splinter I got whilst doing so! And should now last for years and years and years... ad infinitum...

Our last one was destroyed this past winter, I don't think Franco had used it since I went away, and by the time we came back in June it had gone green with mould and cracked, we had been using the tiniest cutting board in the whole world... And I have very nearly lost a finger or two cutting up without anything and using my hand as a board! Seeing Jamie Oliver every day using a fantastic looking wooden board which is a slice of a tree trunk, literally! It still have bark round the edge, got me wanted to replace the one we lost...

Ok, completely rambling now, so adió amigos...



Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Well I went from feast to famine with my Blog didn't I!

Wednesday already and not a whisper from me for five days!

We had had a flyer in the mail box from the *Gas men*[maybe], apparently they did come round our street on Monday, the neighbours next door said they had called!

We went to see the lady down at our Casa de Cultura, now we have our foreigners department! She said you should never, EVER, let anyone into your house you have not invited in! Only a Repsol man, or someone they have commissioned, and only if you have phoned them to make an appointment and they tell who the company shall be, and the name of the engineer who will come, then, and only then can you let them in!!!

No one has any right to just say they are here to check out your gas pipes etc. Someone I was speaking to yesterday had let *them* in, and they went to an ATM with her so she could get money out to pay them! Scandalous!

The lady also gave me a phone number to call, its the mobile number of the police who drive around the town 24hrs a day, and although they change shifts, the number remains the same, she said if anyone comes to the door and won't leave, just call and they will get rid of them!

By the way, we saw two gas men down a street on our way to the Casa de Cultura!

Franco dropped me at the top of the high street later and I went into town, popped into my mate who works in the animal shop... she said I was a spy... because now I am back in Cudeca!

Yesterday, in Cudeca, in the new shop! Its great, a much better location, lots of people coming in who otherwise may not have even known the shop existed, up a side street where it was before...

Was busy anyway in the shop, and I was exhausted when I came out, got to our house just before 2pm, then found I didn't have the house key! Unbelievable! Luckily we leave a spare up the road and round the corner with friends, un luckily, they were out!

I came back down, knocked on our neighbours door, and asked for two favours, one to leave my stuff there, secondly to have a piece of paper and pen to write a note to put into friends house, for when they came home!

A much welcome third favour was they let me stay at they'res after I had gone back up the road to put the note through!

I didn't have the right bag either, so no glasses! No pen, no anything in it! Although that wasn't why I didn't have the keys, Franco was still at home and I think as I just left the house without having to lock up... I don't know! First time for everything, hopefully the last, and by luck I saw my friend who I leave the spare key with down town this morning, and gave it back to her, luckily remembering to even take it out with me this morning!

The note I had left under her door, I hadn't even put my name on it, just my number and that I hadn't got my key and needed the spare... I wasn't with it... She came home just after 4pm, so after collecting the key, I came home and put my self to bed with a painkiller, bad head and bad pain!

We went somewhere Monday morning? Can't remember where, but we did stop over in the garden centre on the Fuengirola road for a coffee... A friend was wandering round there so we asked her over to join us for coffee, then back to home...

And Sunday Franco painted about a third of the roof terrace with the rubber paint, we will finish it.... Soon! We had more rubbish up there which we have put out for the bin men, can't believe how much stuff they take...

I am having to fix typos alot today, I think I will leave you now, maybe I'm tired.... talk to you soon...

Before I go, just popped back to this time last year... I feel so different from only a year ago, my Mom, not being in this world has completely changed mine... Its shifted, at a kilter, and now will go on on this thread... Her going is still too big a thing to fit into my head, I still can't believe it, still want to phone her every day, still think she is back in Northchurch sitting in her arm chair and that I really should be phoning her in a minute... I imagine her in there, then the reality hits with a massive *bang* and I see her little palace as I left it, bereft, like me, empty...

I am still consumed with my grief, so badly that I hadn't seen [on fb], that the Mom of a dear friend of mine had passed away... She helped me through when my Mom was in hospital and before, and since. And me? I am still now whimpering on about me...


Friday, October 22, 2010

Some more of the wonderful murals on the church at Cómpeta...

Its another very steep mountain town as you can see, and next time we go, we shall see some more!

This little chap was on the round about as we were coming back towards to the coast... And if you look closely you will see the name of the town at his feet!

