Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Some random photos today, I am in a random mood!

Above and below out side the Globe Inn on the bank of the Grand Union Canal, on the outskirts of Linslade/Lieghton Buzzard, Bedfordshire...

Its a great pub, I was going to say little, but its quite big, there was a log fire burning and that smell was glorious. The food is pretty good too!

This is where I went with friends while I staying over.

Above is next doors[Tony and Kates] cat, the poor thing was seemingly out day and night! In the snow and ice! Patting at the door to come in, but we had to be strong, once in, it would have been cruel to turn it away next time....

This was the terrific view Tony had out of the windscreen on the morning we went up to see Barry in Nottingham.... Fog and snow, snow and fog!

I have just been reading back, and added a bit to a past post, a bit I remember now, but may not one day... I am having real trouble moving forward this week, I know this time last year, I knew it would be a miracle if Mom was still here this year and had thought ahead to now, but this isn't the now I thought I would feel.

I am always a bit of a procrastinator, but, I think I am almost moving backwards now! If I don't get a move on with our Christmas cards they will be arriving in time for Easter! Or not sent at all!

I want to just hole up and get in a little cocoon with warm milky drinks and soft sweet foods, I also want to slap myself out this feeling!

I enjoyed work this morning more than I thought I would, we had a laugh and although it wasn't very busy, we kept busy, and Thursday is the Christmas Bazaar which I am going in for, for just an hour or so...

We have some lovely Christmas lights up in the town so I will take some photos and post them soon. That's as soon as I have taken them!

I also want to take a friend to see the Alhaurín Nativity before she flys off to England for Christmas as I know she hasn't ever seen it!

We have bought the little lad next door his Christmas present, which I am in the mood for playing with! Its a small football table, his Dad will be pleased, he has to put it together first! And it doesn't look like a quick job either!

Talking of putting things off, I planned on writing the Christmas cards yesterday afternoon, put in a CD, The Golden Compass, as it happens, watched it to nearly the end, then fell asleep, woke up and had to find the bit in the CD to watch the last bit! Then came across a game on the PS3 which I couldn't leave alone!

... The Christmas cards? Nope never got round to doing them!


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