Sunday, October 26, 2008


what a week... tony called me Thursday lunch time, letting me chat first for two seconds before saying "now don't panic..." well thats sure a trigger for panic for me, especially when tony calls from home in the middle of the week! mom had been taken into hospital, she pulled her emergency cord from her home and the services said to wait till the morning and call her doctors, which she did, and they said go to hospital! she is home now, had some tests and more this week coming to find out what was wrong, she says she feels ok now, and the symptoms have all cleared up, but i am worried her trip could be a bad idea, i don't know, two flights, a road trip of over 1'500 kilometers, she says one minute she wants to come, just not do much walking, well thats ok, i can cope with not too much walking, then the next minute she says about cancelling or using the trip without her! she is seeing her specialist on Monday 3rd, two days before her due date out here, so will see then anyway...

i suppose with worrying about mom i haven't had a good last few days either, but then i never really got over last week, after, or rather during Tonys call i got an immediate head ache, how come they don't go so quickly as they come, so i stayed at work where i could keep my mind busy, and Friday was my last day at Bajondillo Estanco, i just kept on taking the tablets as they say, worrying now if they will make me sick as the week before, during my lunch break a bad head i was trying to cope with went after i had eaten at burger king(!) although my face has now come out in a bit of a rash, maybe the BBQ sauce has MSG? don't know, but i felt better anyway for the rest of day, which made waking up yesterday, Saturday, with a terrible head ache took migraine tablet and went back to bed getting up late afternoon, feeling weak and horrible again, and this morning the same, headache through the night, every time i woke up it hurt more, and although i tried to get again this morning just ended up going back to bed... got up about two, i still had my head ache, from the pain in my neck this is, feel like some one has got hold of it and wrenched it off! anyway, i have pottered and moved about, sweeping floors, ironing (!) and washed my hair to try to get my neck working again... feeling very sorry for myself which is bad i know. i have to make it through this my last week the 21st, and the nearer i get the less sure i am of doing so.

at the beginning of this promo i made a little diagram sort of thing in my notebook which stays with me all day for notes and details for work etc, the diagram looks like a mountain and was my mountain of the weeks to get through, there are 6 steps, 4 lots of 4, the weeks and days therein, then 1 of 3 weeks and finally 1 of 2 weeks, crossing off the mornings and afternoons... no wonder it has seemed like a long time eh! and only week to go of being ignored and blanked by the few but always remembered visitors to our beautiful country, and still after 20 weeks its horrible and annoying!

we had one evening i think maybe Monday, cannot remember now where the cloud was so low over the mountain road from de la Torre to Alhaurín i really had trouble seeing more than 50 meters ahead of me, i have driven through cloud before but never this dense, it was like good old English fog!

and we have had lots of rain, again, i cant remember it raining so much in other September/Octobers? again, maybe because i wasn't out in it every day! the last couple of days of the week for fine, just sun and cloud, with beautiful colored sky's morning and evening. one of the nice days i ended up on the old bench from 2 years ago, ah ha, maybe thats why i got a bad neck, those benches are impossible to sit comfortable on, they they lean back to far and really hurt those already hurting!

and the paseo road right at the end where Torremolinos meets Malaga the beach has sort of reclaimed the road, it always gets bad there, but the road had turned into a river so they ended up moving the road around the new, or probably old river route!

once every other week or so i have found myself behind a police car following a big van thats come from the de la Torre prison, i sometime find myself wondering if it were the same police if they think, hey, why is she behind us again?!?

ok, I'm off now all typed out...

God always offers us a second chance in life.
By the River Piedra
I Sat Down and Wept

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