Sunday, September 28, 2008

first to these photos i took this week... i arrived down onto the paseo on bajondillo and came across this bizarre sight... the portacabin was being lifted onto the truck for removal, the shot above and the guy on the left using the winch to position it....

this photo taken through my bit dirty windscreen, but i didnt want you to miss what i was seeing...

and finally... yes this 'short' bed truck driving off with half the portacabin just hanging off the end! no longer attached to the winch, which i think would have at least helped stabalize it, the wiring and drainage just hanging there at the end.... unbelievable eh!

as to the rest of the week, my 16th done and dusted now... and this week has been raining off and on, it started an hour into my monday siesta after having paid 4€ to the guy running it, we all ran! spent the rest of my break in my car, and knew i couldnt be doing this again, so the rest of the week i only had an hour break, just like back in the UK, and it was much better, leaving work at 630 and getting home about 715ish, takes a bit longer at this time as the town here is still so busy.

tuesday morning was terrible for water, as it had rained all the night before and although it had let off in the morning, the whole of the paseo was flooded, there is no drainage here at all, the amount of money torremolinos is spending of taking away a third of the parking spaces would have been better spent on a system for taking away the excess water me thinks! the water was a foot deep in places and once your in it you just have to keep going, so we were all sending it over each others cars as we drove through it all! i was worried the car wouldnt start when i got back in it, but our good old jaloppy started just fine! and from wednesday morning i started using the new short cut i learnt last week now mornings and evenings!

think i have upset someone or something.... last sunday at la trocha market we were talking to people who had stopped to pet pippa and something fell, franco gave it to the bloke thinking it was theyres... turned out to be my bracelet! only a junk jewelry thing but i had had it for a long time! then later my necklace broke! tuesday morning i put the jewelry i normally wear everyday on a shelf, when i went back no more than five minutes later, an earing was gone? searched high and low... its gone! wednesday evening pippa was running around with francos glasses! so had to go to specsavers in fuengirola yesterday to get the lenses reframed... oh and today our car had been broken into... again, last night in the car park behind the town hall here in alhaurín el grande... just in case you want to know where to park to get your car to get robbed!

friday morning at work there was a strange boom noise and the windows of the shop seemed to move! it was like when they were doing some work out in the sea a few back and they used TNT and we all felt it at calahonda... there was a lot of speculation down in torremolinos about it being another bomb, after the few we have had so far over the summer down there, but then a man came in saying they had used a large amount of TNT up the mountian to blow through for the new tunnel they are building between de la torre and the coast, but it turns out now... to have been a sonic boom!?! so who knows!

after finding the car opened in the car park this morning we only went to get a couple of gas cans and came home disheartened... in the pooring rain!

tomorrow i have a day off!! yipee... its san miguel! no not the feast of drinking beer day, although i suppose it wouldnt be a bad idea right now! only, as those of you who know me better would know half a glass is enough for me! but seriously tomorrow is the fiesta of san miguel, or in english michaelmas day, all the details there on the left! but this to me means i can at last pay the car tax! we never received the original factura, bill, but did receive the letter telling us we hadnt paid it? and as the office near bar sardina is only open from 9am to 1.30pm we have been unable to pay it! although you cant actually pay it in the office, of course, you have to to there and they give you another(?) copy of the original bill and you take that to a bank of their choice! also have to pay the water bill and go into another bank! thank goodness i have a day off to relax eh!

When we put off the harvest, the fruit rots,
but when we put off our problems
they keep on growing.
The Fifth Mountian


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Time for a change said...

Hi Marian, I have a blog here too for work. It is the website I work on. Right now it is just in Florida, but will eventually go nationwide, then international. Hope everything is good with you.