Here is an attractive photo... a mill maybe? Cement works? The Med is there immediately oposite on the left.... This is at Rincon de la Victoria [I think I am remembering this correctly...]

We had another flyer saying the gas men were coming today, did I tell you? So spent day in hiding! Well almost, went into town this morning, and kept persianas down all day, great isn't it! Hiding in our own home! If this was England, I wouldn't be worried about con men calling, you turn them away, simple[s]... But here, all official looking, and who to call? Or rather how to call and how to say what you want to tell them, my fault I know, not speaking enough Spanish, but that's it! If a man came saying he was from the gas board in England, you would just say hang on, and call the gas board, just not so easy here...

Heard about a woman today, while we were talking about bogus gas men, she let them into her house, first mistake, then they did some soldering, not sure why, but couldn't have been much, and then they charged her 5,000€, yes that's five thousand euros! She had 1200€ with her and gave them that, they said she couldn't pay the remaining amount into a bank account, it had to be cash.... hello!!!! They said they would be back, they haven't yet....

We're going to contact the gas company, and get them to come out by appointment and do us a new contract if necessary. Then it will be done, and I can relax... maybe....


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Nearly finished the [Sunday] trips worth of photos!

Above as we approached Cómpeta... Very big town, and one to return to when open! And on a week day me thinks!

It was a welcome sight too after what seemed like forever to reach when we left Torrox pueblo...

I am afraid we didn't actually see very much of the town, we were very tired by the time we got here... And the walk up to this church did us both in!

So we only left the car at the bottom of this very street, walked to the plaza at the top, and walked back down to the car!

At the church above, to the right an arch way, below, and to the side of the church, some very beautiful art work, another photo tomorrow....

I went into the Farmacia this morning and was told to take only the new meds I was prescribed yesterday! An English woman translated what I was [trying]saying to the woman at the counter... She said she had the same problem with the original meds I was on, a cough, its an allergic reaction! Oh and I am taking it in the morning! Now I know that's what I am supposed to do!

Franco and I did our shop in Mercadona this morning, so Franco bought home the bacon today, not Mercadona man!

Then I had tea in town with friends, first going into Cristinas to print out some flight itineraries! Two for others, one for myself!


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I'm a plonker! [don't answer that], thought photo up loads were disabled at the moment, then just realised... No in my time zone! Doh!

So above, a fountain in the beautiful village of Frigiliana!

And now we are moving on to Torrox... in the mountains, I didn't take any photos down at Torrox costa...

So above the approach to the village of Torrox, well town really I guess, you drive along side it, then drop back into the town... Like Frigiliana views of the Med....

An old church... I'm sorry its a church with no name... As we were moving quickly past it! Not good enough, hang on... No sorry, cant find the name... It was very pretty though tucked away round the corner, and suddenly your upon it, with the beautiful Cross there...

The tiny arches here are Arab... Franco there going to read the signs!
Only me... No photos, the system is disabled for a couple of hours so shall just up date me!

Not much... Had doctors appointment this morning 10:08am, got there at ten to ten, just in case[s]...

Went in two hours later, yes you heard right, TWO HOURS!!!

I told her I had been taking the bp meds at night, the one tablet, she said it should have been taken in the mornings! I said I had asked the farmacia and that's what they said! I suppose if she had made her self clearer, I could have had this information from her!

And I do understand por la mañana, and por la noche! So!

She saw the readings were still too high so said for me to take two tablets, por la mañana! She also wrote, en español a note for me to translate when I got home!

I told her about a strange cough I had acquired soon after taking the meds, and she ripped up the note, and did a new prescription, I said, 2 tablets still, she said No 1!!!

Well I just went to the farmacia and got the tablets, and google'd them, glad I did, because I thought they were throat medicines! Turns out they're blood pressure medicines!

So good job I did check or I would have taken one of each!

I have to go back to see her in 15 days time, this time, and I hope I can find someone to come with me, someone who speaks fluent Spanish, well that's the easy bit, being in Spain!!! I suppose I mean, someone who speaks both Spanish and English! Or I wont be much better off will I!!!


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ok amigos... We're still in Frigiliana! Above, a church! We were sitting near it, waiting to be served, before leaving, as we never were, along with a few others who gave up!

