Monday, February 06, 2012

Well this is probably the last post from 'home' Alhaurín el Grande.  Seems strange after nearly ten years of calling here home, although truth to tell I call Spain home from about 10 years or more, before I even came to live out here, after my first trip here by in 1988 here felt like home, I used to joke I was working in England and only managed to come home 2 or 3 [if I was lucky] times a year to Spain....

The first time I touched down at Alicante airport I truly felt I had come home... Well my hat is home somewhere else from Thursday, I am both excited and scared and excited and scared!  Its a big difference isn't it?

We still have the mountains though! A view from the house of mountains, and it looks like we're pretty much surrounded by them which is wonderful, its these mountains here I miss when I go back to England, everywhere always looks so flat!

I am looking forward to the supermarkets!! Buying whatever I want, whenever I want it, in or out of season, and from every country in the world!

The house feels even emptier now, not sure why exactly as nothing else has changed for the past couple of months, maybe I just feel I am leaving, so the house already feels the loss, of us all here there!

I even have my suitcase packed now, well I needed to know if I could fit everything inside don't I?  I also needed to know the weight of it, looks like I am ok, that reminds me, must check how much I can carry on EasyJet... 20Kilo, might have to leave more of Pippas toys here than I thought!!

Well amigos, thank you all for travelling with me in Spain, sharing the highs, and the lows, the good and the sad... You all ready for Wales!  Hold my hand I think I need it....

my beloved Alhaurín El Grande....

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