Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Barry South Wales

Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day, no work either... so I took myself off early to Ikea in Cardiff, so early the coffee shop wasn't yet open... so 'did' the top floor first... all the furniture sections, walking in and out of each scene, took photos for ideas, was really good... And, before going down to the extras section!  Stopped for coffee and cake... very yummy!!!!  And a bit of internet time :-/ using the Ikea internet of course, registered with my Ikea card! lol, not sure if it was my Spanish or English one, but it worked either way!  Forgot I had it in my purse buying the coffee, would it have made any difference?

After Ikea off I went to Barry, lived here in Wales now for three years and not yet been, back to Barry!  Last there in 1987, when the boys were 7 and 5, and mom and I took them to the Butlins or Pontins that was there then... nothing now, and that area is out of bounds!

But I parked easily enough in a two hour spot, and walked down onto the beach, beautiful beach it is too!  Looking back towards the restaurant they used on Gavin and Stacy, British comedy series...

I got sad there too of course, knowing that mom had been with me last time I was here, but going there because she had in the first place... I needed to be where mom has been right now, can't tomorrow... on the fifth year anniversary of her passing, working till four, but that's probably a good thing... I think?

Mom's never been here, where we are now, and Barry is the nearest place!  Although we're going to Windsor on Thursday... to finally sort some more of moms things... so that will be a very emotional day, been there so many times with mom, and now taking some of her things with us and will feel very final...

Back to yesterday!!!  Was windy there on the beach, wonderfully blustery... I picked up a couple of random sea shells and two white feathers that appeared before my eyes...

Then I phoned Tony and burst into tears!!  Well, it had to happen... much as it is now as I write, and tomorrow I will be a wreck... I haven't read back to my Blog of those last few days yet, but I know I will right after I post this, I might as well be hitting myself with a stick or banging my head against a wall right?  But I can't stop myself.

My shadow... my best beloved parker coat making me look more like a weeble from the 1970's!

Me and moms shadows in Paris....


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