This little house above was very funny! There were all these signs to the left/right/both doors, promising strange weird and wonderful surprizes for anyone who put 50c or 20c into the slot above the peep hole thingies! I put 20c into the door on the right and there was a kaleidoscope of colors! And that was it! Franco put 50c into the one offering a promise of a desert island, something like, he said "quick have a look at this" I did, there was a yellow[sand?] circle turning to represent an island maybe? Little cut out palm trees and a setting sun! I was just pulling my camera towards the hole to take a photo when a stream of water poured out of a thing at the top of the door!!!!! Muchas gracias!

We climbed these steps and turned a left at the top... the pathways around the town were all cobbled, although rubbed smooth from time, and patterned, very pretty....

If you look close, or zoom in, there is a restaurant through this pretty arch way....

And a view from the top! High high above the town... We were almost in the avocado patch by this time!!!!


Monday, October 18, 2010

Well, after that long Blog, [to follow] confused? I have blogged already, but ran out of photo upload space, so here are the photos that belong with the blog below... And surely I cannot confuse you by now!

I have had to up load from my camera first, and rename! Stress! Well not so much stress and just too tired... But done now, hope you like them, five at a time, so will take most of week to get through!

Top pic from where we had parked the car looking up towards to village... Oh of Frigiliana of course!

In the village now... Starting the steep walk up hill, all the way!

Isn't this pretty... Its a shop and all the metal work is for sale!

There are many many twists and turns, we only covered a very small part of it, we know... Some spectacular views over to the Mediterranean... Glistening in the near distance...

These are very small, so zoom in better to see greater details!

and to the rest of today's Blog.....
Ok, vamos a ver [lets see], we're still on Thursdays little jaunt around these parts... above was a photo of a development on the way out of Alozaina... an awful concrete mess of buildings, not a very close up view, I should have zoomed in before unloading it... but there it is, mid shot! Don't know what it is to be, if ever, looks like construction has come to a stand still!

This great view of the archway over the road! Not a drop to drink, ociffer! Franco was driving anyway, and I was hanging my camera out of the car to get a photo!

These, above and below, are the arches on the way in and out of Alozaina!

Below the beautiful avenue of eucalyptus trees that lined the road from Tolox all the way to the spa park...

But its Monday today! Drove into town, don't hear my saying that very often do you? Had a cuppa with friends, then I took the rental back to base and walked back down the hill home!

Did my usual collection of our post from around the local houses and gave the things we were delivered to their owners!

And made a cake! I might know what's going into all these cakes I keep making but it doesn't mean they're good to keep making, and keep eating! So today's crumb cake had crushed walnuts in! To counteract the sugar content! lol

I really want to get cracking on yesterdays trip because I know I will forget bits if I don't make a start... So will begin, and the photos, will be above[?] in the next blog entry, never mind!

So, yesterday we started out and headed into Malaga, and onto the A7 [N340] and headed east, up coast that is... We wanted to stop for a coffee, and even came off the road a couple of times, but got back on without finding the bar, some are in commercial parks, like La Trocha, or Miramar, that sort of thing, so their out of town, but also not right next to the motorway, so if we didn't see it, we left it! which meant we didn't get a coffee until Nerja! We pulled off the A7 and parked, nice bar/petrol station, English couple at the fruit machine the whole time we were in there! About 40 minutes mas o menos! We had coffee and a pastry, it was a chocolate covered croissant... I had to pick off the chocolate! Too sweet! So we got back on the road, but just to the junction and headed inland from Nerja and up and into Frigiliana...

We parked along the road just coming into town, and walked, up hill, its pretty much up hill all the way, until you come down again, to leave! Very very steep town, and we, typically walked up as high as you could, above the town, and into the mountain above! We ended up walking in an orchard of avocados!!!

Pretty little town, lots of bars, tourists shops, a sign said Frigiliana dulce wine 0.75€ so, 75 cents, but a woman nearby said to her friend "oh look local sweet wine, for 75€" Not sure if she thought that was a good buy or not, but I turned to Franco and said, " lets get a few bottles of that dulce"....well for 75c each... of course it would have been cheaper than the super market, but I was being silly, we didn't actually buy any! The woman turned to look, she must have thought us rich.. or stupid[Ummm, dont answer that amigos!]

