Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Come ride with me through my day today amigos.... M4 to Port Talbot, into shopping centre, already at car park new charges, set the day in motion for 'fail'.... 1.30 for an hour, already five minutes past before my feet even hit the shop floor!

Into Opticians... new glasses bought a month ago, they were impossible to actually see through and I had gone back twice, first time 'they' said see how I go, they are narrow lenses and have lots to do in such a narrow space! Second time, er no... we can't change them now, you would have to buy a new pair... by the by, in the first instance I would have been within my rights...

The day of was off to work a week ago on Monday, picked them up and an arm just fell off... the glasses, not me! Not the hinge the part of the hinge that sticks onto the frame... no screws in these, sooooooo, now I am building the clock, sorry the scene!  In I go.... "No, sorry, we can't fix them here, we can send them off to the factory, did you get insurance?".... I hadn't so, that was that, they need soldering!  I asked if the few times they had had to heat the plastic arm could have had any effect on the solder that had, apparently, been holding the hinge in place, she said "No"... in my experience though, heat does tend to melt solder... er... that's how it works, yes!!!!

Arh.... so out I came, back to the car and off to supermarket... only a five minutes drive, so I thought I would bring my mood with me!  Did my shopping, at the check out I handed the very helpful lady, no sarcasm, she was helpful! lol... I handed her the new card we have recently acquired for this store... she said, "we aren't taking these yet!" What!!!! I had done quite a big shop, a weeks worth of meals and stuff, I had wanted to make sure I went over the limit necessary for the WOW points extra for this new system they have in place!  She said she would check to make sure anyway, she did, it didn't!

I went to customer service and said I had just spent such and such amount of money, purely because of this new card!  That the vouchers I had said they were only to be used between October 13th and ..... about the 2nd or 3rd of November, [without getting up to check!].

She phoned the office and they said that this store hadn't started yet, and it would be available to use the vouchers as of Thursday!

Al final.... out in the car park, one of the 5p carrier bags gave up its goods as I was loading into the car and a beautiful tall glass bottle of sauce hit the tarmac and shattered, its contents beautifully coloring the car park!  I cleared it up best I could and vacated the area!

Beautiful painting of the lakes at Ardales below...


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