Sunday, September 03, 2017

I'm getting used to the stitches in my mouth, well, trying to ignore them... Which is fine if I don't eat!

I had fish out with friends down on the coast on Friday, I did just eat the fish, and thinking about how good it was is making me hungry!

And in the evening I went into town with friends, tried some tapas, but hurt my mouth, so didn't eat too much... Just stuck to the gin!

I, as most people know, do not really drink, so three gin and tonics should have wiped me out, but apart from feeling a bit tired Saturday morning... I had an extra hour in bed... That was it! It was a long evening so three drinks lasted long long time...

Today has been a beautiful day, the weather now has dropped a notch or two, still hot but not that blasting heat we've been having... This is good September weather, last couple were hotter than the preceding August's!

I've got my paints out again, two years in the cave, the drawing paper is a bit damp, but the acrilic paints seem fine. I'm feeling inspired, so I popped down the local bizzare and bought some canvases, I've prepped one, it should be dry by now! Just need to get my thoughts onto the canvas! I've tried doing some sketching today, and sketchy they were! Lol

I feel unfinished here, something is missing... Oh yes!

Friday morning my car battery wouldn't work! I came back to the house and asked some of guys working on a house nearby if they had jump-leads, one did, and we got my car going; instead of going directly to Calahonda, my destination, I drove towards Málaga, getting onto the motorway and through the Churiana tunnel... Down the toll road to El Zoco! I drove my little car as fast... as permitted! After lunch, back to my car... the battery did start eventually, but I couldn't risk the uncertainty of it! So went to Miramar Parque and got a new one... Not sure of the prices in the UK anymore... This one cost nearly 100 Euros... Including a 'free' diagnostic check! Sounds a lot, but he did fix my driver's door too :-)

Okay... If something is still missing... It's not me!

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