We had another drink stop here, in a polish bar, there were two in a row, in a new complex, they were quick to serve and bring our drinks, unlike a bar in a small plaza we stopped at, the only thing to move there had been the parasol when it blew over in a strong gust of wind that came by! And after quarter of an hour, a rest for me, we had gotten up and walked off! The barman had come over to raise the parasol by the way, just didn't take any orders!

From Frigiliana we went back down the coast, and back onto the A7, but in the Malaga direction... We came off at the Torrox turn, and went to Torrox costa, we drove all the way up the beach road in the direction of Nerja, turned about and came back, staying on the beach road we went through Torrox costa... Probably more there than we saw, we only saw a few bazaars, the usual suspects of Mercadona, Super Sol and Eroski, all the supermarkets, oh and a bar *Lady bar*, not sure what they did there!!!!

We retraced our steps [wheels] and back to the roundabout we came off the A7 and went up into the mountain.... and into Torrox pueblo, a pretty little town, we parked and went in, few bars were open, and a bazaar!!!! We wandered about a bit and got back in the car...

We continued up and up further up and further inland to the not so small town of Cómpeta... to quote *Long known as the pearl of the Axarquía is the town of Cómpeta*... And beautiful it is... Once again very very steep, not for the faint hearted, or faint of body that is! We had been driving for some time, expecting to see the town around each, and every corner, 700 meters above sea level, and we felt it, and at last, not disappointed there was the town on our right! Wow!

We took a wrong turn... [ahem] but it turned out to be a good, wrong turn, and brought us up into the town from the back and we were able to park the car almost centrally, although we saw a better car park, the one we parked in, but a weekends only, well Sundays only, belonging to a fruit sellers and open!

We climbed, this time by weary feet to a plaza and I took some photos, a few open bars, but they seemed very busy and we wanted a quieter one, so back down to the car and back on the road...

We didn't want to go back the way we had come, so took the final option on entry to the town, and we drove back down to the coast by way of Sayalonga, east of Velez Malaga, a small hillside, cross that, mountain side, of course, village....

We came back down onto the A7 at Algarrobo, and back on the high way.... phew, we were dry of mouth and very tired by now... We wanted a coffee break badly.... At last we saw a sign, even though it said the restaurants were at a commercial centre we came off and entered Rincon de la Victoria... only a few mintues from the A7 was the centre, we parked, and stumbled into the shopping centre, at least it was cool in there, it was a hot day yesterday and both wearing jeans and trainers we were boiling!

We went up stairs and had a kebab meal!!! Ah yes! All those E.numbers, some of which are popping out on my face still as I write this minute! But it tasted so gooooood! [that'll be the flavourings then!!]

Once back on the road... we only had to negotiate a few problems on the Malaga stretch, so near, yet so far... We came off the road at a wrong place, we hadn't got into the right lane in time, and a lovely fella wouldn't let us in, so we drove along side the A7 for a short while and back on after five minutes, which may have turned out to be good luck, as an accident had just happened at the airport turn! Only causing traffic to slow up, to rubber neck, and pass on!

Then we were on the home straight, about 5:30 we got home I think? About that, cant remember already!

Very tired, but a great day... We definitely want to go back to Cómpeta, have a proper look around... And I'm sure visitors would love to see Frigiliana too...

ok, and once again I am tired, again... will upload a few photos onto the page you will have already seen!


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Early morning Choir

This morning at 7:30 am, we had a choir coming through the streets and past our house, so I did a quick video, poor quality, sorry, but every October we hear this, and every other year I have missed recording it... So here it is!

Testing this out, not sure if it will work, check out this route we did today! Google maps...

But before today's photos... batteries on charge anyway so cannot access my camera! I am not so clever as to have some others ready to pop in!

Here are more photos from Thursday's trip!

Above is the motorised wheel barrow! We only knew we could get through these streets because the trailer was wider than the car we were in!

This was the view from where we parked our car to have a walk about and an ice cream! There was a narrow river bed beneath... Think I took a photo of it? Manaña...

Nice statue of a mountain goat here! This is opposite the Spa...

The Spa of horror! After reading about them spraying the stuff into your throat and nose to make you better... Lounging in hot therapeutic waters sound great, having them thrust at you is a different matter indeed!

The wonderful hotel at the top of the mountain... This is probably not the most wonderful photo of it though!

Still lots more photos to come! Well I had been through a bit of a photo drought recently!


Saturday, October 16, 2010

I promised I would be back tomorrow, well today now! Its Saturday, and I have catch up from Thursday...

