Thursday, November 22, 2018

Well, yes I am here!  I am back where I was before... I left here two years ago, and was here for a month on and a month for a year!

Having a day where I am either happy happy happy... Now I just hit a wall in my head. I only want to have good days please from now on.

How do people accomplish that? Or do they really? I want good days or extra good extra special days.

I just walked into town, freezing... well, just cold I suppose! Sunny and bright with a cold wind, I had earache before I got to the bridge! Took ten minutes to walk up the high street and back down it again!

I bought one thing I needed, and forgot one thing! Chocolate!! Now I have none! Zero, nada! Great! Lol

And lastly, I dreamt of an armadillo a few nights ago, strange though it sounds, I was holding, carrying around an armadillo for the whole length of one of my dreams... One could wake up not thinking about that, or laugh at it, but, well, you know me... a little, or a lot, and so I had to check it out, kept forgetting, now wish I hadn't looked at all! Because its a strange one forsure....

To dream of an armadillo represents your feelings about unbearable resistance. Forsaking all happiness or comfort for the sake of surviving or persisting. Putting up with conditions that most people consider terrible as though they were normal. Disbelief or shock at how much adversity or negativity someone else is willing to put up with. You or someone else that feels comfortable never thinking of anything nice for themselves.
Alternatively, an armadillo may reflect your extreme sensitivity to change or risk.
A sign that you or someone else may have a big problem letting go or relaxing. Being too accustomed to never enjoying anything

Tuesday, November 06, 2018

I've had some doors slammed in my face that's for sure, some harder than others... it's my own fault most of the time; I will walk about with my eyes shut, arms extended and fail about in this world, still looking for an anchor, seems maybe I should keep my aim on sky hooks! So many metaphors, so tired, nothing here will make any sense in the morning, so leave it and come back later... That's a note to self not to you.. You are all used to my unusual self.

They don't get any easier either, the doors.. 'they' say one shuts another opens, who the hell said that? A guy working in a restaurant with swing doors from the kitchens maybe?

Today's was no different, and tonight insomnia now! Lol Well, I did say I was having trouble with sleeping too early, we should be careful what we ask for, because it will come!

And so, I lay restless, then saw my phone flashing and a small ray of light it was too... Just a couple of words from a friend, but the door opened again...

I was thinking as I lay here also, that in this world there is one thing we can be absolutely sure of, and that is, we can be absolutely sure of nothing!

I had planned up until a few weeks ago that I would go away for Christmas, working away from home is enough I know, and who knows soon I will be working where I live, not travelling so much anymore...  But anyway, this Christmas I planned on being somewhere exciting, somewhere different...

But then it was flight booked back to Malága and now too late!

Maybe, wondering about a trip from Malága, last-minute thing, I'll see as the time nears... I don't know where to go? Any ideas please in comments box, yes please! Really!

And if any solo travelers want to come with me, just inbox me.. so! That could be weird! Seeing as people from all over the world read this!

But hey, it's midnight, I'm exhausted, mentally anyway... So play my game...

And there better be some interesting ideas when I wake up and realize what crapola I have written... Through blery swollen eyes at a time when I should, need, to be asleep...

And now, post and be damned as writers say!

TTFN amigos!

Sunday, November 04, 2018

I am extremely lax of late! Must do better comes to mind with my Blog posts!

Above a photograph I took from the terrace at home... Not here at work, where I have been since last Tuesday...

And above taken along the La Cala boardwalk, I went to the market first, then down here... The part above the only part I could see that had been affected by the storms... I walked as far as El Oceano at Miraflores near Riviera Del Sol...

A good walk and I had a coffee at the retirees bar... Lol not just for the retired by the way! Good coffee, good food!

I had been feeling a bit out of sorts... Pippa related, and then probably did the wrong thing by stopping in the forest where her and I used to collect pine cones for kindling...

And back home, well, not a good place in my head... But, its passed now, and I know I have to let the guilt go, let the pain go, I knew two years ago this week it would be as it is...

It doesn't make it better, moving on is the only way, blocking thoughts and letting go of what was, and cannot be. My decision for Pippa is still for the best, as long as I don't think about her...

Home... Home is where my heart is, if nothing else, I know this now. Any doubts about this are gone, I love Spain, I belong in Spain, my heart belongs here...

And now! Working in a very pretty area of the UK, Wales, near Chepstow.

I am moving about in too many places! Today every road I took looked like so many others I have taken on placements, I always thought if I was dropped from the sky and landed I would know where I was! Ha, no more! Except maybe where I grew up, now everywhere looks like anywhere else to me!! Lol...

Today I drove to Gloucester Quays; oh British English language, whats with this word!!! Keys!!! Keys!! Its called keys because where the boats dock look like the sticky out bits on keys!!

Anyways! The big shopping centre there, I think I have seen it advertised on the TV for some time when in the UK, first time going there.. It was too busy, too many people Christmas shopping, it was raining and the car park packed when I arrived already! Only about 11:15 maybe... I didn't actually want anything, so just had a wonder about, bought a couple of things!!! Damnit!! (and touche, with my spelling on that I guess!)

And drove back to work, bought some lunch on the way and ate here in comfort, I sometimes have trouble eating well at work, and this placement is one of those, so ate so much I don't think I'll eat again today.

I lay awake last night with an idea for my Blog today, it was nothing to do with this because I have completely forgotten what I was thinking! Should have just written it down shouldn't i! Lol

I had also written a piece on my Kindle midair to Nottingham last Saturday... It was my eleventh flight this year, one more to go next month and that's twelve! Still, better than last year I guess, when I had eighteen flights, although a couple were my winter trip to the states to visit with my brother and his family... Seems so long ago now, and so does that ten week placement I was on at this very time! Some things are best forgotten, others not so.

TTFN amigos