Sunday, August 09, 2015

Hard to believe my step dad passed away 18 years ago yesterday.... time goes too quickly, when we don't want it to, and far to slow when we want to speed it up! Here are some of photos I took the other week when I was going through dads albums...  His paintings are all over the world, N S E & W.... from Australia and New Zealand to Iceland, the States and Canada and all over Europe....

His paintings didn't end where the scene did, you always know there is more behind, never flat, never lifeless... you know there would be a village, or people or a forest just out of sight, just over the horizon, and now its so sad I cannot take all the paintings I have back again to Spain, to have them one behind the other hidden away; its seems the style of 19th century is just not in the mode just now... people seem to prefer a print from B&Q or Ikea, and I must admit some of their prints are very nice, stunning even.... and easy to just change or throw away when a change is needed or wanted, but the paintings of any real interest are.... just not of interest now to the many only the few...

Everything is boxed up now ready to go, just one TV and three cases to bring down stairs... seems early I know, four weeks yet, but our removals men are from Kent and they are here tomorrow to collect already!!  I got all the rest of everything finished yesterday, my fitbit tells me I did over 20,000 steps thats over eight miles and 60 flights of stairs! Today I feel like it, my shoulders are like rock and very sore... My neck is a little sore too, from my most recent tattoo though!!

Will get a better pic, its not easy!  And yet another Tattoo I have that I actually cannot see for myself without use of a mirror or twisting my head all around owl fashion!

Ithanka - The poem I read out when I scattered my mom, as aforementioned...  And the quote beneath is by Vivek Rajan Vivek - You and Your Dodoisms, a book I helped edit a while ago.

A bit hard to see but at the end of the quote is a semi-colon; its not the end....


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