The car, after having a new something the other week, was making another weird and not so wonderful noise, and on his way to the coast Thursday morning, Franco took the car into the garage we use and it was "tengo un malo noticia" bad news... The water pump had gone... gone broken that is of course! I know they steal some things from our car in the car park occasionally but the water pump? No, just broken!

So we were then in desperate need of a rental car, which thanks to Rentacar 3000 here in town we got! I got back from town after Franco had called to tell me the car had broken down... I checked on the internet, then gave them a call, he said come on up and get the car now! Brilliant, so I went up the hill and did so! I think I haven't driven since over a year ago? Not sure if I drove when Barry was over last December, I don't think so. We never bothered renting a car when I was over with Mom the last few months of last year.... So it could have been when I was over in the spring, when Mom and I went down to Hayling Island and the little tour we did then. I wasn't worried, jumped in the little Fiat Panda, and off I went! Didn't get far fast, caught up with a heavy vehicle just before the Moreno roundabout, went in for petrol and then caught up with it again! He pulled over a bit and signalled for me to go past and I was off! It was great to be driving again, I miss it so much... So down to the coast I went to find Franco! He wasn't where we would think he was going to be, so I came to him instead!

We stopped down there for a coffee then came up to Mijas pueblo, we parked somewhere different, on the road up from the coast that goes past the American hand car wash place etc...

Which means I actually, after over 20 years! Had never seen the church above in Mijas before!

Or these strange archways.... filled with plants and candles! Only showing one above... Very strange!

And above a beautiful little street... a woman popped her head out just as I was taking this, and like a small meerkat, popped it back in again!

We walked into the centre of town, and had a coffee and a tapa, I had some boquerones, [whitebait] gently fried in hardly any batter at all, luverly!

We walked, [up hill] back to the car and felt like we were on holidays! Strange streets, rental car! We had holiday fever! So back in the car and off again, we turned off via Coín and went to Tolox.

We had seen the signs to Tolox on many occasions each and every time we went to Ronda... But never went to check it out, glad we did, there is a Spa there, as the link tells, we know about the Spa at Carratraca, but never realised than another was so close also... although it says [above link] the gases are sprayed into the throat and nose of those who visit! We saw tables and chairs in the up stairs rooms and did wonder what they were for! Bathing sounds ok, but not sure about that! Sounds a bit like torture!

We drove into the town firstly, following signs and then ended up with a choice of a one way street near a bridge, that we couldn't go up! or a car park! We hadn't wanted to follow a wheel barrow with an engine that was being driven by a young guy with a strange spiky hair cut with an elderly gentleman hanging on on a trailer behind! But we were forced to, we followed them, up and up and up, through tiny and tinier streets, till we left them and chose our own route... Which ended up coming down a one way street over a bridge and there was that car park again! We went round the now familiar round about, but headed along parrell to the river, the road was beautiful, an avenue lined with eucalyptus trees, huge massive old ones, the wonderful smell as we drove over the leaves, [love that smell]...

We came to a car park with a kiosk, drove through a gate and parked up beneath some of the wonderful eucalyptus trees and went for a wander... It was here we found the spa, photos to follow tomorrow, and lots more... about the day... We went from there, up the mountain, higher and higher, I had seen from the approach to the village a big house or something way way up at the top, and we found it! It was the hotel, also mentioned in link! There was nothing else up there and the road ended there.... Wonderful place to stay, looked so peaceful....

Back down the mountainside we went, didn't try to get into Tolox town centre again! We drove out and back to the main road and turned left to Alozaina... We got to the town in a few minutes, at the roundabout we entered the village.. but couldn't, the road was under construction! We took a detour and came to the other end of the main road! It was a small square, no parking or way out, so we turned around and left the town! We left a different way to the way we came, passing the turn for Casarabonella, where we on my birthday... and returning by way of Cartama, but the day wasn't finished yet! We popped into La Trocha for a coffee! The shops were still open, in fact some of them, the small little market stalls in the centre isle were just opening!

We got home about 6:30pm!!!! What a day! As soon as we were in I got dinner on, and we ate, we were both absolutely shattered! There was a knock at the door an hour later mas o menos, and there were friends! Friends who were staying down at Maria's on the coast! It was great, we never get friends just popping in here in Spain... Really completed out day wonderfully! Later when we walked back to their car, and a short walk to the church, I had to get out of my pj's which I had put on when I got home! Although we always see lots of ladies out and about in their pj's, nighties, rollers! At any time of day, [or night!]

