Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Went to clinico this morning, second time this week, third time to do my yearly health cover forms, no-one knew what to do, again! Next year I'll wait till I see the woman I know can do them! And it's really only another nine or ten times maybe... still done now until next January.

Yesterday I went down to Fuengirola again, quiet when the shops are closed, mostly closed... but it was nice wandering around and I had a coffee in Luizs' bar, of course.

And tomorrow I'm going down to Calahonda to meet with our old neighbour again for a coffee, I'll pop into Aldi on the way home maybe! Such choice, such exciting prospect!

Today when I came home from town, a TV crew were outside our house, again, was only about a year ago when 'Living in the sun, winter sun' were in a couple of houses down from ours, and a couple of months at the most it was on TV a friend of mine messaged me to tell me, which was lucky or we'd have missed​ it! They were in the house for ages, the possible new owner said the second bedroom was too small, and 'they' suggested building up and making the rooftop into a terrace and with an extra bedroom!! Hey!! NO!! We only get the sun in the summer as it is! Block it out all year and I'll be real angry and blocking the idea!!

Movie, City of Angels, just sitting down to watch this, the angel says to another angel that he asked a little girl he accompanied through to the next... Life? Phase? anyway, he asked her her favourite thing? She said PJs... Mine will be touch... Touch of hands, of a hug, of the body you love in bed next to you... The touch of wind on your face, of cool rain on your skin... Of your pets fur as you pet and snuggle him or her...

I think maybe this isn't the best movie to be watching, I know, I hear you! But I've walked Pip twice, walked to clinico then town...

I've eaten, washed up, cleaned... Nothing is left, I'm not sleeping well now either, things niggling in my mind like... they do.

I've decided I'm either bad or worse now, so bad days are better than the worse ones.

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