Saturday, October 04, 2008

October already, i just cant believe it... above is the month of September photo i took that went into our alhaurín calender, taken about about this time last year... we are having more rain than last year for sure over the last couple of weeks, this week was lots better i managed to get my siesta on the beach every day (!) this week unlike the one before! but today as i was about to walk into town i did an about turn for home as big drops of rain started falling, it didn't come to anything and the washing has dried... but some big storm clouds are looming over the horizon ominously...

yesterday we had a strange thing on the beach... millions, not exaggerating here, but really at least millions of small dragonflys, about 2 or 3 inches long all flying in from the direction of the sea? and not just ground level as you looked up they were well above ground too, and to add to that lots of small spiders? so the birds were having a field day, usually they just grab little bits from people eating on the beach but they had a feast of the two above as well! i was really worrying about getting them in my hair... either the dragonflys or the spiders, don't mind them in general but didn't want an infestation!

Monday... San Miguel, i went into town and chatted to friends over cafe con leche and mooched about the shops before going home and going a bit of much needed house work! but all day i felt like i was playing hooky, i kept expecting my supervisor to come along and put her hand on my shoulder... very weird feeling, Tuesday was ok, as i say weather good, but then i woke up Wednesday with a migraine?! real bad, and didn't get up until the Thursday morning when i went back to work, very shaky and disorientated... not sure if the car hadn't known the way that i would have even arrived down in torremolinos! felt bit better Friday, yesterday, but still a bit strange(er than normal)!

now i am also seeing lots of people who are on their 2nd or even 3rd trips over since this promo began in June... they're third holiday! what!

When you want something, the whole Universe
conspires to help you realize your desire.
The Alchemist



Pia said...

Spiders???? I'm terrified of them! Was thinking of coming to spain in March, but maybe not....

Marian said...

oh Pia no its ok! no spiders in march, that is when we have lots of caterpillars you must avoid! but still come visit! take care, lovemxx