So needless to say, yesterday I was completely exhausted! I got back from town, and went to bed for two hours! Only getting up to feed Pippa, and going back again for another two hours! I had good intentions of painting some rubber water proof stuff we bought, on the gully between our house and our neighbours house, after all the rain at the beginning of the year we think it might be a way the water had got in and caused a lot of the damp, I had cleared the plants and pots etc out in June, but after the rain we had last week I knew we had to be quick about it, before the winter comes.

So this morning! Am back to the Bp readings again for a week, not looking any better yet... There are about 4 or 5 people in the farmacia, and so many people having their blood pressure reading done they wouldn't remember one from another, this morning the woman said I needed to get my bp checked out with the doctor as it was so high, I said I am, and am on medication now, have to have readings done for a week and go back to see her, she was surprised that it was still high after 16 days, anyway, will find out what the doctor has to say when I see her on Wednesday!

After that I met up with my mate, and came home, and went straight up stairs and did the painting! Left it a couple of hours and did a second coat, I have painted the whole length of the house, not a huge widthways, it varies... like the rooms beneath! And I also painted a couple of inches up each side also! It looks good, nice red rubber paint!

Weather is still lovely thank goodness, washed the bedding, and its back on the bed all lovely and fresh smelling... And now I must go, lots of writing here, lots of photos tomorrow... No writing!


Friday, October 15, 2010

Ok... Guess what I remembered something! And how on earth could I forget!? The Girls were off to Timbuktu on Saturday!

Above one of the quad bikes to go on the long long journey.... check out the skeleton on the back seat!

Andaluz TV were there to interview Katrina and Margo... And the Mayor of Alhaurín el Grande!

The full line up!

I asked the girls to look at each other for this shot...

They set off about 11:30am, after breakfast, a hearty meal and all that! There was a good turn out of people to wish them luck and send them on their way, they're on Fb if you want to track they're journey, its not without mishap already! My friend and I noticed the tow bars on the quads, they are already making use of these!

Today, I have lots to tell, but will save for tomorrow, or do later, we will see, I am a bit tired...


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Thursday was my last Blog! What occurred since? The days go by so quickly and mix together! I'v made some notes earlier while I thought back, good job too it seems, although not sure I will make it back 5 days!

While I type Jamie Olivers new series 30 minute meals is on, I may have to invest in the cook book that goes with the series, I know the recipes are on line, but its just not the same as having a book in the kitchen is it!

Well that was a distraction while I tried to remember back, didn't work so I will continue... In pain as it happens, right hand is so sore, hurts to hold a cup! So predominantly right handed even holding a cup in the left hand is weird and awkward! Just seem to be having an *all over* flare up, the weather? The bp meds? Who knows... who cares!?!

And back to books[!] Any of you know the bazaar type shop when you have come down from Mijas pueblo, gone over the Malaga/Algeciras toll road... On the left is a big big store full of things! Furniture, English soups and drinks, bric-a-brac, you know the one? Well they have some English books now, all up to date, brand spanking new! And only 2.50€, fantastic! Who knows how long they will be there, so get'em....

Walked Pip this morning, clear sky, all the stars out on show, but by 9:30am, pouring down with rain! It stopped and I went down into town an hour later, met up with a friend and we had coffee outside Bar Rosa, the toldo there is bigger than Bar Cruz... *sorry*! I think people thought we were mad, but it was dry, and warm enough to do so! So!

Afterwards, and up until half hour ago, blue sky and sun shine, then the heavens opened and down came the rain, straight down, no holding back! Its letting up a bit now, which is good, I missed most of Come dine with me! LOL

Ah, Friday, I was trying to get over Thursdays trip to coast, I could hardly move my neck! Saturday it rained some... friends coming out in the evening and its raining! Typical!

Then Sunday we went down to Maria's, had a chat and drove into Fuengirola with them for some lunch, somewhere we hadn't eaten before, and had ménu del día, at 7.99€, I think that was it, not bad for three courses, bread and coffee! We got home about 6:30!

