Sunday, November 22, 2015

DC - Calm

This weekend drawing challenge, thank you Veronica is Calm...

Working away for a couple of weeks in England, in placement... Today I have my break and I am relaxing, a, so far wonderful calm and relaxing day, I am staying in a small town which is outstandingly beautiful...

I took a front seat in a wonderful old coffee shop and partook of café latte and carrot cake so moist and tasty... Great view from the windows!

Great view on my table too!

The church is amazing original parts a thousand years old... St John the Baptist in Thaxted... I have taken lots of photos with my camera, you will have to wait a week!

I did a real tourist visit of the town, and I just didn't care that I was taking so many photos with so many passers by watching me!

A stroll past the beautiful church and the near by alms houses led me to the windmill leading my Blog... The wind catching the small blades in two directions...

It's been cold, a moment of snow yesterday morning, and a wake up temperature of -2c brrrr!! It's reached the dizzie hight of about 4c now at just after 2pm...

I am calm; we all need a little time out now and again, and a walk in fresh air, new interesting surroundings, all good!


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