Saturday, February 09, 2019

Me above in 2001, feeling alive and hopeful and full of possibilities...

And I feel like that girl again up there; it's a bit butterflies, a bit like jumping into the unknown.

But I have a hand to hold and I'm not alone in taking a leap into a new chapter...

I have spoken to many family and friends, and I know my post today will be, hopefully, a happy surprise to many.

I should if I could have, spoken to more family especially, but I've been working away, as you know. Three weeks, two days, in Neath. Old home ground, which was both good and painful at the same time, and which maybe has helped, helped with seeing so many friends, and mentally also.

I'm at my oldest sons, now until Monday morning when I fly home to Spain.

No more working away from home; no more leaving where my heart resides.

Watch this space!

And for now!

Nottingham's Council House
Last night in Nottingham was Light Night, lots of exhibitions all over the city, which was buzzing, so many people. What we saw was really good, then it started to rain, so headed home.

Big Wheel (Eye)

Light Night

Bit impossible to make out above, but this church had many different activities going on; the best being a steam coming down from tubing with illuminations... Reflecting on the steam itself. A few different patterns, and you could walk thriuth the curtains of colored steam! Was really cool! We walked backwards and forwards through them, several times! Plus a few more times!! 

Cassie and I also walked into a separate quiet chapel, we knelt and looked at a cross on the floor made only of piled up four inch nails.. there were lights hidden amongst the nails, and although I'm not especially religious, it still was very symbolic.

Today my youngest son came to visit, they're staying nearby and will see them again tomorrow.

But today we went into the city for lunch, seven of us! 


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