So yesterday I didn't feel great and we were off early to Ikea, Franco had to get a few things for a mate, and then into Fuengirola for a coffee, or tea for me! Some guy was begging, well one of the dozens that do down there, he had a piece of cardboard round his neck held by string... It read money for food please, and he said as much as he walked around by the tables in Las Rampas, only the ironic thing was, this man who said he needed food, was massive, his stomach prevented the card board from sitting flat on his body, he was incredible well fed! From face to feet!

I got the bus home, bit of a wait sat on a wall in full sun! But it came on time, a young couple got on on the Mijas road, they had a pushchair with tiny baby, she, the Mom sat next to me as I was right by the big space from prams etc, once the bus was off she picked up the baby, wrapped her up and held her tight, and he, the Dad, sat on the other side of the aisle, he had his MP3 player blasting... I asked how old the baby was, she was just 2 months and a real doll, perfect... Anyway, we were along above Mijas pueblo and I could the girl next to me, something had changed about how she was sitting... I turned to look at her and she had fallen asleep! Her the Mom I mean! The tiny baby was already fallen down to her lap and held now, very loosley! So I gently woke her up! I didn't want to make her jump and drop the baby! She thanked me and lifted the baby back up again!! When I got up and off in Alhaurin she thanked me again! The man? Still playing his MP3 player... loudly! Its not that I didn't like the music by the way, or anything to do with not being their age any more, I can hear my sons now.... But it really was as loud as you might play music in your car, but we were on a public bus! That's my reasoning and I am sticking with it! Ok? Ok...

Oh and I had a headache! Nearly forgot that! And when I got home I had to go to bed for about 3 hours or more, I think this is what I did Friday and Saturday too, too many head aches.... Its just my neck, and I am still grinding my teeth! Day and night!

I made another cake today, got to stop this, as only I eat them! At least it was just as is, no added anything, and I think a slice with some custard is what I shall be having shortly!

Did I mention they are starting work on the Mijas road? So from the BP garage/Moreno restaurant, they will be resurfacing it! Down to... I don't know, the Toll road!?! Will we be able to use the as yet unfinished Fuengirola road? No, fines for doing so in progress! Anyother route to use? NO!! Organisation skills in road planning department Nill! Disruption to Alhurínos total!

The longest ever seen shoe horn Franco bought me to help me get into my trainers first thing in the morning works great, I just need a contraption to hold my jeans open and pull 'em up for me!
Someone suggested the one they use on Wallace and Gromit, have included a link for those not familiar with this cute and very well loved pair, but to the person who suggested they're use of electronic clothes dresser thingy... Its not real! But thanks anyway amigo!

Tomorrow I am hoping for a no rain day, I have a list as long as my arm, which includes, the bank.. the medical centre and the farmacia for the start of my 7 days of readings to take to the doctor next week! I think the bp reading should be the first thing I do, what do you think!!!

Ok, I think that's it for now... my mind is wandering to thoughts of calling my Mom's phone number again, so much to tell her, so many silly things I used to tell her now just get lost into the air and left unsaid...


Thursday, October 07, 2010

Good day to be in Fuengirola...

Feria in town! I felt decidedly under dressed! Some beautiful flamenco dresses, and the guys on horse back looked amazing... Ok even the horses were dressed up too! There was lots less traffic, and roads closed all over the place so crossing the street no problem at all! Beautiful day... hot in sun, warm in the shade... tourists in shorts and t-shirts, or no shirts! Pleeeze.. think about it eh???? Oh not you! The tourists! Oh and the bus arrived early, and left early!

Bad day to be in Fuengirola...

Feria in town! I felt decidedly under dressed! Franco and I had a coffee and then I was getting the bus home... alone ;-( All the shops were shut that were any good to look in, the bazaars were open and the 1€ type places... So I bought [for a fortune] an English magazine, and popped round to Luiz's bar and had a coffee! I was boiling in my jeans! Should have had my shorts on! Luckily I was ready to catch the early bus, which had to change its route because the street was closed to traffic!

Got off the bus with a head ache, not sure where *it* got on, maybe around Mijas pueblo! But its still here, and sort of worse, not so much a head ache, as a pain in my head... Had been toying with the idea of going to Gib on Tuesday with a group, but, no way Jose! [sorry Jose!], am hobbling about like a.... a thing that hobbles! Joint pain seems worse, could be the meds I am on, will ask Doctor when I go back...

