Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Just heard this...

"Life is out of control for everyone, so every day should be so exciting because we have absolutely no idea of what may happen."

There's been a lot of rainy weather since I have been home over the last couple for weeks... 

My eye is still sore!! Better, but sore and I am thinking if it could be my VR? Did I have it on too tight and blocked something in my face!! Lol.. Our sinuses are behind our cheeks, all around our faces, so maybe that is it??

I've even managed quite a few walks up to the BP garage and back now; yesterday as I set off and the cloud came down over the Sierra de Mijas I changed my route and walked the way I used to walk, with the Pipster, so this was the first time I completely followed our route.. not a good idea.. but done now.

Meeting up with friends down on the coast later, so hoping this cloud lifts and lets me get down there safely, and back again! I don't like driving in the rain, especially not here, when it rains it rains! Land slides, rocks and crapola all over the roads, rain so heavy the wipers won't clear the path even on fastest swipe! Lol


Lol been a while since I signed off with that...

Sunday, October 14, 2018

It's been awhile again since I posted; 'words' for something that flows so easily from my hands I also find it very hard sometimes.  In case I write too much pain or hurt, or feelings.  I would be seriously good to just not feel so much sometimes. To just be, just go with the natural flow of life instead of feeling like I am having to fight my way through each day and night.

And as normal from my tone I am back in my house, back 'home' back in the land where my heart and love resided since I first discovered this country back in 1988..

Yes, thirty years ago, thirty years in August, I arrived here on the 3rd and left on the 17th in Torreviejo.

Today I have woken up with a sore eye, I had a stye in my left eye a few months ago, then my right, and when I left here to go to work I was still using some cream.. been back a few days and I have another in my left eye!! Why??? It is so sore, my whole eye hurts. I am trying to think of what I am doing, what could be the cause... same eye makeup, same cleanser, there has to be something.

So after my brief sojourn into Bewdley, I went to my elder sons and stayed for ten days!! Poor kids!! I have a placement at the end of this month, so am returning a couple of days before when the flight price isn't over three hundred pounds, instead its just under! £298 to be exact, and I am really angry at that! Its school holidays, its bad enough the people travelling with families have to pay these extortionate prices, but I am travelling for another reason.

Lol... yes okay that sounds very juvenile eh!! Its like when its high season here in Spain we all have to pay high fees on the toll roads??? So again, everyone suffers for seasonal reasons!

My temper tantrum is exasperated by the fact that the flight here from East Midlands was cheap enough, but a return booked that I have lost because work changed the dates! And there was a flight, one way, Birmingham to Malaga the same time I was looking.. flying the every next day... for £15!!! Fifteen pounds!!! Crazy eh! Paid £128 including the return never to be used.

I arrived into Malága in between storms, drove home, got some groceries and was in lock in until the Friday, when it was a holiday day here! Spanish day, Christopher Columbus Day... Thursday was stormy all day, I had just about enough food to see me through, I became very imaginative with the items in the cupboards! Friday and everything shut, but the store down the bottom of the road was open luckily, its more like someones front room, and about that size, but at least I managed to refuel there!

Later I went for a long walk, beautiful day, left my phones at home, nothing, just me and my keys zippered up in the back pocket of my lycra (walking) shorts!! Lol... I walked towards the BP garage and the tower... I got half way and thought I would turn around, but I carried on all the way! It took me just under fifty-five minutes, so not bad, and felt better for it!

Unlike today, I was going to the market but rain stopped me, and now the sun is out and I can't be bothered really.  I have spent about two hours with my Oculus Go on, living in an alternate reality. Interspersed with a TV series called The Haunting of Hill House! The spooky bits are fine, but its a bit depressing; fine one to talk I hear you say!

I have made butternut squash soup, which ate some of for lunch, and was good to get my porridge this morning, I had a very odd breakfast yesterday! Sort of like a rice pudding!! Not exactly healthy!

And I think this burst of ramblings is sufficient for today, so people know I am here, I am weird or wired! One or the other or both? Maybe actually leaving the house would have been a good thing today, still time I guess...