Saturday, September 13, 2008

what a wonderful picture above, i have borrowed it from a site i receive emails from from time to time, have been trying to link to the whole page as i would like to share it with you all. will have to come back to it when i have given it some thought! its not a photo, so cant up load, its not a web page... its a document and its not letting me load it...

but for now this week... well today i got up early, just in case i were to get a head ache for laying in! by 9am i had cleared and washed the whole of the terrace, at last it looks good, washing washed and out on line, dry probably by now, better get the next batch out!

Franco came and went with a 'new' set of sofa's for the living room, bit big and not sure how to place to start, but i think i have it sorted now and only injury was a squashed wrist trying to lift an arm chair where it didn't really want to go!

I'm back and i bet you didn't even miss me huh! had to do a car change over thing and now we're both home, Franco liked the furniture positioning and Pippa has her own perch to look out of the window which she like to do at any time the window is open, or where she sits and whines if it isn't!

and now... where's my notes for the week? Monday i was ill again at work, by ill i just mean the pain gets too much and i feel almost unable to stand, and because the pain is so bad it hurts my head and stomach and everywhere, i left a bit earlier, but then i had come back in early so still did four hours, but then the traffic in town, here, is so bad that bit earlier that i was home much the same time! at least i shared the store with another promoter again, this time Gallaghers who do Benson and Hedges, Silk Cut etc, we were in the store the whole of August as she worked for the store to help them out. so Monday was interesting... watch this space!!!

the store is shutting half hour earlier now this week, although they didn't tell me this!?! so now my afternoon hours are from 4.30 to 8.30pm in the afternoons, and i get home about 9.20pm, bit earlier, but takes longer for the drive! and talking of 'the drive' sorry, but there was this guy so close to my bumper and had his lights up so i was blinded, had to turn my rear view mirror and move my door mirror, but impossible to get to the passenger one, so the glare was awful, he would not back off despite me tapping the breaks, using my window washer profusely! i was quite scared and when we got to Alhaurín and the round about there where we were going to have to stop i was worried in case he jumped out of his car, but maybe he was worried to as he tore off down a side street! he didn't know i was female and if i had been a bloke i would have jumped out and given him a piece of my mind...

we went down to maria's last Sunday to do a check on her place and we came the back way through from the La Cala road near the Noria golf club and comes out in Rivera, great short cut if you don't want to go down to the N340... anyway, we then came the back way into Calahonda from Rivera which comes out at the toll road roundabout and left down into Calahonda, do you really need to know all this? you know sometimes when i am talking to customers in the Estancos i realise i have been just talking and talking, and what have i been saying? then the same people come back to talk to me again!?! sorry... so i had a real shock when we were taking that road down towards to coast... all the land on the left which separated Rivera from Calahonda is stripped and ready for building work to happen! then before the new Super Sol etc is a new Church! that's all built and being used as far as i could see...

oh the rain! we had some early Tuesday morning, but not much then Wednesday early on lots of us were awoken by a fantastic thunder and lightening storm, lots and lots of rain! but it was all clear by the time i got to Torremolinos and i didn't need my para agua after all!

the anniversary of 9/11 has come and gone again, i have something i want to link to on this if i can later, but this time reminded me of where i was, on the island of Crete with Sarah, and seeing the horror unfolding on the Greek News program, of trying to get hold of mom, and then the following day being unable to get home due to the flying embargo, and then we we did, there was mom, she hadn't been to bed, or slept much her eyes little tiny slits, her home town devastated... my cousins helping clear the ground and everything... mom said in three years time on the tenth anniversary she wants her and i to go back again to ground zero, we went three years ago, but on the 3rd the new building and remembrance area should be finished.

i wanted to have some time and had set my alarm, luckily before i was back into work, first i got the time completely wrong thinking in west coast time, then i sorted myself out and thought right its six hours behind, which is correct but then... dopey here set if for one more hour ahead because we are so used to having to add on an hour for the tv! i woke up at 3pm though, in my dream a door bell rang!

and finally once again... yesterday did another silly thing, apart from getting my words all mixed up and being extra forgetfull, usually these things come before a migraine... but i had sent a mate a text message and forgot to lock my mobile and sent the same message ten more times, none to her, eight to ACE fm, they must have been pleased with me! and two to someone in england! so that was nearly all my credit gone! all i could think though was thank goodness the text was ok.... if you know what i mean... ;-)

sunday 14th
when i was driving to work friday morning an ambulance came past me, and at a new round about just before churriana the ambulance was parked up by a big blue police van and another three police cars joined them, the car which was on the road coming down from the campo had a blanket over the windscreen, which at the time i thought bad news, and today, there is a wreath there now on the fence...

When there is no turning back,
then we should concern oursolves only
with the best way of going forward.
The Alchemist


ps.. chrissy... when you coming over?

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