Had my dinner already, chilli con carne! And starting to feel a bit better with the head pain, had a big drink of water too, maybe a bit dehydrated and in need of food, or sugar in food, natural sugar that is... Or could the pain killer I took over an hour ago... Oh I dont know, if I did I wouldn't be still having head aches after 30 years would I! Seriously!

Feel sure I have a 100 other things to tell you today, but cant get my mind straight so, will just leave you with an interesting date for this coming Sunday! Beginning with the time of course!

10:10;10 10/10/2010... What's that *2* doing in there!


photos... from Paris... Mom and I....

Friday, October 01, 2010

Was it really Monday when I last posted a Blog? Seems like Monday was months ago, already!

Tuesday was a long day for me, not being used to nearly four hours on my feet... and back to Cudeca the cancer hospice shop in town, that's what it was...

Was a good day though, great to be back, whole different bunch of girls in there, who I now know, although their names, maybe not, good thing we have badges with them on!

Some of the customers, who I have always seen about town, seemed pleased to see me back in the fold!

I went home afterwards and collapsed! Well sort of, Mercadona man arrived about 3:30pm, and there was still the usual housey stuff to do, but was so tired and heavy....

... So getting up at 6:30am and off out early with Pip was awful, but I had the doctors at 8am, so had to be done, there were a few people already there when we arrived, and quite a crowd by the time the doors opened, a friend had told me were to go, so Franco and I raced up the stairs to the waiting area outside the door I wanted, I didn't get to wait at all just went straight in which was good.

I told the doctor why I way there, giving her the farmacia results from a week of bp readings, and the note from the emergency from a week ago. She took my bp and said she was giving me meds, I was to come back after 20 days, and the last 7 of which I was to have the daily readings of my bp done again in the farmacia....

No questions, again, that was it, so I don't know what to expect from these meds, I wanted to find out about any thing I could expect, but didn't want to read any bad stuff... catch 22, for instance I have woken up in the early morning with a very bad headache, yesterday I took an Imigran, thinking I was going to have a migraine, stayed in bed an extra couple of hours and got up... I didn't go, or do anything, was absolutely exhausted, but probably due to where Franco and I went after the doctors, [later]. But this morning exactly the same, sever head ache, got up as normal though and walked Pippa, went to town, the head ache coming and going... gone at the moment!

And last night I woke up after only a couple of hours in bed, so a couple of hours after taking the meds, to find my right leg completely dead!!! I know this happens when you wake with an arm up over your head and you have bring it back to life so to speak... but believe you me, my leg was in no way up above my head!!!! May be more of these would be ok here !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It took quarter of an hour to bring my leg back to normal, totally cold and no feeling, then with lots of rubbing I got the pins and needles then feeling started to come back! I suppose if this happens again, I will definitely go back to the farmacia and check with them about it...

Then this morning as the alarm was going off I had another horrible thing that's happened so many times now I cant count it, its not unusual, its when the mind wakes up a few, if that, seconds before the body, and you lay there panicking and trying to move or make a noise, then bam your all awake with you heart pounding and feeling scared...

Reading my families fb news from time to time, I think we all suffer from nightmares! It must be a Bonelli thing! Barry has an enormous amount of them, the other night I was dreaming something, and it was a *thing* trying to kill me, I could feel its pressure on my chest and I managed to wake up before it got me! My heart was banging, and I was just terrified! Took ages to calm back down again...

After the doctors on Wednesday Franco and I went down to Fuengirola, we parked, and ended up walking all the way to El Corté Ingles department store! We stopped for coffee, well té for me, on the way, we think he had just cleaned the machine and left forgotten to clean out the cleaner... most repulsive drink I have ever had in my life! Needless to say we left both drinks, on another day I would have gone in and complained, but was too tired...

We had a couple of drinks in the store, spending hours there, it felt, before walking all the way back to the car... I was very stupid doing all that, I knew at the time, kept saying it was too much, but we had got there, so had to get back... This is why I thought the headache yesterday morning could have been down to two days of being on my feet!

Before I go I must say some very sad news... Some people I know here in town, the wife had been ill in hospital since June, the husband, visiting every single day and worrying about her terribly, of course. The last few times we had stopped in town to talk he had broken down, the poor man. At the weekend he died from a severe heart attack, and his wife, she has also died since, a couple of days later.

Don't count the years, count the memories...