Saturday, August 30, 2008

here is the view from my hamaca during my break at Bajondillo.... and there do you see the pirate? he does look real from here dosent he!

this is the big screen down on the beach at Torremolinos where they have been having the two movies a week throughout july and august... bad viewpoint i guess as of course the hamaca's and parasols are not infront of the screen as this looks!!!!

and i am sorry this is blurrrrred! pippa likes to get up onto the window sill in the evenings if the window is open to allow in a hopefully cooler breeze, but the persiana (the blind) is down! trouble was trying to get the shot in before she was down again!

ok... this week, my 12the week, nine to go.... i can see a pin prick of light now at the end of the tunnel.... yeah! and i was so worried about getting a migraine today i had a head ache last night, it started in the shop during the afternoon, i took a tablet and was gone by morning, thank goodness.

this week i had to share the store with two other promotors, never a great thing, as the poor customers coming in are faced with two women standing either side of the store like security guards, monday we were both in our black uniforms... still i managed to practice some spanish with her, tuesday i was just annoyed there was another, we are not supposed to have two on the same day, monday was puros, cigars, so different, but tuesday was marlboro! although i am getting quite a collection of promotional gifts, small back packs, large back packs, t-shirts and scalves, cool bag, fans and plastic ice cubes with a bright blue light!?! no alcohol, but then it would just sit with the other bottles gathering dust!

at least 'the others' dont seem to have clocked onto the things i look for before a possible approach, as in the newspaper, is it english? wedding ring placement? and just facial things, its sometimes very easy just to know someone is from the UK just by facial shape etc.

i still sometimes just seem to be promoting España and not just the tobacco, people come in complaining of nothing to do or anything to see and i suggest Mijas pueblo and Ronda, all those wonderful cities in Andalucia... although i think Cabopino beach is a definate no no... the beach with the hamaca's and bar area is fine, even the nudist beach is ok for those who like the freedom (!) but behind right at the back of the dunes is now getting right out of hand... (?!) i know i have mentioned it before but people are doing all sorts there, and taking photos of small children on the beach etc etc... friends were down there during the week went into the sea for a dip and came out finding their bag gone, car keys house keys everything else, they have had to change the house locks as well as renewing cards and things, car key re coded, the police have moved into the area down there big time over the last few months but these perverts are still there, doing stuff they shouldnt, someone needs to tell the people on the beach theyre children are more than likely on the internet now!

and the signs over the carreterra telling everyone about the four points on the license and high fine seem to be just a joke too, those we saw last sunday throwing out lit cigerettes and this week i cant count the number of people i have seen doing the same thing... as its dark now during most of my journey around the mountain roads from de la Torre to Alhaurín el Grande, the little bright light of those butts really show up! and so will the fires they start if they blow onto the dry grass by the side of the road! am i repeating my self? sorry.... age or tiredness rather eh!!!

the police that are up and down the paseo maritimo in their white uniforms and getting about on those two wheel things do the job for free, they are volantary, but i suppose they get perks, a couple of girls were having their photos taken with four of them the other day, and i am sure they get lots asking...

its funny how my body is coping with these longs days of standing my legs went through a phase of feeling all squidgy and tingling when i got home, that lasted for a few weeks, but mainly has passed now, i seem to have trouble actually sitting now for too long, i have always had to move about a lot, but now its either standing of being completly flat out!!!! LOL

the ants we seem to have had invading the house have either moved next door or just got the hint period! those little guys that come out on their own looking for food then going back to say yeah or neah.. i manage to block their return journey with candle wax in every nook and cranny they come through! the morning i came down to find a whole army on the small table in the living room freaked me out, it was a bit dark and i could see something there and put my hand down onto it... immedately my hand was covered in these little critters, nipping me... they did! and then i got the big light on... ugh, there was theyre trail one line coming in and another back bit of biscuit on the shoulder along the table down the leg along the floor, behind a another object and behind the dining furniture! little devils!

the Gallaghers promoter has been working in the Estanco this month so we actually got to meet after the last two months of only knowing each week i swapped places with her! we got on really well and managed to have a good old chin wag on thursday during our afternoon break, so no sleep but lots of giggles... and now back to ships in the night thing, both going down to the coast every morning and home each evening but never the twain shall meet.... well until november anyway!

The path to wisdom
is not being afraid to make mistakes


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so sorry to hear about your step mum