Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sumer time....

and after last weeks bombing this awful avoidable plane crash in Madrid on Wednesday, avoidable as they tried to take off, but couldn't then 'the man' told them to try again... will he be done for manslaughter? or what... Spain got a telling off for showing live and still shots of the poor soul's who lost their lives in situe... in England we are always saved the true awfullness of things we really do not need to see.

there was to be three days of grieving, but not sure in what respect it took place, loud music being played down the street was cut short by another neighbor telling them off... but everything else went on just the same...

there has been a bit of a cool breeze down on the beach during my siesta, i think it may have dropped to mid 30's whilst the breeze blew... i started and finished the book that had been borrowed and then loaned to me... a paragraph on the back reads "shocking and controversial, The Lone Brit on 13 is an adrenalin-powered read that will offend, amuse and ultimately entertain with its unflinching honesty and brutal realism", so i will leave it to you to judge written byChristopher Chance, ISBN 978-1-84018-957-5, a true crime publication... i could'nt put it down.

still lots of children here dying from the heat being left in cars by their parents, did i tell you about the baby put in the boot of a car and they went shopping, and a couple in Tenerife left a boy in a high security car all night and couldn't get out... and he did try!!!

i arrived back to the Estanco and a man from a well known car hire company in Malaga, one you pass on your way into the area on the right HH... he pulled into the space which anyone could see was too small for his big car, once in he couldn't get out, surprise surprise, so he reversed out, got out, and pushed it into the space... yeah funny funny... the people either side could now not gain access to their vehicles! one would be a passenger but the other a driver and if like me with any joint problems would be unable to climb over the gear shift and hang brake... couldn't believe this bloke, i really really wanted to push it back out into the middle of the street!!!!

oh and yesterday i had ANother migraine... went to be fine Friday night, woke up in pain big time... and didn't get up until this morning, coming thick and fast now, every two weeks or so...
terrific! must be doing something wrong... like an hour and half driving every day and 8 hours on my feet maybe? what do you think?

ten weeks to go... back to Bajondillo tomorrow...

Certain things are so important
that they need to be discovered alone.



Anonymous said...

Yes, I think maybe it's the stress and exhaustion of your job (and driving.. and parking!) that is bringing on the migraines regularly. You have 10 more weeks to go?


Marian said...

Carol... 9 weeks now, and yes i think the stress, i was so worried about getting a migraine i got a head ache last night!?! but was ok, touch wood today!mxx